La Cicatrice intérieure | FIlm du mois ARTE Kino | ARTE Cinema

La Cicatrice intérieure | FIlm du mois ARTE Kino | ARTE Cinema

Time terrifies me It feels like an endless prison An obscure sign A step backwards, eyes on the cross that bends and breaks when, at dawn, the clouds fumble across my exhausted senses. The Inner Scar You don’t scare me. O King, let yourself be guided
across this wide beach. Let me keep you company.
Take my hand. I want to give you everything
that’s keeping me alive. Desire. Your gaze reaching inside my tent. Sheila. Sheila. Sheila ! Little father of the people! I salute you. I’ve come from a faraway star called earth. I’ve brought you this modest gift, that can triumph at last, so that love and peace,
too often drowned in blood… I salute you, child of nature. And your descendants, and yourself, eternity. And if your crown falls into the sea I’ll get up again wait on the other side where your path awaits you! And no-one will ask me for the answer I could tell you
but the secret holds me back Strength depends on this magic,
the power to lose oneself Wherever there’s a way out follow its lead. Adaptation : Moira Tierney

10 thoughts on “La Cicatrice intérieure | FIlm du mois ARTE Kino | ARTE Cinema

  1. Si vous pouviez diffuser des films aussi géniaux et formidables du niveau de "Ma Loute", une pépite que vous aviez proposée il y a quelques mois, ce serait un grand Merci !! Ces dernières semaines, c'est si "ennuyeux", du moins à mes yeux ;-)🤗

  2. Merci infiniment ARTE*******Entre le mal ETRE l'incompris et le deuil!!,très douloureux dure de réapprendre à vivre…….

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