KING KONG Official Trailer + CLIP “The Fight” (2017) Blockbuster Action Movie HD

[Roar] [Roar] [Skull-Crawler roar] [Kong Roar] C’mon! Move! [Roaring] These are photos of an island in the south pacific A place where myth and science meet. We use explosives to shake the earth helping us to map the surface of the island You’re dropping bombs? Scientific instruments. Is that a monkey? [Kong Roars] Pull out! Magnificent. You knew that thing was out here?! I’m sorry for your men colonel. but if you want to make this sacrifice worthwhile get us home with proof. Monsters exist. Woah woah woah woah woah Your friend there can put that down. What the hell is this place? Thats Kong. He’s King around here. Kong’s a pretty good king. Keeps to himself, mostly. But you don’t go into someones house and start dropping bombs unless you’re picking a fight. Kong’s god on the island, but the devils live below us. And what are they called? I call them Skull-Crawlers. Why? Never said that name out loud before sounds stupid now that i say- just call them whatever you want. [Skull-Crawler noise] [Skull-Crawler roar] [Kong roar] [Kong roar] [Machine gun] [Kong roars] It’s a good group of boys we’re all gonna die together, out here [Laughter] You shouldn’t have come here. [Skull-Crawler roar]

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