Maori Troilus and Cressida shakes up the Globe

Shakespeare’s known as
Wiremu Rurutao in Maoridom, and his works are being performed
on Globe Theatre’s stage this week. One of his plays –
Troilus and Cressida, has been translated into Maori, and it’s just launched the
Globe to Globe Festival in London. Bare feet stomp on one of the
most famous stages of the world. The Globe Theatre
thunders with Maori haka. It’s no different to
our great Maori wharenui. These are the walls that hold
Shakespeare’s stories and over centuries they’ve been
passed down to his actors. The spirit of his plays
lives on to this day. This is the Ngakau Toa
theatre troupe. They’ve been rehearsing
for seven months. This theatrical expert instigated
the move two years ago. We’re here to honour
this great house, this world-renowned stage, and the famous playwright
who wrote these works. The festival is a
major event in Britain. It’s an event that’s as equally
important as the Olympics. That’s the amazing thing about
Shakespeare, about his works – they’re no different to
the oral traditions of our ancestors that have been passed down. There are 37 plays being
performed in a range of different languages of the world. You have to believe
in the spirit of his works, you have to believe
in the way it’s written. Most importantly,
for the Maori language, we’re able to use words that capture the essence
of the writer’s intention. A gifted playwright’s work
lives on today, and is still loved by many. Rapaera Tawhai, Te Karere.

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