Man Turns ’70s Airstream Into a Cool, Happy Home

Man Turns ’70s Airstream Into a Cool, Happy Home

(upbeat music) – It’s a 1976 Airstream Ambassador which is about 30 feet from the hitch to the rear and around 27, 28 feet on the inside. I have a love hate relationship
with this Airstream in that I think everyone who
takes it under restoration probably does. I went through a period
of just personal stress where many elements of my
life kind of fell apart. My ability to kind of be optimistic about what I was capable of that I can make something
happen was very shattered and so I knew I needed a project and it really helped me remember that I can still be a creative individual, despite challenges and then
reap the rewards of that. I lucked out in that I
found a great trailer. He just wanted it out, so I showed up, he said what can you pay? I said I’m gonna gut it, I offered him a third of
what he was looking at and was able to get the
trailer for just under 4,000. And mine was in great exterior shape. I honestly haven’t done
much on the outside, so that was like a huge check. On the inside it was
exactly how it was in 1976, shag carpet, cluttery curtains, everything was cream or brown, very weak kind of laminate cabinets. All the cabinetry I tore out completely and rebuilt from scratch. I took out the original
blackwater toilet system. So I put in a composting toilet. I replaced the subfloor and found a really affordable
kind of scrap amount of bamboo flooring so
bringing in some wood, bringing in some comfortable fabrics that added just a little bit of life into the space was really important to me. We put in a whole new kitchen and that was a combination
of spare laminate pieces, kind of this blue that I
really wanted one simple color on the wall and in small spaces, making sure your kitchen
is really functional, makes the whole space feel functional. So the counter serves
as a really long kitchen when you need it. It serves as a desk, a reading area when you need it, and kind of makes the whole
space feel really open. I then wanted to add a
little bit of character, I was also on like a very tight budget and so I picked up for like five dollars several hundred stripped wood pallettes and just used that to
build the primary pantry that has all the storage
space I need for the kitchen, it also houses the fridge and just recently after
living in it for a year, I took out the free-floating couch and I built in it’s kind
of a multi-purpose couch that can be converted to a dinette, it can kinda be converted
to a coffee table space that can seat up to five comfortably, seven uncomfortably, but
having a good time in there and having a small
child can be a challenge in any type of space, you have a lot of things that you need and they’re making messes and so dealing with her things and messes is the same process as dealing with my own things and messes which means everything has a place. There are drawers and bins that are hidden under the bed and under the dinette that all have a purpose and you have to minimize across the board, so I minimize the clothes I wear and the things I have and we do that with her as well. Its been the best decision I made, it works for Bird and I and so I’m pretty comfortable with where everything’s at now. (clapping) Okay. (inaudible) Salt Lake City is an interesting city in that you have a vibrant downtown area with the option for suburbs if you want that are 10 to 15 minutes away, but all that’s housed along
the Wasatch Mountains. So when I was looking at the idea of a mobile tiny space and have quality of life
that’s kind of affordable, I have a little girl, all of a sudden taking a
heavy look at where I grew up, Salt Lake, made a lot of sense. I’m not sure if the Airstream
will always be how I do that. Bird is only two years old, it works I think for a couple years, maybe less so as she gets older. What makes me happy is on a day like this where I can hang out with my little girl and know that I’m already
reaping the benefits and being able to live as simply. (upbeat music)

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  1. You and your little girl are going to have the most amazing connection thanks to this one decision. Seeing how much joy you bring each other just made this video that much better. Congratulations.

  2. This is brilliant. Good for him. He made an incredibly beautiful and elegant statement about the value of what is really important in life. If there were more people with this mindset, we wouldn't have a greedy monster taking office as president tomorrow.

  3. good job men i've been watching your video for a long time. i have an rv that i' ve been fixing it my self. i wanted to change my kitchen but idk how to start. can you tell me where did you get the laminated and the doors for the kitchen? thanks.

  4. What an inspiration…….I love this guy's attitude. When life is getting you down….figure it out and go for gold. And he does….along with his little Bird.

  5. Very inspiring. Thank you. Bless you and your lovely daughter and all family and friends ! ! !

  6. So so so inspiring :-)……I live in Italy where the culture of appearance is taking over everything and I am such a down to earth person. I love people like you. I wish you all the best…

  7. Oh, place a loft bed over the table she, you were playing on. With very small ladder when she's older. Won't take up Any More Floor Space!

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    Thanks so much!

  15. BEAUTIFUL……and EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL a single man raising his daughter…..You are an TRUE MAN ….doing it all for you and your precious daughter: ) BRAVOOO! And love her name …Bird: )

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    Amazing how you can 'live' in a smaller organized space. Congrats, love to hear updates on your own channel someday soon…

  21. So awesome I'm searching for a 31 classic 2005 – 2010 that I'll renovate and put a bunk bed the bottom is playroom, my little girl is almost 4, and I want to rent my home in the OC CA 🙂 this is the way to live folks! and be on the road.

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