Kaun Sachcha Kaun Jhootha(1997) – Rishi Kapoor – Sridevi – Suresh Oberoi – Superhit Hindi Movie

Kaun Sachcha Kaun Jhootha(1997) – Rishi Kapoor – Sridevi – Suresh Oberoi – Superhit Hindi Movie

Listen, one dangerous mad man
has escaped from the asylum. And he has been seen
going in this direction. You alert every car passing from here. And even you all
stay alert. Understood? – Yes, sir.
– Let’s go. Hey, it was fine with thieves,
dacoits and terrorists. But nowadays a curfew is
levied even for mad people. What happened? Madam, a dangerous mad man
has escaped from the asylum. Be careful on your way. Okay. Thank you. ‘I am serving her like a slave
from many years as a manager.’ ‘Only on this hope that at least..’ ‘..at some time she will consider me.’ ‘But she never
considered me until today.’ ‘The property worth crores of rupees.’ ‘Neither does she have
any family nor relatives.’ ‘In future some stranger will
marry her and become the owner of.. ..the wealth and property and
business worth crores of rupees.’ ‘And I? I will remain only a manager!’ ‘I can’t tolerate this.’ Manish, what have you done? I have just fired a bullet
at the photograph, Ms. Sapna. But now it’s your turn. Goodbye, Ms. Sapna. Goodbye! – Greetings, madam.
– Greetings. The manager is waiting for
you inside since a long time. Really? – Greetings, Ms. Sapna.
– Greetings. Manish, it’s so late at
night and you are here? Ms. Sapna, how can I get
sleep without handing over your.. ..precious belonging to you? This.. for what is this pistol? Ms. Sapna, the more
the wealth increases.. ..the enemies increase with it! That’s true! But I don’t need the pistol. – You only keep it.
– Okay, fine. Ms. Sapna, please count them once. They are ten lakh rupees! The faith that I have in you
is not worth lakhs of rupees.. ..it is worth crores of rupees. – Okay, fine.
– Uncle Ramu.. – Yes? – Keep the money in the locker.
– Okay. Okay, uncle Ramu, I will leave now. Won’t you drink coffee today? – No, not today.
– Thank you. Madhu! You had died! Then how did you become alive? Yes? Just how did you become alive? You disloyal person! I will kill you. I will just kill you. Hey? Madhu.. Madhu.. Uncle Ramu, uncle Ramu.. So you are running away from me? Where.. where will you run? Earlier also you had run away. But now I won’t allow you to run away. Wait! Wait! ‘I think he is the same mad person.’ I will kill you. I will kill you. – Stop it.
– Yes? Why do you want to kill me? You have deceived me. You had run away. But.. now I have
returned back. To you! – To me?
– Yes. – Really?
– Yes. No! You are lying! You are fooling me again. Yes! No! Hey, how can I fool you? You are so intelligent. You are so level-headed. You are so smart! And.. and you are so good. – Really?
– Yes. Then why did you leave me and go away? Well.. I was helpless! Because of the circumstances. Because of the circumstances? Hey, I will just kill the circumstances. I will kill the circumstances. No! No! No! You.. you are so good! And good people never kill anyone. Yes! Really? Then I won’t kill anyone. But you don’t leave me and go. When you were not present,
everyone used to thrash me. Scold me. They used to call me a mad man. Really? No one used to give me food to eat. They never gave anything to drink also. But now I have come back. Now everything will be all right. – Really?
– Yes. I will go and bring water for you. You come here and sit. Come here. Sit down. I will just come. All right? Fine? My Madhu has come back. My Madhu has come back. Drink this water. You make me drink it. Hello? Police station! Yes? Can I help you? You? Well, I am the IG of this area. Suryakant Verma. – Did you call the police station?
– Yes, sir. That mad man is in that room. – Go and bring him soon. Hurry up.
– Yes sir. In that room. And be careful. He is a very dangerous man. Mr. IG, why are you staring
at me with so much surprise? May be you are thinking that how did.. ..a single girl manage
to take the control over.. ..such a dangerous mad man? Mr. IG, I am a doctor. A psychiatrist! I know very well how
to control a mad person. Be careful. Hold him tightly. Pick him up. Yes, pick him up. Be careful. Madhu.. Hey, leave me, leave me.
Madhu.. Madhu.. Thank you very much, doctor Madhu. – Thank you very much.
– Madhu! Sorry, my name is not Madhu. My name is Sapna! Oh! I see! Madhu! Madhu! Madhu! Hey Madhu! Madhu! Madhu! Madhu! Doctor, hurry up. Madhu! Madhu! Greetings. In our work there is a danger to
life and the danger of death also! But remember one thing. You should never mention my name. And even the work should be done! Fear the time or die! Hey, what are you talking, sir? Forget about me mentioning your name. But if anyone else also mentions.. ..your name, then
along with his tongue.. ..I will get rid of him
also from this world! Yes! Hello? I am IG Verma speaking. Can I talk with Ms. Sapna? Yes. Go ahead. I am Sapna speaking. Ms. Sapna, I want to discuss
something very important with you. Please could you come over to my house. Your house? Yes, if you don’t mind then it is.. ..very necessary for you to come here. All right, I am coming. Tell me your address. She will come. She won’t come! She will come. She won’t come! She will come. She won’t come! She will come. She won’t come! She will come. She won’t come! She will come. She won’t come! She has arrived? Madhu! Madhu! Madhu! She has not come? – Please come, Sapna.
– Oh! Hello sir, how are you? Very fine, thank you. I was waiting for you only. – Please come.
– Sure. Come. Oh my God!! These.. are these my photographs? In the manner you are deceived
by looking at these photographs. In the same way, even Karan
was deceived by seeing you.. ..and thought you were Madhu. – Madhu?
– Yes, Madhu. The one whom he has lost
but not forgotten yet. The only difference
between you two is.. blue eyes. – Blue eyes?
– Look at this. Are these Madhu’s photographs? Yes! They are of that
stone hearted girl Madhu. The one who enticed
Karan with a beautiful world. And then she deceived him in such.. ..a manner that my
son’s life was ruined! Your son? Yes! Karan is my son. Please come. She will come. She won’t come! She will come. She won’t come! Why have you kept him in your house? Because since he has seen you,
there is a lot of change in him. He considers you as Madhu. But.. but where is Madhu? In the greed of wealth, she
married someone else and went abroad. Karan was not able to
tolerate this grief. And he became crazy in Madhu’s sorrow. Only you can bring a new
light in my son’s life. What? I.. I have not
understood anything. If you become Madhu for some time.. ..then may be Karan’s mental state.. ..can become all right. I and Madhu? I am very sorry, sir. This is just impossible. Sorry. I beg in front of you and request you. You are a psychiatrist. Can’t you consider my son
as a patient and cure him? I beg in front of you
for the sake of my son. Please don’t discourage me. Oh, please Mr. Ajay, don’t do this. Please give me some
time to think about it. Listen.. listen, I can’t
tolerate to see my son awake.. ..and suffering the whole night. Please have mercy on this
helpless and incapacitated father. I’ll try. Listen.. listen.. listen, I
will wait for your answer. Sir, now you only tell me. What should I do now? Two birds in one shot! I’ll be right back. Yes so, Sapna.. you were
asking that what should you do for.. – ..curing that mad man.
– Yes, sir. Sapna, this mental case
is a challenge for you. Do it. But sir, the thing is that.. ..I don’t have to cure
Karan’s mental state.. ..as doctor Sapna.. ..but by becoming
his girlfriend Madhu. It’s the biggest duty of a
doctor to cure a patient. Even though she has to
do anything for that. Sir, are you confident that
I will be able to cure him? Dear, the confidence I
have on this poisonous gas. I have thousand times
more confidence on you. That you will definitely
cure Karan’s mental state. Because you are the
duplicate of his girlfriend Madhu. Sir, how can I ignore what you say? I may call you as my sir. But from my heart I always
considered you as my father. I’ll do it, sir. I wish you all the best. Madhu! No!! Madhu, do you remember this lightning? And the storm which came that night? Madhu, don’t you
remember that.. that.. Madhu, when you went away
then everything was over. You.. you will return back,
Madhu, won’t you? Madhu! Madhu? “The moon is half and it is midnight.” “The talks of love are incomplete.” “In this way, you have..” “..called me.” “I have arrived.” “I have arrived, my darling,
O beloved!” “The moon is half and it is midnight.” “The talks of love are incomplete.” “In this way, you have..” “..called me.” “I have arrived.” “I have arrived, my darling,
O beloved!” “The time which is present
today won’t be present tomorrow.” “This moment of love!” “Who knows when and where
one has to get separated?” “Come on embrace me in this manner.” “This moment should not pass away.” “I have arrived.” “I have arrived, my darling,
O beloved!” “How should I make you believe me?” “Just tell me that.” “I am yours, only yours!” “But you don’t know this.” “Leaving the whole world.” “By breaking all the customs.” “I have arrived.” “I have arrived, my darling,
O beloved!” “The moon is half and it is midnight.” “The talks of love are incomplete.” “In this way, you have..” “..called me.” “I have arrived.” “I have arrived, my darling,
O beloved!” Sapna, you have made me so.. ..indebted to you by
doing this favour. That forget about this birth,
I won’t be able to repay you.. ..even if I take seven births. After many years my son is
able to sleep peacefully. And his eyes have
stopped waiting for Madhu. And I! I have received peace! Take this. What’s this? This is Karan’s diary in which.. ..every moment which he passed with.. ..Madhu is written in this. After reading this may be you can get.. ..a lot of information about their.. ..meeting and about their past life. Mr. IG, I have taken a decision. I will return back the same
Karan to you which you have lost! ‘Madhu, all the happiness of
the world is on one side.’ ‘And your love is on the other side.’ ‘When you are close to me..’ ..then I feel that the
happiness of this whole.. ..world is near me.’ ‘Okay Madhu, you drive
your car very fast.’ ‘You like to drive at
high speed, don’t you?’ ‘Tomorrow when we will go for a
drive, then I will drive the car.’ ‘And then I will show you..’ ‘..what is called
driving at high speed.’ Hey? Hey, wait! Please stop! Stop! Karan! Karan! Karan! Karan, please wait! Karan please! Karan, please wait. Karan? No! No! No! This.. this lake.. Don’t go in water. No! This place is not good. Karan, Karan, please. Listen, the car is there. We’ll go to some other place. – For an outing.
– But.. but.. – Hey, please come.
– But.. this.. Come let’s go.. sit. – This place..
– Please come. This lake.. This.. Karan! Karan, what are you doing this? Karan, please. Karan, stop.. Good grief! Oh God!! Karan, Karan, please. Karan, stop the car. Just listen to me. Karan.. Karan, please stop the car. Karan, Karan, please stop the car. Karan, please. Stop the car. What are you doing? Karan, stop the car. You can never recover. You can never ever recover. Your place is restricted only
within the four walls of this house. I made a mistake that I sent
you among the human beings. Mr. IG, what are you doing? This mad man is worthy of this only. He should be chained and
hand cuffed like mad people. Now this mad man can
never become normal again. Madhu! Madhu! Mr. IG, he has already
lost his mental balance. His mistakes can be ignored. But you are behaving
abnormally even though.. ..you are a normal person. Listen.. at present he
doesn’t need beating and hatred. In fact he needs love and support. I can’t stake your life for
the sake of my son, Sapna. If something would have happened.. ..to you today then I
wouldn’t have been.. ..able to forgive
myself all my lifetime. I don’t think he will ever be
able to become normal again. Before he becomes a danger for others.. ..its better if you leave him to.. ..his consequences
and me to my destiny. Mr. IG, you just leave Karan on me. Now it is my aim to
bring him to normalcy. And I will definitely do this! Don’t be discouraged. Those who fight with courage,
they win destiny also. I am sorry. Karan! No! No! Please don’t hit me.
Please don’t beat me. – I won’t do anything.
– Hey? No.. no one will beat you. All right? Now.. you
eat these medicines. No.. I don’t want to eat them.. No.. no.. if you eat these medicines.. ..then you will get sleep very nicely. I am present here, aren’t I? Come on. Drink water. Drink water. Hey, yes! That’s good! That’s good!
It’s enough! It’s enough! Karan, do you recognise this place? Yes? Did you remember anything? You had brought me
here once for an outing. And you used to tell me a very old
story connected with this ruins. And we used to come here often. And yes! You had also painted my
photo on the walls of these ruins. Somewhere here only.. Karan.. Karan! Karan! Karan! Karan, when you were painting.. ..this photo of mine
then it was raining so.. ..heavily and it was so stormy. Try and recollect! “What is this aroma of love
saying to this naughty breeze?” “Just listen to it, O beloved!” “What is this aroma of love
saying to this naughty breeze?” “Just listen to it, O beloved!” “The time of the past.” “The time which has
already passed away.” “Has come along with happiness.” “After meeting you, I have..” “..learned the true
meaning of this life.” “You had told me some day.” “That you will always love me.” “Even if doomsday comes, but you..” “..won’t forget your promises.” “Don’t lower your eyes.” “Don’t ignore looking at me.” “Say whatever you want
to tell me, O beloved.” “I am a thirsty river.” “And you are my rain.” “We will be united here.” “Our story is many centuries old.” “You are the sun and
I am your sun rays.” “I have to stay under
your shelter of love.” “And live in your heartbeats.” “And may whatever hurricane arrives!” “We will never be separated.” “Embrace me, O darling.” “And merge with me.” “Don’t look at anything
besides me, O beloved.” “What is this aroma of love
saying to this naughty breeze?” “Just listen to it, O beloved!” Hey Manish, what’s this misbehavior? I am sorry, Ms. Sapna. I had come for hunting here. And when I suddenly saw you both.. ..at the jungle so I
thought that I should.. ..meet you. Doesn’t matter, forget it. Ms. Sapna, you are
treating him only, aren’t you? Yes, Manish. He is Karan. Yes! I know him, Sapna. He is IG’s son, isn’t he? Ms. Sapna, it’s not good to
keep friendship or enmity.. ..with policemen. It’s better if you stay away from him. Because he is the son of a
policeman and also a mad person. Manish! Well, he can do anything
to you in his madness. Manish, stop it. Did you call me mad? You called me mad? – You called me mad? You called me mad?
– Karan. Karan, stop it. So you called me mad? Oh! Stop.. Manish.. Karan, no.. Karan.. Karan.. at least
listen to me.. stop it.. Karan, at least listen to me. No, leave him, Karan. Karan, please leave him. No.. Karan, at least
listen to me, Karan. Manish! Manish! Karan, leave him. Karan, leave him. Manish! Whatever you have done today.. ..was very bad, Manish. I won’t tolerate all this. Madam, at present you are angry. That’s why you are not able to
understand the difference between.. ..a dear one and a stranger. And you are forgetting this fact.. ..that someone fired
a bullet at him too. It might have hit you too. Who fired the bullet
and why did he do so.. ..that is a different issue. But in spite of me
stopping you, you hit Karan.. Madam, it was his Mistake, wasn’t it? I was just talking to
you and he attacked me. – And I just tried to..
– Stop it, Manish. Besides being manner
less you are a liar too. In front of me you called him
mad and instigated him to fight. This is really too much! Now don’t ever show me your face again. – Get lost!
– I am sorry, madam. Please forgive me. I am really very sorry. Madam, if you say then I
can apologize to him too. This will never happen in future, madam. Please forgive me. All right. This time I forgive you. But this should never be
repeated in future, Manish. Yes, madam. – Karan!
– Yes? – You know that where we are going?
– No. No? Shall I tell you? You had written in your diary that.. ..you were going to
give me a special gift.. ..at some place. We are going there. This is that place Karan, isn’t it? Karan, look there. The tank of water. Try to recollect. What were you going to give me here? Karan, try to remember. Did you recollect anything? Try to remember, Karan. Try to remember. Did you recollect anything, Karan? Karan! Karan, what happened? Karan? I have recollected. I have recollected everything. Karan.. you remember everything? Oh my God!! Madhu, this is the same ring
which I was going to give you. But why had you hidden this here? People say that if one
prays here for a wish.. ..then his wish is
definitely fulfilled. By keeping it here, I
had prayed to get you. “The strings of one heart
are connected with the other.” “There is uneasiness every minute.” “It seems as if something
has happened, O beloved.” “The strings of one heart
are connected with the other.” “There is uneasiness every minute.” “It seems as if something
has happened, O beloved.” “Come on, come on, look in my eyes.” “Give me a place in
your heart and love me.” “Now I can’t wait anymore!” “There is a slight pain.” “And there is a
relief in this pain too.” “There is a slight pain.” “And there is a
relief in this pain too.” “O my darling, recognise it.” “This is what called love.” “Listen, O listen you
naughty lover girl.” “There is restlessness in my heart.” “You have made me so desperate.” “Come on, come on, look in my eyes.” “Give me a place in
your heart and love me.” “Now I can’t wait anymore!” “This new season of
our love has arrived.” “This new season of
our love has arrived.” “When your hair was untied then there.. ..was spring season in the deserts.” “It is the sunshine of
the colourful season.” “My beloved is so handsome.” “I feel like looking
at him again and again.” “The strings of one heart
are connected with the other.” “There is uneasiness every minute.” “It seems as if something
has happened, O beloved.” “Come on, come on, look in my eyes.” “Give me a place in
your heart and love me.” “Now I can’t wait anymore!” – Sir, the minister is waiting for you.
– Okay. Excuse me, sir. Sir, the work which you had
ordered is done. – All right. Good morning, sir. – Good morning.
– Please have a seat. Thank you. – I will see it later.
– Okay, sir. What happened about the
Mukesh Agarwal murder case? Sir, we have reached very
close to our destination. Listen Suryakant, Mukesh Agarwal
had taken the appointment to meet.. ..me on the morning of 28th January. But he was murdered on
the night of 27th January. He was a very capable CBI officer. It might be possible that he wanted.. ..to give me some
important information due.. ..to which he was murdered. That’s why it is very necessary to
arrest his murderer. – Yes, sir. I will try my level best that his
murderer is brought in front of you.. ..as soon as possible. Oh yes! How is Karan? He is fine, sir. You know very well that
tomorrow is his engagement. Ladies and Gentlemen, today’s
party is a party of two good news. The first good news is Karan’s recovery. And all its credit goes to Madhu. Madhu has toiled day and
night and given Karan a new life! And you will be even more happy
to hear that today I am going to.. ..announce their engagement. ‘I will never allow this to happen.’ ‘I will convert this
happiness into mourning.’ – Thank you very much, sir.
– Hey, what’s this engagement.. – ..and everything?
– I myself don’t know anything.. ..about it. Thank you. Hey, I myself.. ..don’t know anything.
Daddy announced.. – ..this so suddenly that.
– Congratulations, Karan. – Congratulations! Congratulations!..
– Thank you.. Congratulations,
dear! Congratulations! Thank you. You cured his mental illness and
fell in love with him? – Thank you. – Nothing like that..
– Wow! Two birds in one shot! You have understood what you have to do? Go now. No sir, this evening was not planned. Thank you. – Hey wait, wait! Give me this.
– Karan. Here. – Karan..
– Hey, first say cheers. – Cheers.
– Karan, at least listen to me. Karan, I am looking for you everywhere. Come on, complete the
custom of engagement. Come on. – Yes come.
– Yes, come on. Karan, one second. But that custom.. – Please.. please..
– What happened? I want to tell you something. Yes, tell me. Not here. We’ll go outside. Come. What are you saying? – So many guests are present here.
– And the party is given for us. Our engagement is going to take place. Karan, please, please. Come with me. – What’s the matter?
– First you come with me. – Hey? Why have you brought me here
to the shore of this river? Do you remember? We have come here once before. Here? That time I was very
scared by looking at this river. It had become difficult for me
to stay here even for a minute. You were scared? It had
become difficult for you? I.. I have not understood anything. I have brought you here to explain this. Before we are engaged, I want
to tell you everything, Karan. Karan, I am not your Madhu. I am a psychiatrist doctor, Sapna. Sapna? Yes, Sapna. Karan, Karan, please believe me. I don’t want to hide anything from you. Just to cure you, I had
done the drama of being Madhu. While doing your treatment,
I fell in love with you. Even after knowing all this,
will you accept me? Whoever you are, and however
you are, you belong to me. I just know this much that I
won’t be able to survive without you. Before taking such a big decision
at least know everything about me. Karan, I have a very
big secret in my heart. And without revealing it to
you I can’t live with you. A secret? What type of secret? Karan, I.. I have committed a murder! A murder!? Yes! A murder! Karan, six months back I
was returning back from Pune. And.. and near this lake only
my car’s engine had heated up. And.. and what I did was.. I.. I came near this
lake to take water. And when I was filling the water.. ..someone attacked me from behind. ‘Murder of CBI officer
Mukesh Agarwal at Loni Lake.’ ‘The murderer is missing.’ ‘Yesterday night some unknown
murderer killed Mukesh Agarwal..’ ‘..at Loni lake.’ ‘The police are not
able to find any.. ‘ ‘..whereabouts of
the murderer till now.’ When I read in the newspaper that
from the same lake the dead body.. ..of Mukesh Agarwal has been found.. ..then I realised that the one whom.. ..I had murdered was a
very big CBI officer. After realising this I was so scared.. ..that I didn’t know what to do.. ..and what not to do. Should I confess this to anyone or not? And finally I remained silent. But.. but I don’t want to
hide anything from you, Karan. I have murdered that CBI
officer with these very hands. I.. I am a murderer, Karan. I am a murderer. If possible then please forgive me. I arrest you for the
confession of your crime. I am CBI officer Karan Sexena. Well done, Karan. Well done! Ms. Sapna, you have solved a
very big problem for us by.. ..confessing your crime. On 27th January, the dead body
of Mukesh Agarwal was found.. ..at this lake. And on the same day on the shore
of this lake your sandal number 7.. ..of your foot was found.. ..and at a little
distance your car was found. But to arrest you, this
evidence was not enough. That’s why; we laid a trap near you. And just because you were a
psychiatrist, we suggested Karan to.. ..act as a mad person,
and we sent him to you. Then I acted as Karan’s
father and forced you to cure him. After changing the colour of your.. ..eyes in the
photographs which we had.. ..taken of yours from different
angles, we prepared your duplicate.. ..and named her as Madhu. The one which never existed. Then it was Karan’s job to win over.. ..your heart and reach the reality. That’s why we did the
drama of the fake diary, ring.. ..and the engagement. And you were entrapped in that. Now you are under arrest, Sapna. Well done, my boy. Congratulations! Don’t misunderstand me, Sapna. Whatever I did was my duty. But even this is the
truth that I love you. Can’t an officer fall in love with.. ..the criminal while
performing his duty? Don’t call deception as love, Karan. I don’t regret my arrest at all! If I regret anything then
it is about your deception. I loved you. And you deceived me. Let the proceedings start. Your honour, on 27th January,
at Loni Lake the murder of.. ..CBI officer Mukesh Agarwal
was a very well planned murder. Your honour, CBI officer Mukesh
Agarwal had got a special news.. ..from Interpol that on 15th August.. ..a very big incident will
take place in our country. On 28th January, that means the.. ..next day, CBI
officer Mukesh Agarwal.. ..had an appointment
with the Prime minister. It might be possible that he wanted.. ..to tell many others
things related to this.. ..to the prime minister. But before he reached
the prime minister.. ..this innocent looking Sapna Mathur.. ..killed Mukesh Agarwal by.. .. drowning him in
the water, your honour. Not only this, your honour. She also tried her level
best to hide the evidence. But the hard work of CBI officer
Karan Saxena and IG Suryakant.. ..uncovered her. And she became helpless to
confess her crime in front of them. I want to make a request to the court. That such a betrayer of
the country should be.. ..given the strictest punishment. That’s all, your honour. Ms. Sapna Mathur, would you like
to say something in your favour? No! If you want, this court
can hire an advocate for you. I don’t need it, Judge. But Ms. Sapna Mathur, you will.. ..definitely have to
tell the court that.. ..in the planning of the murder
of CBI officer Mukesh Agarwal. Who else were present besides you? Listen Ms. Sapna Mathur, if you
confess their names to the court.. ..the ones who were
present in this plan of murder. Then the court can
have sympathy towards you. Your punishment can be reduced also. I don’t need any sympathy. I am ready for the punishment. Every human being has to
suffer the punishment of his deeds. Whether he commits a
crime or a small mistake! Judge, I have committed a murder. I am the reason of
Mukesh Agarwal’s murder. Give me the punishment, Judge. Please give me the punishment. The court will announce the
decision of this court tomorrow. – Sir!
– At ease. Where is Mr. CM? – He is at the garden.
– Revolver! – Is he alone?
– Yes, he is alone. – All right. – You get this car parked.
– Okay, sir. – Okay?
– Sir.. – Yes? Mr. Karan has come. Come dear Karan, please come. What are you doing? Son, now you have grown up. And you are on a big post. Now all this doesn’t seem good. Along with considering you as my guru.. ..I have also regarded
you as my father, baba. Please don’t snatch this right from me. – Live happily.
– Yes. – Sit.
– Yes. – Take this.
– Okay, sir. What are you thinking, baba? I just recollected your childhood. You were so small, so naughty. And you used to become
angry on every small thing. Baba, if you wouldn’t have
supported this orphan then.. Don’t ever think of such a thing. More than my pupil, I have
considered you as my son. I am happy about this thing
that whatever I wished for.. ..you have proved
yourself by achieving that goal. I am just trying to go
according to the knowledge which you.. ..have imparted to me, baba. I am proud of you. By arresting Sapna, you have
proved that duty is much more.. ..greater than love! I had come to take advice
on that case only, baba. Even after the arrest of Sapna
the mystery of Mukesh Agarwal.. ..murder is not solved yet. According to Sapna, she had
attacked him with a dagger. But according to the post mortem report.. ..he died due to
strangling of his neck. Now one man can’t die in two ways, baba. Sapna has accepted
her crime at the court. And if her statement is true.. ..then the post mortem
report proves false. Sapna says that Mukesh Agarwal
first attempted to murder her. And she didn’t even know
him before that night. Then why will he
attempt to murder her, baba? There are some such questions
which are complicating the case. If the post mortem report is true.. ..then Sapna can’t be the murderer. And if we believe that
Sapna is telling a lie.. ..then what’s the reason behind it? To reach the real murderer it is
very necessary to know this, baba. That who is telling the
truth and who is telling a lie! Sir, I want to reopen this case. I think you are becoming emotional. Listen, there is a minute
difference between duty and love. Which you should never ignore! You are misunderstanding me, sir. I consider my duty
much greater than my love. I have proved that by arresting Sapna. Even then I have a doubt, sir. That definitely there is a
secret behind Sapna’s silence! Listen Karan, if you have even a
little doubt, then just go ahead. If it is the police’s
task to arrest criminals.. ..then to save the
innocent ones is also our duty. Thank you for you encouragement, sir. And sorry for the disturbance. No problem at all! – Good night.
– Good night. Order! Order! Order! From the statement given by alleged
Sapna Mathur.. ..it has been proved
that Sapna Mathur.. ..only has committed the murder
of CBI officer Mukesh Agarwal. On this basis the court, announces
alleged Sapna Mathur as the.. ..murderer, according to
the Indian penal law 302.. Wait, Judge. Judge, if someone confesses her.. ..crime, then it is
not necessary that.. ..she is really the culprit. It is possible that she is
doing so because of some pressure.. Whatever you want to say, come
and say that in the witness box. Judge, I am that CBI officer
Karan Saxena, who made Sapna.. ..confess about
Mukesh Agarwal’s murder. My identification. Judge, after making thorough
investigation of the post mortem.. ..report of Mukesh Agarwal, the
wounds on his body prove this thing. That before dying the
murderer and he had a solid fight. But there is a great difference.. ..in the strength of
alleged Sapna Mathur.. ..and officer Mukesh Agarwal. Mukesh Agarwal was a
very hefty bodied person. His height was around six feet. So can such a delicate girl have
a big fight with a man like him? Can she kill such a person by
strangling his neck under water? Impossible, Judge. – This is just impossible!
– After all what do you want to prove? Judge, I want to prove that there
is a very big conspiracy behind.. ..Mukesh Agarwal’s murder. And Sapna Mathur is helplessly.. ..trapped in that conspiracy. Sapna Mathur is just a
small pawn of that conspiracy. The mystery is
complicated somewhere else, Judge. Somewhere else! That’s why I request you, Judge. That I should be given
time of about ten days. So that I am able to reveal the
real culprit in front of the law. Stop it! Stop it! Judge, how many times should I tell you? That I only have committed this murder. I beg in front of you and request you. To end this case here only. I don’t want anyone’s pity and sympathy. There is no need for
anyone to try to save my life. There is no need at all! I am a culprit. Give me punishment. Please give me punishment, sir. Give me punishment. Please give me punishment. Please give me punishment. Your honour, officer Karan Saxena is
uselessly wasting the court’s time. When Sapna Mathur has accepted her
crime in front of the court then.. ..the matter should end here only. I request the court to give
her the strictest punishment. Judge, on the bases of benefit.. ..of doubt I request
you that I should be.. ..given ten to twelve days time. So that we can catch the real culprit. Please, sir. This court gives ten days
time to officer Karan Saxena. Till then Sapna Mathur should be
kept in the police custody safely. The proceedings of this case
will take place after ten days. The court is adjourned. Sapna! In the court, you
didn’t do a good thing.. ..by accepting
yourself as the culprit. Someone commits a crime and
confesses himself as the culprit. And some other person
doesn’t even realise his crime. Maybe you don’t realise
what I am going through now. Sapna, I am fully confident that
you haven’t committed that murder. I am trying day and
night to prove you innocent. And you.. you have committed a big
mistake by accepting your crime.. ..in the court. Yes! I have definitely
committed a mistake. But not by accepting
my crime in the court. But by falling in love with you. I am bearing its consequences now. No Sapna. No! Try to understand me, Sapna. Listen, I have full.. Sympathy towards me! Don’t you? CBI officer, Mr. Karan? Please leave me to my circumstances. Leave me to my circumstances. Just to punish me you are
accepting this death punishment, Sapna. You don’t know, I..
L love you so much! No! You can’t love anyone. You can’t love anyone. You are a lie from head to toe. A very big liar! Go away from here. Just go away. Leave me to my helplessness.. ..weakness and
ill-fortune and go away. I don’t need your support at all! Go away from here, please go away. You are
misunderstanding me, Sapna. I.. If you won’t go from here, then I
will bang my head against this wall.. ..and give up my life. I will give up my life. No Sapna! All right. I will go away now. But remember one thing, Sapna. I will definitely prove you innocent. ‘Your sympathy is your selfishness.’ ‘Go away.’ ‘Leave me to my helplessness..’ ‘..ill-fortune and
isolation and go away.’ ‘Your love is a lie.’ ‘Your confession of love is a lie.
It is definitely a lie!’ “You have deceived me.” “You don’t know what love is!” “You have deceived me.” “You don’t know what love is!” “I loved you; I
committed a very big mistake.” “O disloyal lover.” “You don’t know what love is!” “I loved you; I
committed a very big mistake.” “You have deceived me.” “You don’t know what love is!” “I loved you; I
committed a very big mistake.” “O disloyal lover.” “The one who hurt my feelings.” “The one who hurt my feelings.” “And the one who abandoned me alone.” “You have totally ruined my life.” “What type of
punishment have you given me?” “O cruel lover!” “You don’t know what love is!” “I loved you; I
committed a very big mistake.” “O disloyal lover.” “Who is a truthful and who is a liar?” “Who is a truthful and who is a liar?” “And who snatched whose peace?” “O my companion, what do you know?” “Don’t complain so much about me.” “You have deceived me.” “You don’t know what love is!” “I loved you; I
committed a very big mistake.” “O disloyal lover.” “You have deceived me.” “You don’t know what love is!” “I loved you; I
committed a very big mistake.” “O disloyal lover.” – Yes?
– Mr. Karan, I have the solid.. ..proof of Sapna’s innocence. And I want to give it to you. – Who are you?
– To know this you come.. ..to the Kurla Container yard alone. I am waiting for you there. Tell me, who are you? And who has sent you here? – Tell me.
– I will tell you. I am telling. I am Jora. – My master has sent me here.
– Who is your master? I have never seen his face. He gives the contract for killing.. ..over the telephone only. Today he had given the
contract of killing you here.. ..and Sapna in the jail. You are saved! But.. ..she won’t be saved! Hey, you wretched people, come inside. – Come inside, come.
– Go inside. Save her! Save her! Someone please save her. Come. – Come on Sapna, let’s get out of here.
– Leave me. Why don’t you understand?
Your life is in danger here. – Don’t be adamant. Come with me.
– Sir, please wait. – Sir, you can’t do this.
– Get out. – Come fast.
– Leave me. I said leave me. Leave me, just leave me. Leave me. This is
some new plan of yours. Sapna, please. Trust me; I will explain
everything to you later. First let me get rid of them. Sapna, listen to me, please trust me. I said leave me. Sapna, come on. Get out! Just get out. Let’s run from here. Come on. Leave me. To escape from them, we’ll
have to hide somewhere here only. – Karan.. Karan, leave me.
– Please trust me, Sapna. – Karan, Karan, please leave me.
– Then get lost! Do whatever you want to do! But listen to one
thing of mine also, Sapna. You are not the
murderer of Mukesh Agarwal. How many times should I tell you.. ..that I am only the
murderer of Mukesh Agarwal.. ..and I have accepted
this in the highest courts. How many times should I tell you? Listen.. listen, I have come to
know that you are not the murderer.. ..of Mukesh Agarwal. And I can prove you innocent. It’s enough! Now there is no
need for any other deception. Please leave me to my circumstances. Please! Sapna, I love you. I used to love you and
I will always love you. – No.
– I mean it. I mean it. Sapna, whatever I had
done that was my duty. And the duty is
performed according to the law. I believe that sometimes the law.. ..is not able to see the truth.
Just think about it. From the time I have
reopened your files.. ..from that time someone is
attempting to kill both of us. And the proof is the attempt of
murder on you at the jail and.. ..me at the Container yard. For me only this is more than
enough that you are innocent! Someone else is the murderer, Sapna. Even now if you want to go,
then I won’t stop you, Sapna. But just understand this much. That if I am unable to
prove you innocent.. ..then I will never be
able to forgive myself. Sapna, will you help me to
catch the real murderer? Excuse me, where is the changing room? – This side, sir.
– Thank you. You all go there. And you all go that side. Sir.. ..I am tired of answering the press.. ..and senior
officers of the department. I am not able to
understand that what should I do? I understand your problem. If I have always
considered Karan as my son. Then even you have never
considered him less than your son. I grieve about this only, sir. The relationship.. the trust.. He has deceived both the aspects. I could never even have thought
that Karan can do such a thing.. ..just for a girl! The knowledge I had imparted
to him has proved a waste today. If Karan is not arrested within two
days then helplessly I will have.. ..to give the orders
of shoot at sight. You do your work. The law is at its place and
the emotions are on their place. I used to think that someone
is present who will perform.. ..my funeral rites. But today Karan has lost that right. – Sir, no one is here.
– Sir, there is no one here also. Let’s go. – Karan..
– Yes? After all till when will you
run in this manner with me? And till where will you run? Till the horizon! The horizon is not unison
of the earth and the sky. It’s just a deception of the eyes! In the same way our unison
in this life is a deception. It is just a dream, Karan. Please listen to me. Just leave me to my circumstances, Karan. How can I leave you, Sapna? Because no one else but me is
responsible for bringing you.. ..in such circumstances. My destination is death, Karan. And I have taken the oath of.. ..converting that
death into life, Sapna. I love you, Karan. I love you. I am helpless! Wherever you see Karan and Sapna! You have to shoot them. A curfew is levied on all the four sides. There is only this sea route
which can reach us to the lake. – From here..
– Karan! Don’t get discouraged, Sapna. We have to reach there at any rate. They have gone, let’s go. “We two lovers met each other
and forgot this world in love.” “Forgotten.” “We two lovers met each other
and forgot this world in love.” “Forgotten.” “Though bullets are fired or
we are kept under a watch.” “No one is able to
separate us lovers.” “We two lovers met each other
and forgot this world in love.” “Forgotten.” “We two lovers met each other
and forgot this world in love.” “Forgotten.” “Though bullets are fired or
we are kept under a watch.” “No one is able to
separate us lovers.” “We two lovers met each other
and forgot this world in love.” “Forgotten.” “I am not able to speak anything.” “And my heartbeats
have come to a halt.” “I am not able to speak anything.” “And my heartbeats
have come to a halt.” “In front of this heart.” “The world has accepted its defeat.” “Who is the one who has
restricted this breeze to hide the.. ..fragrance of flowers?” “To hide them.” “Though bullets are fired or
we are kept under a watch.” “No one is able to
separate us lovers.” “We two lovers met each other
and forgot this world in love.” “Forgotten.” “The loving weather has
arrived from the world of love.” “The loving weather has
arrived from the world of love.” “We have to pass through every test.” “Wherever the lovers go,
there is heaven there.” “There is heaven there.” “Though bullets are fired or
we are kept under a watch.” “No one is able to
separate us lovers.” “We two lovers met each other
and forgot this world in love.” “Forgotten.” “Though bullets are fired or
we are kept under a watch.” “No one is able to
separate us lovers.” “We two lovers met each other
and forgot this world in love.” “Forgotten.” – Is this that place?
– Yes? Yes, Karan. This is the same place. Yes! Around these bushes,
I passed from here and.. Oh yes, Karan. I think that at.. ..this place only I
had fallen with him in.. ..the lake when I
was filling the water. You take care of my jacket. – I only will go inside and see.
– Be careful, Karan. Thank you. What’s this? It’s a fake leg of
some handicapped person. It was trammeled at
the bottom of the lake. But how is this leg
connected with our case? Sapna, your incident took place here. And I have found this
fake leg from here only. I think that to whom this fake leg
belongs, he definitely has some.. ..connection with this incident. We will have to search for
that handicapped person. But.. but how will all
this be possible, Karan? There is only one factory
which produces fake body parts. This seems to be some
registration number. This number will take us there. Let’s go. Come. The register!! It will have his full name and address. What’s the number? The number? 71261. Yes, so 261.. 27.. 00.. 53.. 71254.. 71261, yes 71261. John Desouza? Come the dealer of death,
John Desouza, please come. No, sir. No! Now I am only John Desouza! Only John Desouza! Now I have given up all the wrong things. God promise! Father Joseph says that whoever
confesses with his true heart. God will forgive all his sins. But John, what will
happen about our business? No sir, no. No! Now I won’t commit anymore sins. I will work according to the cross. I will confess in front of father
Joseph and confess all my crimes. – All my crimes!
– Thank you. I will leave now, sir. Yes! This belongs to
you only, John Desouza! Mine? No! I use these clutches. But who are you two? And
why have you come here? To know that why and how
did this fake leg of yours.. ..get entangled in the lake? At the lake? My leg? Was entrapped? What are you talking, man? – You want to trap me?
– Karan.. Hold it, Sapna. Hold it! The way he ran from here proves.. ..this fact that he is
definitely connected.. ..somewhere or the other
with this murder case. Yes! Father! Father! You
speak the right thing. You speak absolutely correctly, father. Sins snatch away the
peace of a human being. Though one runs a lot, but it
doesn’t stop following him, father. Father.. father, I.. I
want to make a confession. Thank you, father. Father, I am a very
lowly and a cheap man. I committed many sins in
the greed of money, father. I committed theft, robbery,
I took killing contracts and.. ..committed several murders. And every time I deceived
the law and escaped, father. But now I am tired of running, father. Hey, you wretched fellow!
Now tell me, shall I drop you? Tell me, shall I leave your hand? Yes? Hey, please don’t leave me. I will die. Please don’t leave me. If you don’t want to die
then tell me truthfully. Why did you murder
John Desouza? Tell me. Because he had attempted to murder me. – Tell me the truth or I will leave you.
– I am telling the truth. That means you don’t
want to speak the truth. Come on, tell the
truth or I’ll leave you. I’ll really leave your hand. – Tell me. Tell me.
– Yes, I am telling. For God’s sake please don’t leave me. – I am telling.
– Yes, tell me. I wanted to become the
heir of Sapna’s property. That’s why I had given the
contract to John Desouza to kill Sapna. But when I came to know that.. ..Sapna is falsely
alleged for the murder of.. ..Mukesh Agarwal,
then I became silent. Because my work was done by its own. – Then what?
– Then.. Then what? – Yes! Yes! I
am telling. I am telling. And suddenly I came to know that
influenced by the priest, father of.. ..this church, John Desouza
wanted to repent over his misdeeds. My successful plan was going
to be converted into failure! So.. so I killed John Desouza. What connection do you have
with Mukesh Agarwal’s murder case? – I don’t have any connection with that.
– Tell me the truth. No! No! I don’t have
any connection with that. I know only this much
about the incident that.. That when Sapna and John Desouza
were coming out of that lake.. ..then.. then at the same time
on the other side of the lake. I saw someone pushing a
jeep in the lake. Yes! Hello? Sir, I am Karan speaking. Sir, I have caught Manish and derived.. ..such evidence that
according to that.. ..Sapna can be proved innocent. Very good! Very good! I had full faith in you, Karan. That you will definitely
find a way to save Sapna. I am proud of you. Okay, so from where are you speaking? Sir, I am speaking
near the Orient church. Sir, I have tied Manish
here only at the church. I am going to the lake. You
get him arrested from here. All right, I am reaching there. Did you find anything? Did you find anything? No. Nothing special. Just one button and this.. My God! – Karan..
– Yes? – This.. Just look at this.
– What is it? There is some paper in this. A paper is found from here.. Mukesh Agarwal only has
written these letters. There is something written on this.
Just give me the torch. ‘On 15th August, while hoisting.. ..the flag, a plan is
plotted to kill the.. ..Prime minister on that day.’ ‘In that planning..’ I am not able to
understand what’s written further. Because of water all this is.. The paper has soaked in water so.. ..much that it has
become difficult to read it. Karan, 15th August is day after tomorrow. Oh my God! It’s very necessary to
reach Mr. IG anyhow. Let’s go. Till when will we hide from the police? Sir? Hey? Please come. Sir, you and here?
Sir, is Manish arrested? Yes, Manish is in our custody. And through his statement we have
come to know that Sapna is innocent. According to me, the murderer is
the same person who had thrown the.. ..jeep in the lake. Sir, I have found that jeep in the lake. – What?
– Yes, sir. – Did you find any proof?
– Sir, I have not found any.. ..special proof of the
murderer but I have found this letter. Sir, it is written in this letter that.. ..a plan is plotted to
kill the prime minister.. ..on 15th August
while hoisting the flag. And in this plan.. Everything else is
erased by water in this. You send this to the laboratory. So that we can come to
know about the erased words. Karan, you have
avoided a very big incident. – Well done, my boy.
– Thank you, sir. Listen Karan, I know
that you both are innocent. But I need some time to prove this. Until that time you both
will have to hide from the law. He is right. Yes, sir. – Well.. shall we go to the farm house?
– Farm house? Yes, it’s nearby only. – Okay, let’s go. Yes, sir.
– Come. Please come. – Come Sapna.
– Please come. Sir, I hope we are
not giving you trouble. Don’t worry, man.
Don’t worry. Please come. Listen, no other place than
my farm house is more safe.. ..for you two at present. Stay here for the night. Everything will be all right by morning. Thank you, sir. – Okay.
– Thank you very much, sir. – Thank you.
– Good night. – Welcome.
– Good night, sir. Come. Mr. IG has supported
us at such a time.. ..that we both won’t be able to
forget his favour all our life. You are right. You
are absolutely right. Go and freshen up.
You will feel fresh. I will arrange for something to eat. Karan! Karan! Sapna! – Karan!
– Sapna, what happened? Karan, blood mixed water
is flowing in the bathroom. You wait here only, I
will check the water tank. Sapna, you and here? – What has happened to you?
– Yes? – Karan.. Karan..
– What has happened to you? – The man who used to always follow me.
– Yes. He has reached here too. Oh, God. – But how did he
come to know that we are here? I don’t know. I don’t know. Don’t worry now. I am here. One.. one second.. Hold it, this button
has got entangled here. What happened, Karan? Sapna, the murder of CBI
officer Mukesh Agarwal has been.. ..committed by IG. Suryakant Verma! What? This is the same button
which I had found in that jeep. This belongs to this sleeve of this coat. According to the IG,
Manish should be in prison. Though just now I have seen
his blood stained clothes.. ..and John Desouza’s
dead body in the water tank. Oh my God! – And.. and that man?
– That man is also Suryakant’s man. And this house is not
chosen for our safety. In fact it is chosen
for our murder, Sapna. Yes, you are right. Karan, he is the same man! Stop! I didn’t understand anything. Actually I have not come to
kill you, but to save you. Even I am a CBI officer. Yes madam, he is telling the truth. Your servant Ramu had
become our special informer. And he used to give the
full information of whatever.. ..used to happen in your house. This is my identity card. It’s okay, officer. But why were you following us stealthily? Because our department had a doubt
that there is a very big conspiracy.. ..behind Mukesh Agarwal’s murder. That’s why Karan was
handed over this responsibility. And the responsibility of the
protection of Karan’s life.. ..was handed over to me secretly. Karan could have been attacked anytime. Along with him, even
your life was in danger. We had involved your
professor also along with us. So that he can force you to take.. ..the responsibility
of Karan’s treatment. Oh! I see! Just tell me that what
was written on that letter? It was written on it that exactly.. ..at 9:30 while hoisting
the flag on 15th August.. ..the chief minister
will be finished off. We are around four
hours away from Mumbai. We should leave immediately. Let’s go. Oh God! Officer, what happened? There is a live electric current
in that door. – Electric current? – Are you all right?
– I am okay. Don’t worry. I will search for some other way. There are shutters here.
I will try to open them. Oh shucks! Karan! What happened, Karan? Yes? There is an electric
current in these shutters also. Oh god! This means there is an
electric current in all the ways.. ..which lead out from here. So that we can’t get
out of this bungalow. What should we do now? We have very less time. And it is very important
for us to reach there. Wait a second. I will make a phone call to Mr. CM. – Hello?
– Hello. Hello.. Mr. PA. I am Karan speaking. Yes. Just give the phone to Mr. CM. At present he is sleeping
and I can’t disturb him. Mr. PA, I have very
urgent work with him, please. You.. you please wake him up. Didn’t I tell you that
I can’t wake him up? Listen.. listen the work is
very important. – I am sorry. – Hello?
– Oh my God! I will try once again. Uncle Ramu.. uncle Ramu.. – Uncle Ramu..
– Officer.. Officer.. these.. Sapna, we’ll have to
take him to the hospital. No officer. You don’t worry about me. You save the chief minister. – Yes, yes. That is all right, but..
– Just go. Officer.. It is very important for me
to meet Mr. CM. Open the door. Officer! Officer! Mr. Karan, I will have to arrest you. Listen, I have come to
get myself arrested only. But it is very important
for me to meet Mr. CM. Sir, please.. you please
inform him that I want to meet him. – Yes, please inform him. Please inform him.
– Mr. Sunil.. ..Karan Saxena wants to meet Mr. CM. Here will be the security. And here will be your chair.. Mr. CM, Karan has been arrested. And he is asking permission to meet you. Send him inside. Okay, sir. Sir, this betrayer is the
murderer of Mukesh Agarwal. And tomorrow this wretched man
has plotted a plan to kill you too. I would never had imagined that.. ..you will become so
crazy in the love of a.. ..girl, that you will make
such a big allegation .. ..on a responsible police officer. Sir, please believe me. He even tried to kill
us at his farm house. – And then he..
– Do you have any proof? I had! I had the proof, sir. The CBI officer on special
appointment, K. Kaushal. The one who was killed by
his men while saving our lives. And the second one was Manish. His statement would have
been proved Sapna innocent. But I think that he has killed him too. Because his blood stained
clothes and John Desouza’s dead body.. ..has been found in the
water tank of his farm house. Just ask him that where
is Manish? Just ask him. I am here. Sir, I only have called him. He wants to tell you
something about Sapna. Sir, Ms. Sapna had
joined with some foreigners.. ..and was plotting some
conspiracy against our country. Even the servant of their
house Ramu had heard this thing. – And Karan, he..
– What are you blabbering? Tell him whatever you
told me at the church. Church? I have never been to a church till today. And Mr. Karan.. I was not in
Mumbai since the last four days. This is a lie! He is telling a lie. Both of them are up to some game. Sir.. sir, I had found this button.. ..under water in the
jeep of Mukesh Agarwal. And this button belongs
to Mr. Suryakant’s coat. I myself have seen that. Well.. excuse me, sir. Such a button is present on my
coat also, sir. Look at this. Sir, these types of buttons are
found in plenty at the market. Karan, do you want to say something more? Sir, just ask him. That the letter which I found in
Mukesh Agarwal’s jeep and which.. ..I gave him, where is that? – Ask him.
– Why are you silent? Where is that paper? Sir, I had sent that paper
for testing at the laboratory. I am thinking that why hasn’t
it reached to you until now. Here are the laboratory
reports of that paper. The one which Mr. IG
had told to give you. Sir, you will come to know just
now that what Mr. Mukesh Agarwal.. ..wanted to tell you. Read the report. On 15th August, while hoisting the flag.. ..a conspiracy has been planned to.. ..kill the chief minister. In this plan, the main cause
of the murder is that some.. ..foreigners want to
spread terror in the country. 100 crores have been
derived from the foreigners for.. ..committing this murder. And behind this murder, the
whole plan is plotted by a member.. ..of the police department. The deal of the murder
of the chief minister.. ..the foreigners
have finalised with Mr.. With Mr. Karan Saxena! Sir, this is a lie! They all are telling a lie. It is a very big conspiracy against me. Please believe me, sir. This.. all this is his game, sir. Listen baba, I have
considered you as my father. I can never lie to you. I am telling the truth. I can
never do such a thing, baba. I can never do. Karan, in today’s world, anyone can
do anything for the greed of money. Sir, what orders do you have for me? This is the case of your department. Do whatever you feel right. You traitor! Don’t think that you will escape. You yourself are near to your death. And you are dreaming about my death? Mukesh Agarwal had also
committed the same mistake. He had come to know that I
work for the foreigners. And when he was going to
reveal this secret to the CM.. Suryakant, you are only the main
master mind of the plan plotted.. ..to kill the chief
minister on 15th August. I know this fact very well. It will be better if
you surrender to the law. Because tomorrow I am going to
give this report to the minister. Now you won’t escape. I can, sir. Because only you know about this secret. And I will bury this
secret with you only. I had killed him near the shore.. ..and drowned him in the water. And I trapped your
girlfriend Sapna in this case. You all are puppets in my hand. Puppets! I will make you both dance all your life. All your life! Great! So you had come
to reveal my conspiracy. And you yourself became
the victim of my plan. Karan, to save myself, it was
very necessary for me to trap Sapna. And I entrapped her! That too by your hands. You used to regard yourself
very intelligent, didn’t you? You were trying to reach till me. To reach till me? I would have finished you
off at the dockyard only. But you were saved. And you saved your
girlfriend Also in the jail. To know the plan for
which you are so distressed. I myself will tell you that. This is a truth. I only have planned the
chief minister’s murder. Can you do anything? Then do it. And listen.. tomorrow
he will definitely die. I will fix the bomb and boom!!
He will be no more! Your baba will be gone! You scoundrel.. I will.. This is the beginning. Just the beginning! After this I will start such a.. ..series of murders in
India that there will be.. ..destruction! A total devastation! And I? I will become the
wealthiest man in the world. The wealthiest of all! Then no one will be
able to do no harm to me. I will just leave this whole country. You have gone mad, Suryakant Verma. You can’t do such a thing. No! Suryakant Verma! Remember one thing. – Don’t spare him at any rate.
– Don’t worry, sir. Come. Come. Leave him. Go. Come on, run away now. Hey, follow him. – Go and look for him on that side.
– Okay, sir. – Chief minister.
– Live long! – Chief minister.
– Live long! – Hello. – Chief minister.
– Live long! – Chief minister.
– Live long! – Chief minister.
– Live long! – Chief minister.
– Live long! – Chief minister.
– Live long! – Chief minister.
– Live long! – Chief minister.
– Live long! – Chief minister.
– Live long! – Chief minister.
– Live long! – Chief minister.
– Live long! – Chief minister.
– Live long! – Chief minister.
– Live long! I heartily welcome you
on behalf of my institute. That you did a favour
to us by coming here. What’s the favour in this? I am very happy coming among all of you. Now I request you that on the
auspicious occasion of 15th August.. ..you come forward and hoist the flag. Vande Materam! Vande Materam! Vande Materam! Vande Materam! Vande Materam! Vande Materam! Vande Materam! Vande Materam! Vande Materam! Vande Materam! Vande Materam! Vande Materam! Vande Materam! Vande Materam! Vande Materam! Vande Materam! Vande Materam! Vande Materam! Vande Materam! Vande.. Wait, baba. Please stop! Don’t pull the rope. Come. Please don’t pull the rope. Please stop. Please stop. – I said leave me. Just leave me.
– What’s all this? To kill you, Suryakant has
tied a bomb in the flag.. ..instead of flowers, baba. – Bomb!
– What!!? It will explode as soon
as you will pull the rope. – Please don’t pull it.
– Sir, he is lying. Yesterday night he
had run away from the.. ..lock up by deceiving the police. If I am lying then tell him
to pull the rope. – Shut up! Before this also you had made
false allegations on him and.. ..proved as a liar! I know your real face. Don’t pull the rope, baba. Please give me one final chance
to prove my truth, baba. Please! Suryakant, give him a last chance
to get rid of his misunderstanding. Sir.. sir, how can
this be possible, sir? Only you have the right to do this. Suryakant, to get rid of the bad.. ..reputation he has
given to your post.. ..today I give you this right of mine. Come. Come and hoist the flag. Everybody move back. Move back. Come on, everyone move back.
The bomb can explode anytime. Karan, which other lie
do you want to tell now? Tell me. In front of so many people.. ..this last chance of
yours has humiliated me.. ..more than before! Just for some amount of money and.. ..a girl you became a
traitor of the country? And you blamed a honest..
A honest police officer!? Shame on you! Shame on you, Karan! I just hate you! Suryakant, you may do your duty. Right, sir. Arrest him. Today on 15th August.. ..I just want to say
this much to all of you. That never do such a
work by mistake also.. ..due to which your guru feels.. ..humiliated and ashamed just like me! Baba! You are all right baba, aren’t you? “The strings of one heart
are connected with the other.” “There is uneasiness every minute.” “It seems as if something
has happened, O beloved.” “The strings of one heart
are connected with the other.” “There is uneasiness every minute.” “It seems as if something
has happened, O beloved.” “Come on, come on, look in my eyes.” “Give me a place in
your heart and love me.” “Now I can’t wait anymore!”

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