Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (Live at Harvard Square Theatre, Cambridge, MA – November 197…

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (Live at Harvard Square Theatre, Cambridge, MA – November 197…

88 thoughts on “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (Live at Harvard Square Theatre, Cambridge, MA – November 197…

  1. First comment. Gotta say thank you to Bob, the greatest and most prolific artist that we’ve ever known.

    I’m sorry the world hasn’t learned more from you.✌️

  2. Dylan singing at his most beautiful… wait… that's Roger McGuinn. In any case: what a beautiful version. <3

  3. Stunning! Incredible performance by the greatest genius of all time. 1975 Rolling Thunder was outstanding. However, each phase of Bob’s career is remarkable. He’s been my idol since I was a child and he’ll always be.

  4. From the Heart & Soul Of Bobby, as always never sing the same version of the same song, which is amazing. Thanks Bob!

  5. Roger McGuinn sounds a lot like Bob when he sings his bit…almost like he's knockin' on heaven's door.

  6. If you pound your fists against the metal door and concrete walls the entire time you are in prison, you just end up broken. The door and walls never ever were hurt one bit.

  7. For thou hast been judged to be lacking in compassion and mercy for others, and this is why you love to have the image of Jesus crucified on your wall. If you had compassion and mercy for others, it would make you cry- and you would take him down from such a position. But yet you think it is OK not to have mercy and compassion for others suffering if you are seeing some benefits from it in your personal life, is this correct? So if you get $100 then torturing someone else is OK? But if you didn't get anything from it then it would just be a person who was bleeding to death and being tortured up on your wall. See how your benefiting from other people's pain and suffering changes that whole situation, making murder itself a glorious thing? And how twisted are your minds to make up excuses for murder- by Romans who have the Vatican in Rome. I mean, you never could put together your lack of mercy and compassion with the bleeding guy up on your wall, is this correct? And you thought it was mercy and compassion- this thing you did without heart and so selfishly with a soul that had been tortured and killed upon your wall front and center? And this is why you will never learn anything about God. Everything you already know doesn't make any sense. If someone showed you logic after so many years of delusion, what would happen? You love your delusions of grandeur too much for any reality to ever touch your mind. Your unmerciful mercy is upon the wall and my initials are on it. STOP WEARING MY INITIALS please assholes. J is for Jesus. T is for Thayne. Someone else suffered and died because you fucked up. ADMIT IT!! ADMIT THAT YOU DRANK MY BLOOD AND ATE MY FLESH TOO!!! But all the love you give to a dead man whom the murderers stole everything from, while I cannot even get a hug. You have NO compassion!! THERE IS NO MERCY HERE!!!

  8. If Romans steal everything that Jesus had after they killed him then parade around like they own it, then you have not changed one bit and neither has God for 1,000's of years. For the Grateful Dead killed me and then guess whose clothes Bob Weir loves to wear on stage? But are they Bob's clothes that he loves to wear, or the murdered woman's? And if someone is murdered and then someone else shows up with their things- is that good? Its that justice? Is that fair? Merciful? Kind? Compassionate? But you love church so much and think its all good just like you think Bob Weir singing Dark Star is fantastic!! But true evil the both are- for murderers who wear the clothes of those whom they have killed are only THIEVES on top of being murderers. For they are nothing greater are they than that, and deserve no white gowns nor high titles and great wealth and followers. And that is who has the power- my power today- people like you Bob. You never would let me into my own fucking house- is this correct? But you take things from my house every single day. Then you wonder why I am angry with you? Huh. Well, there never was much going on upstairs obviously since you loveth the basement.

  9. Isn't it so much better to demonize each other and blame each other instead of admitting God really does create all? Cause you sure do know the path to salvation as well as forgiveness!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  10. I'm also a building inspector in addition to my other roles, and I see your foundation of God and Jesus here is cracked as well as subsiding in multiple locations. If you are working on a building and the foundation itself is bad, that means that the rest of the building is also bad. GOD CREATES ALL!! Please try to work on this one basic premise upon which everything else is built upon and get it right this time. God creates all life, all thought, all action- the good, bad and the ugly. Its of course not a total waste- that building you built- and like all societies that have came before me as well as churches- I will just reuse those stones in the next building, provided there is a good foundation to lay them upon.

  11. Why don't you try to evacuate that building on the rotten foundation before it falls upon people's heads please? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA Boy, that's a joke. Well, anyways, its pretty predicable what is going to happen next. Don't say I didn't warn you.

  12. They should overdub new background vocals. These are too out of tune. Nice mix. Great to hear the song, too. Thanks Bob.

  13. But how did you like that Last Supper Bob? Was it as good for you as it was for me?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA Get some more of my blood old man!! Yes my flesh is on the BBQ!!! ENJOY!!!!!!!

  14. But apparently I was mistaken when I said that I had been blocked from making comments here and that Bob Dylan and/or another human being was actually reading comments and thinking about them. It seems that it was just a computer glitch that happened while they were downloading more content onto his YouTube pages and nothing more than that. No humans have moved yet. There is no sign of life. Only death.

  15. Well its been like being knocked up by Jerry Garcia but having to give birth to Satan aka God itself in the backroom and then in the meanwhile Jerry died. And then I got knocked around. A lot. When I lived in Boise and drank I lived Fight Club and punched myself a lot. Though much of the time it was in anger against God itself- that is the only physical target you have- your own head. I finally stopped when I thought I had cracked my skull. But like God here abusing me everyday- I left no marks and just got hit on the side of my skull where my hair would cover any bruises or swelling- and no one was any the wiser when I had to go into work the next day. But I got a mean left and right hook. Downright mean. Dangerous.

  16. And no, I've never knocked myself out. That is pretty tough to do. The only time I've ever been knocked out is when my brother hit a line drive straight to my temple when I was pitching in the backyard once, and I woke up to him looking really scared like he thought he had killed me.

  17. Dylan sings from Heart right to the Soul not to busy being born is to busy dieing Good one Bobby keep on keeping on

  18. pretty sweet indeedy! the era is my fave with The Desire album and the Rolling Thunder tour, The doc on Netflix is excellent too!

  19. Yes , its his song and he can sing it in any way without ruining it , tbh every version of this song is beautiful. Thank you Bob Dylan for giving this masterpiece.

  20. When I hear this song, I get the funny feeling that I'm somewhere travelling, well hitchicking and absolutely free. I think it's because of Kerouac's novembre. Anyway, I l love it.

  21. I think you not only forget who you are, but where you are son: The Devil itself is in your house. And you think you are going to heaven? But it does pay well, doesn't it not to destroy the entire world? Heaven is not a clear-cut forest, no matter how much it pays you to do it, nor is a gold mine that makes everyone around drink mercury.

  22. His voice today feels drained out of spirit. But back then he was full in his prime. Wish he still has that today.

  23. Knock knock knocking…..
    Hope that you'll say as for Jimmy Hendrix said
    <the song(was ALL along the watchtower) he(Jimmy Hendrix) done it better ……
    Hope as you said for Jimmy

  24. Estan golpeando las puertas del cielo para que el reino de justicia y paz llegue de una vez a este mundo, golper esa puerta hasta el cansancio hasta hacerse oir, genial Dylan esta cancion cuya estremecedira escena en la pelicula de Pat Garret y Billy the Kid lo dice todo…

  25. So God is a perfect angel, somebody always loves you and willingly sacrificed themselves for you, you are going to go on forever and ever and ever in peace and happiness, and people always get what they deserve? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Don't let the door hit ya on the way out selfish asshole who doesn't give a shit about others!!!!!

  26. You know, you're not exactly a "tribute" band but the goal of every police officer, judge and prison is to turn the bad guys into good guys- otherwise we'd just shoot you.

  27. Thou hast been judged as being a heartless, brainless coward. Do you have any words to say before final sentencing O' mechanical beast who stands so silently without motion in the crops? See, even poor Dorothy has her parallels on this train- and there is a reason she was so fucked up…

  28. I was waiting for several years to knock on the door … until they finally knocked. In the Documentary between 2:14:30/2:14:50 Roger McGuinn & Scarlett Rivera did it in Montreal. In this video between 2:25/3:25 in Cambridge you will hear it completely. “I can hear them calling for my soul” said McGuinn.

  29. I'd be a bigger believer in the hypothesis that I made up God in my own mind if it didn't start talking to me at exactly midnight after being alive for 7,373 days. I was also born in 73 "coincidentally"- Tell me again why you won't let me into my own house O' minstrel, O' tambourine man? 1973 kinda sucked though for you? No shit. That is the story of my life right there. And you tried to run from the Columbia…

    You may think it's all just coincidence, but "Spanish is the loving tongue" is some kind of horror movie within itself when you take into account Jerry Garcia and Viggo Mortensen's roles in this situation as well as The Other One, let alone conquistadors and the downfall of so many cultures, languages and entire continents to the cattle and the bull fighters. But you were knockin' on heaven's door too were ya in 73?

    I always think it's a possibility that people are just born into another planet in the same universe created by the same God and that thought really scares the crap out of me. It can always get worse, not better. I expect that after death we will wake up on a planet full of slaves being whipped day and night to mine gold or something, but that is where I already live- isn't it my Master who hath enslaved me and cares not about my suffering but drinks my blood and eats my flesh? Your wish is my command!!! And your freedom is my chains. Your pleasure is my pain!!! So much for being a prophet and for seeing the future if it already is the reality I call home every day. Enjoy that gold though old Jewish miser- just like selling prayer beads that are being ripped off of Monks' necks and sold while they rot away in prison or have already died though, ain't it?

  30. Guns n roses and Eric Clapton's versions are both great, but the more I listen to it the more I realize this is still my favorite version of the song

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