Man knew movie theatre shooter

Man knew movie theatre shooter

13 thoughts on “Man knew movie theatre shooter

  1. This mother fucker is a crisis actor lying his ass off blinking his eyes looking down bullshit like aurora shooting nobody died Nobody got hurt

  2. ANOTHER HOAX SHOOTING WOULD YOU IMAGINE THAT JUST AFTER OBAMAS GUN ATTEMPT AGAIN . it's ok the corrupt hostile and hijacked federal government and Supreme Court members SHALL BE DISOBEYED AT ALL COSTS. of course you deceived people will believe anything the government tells you !

  3. When 911 dispatchers got the call of a shooter in a movie theater they didn't even have to ask if he were a ' white ' male, that's a given.

  4. So a CNN producer just so happened to live next to the shooter, eh?  When he was in middle school, you say?  Ah, and he recalls the shooter doing things like flying a Confederate flag and a "Don't Tread on Me" flag?  Give me a fucking break, CNN.

  5. Why did a 59 YEAR OLD commit this attack??
    It's usually young men in their early 20's that do this kind of stuff.
    I was surprised when I heard that it was a 59 year old man that did this.

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