Hello doramaniacs and welcome to a new video on my channel as every wednesday. Today I’m gonna talk about korean romantic comedy dramas that are on my favourites list. [THE BEST KOREAN ROMANTIC COMEDY DRAMAS] I’ll start with a Lee Min Ho classic. Personal Taste. The drama tells the story of a young architect who in order to win a architecture contest goes to live as a rommie in the house of the daughter of one of the most important architects in Korea All of this with the objective of living in a traditional korean house built by him However, to get to be this girl’s roomie he has to lie and pretend to be homosexual because she doesn’t feel safe living alone with a man. And that’s the reason the story gets pretty funny and a little compicated between them because obviously romance starts to surge but she thinks he is homosexual and he doesn’t know how to deny that lie How will he reveal his sexuality without hurting her? and will he win the architecture contest? It’s a very recommended drama with Lee Min Ho portraying a very fun character It’s one of my favourites if not my favorite drama of him just because of the character Another romantic comedy from a while ago too and that I love is Flower Boy Ramyun Shop A highschool teacher meets a very handsome young man who, when she sees him falls in love with him and plans to call him oppa but she is for a great surprise when she discovers on the first day of school that he is actually one of her students and not just any student, he is the son of the owner of the school After suffering and enduring bullying from him, she decides to give him a lesson and from that day on, he falls madly in love with her but the age gap is big and in addition to that, a very handsome man comes to her life and calls her wife What will happen in this crazy triangle romance? It’s a very funny drama full of handsome men of different ages so if you like handsome men and romantic comedies this one is perfect. A drama with this theme that aired last year which I consider a very good one is Sensory Couple also known as The Girl Who Can See Smells As you can tell by the title, the drama is about a young woman who after waking up from a coma has the strange ability that allows her to see smells Yes, you heard right. See smells. And with her marvelous abilities to see smells she starts to work with a policeman helping him to solve different crimes and soon a romance between them is born very cute and funny, really this couple is one of my favourites, they have a lot of chemestry and a lot of very cute moments through the drama This story, in addition to having an excellent plot, it has a very nice couple, has a very sexy evil villian who you’ll love to watch. Another equally good drama also from last year is She Was Pretty It tells us the story of a disheveled woman who starts to work in a fashion magazine by accident And in this fashion magazine she meets again with her first love who when he was a kid he was chubby and now is a hansome, tall and thin working man and who is now his boss Feeling ashamed of her physical appearance, she decides to hide her true identity because she feels she is a clumsy, unsuccessful and ugly woman However, if he knows her so well and since she is his first love, won’t he find out who she really is? Let’s say this drama is like the korean version of Ugly Betty but cooler and funnier with a very handsome second male lead who happens to be Siwon from Super Junior so this drama is another one I recommend a lot. A drama that is always relevant among romantic comedies is My Love From The Star An alien came to Earth 400 years ago and in the present time he falls in love with a very popular actress who is going through a rough patch in her career Without realizing it, he starts to help her out and both become very close which, obviously, makes them fall in love and become a very cute and funny odd couple but him being an aline he has to go back to his planet soon. What will happen if he can’t stay on Earth nor with the woman she loves? It’s a drama that is very cute, very romantic, very funny I can recommend it a thousand times and I won’t get tired because it’s worth it. A drama I just finished with this kind of romantic comedy theme from this year and that I liked a lot is One More Happy Ending. This korean drama tells us the story of a group of women who used to be part of a girl band. Each one of them has a different and complicated situation with their respective couple but they all look for the same thing: being happy and being loved. The main character is a very popular matchmaker in Korea who has a lot of success matchmaking divorced couples However her romantic life is a chaos and it seems she can’t find true love. One day after being dumped by her ex and getting very drunk she unintentionally marries her neighbor and it’s then when a crazy and funny relationship is born between the two of them but it seems now she has fallen in love with another man. What will happen with this crazy woman and her chaotic romantic life? It’s a very good drama, all the characters are very funny, they’re very well portrayed a good plot, it’s goes beyond the common cliches we see in most dramas It realy is a very good drama, I recommend it a lot. And since we’re talking about accidental romances, one who has to be here is Fated to Love You This drama tells us the story of a man and a woman who, after one night of sex, she gets pregnant After both their families find out about this they force them to marry and to try to build a family They obviously accept but only with a contract The curious thing is, they start deveoliping feelings for each other But a lot of things will happen before they can truly be together It’s a beautiful drama that has everything, it will make you laugh, it’ll make you cry It’s gonna make you fall in love with the characters. It’s really very cute. Following up with a mysterious and phantasmagoric drama is Bride of the Century A romantic comedy with Lee Hong Ki as the lead I really liked to watch him portraying this character, a lot more mature and different from his other works that we are used to. The drama is about a very rich korean family that has a curse: the wife of the firstborn dies on the wedding night Knowing about this the now fiancée of the firstborn of the family hires a woman who coincidentally and misteriously looks exactly like her Without knowing the real reason she is hired, this woman accepts so she can help her grandma and buy her her medicine. But turns out she and the male lead fall in love for real and what will they do about the curse they now know about? It’s a different drama, I have to admit it’s kinda silly but very funny. I enjoyed it a lot. Another drama a bit on the fantasy side and a little old but still quite good is Rooftop Prince It’s about a king from the Joseon Era who, along with his subjects, misteriously time travel to the present time. They casually meet a woman who lives on a rooftop. After being surprised and frightened by every weird and different things around them they start to realize that the people around them are connected to them, to their lives in the past and with their present lives. It has a lot of funny scenes, with a lot of charismatic characters you’ll love to watch. It has 2 villians who I enjoyed a lot too, it’s a very good drama and besides, the couple has a lot of chemestry. It’s another one of my favourites since long ago and I recommend it a lot And last but not least, a drama from the beginning of this year and the end of last one is Oh My Venus It tells the story of a woman with overweight who, after accidentally meeting a profesional coach who makes a living transforming women like her into sexy and athletic women starts to try to change his physical appearance so she can go back to the body she used to have when she was younger But losing weight is not as easy as she thought and also, she starts to think her couch is very attractive Will she lose weight? and what will happen between them? It’s another good korean romantic comedy that not only will it make you laugh it will also motivate you to take care of your body, to do some excercise and eat healthier An those were all the korean dramas I was going to talk about. The are among my favorites I highly recommend them, if you haven’t watched them please do so, I swear you won’t regret it you’ll like them a lot. Tell me down here in the comment section what’s your favorite romantic comedy and here in the corner what’s your favorite among the ones I talked about. Remember here in the description box I’m going to leave a link to all these doramas so you can go watch them on a a secure and trusthworthy website like dramafever Thank you so much for watching , I hope you liked it And I also hope you liked my new hairstyle too, now with blond ends I also want to invite you to my secondary channel where I’ll be uploading blogs and videos a little bit more personal Until today it only has one video, the one of my room tour but this weekend I’m going to upload a second video, about my birthday which just passed this last weekend So go visit my second channel called taniachan, I’m going to leave you the link here and in the description box My name is Tania and I’m going to leave you the links to all my social media networks down here in the description box I’m on twitter and instagram as @moonprism22 and Hablemos de Doramas is on Facebook and Instagram as hablemos de doramas I also remind you to visit the website where we write fun articles about doramas, korea and kpop and you can also talk with a lot of people from around the globe on the forums Thanks a lot for watching and see you on the next one. Bye!

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  1. Me enamore de los doramas y me volvi fans asi que mi lista es interminable; de los que mencionaste personal taste y mi amor de las estrellas me encantaron… strong woman do bong song también y muchos más

  2. para no ver todo el video

    1: personal taste
    2: flower boy ramyun shop
    3: sensory couple
    4: she was pretty
    5: my love from the star
    6: one more happy ending
    7: feted to love you
    8: bride of the century
    9: rooftop prince
    10: oh my venus
    alv me canse :"v

  3. Hola me puedes ayudar un dorama que me olvide su titulo … se trata de un meteorito que cayó entre una pareja el chico es cantante que en ese entonces los dos tienes energías de electricidad y no se pueden separa y ella se convierte en su asistente del chico y terminan juntos ella le ayuda que no se electrocute con las cosas y las personas el la nesecita .. ella le toca y no le pasa la electricidad a otras personas .. ayúdame porfa lo vi en netflix

  4. Hola oiga me sentí ofendido en el momento en dónde dijo que el dorama de la maestra tenía mucho hombres guapos y así si gusta reír y ver hombres guapos esto es para ti , me sonó muy clasista y sexista, soy completamente heterosexual y me gustan las chicas, pero me encanta ver doramas y ser lindo y vestir bien estoy mal ? Jajajajajajajaja sucede algo raro con Migo jajajajajajjajajajja

  5. Mi favorito es one more happy ending…..pero hay uno que es muy parecido pero no me acuerdo el nombre….. alguien conocera uno asi? Me dicen porfa


  7. Te faltó emergency couple, es de mis dramas favoritos!!! Me encantó de principio a fin y me reí mucho con la pareja principal

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