Mad Lib Theater with Kristen Wiig

Mad Lib Theater with Kristen Wiig

-♪ “Mad Lib Theater,”
ah, ah, yeah ♪ -[ Laughing ] Yes! -What?
-That was amazing. -♪ “Mad Lib Theater” ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ -[ Laughs ]
-That was fantastic. -I loved it. -All right,
here’s how this works. This is “Mad Lib Theater.” So here, I’m going to ask you
for some silly words. -Okay.
-Nouns, verbs, adjectives. And they’re going to be written
on cue cards as you say them, and then we’ll act out
a dramatic “Mad Libs” scene. Are you ready? Here we go.
-Okay. Yes. -Silly word. -Gooby… [ Laughter ] Gooby gock?
-Gooby gock. Type of fish. -Mackerel. -He’s on the show tonight, too. [ Laughter ] Adjective. -Swirling. [ Light laughter ] -What you would shout
if you saw a ghost. -Get out, you! [ Laughter ] -A number. -59. -Another number. -2. -A noun. -Canoe? -A body part. -Achilles’ heel. [ Laughter ] -Another adjective. -Uh, drinking. [ Laughter ] Oh, oh, adjective.
Sorry. Sorry.
-Yeah. It’s a describer. -Sorry, sorry.
-No, I’m sorry. It’s tough. -Fluffy. -Yeah.
That’s good. A type of animal? -Uh…platypus. -[ Laughs ]
Oh, man. A curse word that you’d say
in front of a child. -Um…toot. [ Laughter ] -Amount of time,
like two minutes or five hours. -Oh, um, uh…two…hours. -Verb ending in “ing.” -Drinking.
-Drinking. -Drinking.
-There you go. Hey, Kristen is playing
the game, okay? Come on.
-They can help. -Yeah. They can help, yeah.
Drinking. Another body part. -Armpit. -A verb. -Hammering. -Yeah, okay, yeah.
Hammering. A verb ending in “ing.”
Sorry. -Oh, oh.
Oh, a different one? -A different one, now. -Biting. [ Laughter ] -Adjective. -Striped. -A type of profession. -A cruise director. [ Laughter ] -Cruise director.
Oh, these are great. Type of relative. -Second cousin. -Second cousin. Male name. -Gary. -Made up song title. -“Feel My Face.” [ Laughter ] -“Feel My Face.”
All right. We filled out the words
for our scene. You ready to perform?
-Yes. -Here we go.
Let’s go. [ Cheers and applause ] -Well, if it isn’t
my favorite patient, Mr. Gooby Gock. -Thanks for seeing me on such
short notice, Dr. Mackerel. So, what’s the news? -Well we just finished
processing your test and unfortunately,
the results are swirling. -Get out, you! [ Laughter ] -I completely understand
that reaction. Your blood pressure
is 59 over 2. And our X-rays found a canoe
in your Achilles’ heel. [ Laughter ] It also appears that you have
a rare condition known as
Fluffy Platypus Disease. [ Laughter ] -Toot! Is there any way to cure it? -I’m going to write you
a prescription for these pills right here
that I have in my pocket. I want you to take one
every two hours. -But I heard those pills cause
involuntary drinking. -I’m afraid they do. Side effects also include
an itchy armpit and a decrease in the desire
to hammer. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -That a medical term? Uh wh– [ Laughter ] What can I do to stay healthy? -I would suggest
waking up early… -[ Laughs ] -…every morning
and doing stretches and then biting in the park. [ Laughter ] -That’s great advice, especially for a striped
cruise director such as myself. -You know, the best part
about being a doctor is that I get to treat
patients like you and then go home
to my second cousin, Gary… [ Laughter and applause ] …and then sing them
my favorite song. -Which is? -“Feel My Face.”
[ Groans ] -How does it go?
Can you sing it for me? [ Laughter ] “Feel My Face.”
-Yes. ♪ You and me gotta get
out of this place ♪ ♪ And come back to apartment
so you can feel my face ♪ ♪ Touch my body, touch my body ♪ -Thank you very much, doctor.
I appreciate it. -I’m so sorry.
-Uh, no, please. And scene. That is how you do it
right there. Kristen Wiig!
That’s how you do it!

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  1. Kristin seems nervous she keeps gripping and shifting her left hand on the arm rest. She is the sweetest and funniest though.

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