Mad Lib Theater with John Cena

Mad Lib Theater with John Cena

-♪ Mad Lib Theater,
yeah ♪ -Here’s how this works.
-Okay. -I’m going to ask you
for some silly words — nouns, verbs, adjectives,
et cetera. We’ll do that, they’ll
be written onto cue cards, and then, we’ll act out a
dramatic Mad Libs scene. -Sure.
-Okay, here we go. -Okay, this is great.
-Right? -Yeah.
-Give me an adjective. -Ah, flamboyant. [ Laughter ] -Flamboyant.
-Mm-hmm. Really making
our cue-card guys work. Pet name.
-Winston. -Wow, that was really fast.
Nickname for a kid. -Jimmy Bill Bob. [ Laughter ] -What? That’s a nickname for a kid?
-Yeah. Jimmy Bill Bob. -Type of profession.
-Late-night host. [ Laughter ] -What would you shout
if you stubbed your toe? -Falafel! [ Laughter ] -Give me a number. -6-8-0-1. -Gosh.
[ Laughter ] Give me a made-up fact
about chickens. -They can fly.
-Oh. -Two words that rhyme. -Fallon, talon. [ Laughter ] -You don’t have to make
the whole thing about me. Type of food. -Ooh.
That’s a tough one. I’ll let you go with that one. -What? No.
-I have to do it? -This is a game.
It’s fun. Say any food.
-Ballpark hot dog. -Ballpark hot dog.
[ Laughter ] These are the most interesting
answers I’ve ever played. Type of drink. -A Rob Roy.
[ Laughter ] -What?!
-It’s a Manhattan with a — -I know what that is, but no kid
knows what a Rob Roy is! -They do now.
Rob Roys for everyone! -Rob Roys for everyone here. [ Cheers and applause ] Rob Roy is great. A verb ending in “-ing.” -Uh, begrudging?
No, that’s begrudgingly? No, no.
Uh… Um, running, running, running.
-Running, very good. Running.
-I had to go basic. I was trying to go complicated. -Advice that you would give
a shy teenager? -Stay golden, Pony Boy. [ Laughter and applause ] -These are
the best answers ever. Stay golden, Pony Boy.
Oh my gosh. -It’s a safe one.
-Another good reference. Oh, my gosh.
[ Laughing ] Body part. -Perineum. [ Laughter ] -I’m gonna have
to give my cue-card guy mouth-to-mouth after perineum. -Well, I can’t —
I mean, that’s — You want to go medical on that.
-No, no, perineum. Is that something? -Oh, it’s the space between —
-Okay, got you. [ Laughter ] That’s not
what that song is about. That’s not
what that song is about. -That is for me.
-No, it is not. -That’s how
Dave Matthews speaks to me! -That’s not what it’s about.
That’s not what it’s about. Oh, my gosh.
-Here we are. -No, I know.
This is great. Object. -Protractor. [ Laughter ] -A plural noun. -Puppies.
-Aww. -Puppies.
-Aww. -Plural animals.
-Dragons. [ Laughter ] -What would you say
if you found out you got an A-plus
on your chemistry test? -“Teacher, my name’s not Dave!” [ Laughter ] -Oh, my gosh. -‘Cause I wouldn’t —
I would never… -Got it.
All right, we’re almost done. Give me a color. -Hmm, sea breeze. [ Laughter ] -Sea breeze is a color?
I got to get my Crayola set. Another profession. -WWE superstar.
-Hey. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Hey. Couple of fans in the house.
-Yeah. Two more.
Another body part. -[ Laughs ] -Can I say anus?
-No! Yes, you can.
Yes, you can. You can say it.
-It’s a part. -And a verb. -Uh, jump. -There we go.
Perfect. All right, we filled it out. We are ready for our scene. I’m gonna hand this in
to the computer. [ Laughter ] And then they’re going
to go on the cue cards. Are you ready
to perform our scene? -Let’s do this!
-Yes! Let’s go! [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -Ah, I love Christmas. It’s the most
flamboyant time of the year. [ Laughter ] [ Chuckles ]
Hey, what’s wrong? -There’s something
I have to tell you, Winston. -What is it, Jimmy Bill Bob? [ Laughter ] I’m your brother
and your best late night host. You can tell me anything. -Well, this isn’t easy,
but here goes. I don’t believe in Santa Claus. -Falafel! [ Laughter ] -Hey, hey. I understand
why you would react that way. We’ve been writing Santa
Letters every day for the past 6-8-0-1 decades. [ Laughter ] -This is more shocking than when
I found out chickens can fly. [ Laughter ] What made you stop believing? -All I wanted for Christmas was the most popular toy
everyone had, the Fallon Talon. [ Laughter ] I left Santa
a plate of ballpark hot dogs and a glass of Rob Roy, but on Christmas morning, there was
nothing under the tree. So I ran to my room
and started running. [ Laughter and applause ] -[ Chuckles ] [ Laughter continues ] -Little bro,
I’m gonna tell you the same thing Dad used to tell
me every night before bed. [ Laughter ] -[ Breathes deeply ] [ Laughter continues ] -[ Coughing ] -Yes?
What — What is that? -Stay golden, Pony Boy. [ Laughter and applause ] [ Cymbal crashes ] Stay golden —
Stay golden, Pony Boy. [ Laughter ] -Truer words
have never been spoken. -Look, all you have to do
is look deep… [ Laughs ] [ Laughter ] …within your per– [ Laughter ] “Perenium.” -Perineum.
-Perineum. [ Laughter and applause ] You remember
Dad used to say that, as well. [ Laughter ] You got to look deep…
for the holiday spirit. Come on, man.
You can do it. -You’re right, brother. The holidaysaremagical. Decorating
the Christmas protractor. [ Laughter ] Hanging the puppies
on the mantel. [ Laughter ] And spending time
with all my dragons. [ Laughter ] I believe again! There is a Santa Claus! -Teacher, my name’s not Dave! -You know, the best part
about believing in Santa is getting to sing
my favorite song with you. -[ Laughs ] You sure you don’t
want to do it by yourself? [ Laughter ] -Which is…?
-What is the song? -“Rudolph the sea-breeze-nosed
WWE superstar.” [ Laughter ] Man, I screwed myself on that.
-That is my favorite song. Let’s sing!
[ Clears throat ] ♪ Rudolph the sea-breeze-nosed
WWE superstar ♪ ♪ Had a very shiny anus ♪ [ Laughter ] ♪ And if you ever saw it ♪ -Jumped. -♪ You would even say
it jumped ♪ And scene.
Go run to your room. Go run to your room
and start running! Let’s go run to your room. -That’s the scene.
John Cena, everybody!

100 thoughts on “Mad Lib Theater with John Cena

  1. Relatively speaking, he held off from laughing longer than anyone else who's done this. But when he was gone, he was gone!

  2. I just love this one. It’s literally my favorite Mad Lib skit. The fact they crack up through the whole thing makes it even better. John Cena is pretty funny and I never thought he was until I saw this.

  3. Cena's meaty face might encourage me to be surprised that he is so witty… But his kind of wrestler is a true form of thespian, perhaps even moreso than a sketch comic like Jimmy.

  4. No WAYYYY
    I run to my room and start running when I leave Santa Claus a ball park hotdog and a glass of Rob Roy and he doesn't leave anything under the tree!
    How did he KNOW??!?!

  5. "Decorating the Christmas protractor… hanging the puppies on the mantel… and spending time with all my dragons… I believe again!"
    "*TeAcHeR mY nAmE's NoT dAvE!*"

  6. Stay Golden Pony Boy and perineum…TEACHER MY NAME’S NOT DAVE, and Seabreeze…and of course …anus.I’m in love

  7. Clicking on this video and not 3 minutes into watching, I was unprepared to have John Cena ruin a Dave Matthews song for me forever…

  8. Chickens wait can't fly? When or can't they can fly? Can actually fly they tho just can fly yet not can them fly actually the.

  9. “John Cena fans” – cheers at WWE superstar

    TRUE John Cena fans – “dAd! wHaT aRe YoU dOiNg In My FrIdGe?!”

  10. Wait, was there supposed to be some one sitting in the chair on the left? I only heard a disembodied voice floating around…

  11. can someone tell me why people say "stay golden pony boy"? when in the book, and even in the movie they Johnny says "stay GOLD and not GOLDEN".

  12. I can’t tell if he’s answering really fast b/c they already had the answers prepared, or if he’s just really fast at coming up with things, which would make sense b/c he’s always cutting promos and having to ad lib a lot.

  13. It’s crazy how sophisticated John Cena seems now 😂. What happened to him just being a wrestler who in movies some times 😂

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