Kim Cattrall | Interview | TimesTalks Madrid

Kim Cattrall | Interview | TimesTalks Madrid

mmm them mmm you seem to be one of these
actresses who remarkably I must say belongs to the world if you
look at computer page it says at can get trapped
control liverpool-born Canadian bread New Yorker
and I can’t think of another actor/actress who lays claim to three
different places England Canada the US and that way just
one really feel like home this is a really
good question and I’m not really sure how to answer it
and I realize that the way my life has always been and what
I’m trying to embrace at this point in my life is that where I
am is where I live so when I’m in New York
I do feel like a New Yorker when I’m in London I do feel like a brat
and when I’m in Canada cannot I said tonight you have all three may believe it a little Spanish yeah tell us a little bit that come about
have a came to believe that you have a purchase on these three places where
your parents very migratory or what was happening
partly I’m II was born in Liverpool and at a
very young age three months be immigrated to Canada and a then we went back to England in
the early sixties I spent about almost two years in England then and
that’s when I discovered I wanted to be an actress that was my first real exposure to theater legitimate
theater and then I came to New York its sixteen
to go to theaters cool as accepted to school and American Academy and I graduated and I’ve and working ever since but that
triangle in my life is continuing that those
three cities interesting that you went to prom Academy in New York because
presumably you could have gone in England no one would accept me accept
them and it was because I was so young though so we are very talented that we
don’t take anybody younger than 18 or 21 in England so I I just the the American Academy
said if you pass examine you have a high school graduation which I had I’m I could I could go to the school
which it is and of course was lovely as you can forge a career I mean this is a compliment as a new
yorker based in London which I am that is a very English career in terms
of going from television to theater interfilm and
round and round was that always the goal to sort of mix
of three if you could know the goal was survival I and that
goal yes as as a and I thought well I was
trained in the theater and I I love performing live I I get such a
thrill out of it there’s nothing quite like it I love to
tell stories I love the very organic approach to working in the
theatre which is this wonderful artistic adventure that you
all go on with complete strangers with this
usually a better piece of writing then you will
find in film inferior messy classic so that I enjoy doing because they have stood the test of time
and I’m you come together for this period and
you create this work and then you presented to an
audience and they decide and then you have a run
of the play and then it’s over it so if I was
describing to my friend brian is with me film and television is almost like
having an affair but with me doing theater pieces a definite
relationship I of course most of the audience here I i
assume no she primarily from a certain television program up which
you were in your forties when early for this new
started doing it and that as an amazing time once like to stake that
claim on the public imagination especially now
at a time when its is happening 18-19 year olds me
wonder do they have anything left to look forward to armpits but yeah so let’s rewind the historical tape to be inception have sex in the city you hmm I’ve read it’s been said several
times that you turned it down initially I turned it down 3 time why well I had just turned for easy one and I just didn’t feel that I was up to
it I didn’t think I could pull this sexy
gal part anymore I felt you know it that’s
kinda and that was in nineteen 97 and that doesn’t seem like a terribly
long time ago not to me air but we felt differently
and bad age then and i think thats shows like sections
here a very instrumental in opening people’s mind to what could be a sexy desirable woman when my mom was
forty and her generation it was definitely
over so we had to really reexamine how I felt about myself and aging not just how I felt about it
in other people and after the third time they asked me Darren star’s boyfriend who was a a
casting director in New York and dear friend mine he called me and he said why did you
turn it down again any said you’re scared I said I’m not
scared I’m terrify I and he said this is your role and you’re
wrong and take a deep breath and have some Fe and I met with Darren
Star again and I said look I just don’t I just don’t want to become the old older woman here talking from the mount and doing all this he said absolutely
not and that’s exactly what I did and I never had more fun im I I was the know it all it’s great must be fascinating and you
did this for many years and you did above course reprise the role for two
movies to ban put that character to one side because you’ve lived with that character much
longer than you could ever live with a any of the movies were gonna talk
about I’m or a play that you’ve done a field that this past summer which is now history yes this woman walked with you in in you for over a decade is it hard
then to to put that to one some not for me
because hope you know I consider it my work and I I know when they say cut I know who came in saying I’m don’t lose
myself in Samantha I know I know that when Smith is going through
chemo at Kim isn’t going to came out I can imagine what it is and I can do
research but I’m not Samantha so for me that’s
always been very clear and I I put that down to my theater background
have when the curtain goes down you go home you let it go when you need to walk away you need what
what happens with it especially television series which a I really notice was bad that perception
is it stopped for anybody else now I it’s a bitch when you’re dating
believe me it’s really I the gym about I it professionally it’s
very clear but when I can tell when people meet me
for the first time that images are going through their head they’re not really listening to anything
that’s time this is kinda staring eyes wanna say
which episode is I just just tell me but I take that as a great great
compliment because this show just won’t go away and in people’s
imaginations and it lives on now and DVD’s and have to put were told of course that
Hollywood has a collectively limited imagination so
did you fry told The yeah you you can bear that up from your experts but did you find that initially
at least you’re being offered infinitely many variations on Samantha Jones you just wanted to say ninety variations
it was cemented down by another name yes yes and yes Ugly Betty I was offered to
play a bias I said its Samantha and I thought it
sounds like a really great show and america’s wonderful and talented but I
just that I feel that I’ve done that I can’t do that any
better I couldn’t couldn’t have even approached
it any better so I thought that’s when I I went home to the theater and for those
of us who immerse ourselves in the theater like me
it’s been lovely having him come home to the theater because you’ve done actually six productions five players as
one of them was the same plan to differ productions in
the UK in the last decade and of course you could have had a
greater contrast in the first played on the west and from some of the chance in which she
played a quadriplegic immobile I’ll what basically possibly like a challenge
and on the fear must’ve been in every way
were started but did you feel going back to the theater camp the people thought more what’s this
about she’s she’s a television star where they were ready to go there with
you well when you have someone like Sir Peter
Hall emailing you in seeing win are you coming back its it’s a
really great incentive because you know you enter the cans and night I didn’t want I didn’t feel
like eight anything to prove except to prove maybe something to
myself and maybe what that was is that I still loved it and I
still needed to do it and that’s exactly what I do you feel
now going forward to the future can always be a place for you to go back to
you it’s where it began I A saw play at the
RC with Janet Suzman and it was one of
those moments that I’ve heard people like Joni Mitchell talk about or
Lou Reed or and Patti Smith where you sit there who
are my heroes and use you just sit there and you watch
somebody doing in something inside abuses I must do that too I feel an affinity to that for that need that and it’s not the same on a on a sound stage it’s thrilling but it’s
not the same because everything is happening in real time and
where where we say I live in the moment how do you do that but in theater you must live in the moment I if you don’t you’re screwed bro 0

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  1. I am 41 years old right now and about to turn 42  the same age she joined sex and the City  the only difference is that  I AM A VIRGIN presently and I told ( Kim ) On twitter

  2. The way she talk.. its very straight forward. Samantha Jones / Kim Cattrall is so fabulous and gorgeous as always 😍 love her so muccch!!

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