Mad Lib Theater with Jon Hamm and Keri Russell

Mad Lib Theater with Jon Hamm and Keri Russell

-Now, Keri, Jon,
here’s how this is gonna work. I’m gonna ask you both
for some silly words, nouns, verbs, adjectives,
et cetera. And then after we do that,
they’ll be written onto cue cards, and then
we’re gonna act out a dramatic Mad Libs scene. Ready for this?
-Ah, so ready. -All right. Here we go.
Ready, Jon? -Yes.
-All right. Jon, you first. The sound a bird makes. -[ Screaming bird sounds ] -Oh, my God. -Right?
-Thanks for that. -Don’t know how you write that
on the cue card. Yes. -We’ll figure it out.
-Keri. Keri, a number. -Um, 8,072. -8,072. All right. 8,072.
-Don’t judge me. Don’t judge me. -Jon, fictional place. -Fictional place?
-Yes. -Narnia.
-Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] -Silly word.
-Um, googly. -Googly?
-Googly. -Combination of syllables you think no one
has ever said before. -“Phhhh” with a “P.” [ Laughter ] [ Hocks ] With a “Zh.” -All right. -[ Hocking ]
-Okay. -And a “K” at the end.
-And a “K” at the end. All right.
-[ Hocking ] -Keri, first and last name
of your weirdest teacher. -Weirdest teacher. -Calling them out.
-I know. I’m just gonna say a teacher.
-Okay, good. -Still calling them out.
-Chuck Yerger. [ Laughter ] -No. Like, not Chuck Yeager?
-Not Yeager. -Chuck Yerger?
-Chuck Yerger. You heard me.
-That’s hilarious. -And that’s what I live by. -I think that’s a series of
syllables no one’s ever used. -Chuck — Chuck Yerger
is an awesome name. -Yeah.
-Jon, amount of time. -Amount of time?
Uh, 14 nanoseconds. [ Laughter ] -Scariest insect
you’d see at a zoo. -Scariest insect?
-Yeah. -Ooh. Um…
[ Laughs ] Do we — It has to be an insect?
-I guess so. I guess scariest anything
you’d see at a zoo. -I’d say Gila monster,
’cause I just saw one. -Okay.
-Ooh. -What is a Gila monster?
-What?! Gila with a “G.”
-Oh, of course. Gila monster. [ Laughter ] Verb ending in I-N-G. -Uh, farting. [ Laughter ] -Adjective.
-Quickly. -Ooh. Plural medical device
that can your life. -Plural?
-Yes. -Plural?
-MRI’s. [ Laughter ] -What kind of a Mad Libs
is a plural…? -I know.
-That is great. MRI’s. Thing you wouldn’t want
to hear your waiter say. -“It’s mariachi night.” [ Laughter ] -“The whole night?”
“Oh, yeah. Definitely. -The whole night.
-Real loud.” Another number. -12 1/2. [ Laughter ] -Chain restaurant. -Chili’s.
-Smart. Where it’s always
mariachi night. [ Laughter ] -Event that you celebrate. -Event that you celebrate.
SantaCon. -Oh, my God. [ Cheers and applause ] -So intense. -Keri — Keri, something you would hide if a guest
came to your house. [ Laughter ] -Dirty underwear. -[ Laughs ] Last thing you watched
on your phone. -Washed?
-Watched. -Watched.
-Truthfully. -Last thing
I watched on my phone. YouTube. Some YouTube clip. -Do you remember what it was?
A clip of what? Did you bring your phone?
-This is gonna be intriguing. -I always bring my phone.
-Do you? -Yeah.
-I never knew that. Most guests don’t bring
their phone out. -It was Awkwafina’s video
for “My Vag.” [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -That’s good. Good. -All right. Uh, could have just said cats
playing with a laser thing. That’s Awkwafina. Okay.
I’ve never — Awkwafina’s video for… -Well, you asked.
-I know. You’re right. I did. Celebrity name. -Um, Awkwafina. -Fair enough. Synergy. -Yes.
-Okay. Let’s go very fast. Verb. -Okay.
-Verb. Run. -Last question you googled.
Please, this can’t be — -What is “My Vag”?
-Yeah. -Last question I googled. How long will it take me
to get here from the airport? -How long will it get… -I came right in
from the airport, and it took longer
than I thought. -…to get here from airport.
-Yeah. -Body part.
-Belly button. -Belly button. Birthday wish as a kid. -Uh, to be in “Star Wars”
when I grow up. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -[ Laughs ] Keri, birthday wish
as an adult. -Oh. To be in “Star Wars.” [ Laughter ] -Nickname for
a motorcycle biker. -[ Laughs ]
-Uh, uh… Lil Steve. [ Laughter ] -Lil Steve is hilarious. Keri, best pickup line? -For real?
-Yeah. -Wanna [bleep]? [ Laughter ] ♪♪ [ Laughter ] ♪♪ -Don’t know
if we can say that on TV. -Can I come up
with something else? -Do you want to just say
“Want to make whoopie?” Is that better?
-Should I do something else? -No, I’ll say — Let’s say
“Want to make whoopie?” -Want —
-“Wanna make whoopie?” -“Wanna make whoopie?” -Yeah, you’re allowed to say
that. Yeah. Yeah, okay. Good. All right, we filled out
the words for our scene. Good luck to our cue-card guys. -I know.
-Ready to perform the scene? All right. Here we go.
Let’s go. Let’s do this. -Let’s do this! [ Cheers and applause ] [ Cabin bell dings ] -Good afternoon,
ladies and gentlemen. Welcome aboard… [ Screaming bird sounds ]
Airlines Flight 8,072 with nonstop service to Narnia. I’m — I’m Ron Googly. -And I’m Miss [ Hocking ] -And I am Mark, but you can
call me Chuck Yerger. [ Laughter ] Now, we do apologize for
the 14-nanoseconds delay because we are stalled because Gila monsters
are farting on the runway. [ Laughter ] -But before we depart
on this flight, we ask you to pay attention to this quickly
safety announcement. -Ensure all your mobile devices,
including smartphones, tablets, and MRI’s
are turned off and stowed. If we see you using one,
we’ll kindly come up and say, “It’s mariachi night.” [ Laughter ] -You’re welcome.
-Yeah. -There are 12 1/2 exits
on this plane. -The half one is a hidden one.
You got to find that one. That’s a good one. -Please take a moment
to look around and find the nearest Chili’s. In the event of a SantaCon, a dirty underwear will drop down
from your seat above. [ Laughter ] [ Indistinct conversation ] -If you have a child, put it
over the child first, then you. Yeah. -Now, ladies and gentlemen,
our in-flight entertainment today is a YouTube clip of Awkwafina’s video
for “My Vag.” [ Laughter ] And also a bonus documentary about Awkwafina
learning how to run. -Oh, I’ve seen that.
That’s good. -So good.
-If you have any questions like, how long will it take
to get to the airport? Don’t hesitate to ask by raising
your belly button and waving it. -Now, this holiday season,
we at [ Screaming bird sounds ]
Airlines hope you get to be
in “Star Wars.” -We also wish you get to be in
“Star Wars.” Did you say that?
-I just said that. -Did you say that?
-I think we said the same thing. -I think we both the same thing. -Yeah. Thank you for flying with [ Screaming bird sounds ]
Airlines. And on behalf of Captain
Lil Steve and all of us… -All:
Wanna make whoopie?! [ Laughter ] -And scene! My thanks to Jon Hamm
and Keri Russell! We’ll be right back with more of
“The Tonight Show,” everybody.

54 thoughts on “Mad Lib Theater with Jon Hamm and Keri Russell

  1. This has to get one of my favorite bits to watch along with the "Eww" bit ????? I'm crying it was so funny…"Wanna Make Whoopie" ?????

  2. Body language. She's trying so hard to get closer to Jon and he just seems to be trying to move further away. Lollol

  3. How did they film this? Did they take a break for hair/costume or was this filmed a later day? How did they do that live?

  4. This is the funniest thing I've ever seen on the Tonight Show! It was so good all the way through. Chuck Yerger and the mariachi night lines had me busting out laughing!

  5. So…I’m a teacher. And I’ve started Madlb Mondays to start the week with some laughs for my students because of Jimmy's Madlib Theater (I’d done these when I was younger but these segments were the inspiration). My students celebrate when they know it’s coming and get upset when we don’t do it or forget. They love it.

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