LET IT ROLL 2019 | Official Aftermovie

LET IT ROLL 2019 | Official Aftermovie

The best DnB festival I’ve ever been to in my life. The music production is through the roof. Absolutely insane, insane. YO, this is René LaVice. I am here at Let It Roll. You can see it’s very loud. There are lots of drums and lots of base… happening. Lots of nice people everywhere as you can see, people from all around the world. I am really excited, frankly. Open the gate! Lovely being back with all the family, … …all the drum and bass fans, catching up with people, … …see people and the crowd so that’s always good being back. We’re about to get fired off the sickest crowd in the world. It’s gonna be sick! Pendulum absolutely love them. Wilkinson, Sub Focus, Maduk… List them all, they’re all there! It is amazing! This is a wonderful place. There is so much different things to do… …like you can dance, you can skate, you can I don’t know. Do summer things. That’s wonderful. Hello this is High Contrast. Still always an honour for me to perform here. So very much looking forward to playing tonight and the Czech crowd is always amazing. So I hope everyone enjoy it. Peace! We’re looking to see the opening show, it’s gonna be amazing. The stage has changed, that looks unbelievable. We also wanna see Current Value. There’s a million and one DJ. Andy C gonna be playing, that will be great. The Upbeats… Sub focus and Wilkinson. It’s gonna be amazing night guys. You’ve absolutely smashed it! Big up all the crew in Prague. Love playing out here man, and the proper drum and bass here as well. 45 000 miles to listen to the music that we love and we’re planing on doing it again. Glad to be out here, glad to meet new people, see new thing, having a great time. DnB festival, multiple stages playing an incredible drum and bass of every artist you can possibly imagine. And I love coming to this place. I am gonna walk through there and we’re gonna kick off the show after this opening ceremony. It’s gonna be sick, I can’t wait! Let It Roll, Czech family, thank you so much for having us! This is Andy C. Peace! Andy C is on the stage right now. We’re gonna go up an into it, aren’t we? This is Wilkinson. Let It Roll 2019. It’s been amazing! We’re huge fans of what Let it Roll have been doing in the past few years. We definitely have been growing with them… …and it’s amazing to see getting bigger and bigger every year. Let’s get it! This is Chase & Status we’ve just came off the stage. It’s unbelievable that you’ve got a festival this size only for drum and bass. Got all these arenas packed out all night, days and days sold out most of all. It’s a pleasure to play here, it’s a blessing that we get to play here and we look forward to coming back.

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  1. See you next summer 😉 FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/431221894269969/

  2. These make me cry every time I watch them. I'm only 5 seconds in and I know I'm gonna be bawling my eyes out wishing you beautiful people were in my life any second now. <3

  3. Can't wait for the next chapter, me and my friends already got our tickets. Looking forward to be seeing the LiR family again

  4. Amazing!!!!! Happiest moments of my life! Thank you guys for this incredible experience!! See you next year, I'm counting down the dayz!! <3 Much LOVE

  5. Such an awesome community, beautiful people, incredible music and stages and artists.. the whole vibe of the festival was fucking perfect❤
    You guys did an amazing job

    Sidenote: did you guys try the burgers on the left of Eve's garden?

  6. 5:20 … what 20% of the festival sounded like… Seriously… this dumb tune is so overplayed —-oh god… until we get to fucking Afterglow. Fuck that tune. The real shit happened in th eGarden tent.

  7. Letošní ročník byl ten nejlepší za moje poslední 3 liry ❤️ diky! 🔥 Uvidíme se příští rok! 🔥

  8. realy sick one. Its shorter but i think the best one so far who shows the festival vibe. Great Mixing and Video editing. It was a sick awesome great epic time (y)

  9. pretty damn good editing 😀 organisation wise it was the best let it roll 🙂 hope you can hold that level the next years

  10. Already very excited for LIR2020 winter Edt 🤩 i‘m traveling with my 3 best friends for the first time to get crazy on awesome dnb music delivered by the best dj‘s in these 2 partynights 😍 see you soon Praque 👋🏻 best regards from Germany 🔉💪🏻🙂

  11. Vypadá hodně luxusně . Škoda že jsem zameškal :/ Pamatuji když před lety hráli C&K na LiRu a vystupovali v té osvětlené kleci , to byl mazec , mohlo by se někdy opakovat 🙂 Jinak very good job for year 2019 (-_-)

  12. Tracklist:
    00:00 – T & Sugah x Zazu – Lost On My Own (Flite Remix)
    01:28 – ID – ID
    02:12 – Andy C – Back & Forth
    02:34 – Bou – Cat Women w/ Camo & Krooked – Loa
    02:56 – Camo & Krooked – Loa
    03:18 – Pythius ft. June Miller – Akkoord (Redpill Remix)
    03:40 – Maduk – Still In Love
    04:25 – Ed:it ft. Technimatic – Slate Grey
    04:47 – Macky Gee – Tour [Still a meme song lol]
    05:31 – Kanine ft. Killa P – Deal Wit Dem
    05:53 – Technimatic – True Believer
    06:15 – ID – ID [I heard it before but can't remember the song name]
    06:37 – High Contrast – Twilight's Last Gleaming
    06:59 – Wilkinson – Afterglow [honestly getting bored of this one personally]
    07:43 – Ripple – ID
    08:05 – Sub Focus – Solar System
    08:27 – Grafix – Acid Generation
    08:49 – Camo & Krooked & Mefjus – Kallisto
    09:11 – UK Apache with Shy FX – Original Nuttah 25 (Chase & Status Remix ft. Irah)
    09:33 – Urbandawn ft. Tyson Kelly – Come Together
    10:23 – Sub Focus – Siren
    10:48 – Pythius – Haymaker (ABIS Remix)

  13. Phenomenal production in every aspect. Great to see czech flagship of dnb is spreading such a amazing vibes to fans.♡

  14. Skvělý zážitek, skvělá organizace! Lirko bylo super, vidíme se příští rok! Děkuju za to co pro nás děláte❤️

  15. Adriana, if you read this, I’d like to apologize for leaving you alone at the Storm stage… You are beautiful ! Hope to see you next year..

  16. #FSB #CIA #77071410022001417077 #šifrakod #bezpečnostníinformačníslužba #BIS#FSB Milovice Boží Dar Миловице Божий Дар Milovice Boží Dar. Díky bohu zavirováno ,ať žije Let It Roll 2019 z Milovic.

  17. i cry everytime i see a LiR aftermovie…. it has something so magical. i looove how every dj enjoys it and describes it, i loove seeing the crowd with a happy smile on their face! it looks like Home! like a fucking Unity!! i can't wait to be a part of it. my dream will come true next year!!
    Helll yeahhhhh

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