Late for Class – SNL

Late for Class – SNL

100 thoughts on “Late for Class – SNL

  1. I know people can naturally be unfunny and obnoxious but to purposely play that role can be challenging. For me, its all or nothing. I can't ever be that obnoxious lol

  2. Why on earth does the teacher struggle so much with corpsing after what was one of the most unfunny beginnings ever on SNL

  3. This feels like a Norm Macdonald sketch, also for the people saying this is the unfunniest first half of a sketch ever… yeah thats kind of the utility of the sketch

  4. “Must be a lesbian!” That really struck a nerve with me.. when I was in high school a few years ago I hugged my friend and quite a few guys gave us some strange looks as if we were in a romantic relationship. She and I both had boyfriends at the time so I turned at the guys giving us dirty looks and snapped “just because we hugged doesn’t mean that we’re lesbian.” Then the guys shrugged and left us alone. I don’t have a problem with LGBTQ but it pisses me off when people assume things about it. I guess it’s because I have friends and family that are a part of that community.

  5. The only good thing about this sketch was how accurately pathetic the students were. Spot on representation of today's youth.

  6. Honestly why is that black dude on this show? How is he still on this show? He isn't funny. He can't stop smirking through all his dumb lines. What the honest fuck?

  7. i honestly don't know if they meant for the first half to be funny or not ('cause it wasn't) but the second part was pretty good

  8. SNL is at the bottom of the New York city sewer. This show has lost its appeal. It just keeps going down the hill and now it has hit rock bottom. It is time to cancel SNL.

  9. I’ve gotten so disgusted by society the past few years. I’ve almost completely stopped watching tv due to its asinine content. With that said, watching random new SNL skits is like watching SNL from a parallel universe. I can’t tell who the new people are nor who the guest is…

  10. if anybody in my class even started too act like that my treacher would force him out the door and walk back like a gentlemen snd shake everybodys hand while saying hello

  11. His ass will get beaten and he will kneel down the hall with his arms raised up the moment he tries to that at my school…

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