MAMMA MIA 2 Here We Go Again NEW Trailer (2018) Amanda Seyfried, Lily James, Movie HD

MAMMA MIA 2 Here We Go Again NEW Trailer (2018) Amanda Seyfried, Lily James, Movie HD

♫ Mamma Mia, here I go again ♫ I have never felt closer to my Mom. In the exact same place that she was. All those years ago. Only this time we knew who the father is. You’re pregnant. Yeah. I am. Typical isn’t it? You wait twenty years for a dad and then three come along at once. You’re my Mom and I love you so much. [Cheering] Time has been most cruel to you, Sir. [Clears throat] In your case, age becomes you. As it does the tree. A wine. And cheese. [Laughs] I can do this. If I can just be as brave as my Mom was back then… I’m Bill. I’m Donna. The world is wide. I wanna make some memories. Can I help? ♫ Look at me now ♫ She’s missing her man. Which one? [Laughing] We only just met. And you’re not that kind of girl? Absolutely not. Usually. ♫ Just one look and I can hear a bell ring ♫ ♫ One more look and I can hear – ♫ Put it on girls. ♫ Mamma Mia, here I go again ♫ ♫ My my, how can I resist you? ♫ She wasn’t scared. She could do it, because she wasn’t alone. She had me. You can’t tell anybody about the baby yet. I just told Bill. Yeah, and I told Harry. I told many, many people. ♫ Why, why did I ever let you go? ♫ ♫ Mamma Mia, here I go again ♫ Let’s get the party started. Grandma, you weren’t invited. That’s the best kind of party, little girl. ♫ I should not have let you go ♫

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  1. Movie takes place in 2015 when Sophie is 25. It shows Donna first went to the island in 1979. (The movie clearly shows in the same summer, she got pregnant) yet in order for Sophie to be 25 in 2015, she would have to be born in 1990 and Donna would have to get pregnant 11 years after she was with Bill Harry and Sam. I’m upset that they could figure out the actual time line of this movie.

  2. To cast Lily James as young Meryl Streep is absolute bonkers! I am sure Meryl is turning in her grave because of this!

  3. Pls don't hate on me… I loved the first Mamma Mia because it was amazing, but honestly, this film really let me down 😅

  4. Wasn’t in love the first film but this film delivers all. Was memorised by Lily James, her character was very fun and vibrant, defiantly delivered her parting role. Brilliant film 9/10

  5. It’s in the wake of another poisoned story (the second of this year) that has made my fears for HTTYD 3 grow. I lack any confidence (however I will happily eat these words if I’m wrong) that a man determined to make his fans cry with the final DRAGON film won’t succumb to the tragically unfortunate ‘destroy good stories’ craze we seem to have in our film world lately. I hate stories that set up this great, epic story and then tear it down in a sequel (or connecting story) I love the stories that inspire life, hope, courage and above all love. A love of the story, a love of life. Really is needed, agreed, in stories to be believable, but like sugar in a repicy it needs balance. Too much makes it too sweet to little makes it sour. MAMMA MIA 2 was a nice story, good to see the back story, but I found it tried to recreate this epic cake and failed. The music wasn’t as vibrant or inspiriting, it lacked it’s basic and homely quality I loved best about the first and – while I can appreciate a tale about mourning and moving on – I felt this one was too focused on the sad. Leaving many questions unanswered as well. It was too forced and ridged and regretfully I must say; soulless. It had too much sugar for my tastes and sadly falls to the second film this year in a series that negates the great, epic story that came before. I can only hope this growing horrible occurrence in our films burns out before DRAGONS 3 arrives next year, because; though I’ll be
    open and fair, I WILL NOT hold any punches in my review of DRAGONS 3 if such a soulless, dark and depression craze remains in the last film of the very dearly loved series. I’ve seen the death of two beloved franchises. For the love of Thor! Don’t give us another one. Stories of dark and sad can work but not if it butchers something that was once vibrant, strong and wonderful. That’s too much reality, too much sugar for anyone to swallow.
    Making it DRAGON size…well, it will choke this writer half to death.
    I can only hope it won’t end that way. Mamma Mia 2 Review By Ej Robinson

  6. Words cannot describe how pleased I was when they started playing Angeleyes. Not one of their most well known, but by far my favourite, and forever my favourite. Mamma Mia 2 was amazing!!

  7. Fatal película horrible no sirve dicen que la segunda parte nunca servir terrible música vista matan , solo disfrute las palomitas

  8. We are Americans making a huge noise on a peer in Italy. This is our backyard and we are here just to have a picnic. Waitress!

  9. Not bad movie but using boxxy software made it fucking cool!!! Free service, awersome subtitles and what more – boxxy has big collection of movies and series for different tastes!

  10. I just know I'm gonna be flipping singing every single singing note in the movie when i watch it XD also: I've always watched Mamma Mia at least 5 times every year. I've been watching it pretty much since I was born, and I thought that it was an old movie and that everybody had forgotten about it. But apparently not. And when I saw that there was a second movie, I was so, so, SO happy. I know every word to ALL the songs in the first movie, and this one, I'm sure, will be no different. 😳… 😗 (And it is very, VERY, VERY rare that I use a 😗 emoji, so that just shows how much I love this movie.)

  11. Worst movie ever… they should had left the first one … the first was the best and they ruined it by making this crap… and guess what… Donna isn’t in it ….

  12. Pretty good movie but I always wondered if Sophie was obviously born and raised on a Greek island why does she talk and act like a Valley Girl bimbo from Huntington Beach California, or even speak perfect English in the first place???? LOL.

  13. Wait I just realised in the first one donnas mum is dead but in the second Donna is dead
    My only brain cell thought of that just there

  14. i’m actually personally offended they didn’t make the actresses wear contacts ESPECIALLY rosie’s younger self, you mean to tell me she literally had LIGHT BLUE eyes when she was young and almost BLACK eyes when she was older???? and donna has brown eyes when she’s young and blue when old??? nah chief this aint it


  16. I feel like this movie was pointless…it had stories that i think they already had in the first…i feel like i have to watch the first one after this one to shake of this feeling. And without donna this movie was just crap. The whole story was boring and like in the first one you had a story and you felt like watching a movie but with this one i feel like i have been watching song videos for and hour

  17. woooooow this film is so amazing! It's one of the best comedies i have ever seen. Its a bit complicated but the aftermovie cleared my mind! So i wonne give you a clue: watch the aftermovie first!!!! And do you know that lady Gaga has also a roll in it? i love her so much, she also seems a bit like the girl of abba!! and the amout of music! damn i like the fact tht they sing 80% of the film! they repait enough what they feel so than you understand the film mush better! I feel the same way like Donna: liking a lot of guys, just like I like pigs! pay attention to the donky who looks like a pig! damn this film is so good! I give it FIVE STARS!

  18. the movie wasnt great, but was ok
    unfortunately the music parts were a bit dry, needed more "power" especially from the music and not the voices
    only the my love my life one was good because was more soft song

  19. I've watched mamma mia 1 when I was 4 years old and I've watched it many times now that Mamma Mia 2 was released. I've been watching it everyday.

  20. What a Magnificent Movie. DEFIANTLEY A TEAR JERKER . AT Least For Me. What a wonderful Movie. I cry Everytime I see it. ❤❤❤❤

  21. Wtf is this shit? Haha this looks so Fucking lame. I didn't even know these movies existed until it showed up in my recommended videos 2 days ago. This movie looks like it sucks ass

  22. If I have to hear this fucking stupid movies advertising by electronics in wal mart one more time I will stab out my own ear drums to become deaf.

  23. "God, I hope his wife is dead…" they gave her and Cher all the best lines, which I'm sure is why they agreed to do the film.

    Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks produced this? Seriously? And I was a big fan of the original. It wasn't Citizen Kane, but it was just fun.

    Pretty insufferable movie until Cher sang…a TON of Auto-tune in this film, which automatically makes me crazy in a bad way (think: fingernails down a blackboard).

    Odd she's supposed to be Meryl's mother when Cher is 3 years older than her.


    WHY is Donna/Meryl dead in this movie??? I feel Cher and Meryl's singing are the least messed with digitally.

    I think if you don't want to learn to sing right yourself, you ought to step aside and let someone who knows what they're doing do it for you.

  24. saw the movie and i think i solved two things one SAM is Sophie biological dad , Donna wears a butterfly necklace only with SAM and then at Sophie's baptism ,later at Sophie's baby baptism shes wearing a dress with butterfly's on it. second thing is i think Fernando is Donna's father Sophie's grandpa. its mentioned to much not to be true i feel . message me in comments what you think.

  25. Make No Mistake About it That Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again Is Truly A Musical Masterpiece Next To The First Mamma Mia! The Movie No Doubt About It

  26. I only hold pure and utter hatred toward the disgustly dumb, senceless, inhuman, unreal, cynical and cringe-worthy feel of this movie, which is just a platform for ABBA-songs.

  27. Mama Mia was filmed in Croatia and not in Greece (I’m Greek and that’s not a greek Island) no offense,I still love mama Mia movies but only the first was filmed in Greece!!!

  28. I had a great time watching this film with friends. Even better than the first (which I loved)! Can't wait to buy on DVD or stream on an online platform.

  29. Did u know there was a blooper in the 1 it showed the manas a rockstar when they were and this mama. Mia2 they are not a rockstar 😜

  30. The movie takes place in 1979, Andante, Andante was NOT released until 1980 on the Super Trouper album, they fucked up.

  31. I actually sort of hated the first one, but Lilly Collins is an amazing actress so we’ll see how this one os

  32. You can't tell any body about the baby yet.
    Sam I told Bill
    Bill and I told
    Harry Harry and I told many many people😂😂😂😂

  33. I just watched this on netflix and the scenes where lily james is supposed to be there were nowhere.

  34. Loved it – just full of happy – happy – songs and beautiful scenery – and fun actors – loved it

  35. This movie leaves me with a smile wide open from the start until finish. It just doesn't keep me from not smiling. So love it.

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