Lautsprecher VW T5 tauschen | Eton UG VW T5 F3.1 | Tutorial | ARS24

Lautsprecher VW T5 tauschen | Eton UG VW T5 F3.1 | Tutorial | ARS24

I have something great today, Eton and it’s new UG VW T5 F3.1. We will install it today. What it is? This is a new speaker system for the VW T5, because they are, in terms of sound, really old fashioned and frankly not on todays standart anymore. We even have a special model here that does not even have tweeters in it, so it has the basic features in it, the system here is a 3 way system, actually plug-and-play for all those who already have tweeters in them, you just have to replace the components and we’ll show you how to insulate the doors to get the perfect sound out. Now the sound is overwhelming, different and better as before, that’s beyond question, as bad as it was in the car before, you can outdo that at any time, now we have a really cool mid-high range here on the dashboard, the concert is on it and from there, the bass comes in imperceptibly, and indeed exact. We exchange down here, our woofer, which is in this case a 16 cm, so a relative small one against the 20 cm woofer, which also makes a lot more bass. Totally invisible, behind the original bars, we install the 2 ways, so a midrange and a tweeter, they are prefabricated, so that you can install it in the existing openings, screw it in and plug it in. The whole system of Eton brings a great sound and that even without replacing the radio or installing an amplifier, no, we just install new speakers and insulate the doors. We have the base equipment in terms of sound in this model, that means you only have the 16 cm broadband speakers, so this big speaker down there is trying to join in the whole treble, which he can not do properly, so there is no brilliance here at all and besides, the high-frequency range is now also down in the footwell, so to speak, it can not get any worse than that. However, this also means that VW has not even run a cable to the tweeter here, so even this Eton system is great with the plug-and-play, but we can not plug anything up here because there’s no cable at all, which is a pity, but really no problem for people who have this equipment, just have to run the cable and we’ll show you how that works, how to get to the connections from the car radio, we can run the cable down there, it is no rocket science, everything relatively relaxed and then we just have to connect the speaker with crimp connectors, so that the high-mid range plays. The woofer is plug-and-play, that’s really cool, just plug it in, no problem at all, riveting, and that is it. We will now show you in detail how the whole thing is installed here. Before we start to unplug cables or whatever, we disconnect the battery from the vehicle, because if you do not, you may have an airbag error, that’s not that bad, because you can also delete the error, but we can prevent that and just disconnect the ground and we’re done and now we can work on it. The door panel is easy to remove with this base modell, window lifters, this is almost nowhere today, but there are still vehicles that have them and you have to remove this clip and then you can take it off and can now use a small eject lever to get this part away and then you have to unscrew the two Phillips screws. There are also four Torx screws. When all screws are released, just use the ejector lever and remove some clips on one side. Tear hard. Everything removed and now we can pull that up out of this socket. And now we just have to unhook the release here, in this case you have to remove this here. And there we have a plug for the LED, away with it. As always, of course, an insulation is absolutely helpful and I always recommend it. You will now see how it works in fast forward. To properly insulate the door and to remove the speaker, we have to get the cable away and normally you can just drill the rivets that are in here out, we have a special pliers which is very shallow to pick up the rivets right there. When they are all gone, you can take the whole thing out of here. The now remaining bits and pieces of the rivets are pinched off the same way. So that we can then break through again. The remaining pieces, which we can hammer out now, have to be hold at the back, so it does fall into the door. Great. And now insulating the door. Now we can rivet the new Eton woofer on here and there is already a rubber sealing ring on the back, just push it to the plate and we now have a special rivet tongs, we also have it in our store, you can buy those if you dont have one at home. And we can work really well. This is our original VW plug, we need, so the 20 cm woofer plays the right frequency, a passive crossover, which is also included in the delivery and we can now install it via plug-and-play. A good place to install the crossover is here, there is enough space underneath, that means we can do it this way. And stick it on with bitumen, with the STP material. Everything assembled and insulated, now we get the door trim back on. Right here on the high and midrange we now have to get away the grille and the A-pillar trim. The grid is clipped at different points, we have to go in there carefully. It is pushed in forward and can be removed in the same way. Here is at the moment just the empty dish for the mid-, high-range speaker and in this vehicle is no tweeter cable yet, unfortunately we can not use the plug and play system and that’s why we now have to run a cable from the radio itself to the speaker and then connect it manually. The A-pillar is just clipped in, we can remove it by hand. Now we can pull that up. To run the new 1.5 qmm tweeter cable easily, we have to remove this side panel. And now we can go under the steering wheel up to the radio and run the cable threw there very easyily, i will show you how. In this vehilce we have now a retrofit navigation system, no original, but it is removed just like the original, to do so we have to remove the upper shell, which is just clipped. There are 2 screws on top. Two Torx. And now we can take that forward and stick it out. So now we have to unscrew the radio with the 4 screws. And now we can take the radio out like the original radio too and we have the normal Quad Lock connector, which is now usually on the original VW radio. I do not show you now how to do solder the cables to this retrofit stuff, but as it is with the original Radio. These are the connections that now go into the door panel to the right and to the left speaker in the door and we will solder our cables parallel to that. As new tweeter cable i have here a 1.5 qmm speaker cable with 1.5 meters length, here we take a string, which we now pull to the left. Well, we already have it here. To prevent the cable of falling down we fix it here. So great. Now we can go through here and now we put the cable on this side and fix it here. Now we have our cable here. Down here is a cable loop, there we can fix our new tweeter cable, so that it can’t got anywhere, where it might not belong. Of course, we also have to run the tweeter cable on the right side, we will not run it down there, but we can directly put it behind the glove box which is fixed with 7 screws. We will fix that again, then it looks the same again. To solder it to the radio we can of course unplug the quad lock and make things a little easier. Here we solder the cables on our left channel and on our right channel. Marked is our plus. OK The cables lying on the outside of the Quadlock plug are the plus cables. The ones lying inside are the minus cable. So, now, of course, we can put everything back together. Now we install something that the vehicle has not had so far, that’s why we’ve had to spend a bit more in the treble range because of cables, but now we’re going to install the tweeter and the form here, that actually fits into this version here in the vehicle. We still have to install a crossover here too, because that is a very high quality system where in fact every speaker has the right frequency. That’s why we have the crossover in the bottom of the door and one for the middle-, high-range. Now we run the cable from the middle, high-frequency unit over here and now we can put in the unit now and fix it on top with 2 screws. Now we have our newly routed speaker cable in here on the side and we have the connection for our midrange, tweeter, there we have the plug for the crossover, Click and now this plug would normally be provided for vehicles that already have a tweeter or have this cable already in it directly to plug it in. Because we don’t have that in this vehicle, we have to use a crimp. Now we pay attention again, we have decided that the marked cable is our plus cable, so we connect those two together and here is no mark on it and the black is minus. Now we have connected everything and we can get this in nicely. And tie in here with a cable tie. So. The vehicle even has a hand crank. So the soundcheck of this T5, where we have installed now the new high-frequency cable, which is actually not a problem, we now have the same components in it like the complete plug-and-play system, the sound is now overwhelming, different and better as before, that’s beyond question, as bad as it was in the car before, you can outdo that at any time, but now we have a really cool middle, high range here on the dashboard, the concert is on it and from there, the bass comes in imperceptibly, and indeed exact, that thing pushes, well we’re not in the disco right now, but there is bass there, there is really nice bass there, which goes along with the sound for the midrange, high frequency system. I would say you can not get any more sound with an original radio, everything else would be much more work, for example installing a subwoofer, we do not need that, do the door insulation, build the system, you will be really excited on how that works and I would say 95 percent of all users who want this we can absolutely satisfy, the other 5 Percent that are not satisfied, these are the ones who still want a subwoofer, because they just need more. Okay, what is left to say? Probably what I say at the end of every video, we look forward to win you as subscriber or to get a thumbs up, share your feelings about this video with a comment, did you like the video, do you miss anything else, what car do you drive, how good or bad is the sound, and i am done, enough work for today. Moritz, the clock in the background, you may have to hide it now, well, see you next time. Ciao.

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  1. Zeigt mal den Einbau von dem Eton Set für den VW Touran T1. Da schwirren doch noch so viele auf den Straßen rum, das ist bestimmt auch sehr interessant für viele Zuschauer

  2. Ich finde dieses Video ziemlich gut ich finde es immer schön wie du alles erklärst und machst und tust sogar das Vorspulen ist sogar viel viel besser als wie sie sehr langweiligen Musik wo man dann sogar einschlafen könnte und was mir fehlt ist die gemafreie Musik und ein Test wie sich es vorher und nachher klingt im Fahrzeug das ist das einzigste was ich so ein bisschen vermisse aber sonst Daumen nach oben tolles Video und freue mich immer auf ein neues Gruß Adi Pierre

  3. Hallo,
    ähnliches würde mich für einen VW Beetle (2016) interessieren. Gibt es ein System, was ihr dort vielleicht schonmal verbaut habt oder empfehlen könntet?

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    Danke für eure Mühe:)

  5. Danke für das Video!

    Wie sieht es denn aus, wenn man im T5.1 im hinteren Bereich Lautsprecher nachrüsten möchte? Ist dann das anbringen der Kabel am Radio gleich wie hier gezeigt mit den Kabeln der Hochtönern?

  6. Super Einbau. Fahre einen Renault captur 2014 und die Boxen sind echt schlecht . Aber naja was der Geldbeutel nicht zu lässt sind Träume

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  9. Hey.
    Das Video wie immer sehr ausführlich und interessant. Habe euren Kanal schon einige Zeit abonniert und habe dabei viel gelernt.
    Fahre persönlich einen Swift Sport Bau.2014. Durch eure Videos kam ich auf der Idee mein komplettes Fahrzeug zu dämmen und wen ich SAG komplett meine ich das auch so. Sprich die Türen innen und Verkleidung, die hinteren Seiten, den Kofferraum und Heck Klappe. Mein Auto wiegt jetzt zwar 33 kg mehr aber die Ruhe im Fahrzeug und der Sound mit den neuen Herz Systemen hinten und vorne am Original Radio entschädigt für alles. Habe vor mir noch einen Verstärker von Audio System einzubauen nur für die Türen und einen Radmulden Subwoofer.
    Nun meine Frage. Könnt ihr mal was drehen in Verbindung mit dem Radio, sprich welches Gerät passt rein was gibt es für alternativen. Bin zwar schon 55 Jahre aber immer noch hifi verrückt. Danke euch ,Gruß Frank

  10. Macht das System Sinn ohne Verstärker?
    Möchte nächste Woche bestellen und bin noch hin oder gerissen ob gleich mit Verstärker oder ohne!

  11. ich muß sagen, ich hatte mir gute Türlautsprecher (auch VW T5) eingabut man hat nun mehr Bass udn "bessere" Musik ABER die Sprachverständlichkeit ist nun miserabel!!! Dumpf, als wenn alle durch mehrer Wolldecken hindurch sprechen!!I höre mir oft Sendungen an wo viel gesprochen wird. Die Serienlautsprecher sind miserabel, ABER sie sind ÜBERRAGEND bei wiedergeben von Stimmen, Diskussionen usw. Also die Seitenlautsprecher wieder RAUS, alte "Schrott"-Lautsprecher wieder rein und mir einen Untersitz Subwoofer (10 Zoll) mit Metallgehäuse geholt. was soll ich sagen? Überragender Bass, Musik sensationell UND gute Stimmenverständlichkeit. Ich muß sagen ich könnte kaum zufriedener sein. Aus heutiger Sicht würde ich von Türlautsprechern abraten, stattdessen einen zusätzlichen Subwoofer einbauen.

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    Do you send to Norway? Do you have video for Transporter T6 2018?

  13. hallo zusammen ! Also ! ich habe mihr die Lautsprecher bey ARS24 geholt ! ich kann nur eins sagen ! MEGAAAAAAA !!!!!
    Die Leute sind toll ! die haben mir sofort per e-mail geantwortett , die haben mich guht beraten , und der einbaue ist super einfach wenn mann es macht wie auf der Video ( und ich habe Zwei Lingse Hände !!) .
    Wens ich mal wieder lausprecher brauche , direct zu ARS24 !
    lieferung , 2 tage top top top
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