Leto Was Apparently Not Happy About Joaquin’s Joker Movie

Leto Was Apparently Not Happy About Joaquin’s Joker Movie

Jared Leto reportedly had trouble putting
on a happy face when hearing about the new Joker movie. According to a story published by The Hollywood
Reporter detailing how former Joker producer Martin Scorsese may have contributed to the
film after dropping his producing credit, Jared Leto who played the Joker in 2016’s
Suicide Squad was none too pleased about studio Warner Bros. moving forward with the Joker
origin story film starring Joaquin Phoenix. Reportedly, Leto was left feeling out in the
cold when former Warner Bros. president Kevin Tsujihara and current studio chief Toby Emmerich
decided to give the project the greenlight. Emmerich is said to have, quote, “loved the
script” that Phillips co-wrote with Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Scott Silver,
though he did reportedly feel that the gritty nature of the story might fit better outside
of the standard DC Extended Universe, of which Suicide Squad is a part. Nonetheless, Emmerich was taken with Joker,
as was Tsujihara, and the rest is history. Neither Leto nor any representatives of his
have come forward to confirm or deny the claim that he was hurt over the Phoenix-led Joker,
but the actor’s purported reaction to hearing the news of the project getting the greenlight
may be accurate given past Joker-related events. As fans know, Leto’s Joker didn’t have nearly
as prominent a role in Suicide Squad as expected. His involvement essentially amounted to an
extended cameo rather than a starring part, which left audiences and Leto disappointed
and confused. “Oh, I’m not gonna kill ya. I’m just gonna hurt ya — really, really
bad.” Director David Ayer even admitted that he
should have included more of Leto’s Joker in the film. In an open letter published in January 2017,
Ayer wrote: “Wish I had a time machine. I’d make Joker the main villain and engineer
a more grounded story. I have to take the good and bad and learn
from it.” That considered, one can easily see how Leto
may have felt alienated and upset when Warner Bros. chose to go ahead with Phillips and
Phoenix’s Joker movie, the idea for which Phillips pitched to Warner Bros. in August
2016, the same month that Suicide Squad opened in theaters. Learning one year later that a different actor
would get the chance to play the Joker in his very own solo movie very well might have
crushed Leto’s spirits even if Warner Bros. executives emphasized that the project wouldn’t
be the end of Leto’s Joker. Shortly after Warner Bros. and DC Films made
the announcement about the Joker standalone film, The Hollywood Reporter ran a piece noting
that Leto made sure his agents knew he wasn’t happy with the idea of multiple, competing
Jokers. Leto later told On Demand Entertainment that
he was, quote, “a little confused” about the future plans for the Joker which, at the time,
included a spin-off movie featuring his Joker and Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. However, he maintained a level head. He admitted: “I love the Joker. He’s a great character and really fun character
to play. But it’s a big universe and when you play
the Joker, there’s no ownership there. You have the honor of holding the baton for
a little while and then passing it off. There are other films that are in development
and I’m excited to see what comes from them.” “Are you sweet-talking me? Ah hah hah.” Leto’s disposition likely turned sunny in
June 2018, when it was reported that Warner Bros. was developing a standalone Joker movie
featuring Leto’s iteration of the infamous DC Comics villain. The project, which Leto was also set to be
credited on as an executive producer, was apparently intended to be the first of several
Suicide Squad off-shoots. Unfortunately, it appears that both the Joker-Harley
Quinn spin-off film and the Joker solo flick starring Leto have since been scrapped. In February 2019, Forbes ran a piece noting
that both projects had, quote, “fallen by the wayside” at Warner Bros. As of October 2019, we don’t know for certain
what the future holds for Leto’s Joker. The easiest bet is that he could appear in
James Gunn’s upcoming sequel-slash-reboot The Suicide Squad, which features a mix of
returning characters and fresh faces. There’s been no formal announcement about
his possible involvement, though, so it’s a toss-up whether or not Leto will grace the
silver screen and flash Joker’s silver teeth in 2021’s The Suicide Squad. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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100 thoughts on “Leto Was Apparently Not Happy About Joaquin’s Joker Movie

  1. Leto's joker is joker's son.
    Joker ages in random speeds, and batman has many family members and ancestors that were named bruce wayne, and they all were batman.
    All batman movies take place in the same universe.

  2. Leto is good actor, but his joker was written poorly and edited poorly. The character was too far from the source material and he paid for it.

  3. The only Joker movie i've ever seen was the recent one with Joaquin and i have to say that Leto's Joker looks fucking terrible. I really liked the new movie because i really loved the trashy dystopia concept and how Joker seemed to be nothing but a victim of this harsh lifestyle. I hope i haven't made anyone cringe as i'm really not a huge fan as you can see

  4. I'll be that guy to say that Leto didn't get enough film time to really see what he could do with that character. I'm not saying his role was good or bad, to me its in the Grey area because he didn't have nothing like the previous or new joker amount of time to show. My two cents

  5. TBH I don't have any idea of what a joker character would be and why others saying that Leto is not a Joker but a Joke 🤷🏻‍♂️. But my main concern here is the next movie that I am looking forward for Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and Joker (Jared Leto) which I find so romantic when they are the one who plays the characters😍. But then there's another actor who plays Joker at birds of prey movie. Now what?! 🤯😵😖😒

    But Joaquin Phoenix is the Best Joker.

  6. Que the haters on Leto…

    People who don't know how much Leto Joker screentime was eventually cut.

    I think eveyone is just stuck in 08 with Ledger's Joker. People are wrongly, unconsciously, equating the two as if they are the same joker.

    Leto's Joker was mainly paired with Harley and no other iterations show the joker to have a love interest, so pushing to equate this iteration with other appearances is unfair, he also was not as important in the movie as others.

    Leto's Joker was an attempt at the joker's ploy to subdue Harley Quinzel.

  7. Leto get more like a punk edgy clingy fuckboy. Joaquin Phoenix actually depicted the joker, being mentally ill, misunderstood which led to insanity outbreak. Leto could’ve never done that. If he was the joker instead of Joaquin it would’ve been absolute shit

  8. The only people that consider leto’s joker the best one are edgy 14 year olds that don’t know shit about how Joker is supposed to be lmao

  9. Leto’s joker sucked. Suicide squad sucked. Everything about that movie sucked. I’d say Heath Ledger and Joaquin played the best Jokers in Joker history.

  10. Aside from Ledger being the absolute pinnacle of a Batman's Joker….

    Letos Joker wasnt super bad except for one major thing.. And its actually the same thing the Phoenix's Joker gets absolutely perfect..

    His body type..

    The Joker.. The Real Joker isnt some buff, pretty boy all tatted out badboy status sex symbol….

    He's insane.. That means not a whole lot matters to him. What he looks like in the mirror, food, women…. It's all bullshit.

    I literally cant picture Joker at the gym hittin reps with his clowns tryna get buff like Leto was..

    Fuck that.. Phoenix was perfect, stick skinny and fucking batshit.

  11. Leto's joker was lame and it felt like he didn't take the role seriously. Then again Suicide Squad was complete garbage all around with garbage writing so it wasn't entirely his fault. Phoenix is a perfect Joker, almost as much as prophet saint Heath Ledger (Peace be upon him)

  12. Jared Leto is uptight because he got upstaged. He's a fool and a terrible, terrible Joker. I don't think he is the person whose opinion we should care bout when it comes to writing future Jokers

  13. Who cares leto took a shitty role he should have held out for better or renegotiated his character
    Imagine if ever bat man or Spiderman got butthurt over a different actor playing the role

  14. honestly feel for Leto. They basically took all the good parts from what he filmed threw it down the the garbage and only put in all the worst parts. So ofc we didn’t like him, and neither did the studio for THEIR own fuck up. But i still think Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker was a lot better than his. Honestly i likes Joaquin phoenix’s joker more than heath ledgers, may he rest in peace.

  15. The Joker movie is so dangerous for certain people..They absolutely MUST NOT watch it..Otherwise, well..you know the consequences!

  16. who the fuck cares what he thinks. Leto's Joker was the worst in history… Nicholson and Ledger were both amazing, and Joaquin's performance is a masterpiece, Leto's was the only one that was a joke… he was trying so hard to be all rockstar and cool it was laughable and he totally missed the point of character he was playing. like that whole movie. forced cringy teenage cliche crap…

  17. "Competition between Jokers" as cool as that sounds, there is no competition. A real battle of the titans would be between Heath Ledger (rest in peace 😭), Mark Hamill, and Joaquin Phoenix.

    I love you, Jared Leto, I really do. I think you're a great actor and artist and I think people here may be a little too harsh on you. We could go through the whole bad set of cards (NPI) you were dealt with Suicide Squad. But the truth is that your talents simply lie elsewhere. Because that Joker was bad, it really was.

  18. I imagine Phoenix's joker is the predecessor of Leto's Joker because the 2019 joker takes place in the 1980s when Thomas and Martha Wayne were alive

  19. The Joker character can no longer be played by anyone but the best from now on. Jack's Joker was good but Health and Joaquin took it to another level. Sorry Leto your out.

  20. Can someone pls explain to me why jared leto’s joker was so horrible. I thought as an actor he did a pretty good job. The issue was that whole movie was cringey ,the script and design and makeup/wardrobe was a shit show for all the characters. I mean yall really think jared leto was responsible for that dumb ass damaged tattoo

  21. Many people shit or hate on his joker. ..

    Im not a fan of Leto but do have to admit that he did play a good joker. The brief scenes he did.

    Its not his fault the movie and script was.. Aweful. He worked with what was given to him.

  22. Leto shouldn't be happy about his utter failure to adequately portray Joker. Joaquin is a far superior acting talent to Leto, so how is this surprising at all. I would sacrifice 20 Jared Leto's to get Philop Seymore Hoffman back. Someone I would love see playing an older version of Joker perhaps for a Kingdom Come storyline would be Kiefer Sutherland.

  23. I think, Joaquin is Arthur Fleck. There's something that people commonly misunderstood, 2019 Joker movie is about Arthur Fleck becoming Joker. Not the Joker that we know before — as in Batman movies series.

  24. He’s mad because his performance and movie sucked balls and Phoenix had a better performance and movie. Fuck that whiny welp.

  25. It's not leto's fault that the director scrapped all his good parts.
    Jared Leto clearly wants a chance to prove himself (because if you've seen his other projects you'd know he's a good actor who puts his heart and soul into a character) AND PEOPLE SHOULD GIVE HIM THE CHANCE!!!!!
    Blame the director, not the actor SMH

  26. Well he has had two actors' in recent memory portray joker characters and were much better than his. So no he shouldnt.

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