Mad Lib Theater with Natalie Portman

Mad Lib Theater with Natalie Portman

-I’m gonna ask you
for some silly words, nouns, verbs, adjectives,
et cetera. As we do that, they’ll
be written onto cue cards, okay? And then we’ll act out
a dramatic Mad Libs scene right here, live,
in front of our audience. You ready for this?
-All right. -All right, here we go.
Very good. All right,
now we need some words. Give me a number. -6,000. [ Light laughter ] -Give me a male name. -Um… Donald. [ Laughter ] -Give me a pet name
for a rabbit. -Fuzzy.
-Aww. An adjective. -Stinky. -What you’d shout
if your dentist told you, “You have six cavities.” -“I hate candy!” [ Laughter ] -“I hate candy”?
-Like, “I didn’t do it.” -I know.
“How is this possible?” yeah. -It’s not my fault.
-Amount of time. -17 weeks. [ Laughter ] -What a bar–
What a bartender would say to customers
when the bar’s closing. -Last call?
-Yeah. -Is that really boring?
-No, it’s just very accurate. [ Laughter ]
Historical event. -The Revolutionary War. [ Light laughter ] -Adjective to describe a fish. -Slimy. -Body part. -Oh. Knees. [ Light laughter ]
Keep it clean. -Plural occupations. -Scuba divers. -Somebody said “yes”
in the audience. [ Laughter ] “Yes! Finally.” [ Laughter ] Plural animals. -Llamas. -Llamas. Verb ending in I-N-G. -Um…ghosting. [ Laughter ] -Celebrity name. -Kim Kardashian. -Plural type of food. -Bananas. -Character from “Friends.” -Rachel. [ Cheers ] -Insult a kid would say. -You couldn’t
carry a blank strap. [ Laughter ] Is that right? Is that what it is? ♪♪ [ Laughing ] ♪♪ -Gosh. That is the perfect answer. [ Laughter ] “You couldn’t carry
a blank strap.” -Is that —
Is that what it is? I didn’t really get it.
-Something like that, yeah. [ Laughter ] Another insult a kid would say.
Another one. -You suck at “Fortnite”! [ Laughter ] -One more insult a kid
would say, then I’m done. -Um… You look like a Cheeto. [ Laughter ] I have like one sigh with that.
-Yes, I hear you. I hear you.
-Okay. -Plural object. -Um…chairs. -Verb. -Um…
Um… Flush. -A body — Another body part. -Uh, butt. [ Laughter ] -Another verb. -Um… Fart. I do this with my son a lot, so I, like, kind of have
set answers. -Cartoon character. -Mickey Mouse. -One more.
Last verb ending in I-N-G. -Sniffing. [ Laughter ] -There you go, right there. Okay, we have filled out
all the words for our scene. Are you ready to perform it? -So excited.
-All right, here we go. -All right.
-Let’s do this. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ [ Birds chirping ] [ Laughter ] Really is —
[ Laughter ] Really is a beautiful
day to go apple picking. This is the most fun
I’ve had in 6,000 years. [ Laughter ] -Listen, Donald, I’ve been
thinking, and we need to talk. -What is it, Fuzzy? [ Laughter ] -What I’m about to say
might be stinky to hear, but here it goes. I think we should break up. -I hate candy! [ Laughter ] -I’m so sorry. We’ve shared so much
over the past 17 weeks, but… [ Laughter ] …last call. [ Laughter and applause ] -That’s cold. How long have you’ve
been feeling this way? -Since the Revolutionary War. [ Laughter and applause ] -I can’t believe this. Is this because
of my slimy knees? [ Laughter ] -No, no, it’s not. We’re just — We’re just
really different people. I was brought up
by two scuba divers. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. -And you were raised by llamas. [ Laughter and applause ] I enjoy —
I enjoy going out, and come home every night to
find you ghosting on the couch, watching YouTube videos of
Kim Kardashian eating bananas. [ Laughter, cheers, applause ] -I understand.
Well, I have something to tell you, too,
that’s not easy to admit. I’ve been cheating on you
with Rachel from “Friends.” [ Laughter ] -You couldn’t
carry a blank strap! [ Laughter ] -You —
You suck at “Fortnite”! [ Laughter ] -Well, you cook —
you look like a Cheeto! [ Laughter ] -Hey! -I’m taking the chairs
and moving out. [ Laughter ]
-Hey! Hey, please —
please don’t flush. [ Light laughter ] That’s a term that my llama
parents used to say. [ Laughter ] I hate seeing you do that,
so just have a seat here. I’m sorry
things didn’t work out. -I am, too. I’ll —
[ Laughs ] [ Laughter ] I’ll always —
[ Both laugh ] I’ll always have a special
place for you in my butt. [ Laughter, cheers, applause ] [ Laughter continues ] -It’s during — [ Laughter ] It’s during times like this, I like for us to recite
our favorite love quote. -“You got to fart
like Mickey Mouse is watching.” [ Laughter, cheers, applause ] “And you got to love
like there’s nobody sniffing.” And scene! -There you go.
Thank you. My thanks to Natalie Portman!

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  1. Me: If he doesn't doesn't do a Mad Lib with Bill Hader I'll never watch this show again!
    Also Me: When's the next one!?

  2. I had a "last call" with my now ex boyfriend last night. I should call him and let him know u will always have a special place for him in my butt. 👍

  3. 1:12 why did I literally have the same idea? I was like history then Hamilton then revolutionary war and she said it and I was like😲

  4. First watches Kim Kardashian eating banana videos, is cheating with Rachel from friends and will always have a special place in her heart, lmao I can’t

  5. I don't know why I find it weird that Natalie Portman knows who Kim Kardashian is. She seems too classy and I like Kim. 😂😂

  6. So nice that he did not try to put his leg at one inch from her legs like other night program animators do 😁😁😁

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