Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame – Official Trailer

Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame – Official Trailer

It seems like a thousand years ago… I fought my way out
of that cave… became Iron Man… realized I loved you… I know I said no more
surprises, but… I was really hoping to
pull off one last one. PEGGY CARTER:
The world has changed. None of us can go back… All we can
do is our best… and sometimes the
best that we can do… is to start over. ♪♪ THOR:
I saw all these people die. STEVE ROGERS:
I keep telling everybody they should move on… Some do… but not us. NATASHA ROMANOFF:
Even if there’s a… small chance… we owe this… to everyone who’s
not in this room to try. We will. STEVE ROGERS:
Whatever it takes. NEBULA:
Aaaaahhhh! CLINT BARTON:
Whatever it takes. NATASHA ROMANOFF:
Whatever it takes. TONY STARK:
Whatever it takes. ♪♪ I like this one.

100 thoughts on “Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame – Official Trailer

  1. Avengers infinity war released

    Avatar won (Thanos)

    Marvel Studios: ” Let's kill him properly this time”

    Avengers endgame released

  2. So I’m just laying in bed, staring up at the ceiling, wondering if Tony ever had PTSD from Infinity War and Morgan and Pepper were always there to snuggle and cuddle with him to make him feel better? Like they would watch Star Wars movies and eat cheeseburgers together? Anyways have a good night

  3. I still remember how freaked me and my friends were for just the teaser and it didn't changed we are still here with a different perspective but still we are here❣️

  4. Avengers Infinity war trailer 232M views and Avengers endgame trailer 127M views almost half doesn’t it look suspicious🤔

  5. I cried when Thanos died!
    Oh wait that's wrong…
    I died when Tony cried!!
    Oh for f* sake I can't get my thoughts straigth!!!
    I CRIED LIKE A BABY WHEN TONY DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Those who are telling that no one can replace ironman and cap. They were also new but gradually we started loving them . We will also adjust to new avengers

  7. What that bring you back to trailer…
    1. Big man in a suit of armour – love u 3000
    2. A man out of time – The soldier
    3. Strongest Avenger – Thor

  8. To think it's now long gone from the cinema is just a bit emotional and that ahh time just flies by !!!😩Still remember watching it on the first day… !! 🙂

  9. Didn't like Logan dying or Ironman. Marvel is dead to me. Will only watch movies before Endgames. Sad very sad 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 Disney ruins everything. Love💓💓💓💯 Robert and Hugh

    In another outcome out of 14000605 possible outcomes,
    When tony came back on earth and said, "I lost the kid"
    And cap would have said," I too lost Bucky "
    Tony: * Blank stare *
    And then starts five year Civil war- Part 2.

  11. I am smart and competitive like TONY STARK

    I am wise and worthy and never give up like Captain America

    I do good and keep my people safe like THOR

    I sacrifice and protect innocent like Black widow

    I am blend of strong and smart like HULK/Bruce banner

    My aims are clear like HAWKEYE

    I possess hope like Captain Marvel

    I trust people and show my faith like Doctor Strange

    I love my family like Ant Man

    I stay grounded like SPIDERMAN

    I back my team like Star lord

    I befriend always like War Machine

    I am selfless like Winter Solder

    I take responsibilities like Falcon

    I lead my tribe Black Panther

    I love someone like Wanda Maximoff

    I Love and trust my people like VISION

    I follow the leader like Okoye

    I am Understanding like Gamora

    I inhale bad and exhale good like Nebula

    I'll Suffer for a friend like Groot

    I am strong and Innocent like Drax

    I am impeccable and sinless like Mantis

    I am Sharp and witty like Rocket

    I am protective and take decisions like Wong

    I am skillful and Mischievous like Loki

    I'll trust my partner like Pepper Pots

    I keep my people together like FURY



  12. I see the first 25 seconds
    I feel the entire Infinity Saga
    It all started with one man..
    Iron man!!
    RDJ deserved the Oscar…

  13. I keep wanting to listen to the music over the visuals. But the visuals are voice acting in the trailer are so good that I can't focus in the music.

  14. Ahhh endgame, I can’t believe this was real, such a poor way to go out. The disappointment I have for this film is unmeasurable

  15. So question? Why has no one brought up the first Easter egg, with the showing of the Mandarin . In the first iorn man? Wile he was capitve by the ten rings after agreeing to make the jerioco missile (Not) it showed a clip of the real Mandarin figiting with his at the time, one of the ten rings?

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