Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Artist Mario Dedivanovic’s MAJOR Beauty Stash | Harper’s BAZAAR

Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Artist Mario Dedivanovic’s MAJOR Beauty Stash | Harper’s BAZAAR

I’m Jenna Rosenstein and this is The Beauty Show and today we’re going inside an insane makeup
stash of none other than Mario Dedivanovic. Hey!
Hey Jenna! How are you?
It’s so good to see you. He is Makeup by Mario and he’s also Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist and he’s pretty much the mastermind behind the modern trend of contouring and highlighting. Let’s go! I know we want to see your beauty stash
Of course you do Can we go see it?
Yes of course, come! So this is the beauty stash slash dressing
room closet Oh my god look at those sneakers.
They’re all Yeezys oh my god! I love collecting Yeezys. I don’t actually
wear most of them I just wear like a few pairs
Yeah well you have the hook up. Ok so I’m guessing this isn’t a giant box
full of St. Laurent products right? This is where I keep my Kylie stash.
These are concealers, some lip. There’s pretty much every kind of launches
in here. This is like some people’s dream. You realize
that? Yeah and then these are lip kits in here.
Oh my god you have every one! These are things I haven’t even seen my entire
life. People always ask, Why do you always save
them? Why don’t you save everybody else’s? It’s hard to find makeup from many many years
ago. 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, you know like Marilyn
Monroe’s makeup you know people’s like that.
This will be so iconic to have these because people use them, they get rid of them you
know. Oh yeah these I love. They’re super limited.
So fun, I actually like a lot of these brushes. They’re
really nice. Like this is a good contour brush. So this is one of my beauty closets. One of your beauty closets!
So basically here’s the deal. I get sent hundreds if not thousands of products a month
Those boxes get sent daily to a storage room. There’s about one or two that I will take
from all of those and bring them into my personal closet, which is this one.
And then this is where my assistant and I we restock our kit daily.
Shoutout to my assistant Dominique because it would now look like this if it was up to
me And the container store wherever you got these
wonderful things Yeah the container store.
First of all, all those beauty blenders. For each application I do, I actually use
about 6 or 7 beauty blenders. Really?
I use one for concealer, one for foundation, I use one to blend under the eyes, one for
the eyelids I use one for contours.
Ok so I see that you have your lipsticks organized, at least by brand over here
Yes. So, Laura Mercier, MAC, Urban Decay.
So, with the lipsticks, I actually don’t take these tubes of lipsticks to work.
We have palettes and so my assistant will take all the nudes that I love
and she’ll scoop them out and put them into these little palettes
and then same thing with the reds, purples, oranges, whatever it is
With pencils we don’t organize by brand obviously because there’s just a lot of pencils.
This is for example lip pencils, eye pencils These are some cream eyeshadows, some liners.
I just love that you have such an impressive mix of brands here.
You have Marc Jacobs, Urban decay I use so many brands of definitely high and
low This is mascara?
Yeah. These are mascaras. Every now and then I bring
a new mascara into my kit to try it. This has been my got to for 18 years
I think that everyone is going to want to see this giant collection of KKW beauty products.
I get sent two of those, like two of each of those,
because I use some and then I also like to save all of the original ones.
Oh my gosh it’s so heavy. This is literally like 20 pounds.
I know it’s heavy. It’s a workout. But I do save all of their stuff.
You have every single one. I’ll help you with that!
In this bin here are some concealers. These are blushes and bronzers and here we
have highlighters and concealers as well This are the Master Palette by Mario
Yea Master Palette! Every now and then I will give one to somebody
but people beg me for these all of the time. They do?
Yeah, they sell them on eBay for really expensive. Oh my god that’s crazy!
This is truly a limited edition. Once it’s sold out it never comes back.
Yeah it’s not coming back. So you’re really the last one to have all
of these samples. Yes. That’s my mom and dad.
Awe this is so cute! Yeah this is just to remind me of my early
days, where I came from. These are different cream bronzers, cream
highlighters. And then this is all complexion?
This is all complexion. This whole side is complexion.
Back in the day I did use to mainly use just a cream foundation, but you know,
as the years went on and the trends changed and my style evolved,
I started bringing tons more complexion products in so now depending on what client I am working on, I use all different types of foundation.
So these are all of your go to favorites? Yes so I have the Giorgio Armani Luminous
Silk, which I use. A lot of the time on models for like shoots
and things I have the Koh Gen Do foundations. So good for hydrating!
Yes so when I want to do really dewy skin, I use those.
These are Tom Ford sticks and I use these a lot to contour actually.
I like to texture for contour. Just so everyone knows, I put all the foundations
I use in my kit, I put them little tiny bottles like this and
we put the names on them here. Where do you get these little bottles?
I think these are from Muji. Muji? Yeah I was going to say.
The beauty blender bounds so I like to use, again, for someone that doesn’t need powder,
that just wants a matte finish. And then I have different stuff here too.
There’s this brand Suqqu, I think that’s how you pronounce it, it’s from Japan.
And Kate Bosworth actually put me onto this brand
She likes to use this foundation Honestly I didn’t even know where to get it
from. Yeah I’ve never seen this before.
It’s a very luxurious, beautiful line of makeup. This is all concealers.
What is this? This probably looks crazy but this is, if
you guys remember a YouTube video of Kim and I, I think it was nine or ten years ago, this is the concealer I used. This is the same one? Well no not this actual one, this brand.
I think it’s Dermacolor Kryolan. It’s a drier consistency but it really gives amazing coverage. This is like my new absolute favorite. This is Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion.
I’ve never seen a concealer that doesn’t go into the lines and crease and this one truly
doesn’t. So I saw on Instagram not too long ago that
you said that you weren’t actually using the Ben Nye powder
in that famous photo of Kim, but here you have Ben Nye powder.
Yeah I do use Ben Nye powders. I never used it under the eyes on caucasian or light skin
women. I use it on women of color. Banana powder specifically?
Banana powder, or I use different ones. Like this one here is topaz.
This would on a super dark skin. This is probably the most used bin.
Most used? Yeah so in between jobs, we grab things like
these are blushes right? These are things that like makeup artists
things that you use to remove heavy glues that I apply on the face.
So these are actually, these puffs are the ones that I send my clients off with.
If I’m not going to the red carpet with them, which traditionally I don’t, I mean sometimes
I do but I’ll put some powder on there for them.
They literally just have to go like that before they hit the carpet.
Take down the shine. Genius! Right that I have for that and then I bought
these in Japan. Oh my god it’s like for your pinky!
I bought a huge bag of makeup from Japan. they have the coolest, just really really
different and fun stuff. Yeah. Did you get this at a drugstore there?
Yeah some sort of drugstore. Ok.
You have a lot of Tatcha facemasks I see. Yes I love Tatcha!
I feel like a lot of people don’t realize that a big part about a makeup artists job
is actually skincare, so these are important. Yes if I have time before I’m applying the makeup, especially for a big red carpet, I like to put a mask on, let it sit for about
ten minutes, or an eye mask that provides that glow and that moisture that looks beautiful on camera. These are Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water Wipes. And I love these. They have no smell, they’re not oily at all. Yeah they are oil free.
After I’m done doing eye shadow on the eyes when there’s fallout, I’ll clean with these.
So do you always do eye fist and then do complexion? Yeah I do brows first, then eyes, and then
I clean and then I do complexion. Alright so clean with these.
You mentioned you have the early samples of your collab with Kim Kardashian.
Can we see those? Yeah I think those are, well it’s not actually
Oh my god! Every drawer there’s like a new surprise! What are these?
This was from the process of creating the KKW Mario collab.
They would basically send me different options of colors for me to choose from, different
options of packaging, different feels and textures.
I think this is the one we chose, that color. Yeah it’s gorgeous. These are lashes. Uh yeah! I would say these are lashes. This
is an entire drawer full of eye lashes. This is actually not a lot for me. I have
in the storage room bins and bins and bins. This drawer is more of the dramatic lashes,
and then here we have like all the individuals which I use so many.
I recently started doing more dramatic lashes at times.
I love the Lilly Lashes. She has great styles. And then the ones that I would use the most
often I would say are the Ardell individuals which I kind of mix them.
I use medium, I use short and I use long and kind of create my own little style of lash.
This is kind of like my personal skin stuff that I like to put in here.
Like my expensive special stuff so when I run out of my stuff, I have back up here.
Same thing with this drawer. This is the Louboutin products
I was just saying that I love that mascara. I’m wearing it today.
It’s ninety dollars. I’ve never tried it.
It’s amazing, but it’s ninety dollars. Is it worth ninety?
Umm, you know. No. It’s just so beautiful.
Alright so this is my brow station. I go through Anastasia brow pencils like you
have no idea. I mean I’ve never seen so many. I think you
you have more than she does. The thing is I really do go through them.
I mean we constantly have to order them. I mean, keep in mind there’s like eight or
nine colors so I need multiples of all of them. Alright so you mentioned that you love luxury skincare. Do you use anything yourself? What is your personal skincare collection? I like luxury and I like drugstore. I can show you. Let’s go see! I’m really simple when it comes to my own
skin. I obviously don’t wear makeup every day, but
I do have to wear it sometimes at work. So one of my dermatologists, Dr. Sheri, she’s
amazing. She actually put me onto this, Neutrogena
Healthy Defense. Oh it’s a moisturizer with sunscreen.
Also this product here. This is Onexton. This is like a benzoyl peroxide gel.
I believe it, it kind of bleaches your skin, but this really helped me with my breakouts
a lot. Oh wow! So you have to go to your derm to
get this? Yes.
So this CeraVe. I use this for moisturizing a lot. It’s just light weight, it’s fragrance-free, it’s great for me because I think I have sensitive skin. This is the famous Tatcha Water Cream.
The Water Cream! Which is really nice in the summer.
Purity Made Simple, which is like iconic. I love this one too because it’s super light,
natural. So you’re really into moisturizer?
I use moisturizer every day. But I like to chance them up because I get bored sometimes.
Eye creams here. Again La Mer and Purity Made Simple from Philosophy.
Apa’s my dentist actually, but he has amazing toothpaste and things like that.
Jimmy Coco? Do you self tan? Only if I’m taking photos or need to be on
camera, which I guess turns out to be a lot nowadays. I was going to say. Yeah. But yeah so what I do is I’ll tan the night
before and sleep on it, or I’ll do it the morning of.
I’ll wake Up super early and so I will tan at like 4:30, 5:00AM.
And then it sort of sets in for a few hours. Then I take a shower and go to work.
I just started using this one. It’s Replenix and this is another amazing skin person, Laura
Dyer, here in Manhattan. Ok. This is glycolic and salicylic acid.
Yes. She also put me onto these two, which I have
been loving and I use this now in the morning. So it’s Hyaluronic Serum by Replenix and then
Replenix Smoothing Serum. And I use this first and that over it.
I feel like this really has been helping to kind of prevent the breakouts from coming
through. And then when I do break out, want me to show
you my all time favorite product? Please, yes!
Ok do you remember the movie ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding?’ Of course. Ok you remember the father?
The Windex on everything? Yes! So my Windex is Tea Tree oil and they are
all over my house, they are all over my travel bag. It really helps my blemishes. Well, so you have three bottles of it here.
Well here and then I have them all over my house too. See I have the go to Anastasia brow pencils. I use all the different ones here.
Well you certainly have enough of them in your back stock. Yes I do! I definitely do. I like to use concealers that are hard in
texture and not oily. Ok.
Because they stick on my skin nicely and I don’t have to set them too much.
This is the Laura Mercier. You just tap it on?
Tap it on my finger, blend it, you know blend around it. So I see you have this Donna Karan Cashmere
Mist deodorant. Is that your favorite one? I am obsessed with this. I wish I wasn’t.
A few years ago I was on set with Chris McMillan, the hair stylist,
and he’s like, “Jenn Aniston loves the Donna Karan Cashmere Mist,”
He’s like, it works really well and makes her not sweat, so I literally went online
and bought it right there. This is like the most bulletproof.
Ok I am going to go buy this right now. And this is the tinted moisturizers I use.
Let’s see. Laura Mercier I use mostly, and then sometimes
just to add deepness to colors I’ll use the Lancome,
I’ll use the La Mer every now and then, sometimes I mix all of them.
Do you use a beauty blender or a brush? I never do this at work but I put it here
and I literally go like this and then I just yeah. Alright well. Set it with a little powder and then go with
my bronzer. Couldn’t be easier!
Yeah. I want to show you something for the guys. My brother got me this for one of my gifts for Christmas last year.
This thing is so amazing. It’s the Braun. You press it here.
Ok. It moves like that and then you can literally
get the cleanest shave. So when you’re too lazy to or you don’t have
time to put the shaving cream on and use the razor and everything,
you literally just go like this and it kind of molds against your face and it gets such
a close shave, like that and then you can just trim your mustache. This thing is a life saver ever since I grew facial
hair. This is really good for trimming mustache
or beard and then when I take this piece off here, that works really good for getting that perfect line on the mustache. After the shower and skin and shaving, I get dressed and then I come to the fragrance section.
Ok you have so many! Yes I loved fragrance ever since I was a little kid. So if I had to pick a favorite, it definitely can’t be just one. It would be the Tom Ford range of fragrances. I really honestly love all of them.
The ones right at the front here? Well these and these as well,
Oh yeah these guys. You know, these back here as well.
The Fabulous. Yeah obsessed with this one, the Ombre Leather.
It’s one of my favorites. And then other ones that I use, well actually
the KKW Vibes. That’s my favorite one!
That’s my favorite too. It’s so good.
Yeah I told her the other day and she’s like, “Alright I’ll give you a bunch of them.”
I like to mix them too sometimes. I think today for example, I may have come
to the station three or four times. I think I did Tobacco Vanille, I think I did
Tobacco Oud, and then, maybe four times. And then I think I did a little bit of this
white one, the White Patchouli, but this is all within like three hours.
Ok. And then I did a little bit of the harmonious one. Alright.
By the time I get to work you’ll have this subtle smell on your wrist
and you know it’s nice when your client smells something nice.
Yeah. I have clients in the Middle East, so Saudi
Arabia, Bahrain. There there’s a specific smell, oud. It’s
a very strong fragrance. I like to mix it with things so I get beautiful
fragrances like that. So you did get your start at Sephora with
fragrance right? Yes that’s how I started my career in beauty
when I was 17 and I went in to meet with one of the management
people who came from France. When they were opening up the new store in
New York City and she said, “Well what experience do you have?”
because she only saw I was a bus boy and I worked at the Bronx Zoo
and I was like, “Well, I was like I use a lot of cologne” you know and that was pretty much my experience
you know. She was like, “Alright you are so cute, we
are going to hire you.” This is where I get my beauty sleep.
Oh it’s very beautiful! Thank you I fixed my bed for you guys today.
Oh thank you. You didn’t have to do that. Alright hair.
So this is the hair bathroom. What do I say about hair?
Why is it your least favorite? I have extremely difficult hair. It takes
so much product for my hair to not just, to do anything.
It literally just sits flat, completely flat, so it’s been a struggle my whole life.
Also, I’m Eastern European, so for any of you Eastern Europeans out there, you guys
know the struggle. We have weird shaped heads.
I have to style my hair to kind of change the shape of my head a little bit.
Ok. I use the Ouai Volume Spray.
Yup, so great. So when my hair is wet, I will spray this
on. It’s pretty much saturated in the front area and back here where I want more volume. And then I use the Dyson Blow Dryer to blow it with a little brush. And then I go into products. So I love this one. This is the Mitch by Paul Mitchell.
This is strong hold ultra-matte so It’s hard to find clays that are extremely matte, and
this on truly is. Ok.
There is like no shine or oil to it. You just take a little bit and run it through
your hair? I take a little bit and I kind of run it through
my hair, blow it again. This texture, dry shampoo is really good as
well. It’s called, Psssst!
This has been around for forever. Yeah it’s been around since like the 70s or
something. I’ve seen it since I was a little kid. And my all time favorite, of course, is the L’Oreal Elnett. It’s everyone’s favorite. Yup. And I get most of mine when I travel to London
or Europe. And my mom uses this too so I buy them for her as well. Harry Josh actually introduced me to this
on set one day, which is the Serge Normant Meta Revive Dry Shampoo.
For me It’s almost not a dry shampoo. It’s extremely voluminous but like matte.
This stuff is no joke. If you want volume, you spray this on, like it mattifies, but it literally, your hair just lifts. It’s amazing. And you know Serge is known for that massive hair. Giant hair yeah. And then he’s like, “try this. It’ll take away that crispiness.” And it did and then I posted about it and Serge like literally
sent me twenty of them. Well thanks Serge.
Thanks Serge.
And Harry. Do you go anywhere particular in the city to get you hair cut? Yes I go to Robin at The Kin Room. He just opened up his own space. And he’s one of the best barbers in the country probably. So I feel like it wouldn’t be a true, you know, Mario video, without a little touch
up maybe using your collaboration with KKW. Alright fine.
Can we do that? Yeah we can do that.
I think I am going to use just a couple of colors from the KKW x Mario collab.
It’s so fun seeing it in the flesh. I know I love it. I love brand new ones especially.
Yeah I feel like you single handedly brought back this color cobalt. I’m going to take a little bit of the shade, Albanian.
Ok. Because I’m Albanian.
Was it fun picking the shade names? Yeah I loved that part a lot.
So I did, each shade is kind of a representation of something either me, her, or us together.
Yeah so I am just applying the shade, Albanian, onto the crease here and blending it outward. So I’m going to use Miami now, which, you’re from Miami. Miami! Yeah So this is kind of like our collab now.
It is! We have our own collab. Albanian and Miami.
This is like our collab and I’m just kind of putting it right over and blending it together.
Why’d you name it Miami? So Miami is, Kim and I had been to Miami so much together and a lot of our favorite looks, and actually one of our all time favorite
looks, was done in Miami, so we named one of them Miami Oh, I love that. I’m going to take a little bit of the shade
Miami now and sweep it under the lash line as well.
Do you always put it on the back of your hand first? I do. Yeah everything that I put on the face I touch on the back of my hand first. Or arm. Is that your natural eye color? mhm.
Wow that’s amazing. Thank you.
It’s like crystal clear waters. Take a little bit of Armenian, Kim’s Armenian actually, so it’s a three way collab now. Yes! Oh my god.
I’m going to take it with just my finger and I’m going to pop it in the center of the lid.
And that just brings the light to the center of the eyelid right?
Yeah it’s just a happy little pop of color. So we’re done here? That’s it?
That’s it. Super simple, every day summer look. How’s my contour? Is it good? Umm, let me see. It’s on fleek.
Really? No it looks really good, but what I love ever
more is your highlight. Your highlight, it’s been so beautiful all
day. The best compliment ever!
Well thank you! You’re stash was amazing. Thank you.
And I’m going to steal this palette from you and just get out. Is that alright?
It’s all yours. You can have it. Yeah it’s all yours.
Well thank you guys so much for watching. I’ll see you on the next episode.
Thank you! Bye

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