Listen Technologies – How to Request and Use an Assistive Listening Device

Listen Technologies – How to Request and Use an Assistive Listening Device

Welcome to the Hale Center Theater In West Valley Utah I’m Cory Schaeffer with Listen Technologies And today I’m with Michael Fox Who is director of operations for the theater And today we are talking about Assistive Listening Devices How will you know if a venue has them How you would get them from the venue And how you to use them I’m really glad we’re talking about this today Because I strongly believe that assistive
listening When used in a venue really changes The experience for the individual Absolutely Should we go and check on how to get one Let’s do Great When a patron desires an assistive listening
device They just come to the box office And talk to any of our agents who are All trained in the use of the device Because they’re very simple Cory why don’t you play patron for us I’d love to Michael I’m here to pick up an Assistive listening device Wonderful have you ever used them before No Great do you think you would like to hear The sound through one ear and hear The ambient sound in the room in addition Or would you rather have the duel headset I think I’m interested in the single ear Great all we do is plug this into the device And then you’ll watch this red light right
here This is your on and off As well as the volume control You can see a meter right here Telling you how much volume you have You won’t hear anything until the show begins Here you go Just bring it back after the show If you’ll leave us a set of keys Or a drivers license or something That would be great Okay are these available at no charge Oh absolutely we want you to be able To enjoy the show Okay thank you We’ll see you Thanks What’s great about an assistive listening Device in a venue is that it really Changes the experience for the individual They’re able to really get immersed And get what they came for because They’re able to hear Absolutely in fact we have several patrons Who call and ask to sit close to the stage And we generally ask them if it’s because
they Prefer that vantage point or it is because They are trying to hear And some of them will admit they Are trying to hear so we teach them about Our assistive listening devices and the fact
that We loan those our at no charge to any Of our patrons In fact we give out 4 to 20 assistive listening Devices at every single perfomance So we’ve had tens of thoasands of patrons Use these devices over the years And changing their experiences Oh absolutely and the people around them Because you don’t have the old man saying What did he say Right So assistive listening devices change the Experience for the individual that needs them In a venue Many people are also unaware that it is Required by law This is required under the americans with
disabilities act And 17% of our population suffers from some
form Of hearing loss Which makes it so that as a venue It’s great for us to have this customer service Helping people to hear the show But it also helps us become compliant With the ADA Thank you for spending this time with us today Michael I really appreciate the time you’ve
given us To go through the theater and how the theater Uses assistive listening in the venue In doing so I want to give you a plug For your website which is hale center theater Which is And you can check out Listen Technologies at Thank you

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  1. I love this because explains how simple it is to request and assistive listening device at at theater or other venue. Don't be shy, ask for a receiver whenever you visit an entertainment venue.

  2. 17% of the U.S. live with some level of hearing loss. Don’t let it affect your venue experience: #ListenTech

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