Living in a Tiny House Stinks (Sometimes)

Living in a Tiny House Stinks (Sometimes)

I’m Jenna and this is my hundred and sixty-five square foot tiny house. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that talk about all of the positive aspects of living tiny. Downsizing and simplifying your life, freeing up your finances, less chemicals in your house, mobility, Eco friendly. This video is not like that. I’m gonna get real with you. This video is not going to be about why it’s so fantastic to live tiny. I’m not going to showcase those instagram-worthy photos. Well, okay, maybe a few *music* I’m gonna talk about the hardships of living tiny. The realities and why it’s sometimes stinks. Literally and figuratively. So these are my 10 pet peeves/least favorite things about living small. I really wish there was a video like this before I decided to downsize so that I knew what I was getting myself into *music* First up: Everybody always talks about how easy it is to clean a tiny house. and that’s true it takes 20 minutes to clean a tiny house. It’s small. But you know, what else doesn’t take much time? Getting it dirty. My house is the same size as a lot of people’s entryway. Do you see an entryway in my tiny house? No, there’s the door and boom. You’re inside. Let’s say I just got done snowboarding. I’m trekking in snow. If I just got done on a hike, I’m tracking in mud. And yeah, I have a little porch that I could dust myself off, but when it’s raining or super cold outside I mean who’s really gonna spend the time to get themselves completely clean before stepping inside their house? That just doesn’t happen So it’s really easy to get your house dirty when you live in a small space. Especially when you live with a dog and my dog is very hairy. So I am sweeping this house constantly trying to get all of the hair off of my clothes, out of all the little crevices. I am constantly cleaning. ** Number two: Adequately named, it’s actually about my composting toilet. Not everybody has a composting toilet in their tiny house So this is really particular to mine. I love my composting toilet. Don’t get me wrong I’ve talked about it plenty of times but one of the downsides Is that it’s not easy for people to learn how to use it right away It’s not like you just come in and know how to use a composting toilet. You have to read the directions. And yes, I do have directions on how to use my composting toilet with pictures But the reality is not everybody wants to read before using the bathroom. They just want to go in and they want to do their business and they want to be done. So when I have guests over I have to explain how to use the toilet. What’s the last thing you want to do at a dinner party? Discuss toilet matters. The first time I had my boyfriend over, I had to inform him that he needed to sit to pee to use my toilet. That’s not a great icebreaker for a new relationship. But hey, he stuck around so I guess he passed the test. (3) One of my least favorite things to do in my tiny house is make the bed. Especially after washing the sheets and I have to do the whole thing where you put the fitted sheet on the bed I mean, I’m in a loft so it’s a very confined space. I kind of feel like I’m doing acrobatics, barrel rolls over myself to try to get the sheets on the bed the correct way. It is a whole ordeal, but I really like a made bed in my house. So I do it every single day. Once it’s done you’re like: *I did that* Number four is smells. I’m not talking about the toilet. I’m talking about when you’re cooking in a tiny house, or when you put on too much perfume in a tiny house, or when your dog smells like wet dog in a tiny house. The smells will get on your clothes and it is difficult to get it out and you can’t escape them because you are in 165 square feet with that smell. (d’awwww) Sometimes living in a tiny house literally stinks. Everybody always says, “Oh you can’t have guests over.” I can have four or five people over for dinner. “Semi”-comfortably at my little table, but that’s about it. Forget about game night in a tiny house. You do not have space for that. Also inviting guests over to stay. I have a futon mattress that folds out. We’re all kind of in the same area and we’re sharing one bathroom that I have to explain. Another downside of living in a tiny house is that there’s no room to grow. You are literally restricted by your trailer. So if you decide: “Oh, you know what I’d really like to expand.” “I’d like to have another bedroom in my house.” You would have to redesign the whole layout and you’re not really gaining any more space. You’re just redoing the layout and that works to some extent but it also has its limitations. I think that’s why a lot of people use tiny houses as an in-between house. When they’re kind of looking for what the next step is in life and then eventually when they do need to grow. They kind of have to move out of their tiny house and upgrade to something slightly bigger. The next downside of a tiny house is that you’re not just limited by the size of the trailer. But you’re also limited by the weight. You can only put so much weight on those axles. So, you know when I’m looking at cast-iron pans I’m thinking about the weight of the cast-iron pan before I’m buying it. When I’m looking at sink choices I’m thinking about the porcelain versus a stainless steel and how much that weighs and I’m constantly thinking about weight when it comes to my house. In a regular house, you don’t have to think about any of that. If you like porcelain, you go with porcelain. If you like marble and you can afford It you go with it. This is probably not a shocker, but there is a limited amount of closet space in a tiny house. This is my closet. All the space I have for clothes. I’ve been in friends weddings since living in this tiny house and so I have to buy high heels, I have to buy the bridesmaids dress and then I have to immediately get rid of it afterwards. Why? Because I don’t have space in my closet to keep a dress that I maybe will wear once or twice again or maybe never. Sometimes you have this occasion like New Year’s Eve and “We’re going to Vegas!” and you’re like “Wow, okay.” “Well I guess I’ll wear the same thing that I wore to Molly’s wedding last week.” Because I only have one dress-up outfit and that could be kind of depressing sometimes. There are some challenging legalities to living in a tiny house and I’m sure you’ve all heard it before. But it has to do with parking and it has to do with insurance. Sometimes you just can’t find that perfect parking space, You can’t buy land legally and park your tiny house on it in that specific place that you want to park. Finding insurance can be difficult as well. I’ve written articles about finding parking and finding insurance for tiny houses and you can find links to those in the description. but I will say it can be a real bummer. And last but not least: Other people will judge you. Some are you are judging me right now. Don’t lie. You’re doing it You’re judging me right now. And you know what? It’s something I’ve learned to live with. It’s not a big deal. Some people get it and some people don’t and that’s okay. We’re not all the same. If you’re gonna be different, if you’re gonna live alternatively, you best be prepared for some scrutiny. Hope you guys enjoyed this week’s video. I didn’t sugarcoat anything for you. This is the reality of living small. There are of course downsides to it. Until next time. See you later.

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  1. By the way, I LOVE MY DOG. She's my baby. I won't be getting rid of her, despite my complaining about the hair and smells. And, yes, I put her outside for the sake of a laugh for the video. But she was let back in moments later with pets and treats.

  2. Life is about compromises. While you reap certain benefits, certain disadvantages will follow. It is about rather what you can and cannot tolerate. For example, can you tolerate having mortgages and paying them off until you retire or the smell that sticks to your clothes from time to time? So the choice is yours.

  3. You live in a tiny house because you want to live Bill free and have no responsibilities and get food stamps you're not a teenager look like you're in your 40s get your regular house like everybody does pays bills quit trying to milk your way to the system

  4. Yeah I could never do that. A small house, sure, but not that tiny 😀
    I am confused about why men need to sit to pee in the composting toilet though

  5. That house is very tiny girl make some more storage alot of people have bigger houses than hers that's why it's so many cons

  6. Closet wouldn't fit just my shoes! But if I was alone, I suppose I could cut back and do it. I'm not judging you, I think it's cool, except for the composting toilet

  7. WOW, thanks! The most shocking was that people judge you? I can't figure out what they're judging. You hit so many great points. I had considered downsizing because I'm retired, single & 2000 sq ft that I probably only use 1000 sq ft. I wish I could really downsize but I bake so a kitchen is my biggest room! I won't cut that space. Bravo girl, you really went tiny & good for you. It's got it's good points..thanks again, I appreciate your coverage of some realistic problems 💖💖💖 your dog is gorgeous 🌟

  8. So refreshing to listen to an intelligent, level-headed woman talk about the realities of living unconventionally. I'm thinking seriously of making this step and the barrage of ditzy girls who've been given a fucktonne of money by their 'rents to become 'wild Earth bloggers' (or some other nonsensical farce-job) is so tiring. Thank you for being real :-* xx

  9. I live in a big house. I fully understand what you are saying because I have a T6 VW camper van with a dog.
    lf I had loads of money I would have both. The problem is I don't. The big house is always broken with big bills. The tiny house i could afford even with cleaners

  10. Refreshing to see the other side of tiny house living, thanks. May I suggest looking in a camping shop for a possible way to weatherproof your little porch (where you put the rubbish bag and, ha, your cute dog). Many tents have detachable "foyers". An off-the-peg tent extension might need to be customised but if it works you could bring less of the outdoors into the indoors and you could erect it only in, say, winter or during a bad spell of weather.

  11. Why can’t you have some dividers on the front porch where you can take off your clothes and change there before you come in the house.

  12. Great video – it really does get down to the nitty-gritty of living in a tiny home. Except that I would quibble with the "tiny home" label. This seems like a "tiny RV", because it's actually just a very small camper on a trailer. I think of a tiny home as a home built to stay in one place, not a room with wheels. Yes, you can live in approximately 100 square feet in some cases. But I'm thinking more along the lines of 500 square feet, for all the amenities of a real home that is designed for years of use. My current home was 840 square feet when I bought it – and that was not atypical for a house built when it was in our area, in 1973. I've added heated space to make it 1,000 sq. ft. Outlandishly large by "tiny home" movement standards, but really actually tiny by American standards. Whatever home you want to live in is fine… but the definitions here are really subjective.

  13. What some people should do during seasonal work go out to someone's farm work part time. They'll hire you give you somewhere to park. You know alot need the help

  14. I never understood why people dont just buy a singlewide trailer instead. Its roughly the same price and has about 10x the space, plumbing, central heat/ac, and full size appliances.

  15. The only thing I saw was how cute you are. I'm a guy and we need tools and a place to keep and use them. I'm also a pack rat, well not really but there are things I want to hold onto because they can be useful and save money when you need to fix something. I need my house and shop, but I have a camper so I can travel when I want, and that works for me. Did I say you are cute!

  16. Just visit Ikea once a month and take their roll of paper. Rip a piece on the floor and simply use it for starting a fire after. Millions of hippies lived out of a VW bus, your place is luxury 5 stars compared !

  17. Thanks, I knew it must be hard to live in a tiny house and I could never do it myself. First of all I have a miniature Victorian dollhouse that has 12 rooms and is three feet wide and four feet tall filled with about a bazillion little treasures that I could not part with and that would take up half my space it’s a tiny house indeed and the only tiny house I want so I’m looking for a four bedroom three bath house with a formal dining room and a den because that is downsizing to me. I have fine china crystal and silver to serve 12 people and I intend in using it one day. I’m an artist so I have tons of art supplies and I need a room that is dedicated just for doing art. I have a ton of clothes and that’s after I got rid of all the things I won’t wear. My dog wears clothes too and has a different outfit for every day with a different matching collar I have to pack one suitcase for me and one for him when we travel and when we travel I almost always take way too many things with me because I just can’t do things moderately. Where would I put my player piano I. A tiny house where would I put my China cabinet where would I display all my collections of pottery and glass and scale automobiles. In order for me to live in a tiny house I would have to part with all the things I love and have collected throughout my life and I would be so heartbroken and traumatized all I would do is sit in my tiny little house and cry because I miss all my stuff. I don’t know how you do it the whole wear one dress to every event makes me cringe and my dream house has a closet the size of your tiny house off my master bedroom so, no, no living tiny for me.

  18. You should try Beddy’s for your bed! People who have it in their RV’s and Vans love it. You can use the code Kaitlyn25 for 25% off!

  19. I love you video. Truth is exactly what one needs. With that bei g said, here is a lil thing that may work about the bed. Comforters can be both sheets and covers. This will make it better for making bed. You can switch up every now and then with your sheets.
    The boy friend might not be so cool about "just comforters.
    Stay cool and truthful, love it😊👍🏽

  20. If I (51) had an other job then dental tech, and were 25 y younger , I would be happy to join. Ofcourse with my own tiny house. I like yours VERY much!!! Take care

  21. i like your honesty! i'm sure this will help many people knowing this stuff. and i can tell you love your dog. 🙂

  22. Honesty . . .
    Love-it ! ! !
    Very refreshing . . .
    You are good to go . . . Wherever you want to be in life . . .
    All you need . . . figure out how to get there ! ! !

  23. It depends if your tiny house is stationed on a land and all the stuff your talking usually is a given. Especially if someone is smart and figuring things out before making such a drastic move. With all the outdoor storage and neat things, you can def have a nice wardrobe. Depends on your situation.

  24. I have no interest in tiny homes but always think it’s great when people keep it real , thanks for sharing what sales people won’t tell you

  25. I'm really sorry if someone has asked this already but how do you receive post for example, the tiny house does not have a fixed address? Does this make it a problem to receive important documents and how do you get registered with doctors etc. I hope this question is not too invasive, I'm just very curious. I think this is fantastic. Thank you.

  26. I have been living in a couple 5th wheels for the past 2yrs, currently renovating a bus…
    This is so accurate I could feel your frustration…

  27. I love your dog too. That was cute, it was if she was saying, "Hey, she kicked me out"….anyway get rid of that little thing and get some space to breath.

  28. Thanks for the video. Thats just dumb they wont let you park a tiny house on your own property… I had those issues in the past. Its like you will either save alot of money or end up spending more than nessasry👍

  29. not sure why someone likes a small portable house. I can agree with the small size; because for many, a studio size is more than enough.

    But I don't really see advantages in moving around, with a "trailer", the hassle to have to find a place where to stay, which is safe and legal; and of course, the inconvenience of hook up tanks and recharge generator/propane.

    I love the idea of reducing costs and footprint, but I would never live in a mobile home style house, simply because the hassle of doing so, are worth more of the savings you get. I have a mid range job; so I make enough but not a ton; and my main priority is a small place but with the comforts and safety that you get only by being in a fixed location

  30. Thanks for your video! No judgement at all! LOL. It's good to get real before making such a Huge, I mean Tiny change. LOL I'm researching for a school bus conversion. Thanks for keeping it totally real!

  31. What really stinks about a tiny house is when you have guests over and you take a huge smelly dump 3 feet away and crop dust the entire house..😊

  32. Yeah.. I've stayed in a 144ft house with an extended ceiling over the loft. I can't do that small. I have art supplies and I sell clothes online. I'm thinking 288 with a double loft for storage but I had a uhaul with my car on it and got stuck in the mud so now I'm nervous about towing.

  33. Not judging you at all, you're living the way you choose to live and everyone has the right to do that. What you didn't mention in the video was that ' tiny ' living is ideally meant for very young and very single people. As you get older, your life gets bigger, you acquire more and more of the ' souvenirs ' of your life, like a spouse, your children, all your things, all your spouse's things, your children's things, yard tools, car and car care items, an extra bedroom and bathroom for your guests and in-laws and so on and so on. Living in a tiny home as a young person might enable you to save enough money to invest in a real home, which you will more likely than not need, and appreciate. I'm sure that there's nothing like living small to eventually enable one to appreciate living bigger.

  34. Only someone who actually lives in a tiny home would truly understand this video. I live in a 10×20 tiny home( not on wheels) that me and my father built when I was 16 and I still currently live in while attending college. It's perfect for me and I love it most of the time. It's only when my girlfriend or friends come to stay for several days that I realize just how small it really is though and the thought of living here with a wife and kid is completely out of the question. Yes, it has everything you need to live, but it also has a lack of privacy that people take for granted and just don't understand is a built in feature of living in a "normal" home. Couples get annoyed with each other and need space, even if it's just having another room to go to. Maybe if you live in a year-round warm climate and can just go outside for awhile it would be fine, but here in NY where you get 6 months of winter and it can be miserable that really isn't an option. There is a reason most people don't live in a travel trailer, even though they've been around for decades. A tiny home is essentially the same thing just built with better materials.

    I know people are going to point to couple X,Y or Z and tell me how well it's working out for them because they make a YouTube video of tiny snapshot of their life and glamorize it. The reality is completely different for most people. Living here and being single is amazing and I find no downside to my tiny home. When you add more than 1 person is when it becomes unthinkable for me unless it's out of absolute necessity. I think it's great as a temporary solution or a place that perhaps allows a couple to get financially more secure, but long term it's a big no thanks you.

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