Make A Cardboard Puppet Theater

Make A Cardboard Puppet Theater

make a cardboard puppet theater hi it’s AlaskaGranny I recently found this giant box that would be perfect to make a puppet theater to play with my grandchildren how to turn a big old box into a puppet theater need tape scissor sharp knife and straight edge yes first thing you take shipping tape so it will be as tall as possible put tape around to hold it open and tape up the hole overlap a little bit fold it down and reinforce with tape on inside tape across and all the way up the opening to strengthen lonce you get the corners taped you decide where you want the cut out mark it with a straight edge and pen mark 3 sides solid dotted on bottom cut the three sides completely now get your box cutter sharp knife cut three sides sure 3 lines go all the way through then take box cutter and cut along the dotted line but not all the way through along the dotted line don’t cut all the way through cut half way through scores the cardboard and allows it bend over score it a bit few inches up to make a little stage maybe 4- 6 inches and here you wanna score it again measure 4 inches either side and then make another line a dotted line score halfway through score or cut half way through don’t cut all the way through bend that all make a stage push this up don’t want anything sharp on the inside so tape it hold stage every theater needs a stage door on the back with 3 cuts mark where I want the door cut this this this just score so it can open and close I have these three side cut all the way through score this line to be the hinge for the door I have that scored bend it for a stage door I have be old man’s shirt left over from a project use the back to make a curtain find a piece of fabric cut up and make a curtain back of shirt and folded over and just sew a seem across the shoulders for a casing to hook inside the puppet theater puppet theater stitch a little casing
about it inch deep I just folding in half remember it doesn’t have to be perfect its just for play now take some kind of rope or string or a stick and just thread through to the other side once you have your curtain on a string figure out where you want to hang it poke a hole and tie a knot just make sure its level adjust your curtain so it is even now turn your theater poke a hole use string to make a door pull you can make a puppet theater and put on a puppet show too Please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

65 thoughts on “Make A Cardboard Puppet Theater

  1. I want to my students to help make one. They can help paint and decorate.They just need a place to perform with all the puppets.

  2. Fantastic.  My first stage was an old refrigerator box.  It was great because it held two or three puppeteers.  Thanks for doing this.

  3. This was very helpful for my language arts project because I was looking for some ideas but couldn't find any until I came across this video. Thanks AlaskaGranny

  4. Alaska granny could you please give the YouTube kingdom more of your awesome things because I have lots of boxes to make things out of.

  5. Dammit…I'm going to buy some large home appliances just to get some big boxes so I can do this. Beautiful. Thanks.

  6. I love that you didn't edit the end…I would totally try to stand up and knock the whole thing over….lol….LOVE this….going to make one for my classroom. We are studying Jim Henson and the muppets (we made sock puppets last week). I have some cardboard boxes left over from a big online order a while back and I think this would be a great project. Thank you!!

  7. I am planning a puppet show for the kids this coming May for an annual family reunion and thanks so much for this great idea😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

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