Max Richter – On The Nature Of Daylight (Entropy)

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  1. just perfect. this is how each day should start. in peace. in harmony. thoughtful moments passing you by. thanks for sharing … !

  2. это потрясающе !!! Сколько у автора любви в сердце заложено ,, от этой великой силы мироздания Любви .

  3. This is the kind of music that if you would've read it on a paper or listen to it in midi playing software like sibelius you would've think that it's really simple and have nothing special in it, but this amazing players brought real life and depth into the piece and the mix and the sound is amazing as well, really emphasize the emotional depth of it. In one word, amazing and exciting to tears, cheers!

  4. My world is infinite and although I dwell in but a speck of it I am aware of what is beyond me. My touch can not reach as far as my mind yet I embrace it still.

  5. It fills me with something between melancholy and incredibly deep joy. My heart is aching and I'm crying, but at the same time it erradiates light. I think the deepest beautifulness comes with simultaneous sorrow and joy

  6. Max Richter has the gift of transforming the simple into high art. There is such a pared down elegance to his work. It is as much a meditation as a musical piece.

  7. Music, like this, is a state of mind and inner piece. So beautifully made. Thank you for giving us something beautiful like this

  8. This music always makes me falling down to the deepest part of the ocean.The ocean that Ive never been to and even I dont know where it is. .

  9. I love everything about this piece and so many of the comments that have been made here throughout the time the piece has been up online.I'm very happy also to make the acquaintance of this composer's music and will certainly delve into more of it. However the thing that bothers me, whether it's because I'm a composer but probably more likely because I'm human, is the way the piece ends with us having been told how life ends, sad and not happy or even open-ended… Meaning, the last card as a minor chord on the route. Even if it was a major chord it would bother me. Should be open, in other words, first fifths and octaves like a Gregorian chant or like a drone, the musical kind that is. Other than that I love it to death!

  10. I lost my lovely mother three days ago and listening to this song over and over again is helping me to keep all of my beautiful memories with her alive and allow me to connect to her soul with my feelings,God bless her.

  11. This music perfectly describes Darth vaders life. Born a slave by no father only for some mystical Beings who call themselves Jedi to come and free him but leave his mother a slave, claiming he is some prophecy spoken about thousands of years ago. At the temple he was a prodigy, the fastest, the smartest, the most gifted. He begged the council to save his mother but they told him attachment only leads to the darkside. For 10 years he tries to forget about his mom but when he sleeps he sees visions of her in pain, suffering, crying for his help and dying. One day he disobeys the Jedi, leaves to save his mom only to find her kidnapped, beaten and raped. He rescues her but before he can take her away she dies in his arms. He knows he is supposed to be a Jedi, to accept death but this one hit him to hard. He promises to be the most powerful Jedi, to save the ones he loves from dying. He rises and destroys all those who killed his mother, only for the Jedi to scold him and say he is reckless and not trustworthy. Soon he falls in love, but a Jedi is not supposed to love, he disobeys and secretly marries. He learns he has children. He is conflicted, the same visions he had of his mother now plague him with his wife showing her die in child birth. He knows the Jedi have the knowledge to help him and to access this knowledge he must be a Jedi master. Despite him being the best of the best, they refuse him the rank of master…all the while he is plagued by visions. He is conflicted…what to do? Continue with the Jedi who led to his mom's death, who do not trust him and use him, and now will lead to his wife and children death or decide for himself and live his life. He cries, he knows what he must do but deep down he hears a voice. The voice tells him he is the one who the ancient Jedi prophets spoke about, he is the one who will bring balance, who will restore the force. He chooses. He fights the Jedi order, kills all the Jedi taking in hundreds at a time, kills all the politicians, ends the war and his wife is safe. However, the one who raised him, the one he calls master came to stop him. He is so close, his wife is by his side the Jedi are no more, he is inches from his ship to escape it all and live in peace. He ignites his lightsaber, and battles his master who was like a father to him. Through his rage and arrogance he is cut down. He falls to the bank of a lava River and watches as his wife and dreams are taken away, as the only thing he loved was stolen from him. He awakes strapped to a table as he sees his arms and both legs missing, he is covered in 3rd degree burns. He breathes, but it is not him who breathes. He wonders if his wife will recognize him, despite his injuries the first words he speaks are "Where is padme? Is she alright?…is she safe?" A dark hooded figure approaches him and with fear tells him "…it seems in your anger….you….killed her". He can't believe it!!! Dead! With sadness, pain and anger he screams out "That's…. impossible….SHE WAS ALIVE I FELT IT!!!"
    He was taken over by rage, not the rage he had against the Jedi, not the rage he had when he fought his master, but the rage he felt when his mother died his arms. He screams out in pain, the very walls tremble before him, medical equipment explodes, the ground shakes. He collapses to the floor, struggling to breathe….it was a pain that lasted for 20 years. For 20 years he hunted the remaining Jedi, looking for his master who stole his life. He became cold, dead in the inside, and lost in his mind….until one day he discovered his son….his son was alive. He was conflicted…what to do? How ironic in an attempt to save everything he loved he destroyed everything he loved….this is what it feels like to be Darth Vader.

  12. Because of YouTube recommendation and me searching for the source of this music is lovely. music I found I found something beautiful, Enchantress to the ears and the mind. im glad I found this song or should I say this beautiful music.

  13. It summoned my tears in seconds…the power of the most beautiful painting ever written by light of the walking dead.

    Hail Max…hail Max Richter.

  14. I came across this by chance. What drew me here? Alogrtymes? Fate? Intuition? Does it matter? It adds to my journey by asking nothing i return. I go in peace.

  15. Listen to the existence of what is…. In its pure form of beauty. Everything is one. Division is only in the mind. Everything is one. Which is one love

  16. It's worth listening to the original version of this on the album, along with the next track, Horizon Variations. The transition from one to the other is a sublimely cathartic balancing of emotion.

  17. Pure beauty. Side note – whenever I come across something beautiful like this I find myself eager to look towards the comments. They make my cry even more as so many weigh in with their hearts/stories/feelings – it never fails.

  18. Imagining this playing as I watch the clouds roll overhead. Big, dark ones full of rain. Fluffy ones with strands of cotton candy flying from their edges. Clouds stained yellow, pink, lavender, and salmon hovering in those last minutes before the sun disappears behind the horizon.

  19. if there facial expressions could change "Often" then i would look at their faces….but alas……thanks Namaste

  20. Life it seems in reality, to be drab and devoid of poetry. But poetry is found in the sheer beauty of the spark of light that is LIFE.

    Though consciousness may drift to sleep at death, that spark of life was made.

    That life, though quick and quiet against the backdrop of a seemingly endless universe, was unique. No spark was every quite the same as it.

    You are poetic in your very existing.

  21. If flashbacks had a melody before someone passed away I'd imagine it would sound something like this. Our first childhood memories, reliving moments with our parents and siblings, friends, and lovers. Making a family of your own, experiencing joy, loss, love, and then finally release. It is so beautifully done! ❤️

  22. Watch the movie “In Her Skin” with Guy Pierce, Miranda Otto, Sam Neil. An Australian movie based on a true story. It will grab you and you will be thinking about if for days, weeks.

  23. I wonder how many Max Richters were killed in the holocaust ? or maybe someone who would find the cure for cancer.

  24. To me, this is both the pain of regret, yet also chances taken, despite the consequence. Living is not taking chances, missed opportunities, and a fear of failure in which we would rather safeguard our heart/emotions from potential pain rather than truly putting yourself out there. Start putting yourself in uncomfortable positions, taking chances EVERY TIME they present themselves, even if there is a chance that pain may follow. Try to put yourself in an unfamiliar situation 1-2 times per day. The ONE time you put yourself out there you may find clarity, your purpose, a cause, and perhaps LOVE. Regret will ALWAYS create more damage than taking that chance or opportunity and it not working out. NOTHING is as scarring as asking yourself "What if".

  25. This makes me think “what am I, amongst so many people, and what is my significance?” But I’m the only one who can answer that question. The future is unclear, but its mine…

  26. To everyone who lost someone: literally everyone else has, or will have. Your circumstance is not special in any way. You'll lose your relatives, pets, and everyone else, because life concludes with death, always. You do not mourn the sun for setting in the evening, because there always will be a new day. You too will always have one. Until you don't. But until then, instead of focusing on the certainty of death, focus on all the possibilities of life. Stop focusing on how it ends, and start thinking about doing something of true meaning until then. Mourning the dead is not one of those things.

    Being hung up on remembering what was is equal to forgetting to strive for what might be.

    Sorry for the tough love, but this needed to be said!

  27. This masterpiece of music is like grief leaking out of our soul. Thank you, Max! I can't tell you how much it has helped me grieve. Since the movie arrival when I first heard it, I've taken refuge in this music, during every sorrowful event of my life.

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