Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 10 | 19th October 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 10 | 19th October 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

have you eaten something ? no maid did not make anything? might be but I did not check okay I will make roti ( bread ) for you, eat something no are you pissed? yes I am sorry its okay Mehwish there was a foreign delegation , Shahwar asked me to go, I thought it will be a new experience shall we sleep first make your mood good what may I do? shall I laugh ? no , smile like that you are really smiling did you eat something? yes I ate in plane it must be business class. right? yes may I ask something ? yes did you not remember that how much I love you ? leave that , I said sorry means I did a mistake from tomorrow , you will not go to office , I will manage , but how? I will take bribe I will give you one lac per month but you won’t go to office bread is crispy shall I spread butter on slice ? no how much left from 5 lac? I submitted the fees of Roomi by myself have you spent some? yes how much? 80 or 90 thousand its okay not a big deal, tomorrow I will add that in it then? then I will give that to him , and will say we do not need of this look Danish , I did not do any sin No Mehwish , do not say this, you did a sin, but I did not call that a “sin”, just forget it , lets rewind our lives ,at least till that period where Shehwar Ahmad was not in lives lets start our life again he is a big man, he has so much money , he can buy even love, but I am more richer than him I can not sale love it can not go like this like what? I can not live like this that my eyes could not raise in front of you no, If you will not raise your eyes then my head will remain down raise your eyes so that I can talk with a raised head do you know what he was saying while going to school ? he was saying that you both have a fight with each other I said “no” when did you see that we doing are fighting? do you know what he said ? he said ” if you don’t fight it means you are angry with each other” when he will come back from school , we will do fight , he will be happy why did you not go office ? just for nothing , Mr Mateen the in-charge of our office, he notices me what does he notice ? when I get headache or feel drowsy he asks me ” what is the problem” he begins to tell the stories how he did cheat he did cheat his wife, but I said that Mr Mateen I am not like you go to your office now its 11 am you may say that “now I am fine that’s why I came” no its not like this, office work will not suffer due to me I was thinking that we will spend time together till Roomi will come, If you may say I will cook the food also Danish don’t talk like this don’t send me more file okay sir yesterday I was busy in Islamabad if you will say such rubbish then I will cut the call, shut up thank you so much why we came here? there is no meeting here then? lets make it a meeting between us we will sit , drink tea then we will decide where we have to go ? where we have to go from here ? we have a flight at 6pm isn’t? take rest you will not smoke the flight of 6 pm is confirmed , you will reach Karachi at 8 pm that is fixed , is it also fix that wherever we will go , and we will come back, you will always go to him? if you want to go back to him then why by the flight of 6 pm, there are some more flights before it please Shehwar he is so possessive ,he will not let me go anywhere the decision is made by the person who is going , not the person he does not allow I saw so many times , you also might saw sometimes in hurry people get into a wrong train, then what they do? are they keep sitting ? if the people will remain sitting then where they will go ? that’s why people do not keep sitting like you they wait till next station and get out of the train its almost 6 hours , think and decide suppose that next station is about to come may I leave the train if you know that that you got in a wrong train then you have to leave it if you will decide to get out of it then knock at my door , I also have to get out of it I have passed so much stations to search you are you sleeping ? no awaking I am going to pick Roomi okay make your mood good , we will go outside in evening I am alright hmm sir I talked to driver , he did go to pick Mehwish but her husband returned him back he might said about his health ? no sir , her husband said that , do not come here again what ? make a call to her wait hello! have you seen, same is happened what happened ? I was scared of this , if he will come to know , he may close all the gates to exit from the house will you ever afraid like this? then what shall I do? do what you did say me after knowing the door the whole scene is pictured in my eyes as I saw him at airport how he came to know that I will meet at airport? and the exact time I will reach there it had to happen one day that one day came so fast , when I see him I feel pity on him its simple buddy , you don’t feel pity on yourself send your resign with him, I can change your thinking , but I can not change your luck why are you saying like this ? then what I shall do, you don’t feel pity on me neither on your own-self, but you feel pity on that man who wants to hide the beauty of the world in a cheap flat what may I think ? come to my office its not possible, in evening he will force me to write resign and next day he will give it to you with 5 lacs its good , no one will say me that “do not smoke” Shehwar please then what may I do, I am helpless so I may take you with me or I may say to your husband that”take my everything and give me my Mehwish” if he will ask for everything then will you give? I swear you , I will give are you there ? yes do you know how I am feeling , I am restless since morning I am feeling anger , and smoking you will not smoke at all I think he came, bye hi where is Danish ? he went to pick Roomi from school oh !! tell him that tomorrow will be the meeting of building management okay I will I want to say something if you will not mind ? no, please say you are the most beautiful girl of this building thank you don’t fight did you not make new friends? yes who? Almir , Hamza Hamza was on yesterday you say that you make new friends daily Maham, Raza Muhammad Hasnain aslam alekum brother Danish how are you Roomi ? Ayat Aiza , maham RAza , hasnain I want to say that you are the most beautiful girl of this building then what I shall do, you don’t feel pity on me neither on your own-self, but you feel pity on that man who wants to hide the beauty of the world in a cheap flat Roomi has came my cute baby ,did you get homework ? so much oh , what you brought burgers, I thought today we will not cook food at home , in lunch we will eat burger and pizza in dinner I thought about pizza not you okay you thought, eat your burger and sleep after homework okay go and wash your hands you also eat , this is nice one yes Mr Mateen how are you? I heard you are not well now I am fine, I thought once to come office but my heart was not agreed I have some affection with you, yo are interesting person, I saw your empty chair, I became sad so nice of you it seems by your voice that you are well enough yes 100 %
it seems by your voice that you are well enough yes 100 % then we will meet tomorrow? sure tell me about cigarette, are you still smoking ? I told you I am not a chain smoker you did not tell me buddy , you told to peon , I did hear never did it at home oh ! are you afraid from your wife ? yes very much I saw the first man who says openly that yes I am afraid you will be very happy , take care you also, bye bye I want to get out at next station Shehwar confirm? confirmed mama you did not come to know when we came? okay is it any problem? why you are not talking ? no not at all, then say some thing , now you are not saying that Mehwish you stunning so much now I will never say ice cream papa where it is? brother stop here for a minute come here , where are you going ? will you eat ice cream? no stop here how are you uncle guard ? fine we came from outing also ate pizza wow see this ice cream, do you want to eat ? no Roomi will eat this Roomi, come fast why are you scolding ? lets go did you not see he made a friendship with guard ? okay don’t be angry its not a small thing , keep him in control , I did not feel good stop it Mehwish , at that night he was with him, at that night we both were not in senses I swear God, I did not have a bad intention I just said then later realized that its not right to say like this don’t know for how many years it will go like this please try to understand the meaning of it, we did forget Roomi at that night I did not forget okay fine , I did forget , due to the sorrow of your leaving I did forget have you seen, you said the same again stop it Mehwish , if a matter was happened , then it will be discussed for few days and don’t only listen also see the intention of the person who is saying it what was your intention ? as I came back you decided that I will not go to office , then what is your intention ? you will not go to office , whatever may happen will you tie me with a picked which picked? we loved each other , we got married , we have a son, these are relations Mehwish you will go to office and Roomi will go to school , what will I do? I feel so bad in this cheap flat its not flat , its our home whatever but I will go office from tomorrow you will not go to office , don’t ever think this again otherwise ? otherwise you will raise your hand on me ? how are you talking ? did I ever beat you ? see your eyes, it seems that you will eat me, and when you see me it seems you will slap me no Mehwish I will never do this , you are uselessly doing arguments
see your eyes, it seems that you will eat me, and when you see me it seems you will slap me no Mehwish I will never do this , you are uselessly doing arguments you did a small mistake you started to think yourself as a sinner , you are not a sinner then fine , I want to go office I said you will not go to office , that Shhwar Ahmed is such a scoundrel don’t abuse anyone don’t look anyone , look at me , I am your husband am I looking someone ? how are you talking about ? what happened to you ? may I tell you Danish , we can not live together again same anger , we will talk in the morning in the morning I will say the same that we can not live together crazy girl , I can not live without you but I can live ….. and I want to live, I am fed up of this may I tell you clearly Danish , now we can’t live together I am fed up of this relationship Mehwsih , he slept , now come come on Mehwish , sleep in your room I will sleep here are you mad Mehwsih , you are saying rubbish o you know what you did say ? you said I am fed up of this relationship, does anyone say this in anger ? please , its 2 am, let sleep, I have to go to office I also have to go will you not allow? no Mehwish , its only thing which I will not fulfill then go and sleep, I do not have any relation with that room lets think second option what second option ? you will not do job at his office , do at some other place my salary is seems bad to you ? I dislike the respect which you give him you took seriously my Islamabad’s visit, for that I already did say sorry as I reached don’t say that you did sorry as you reached , I saw you at airport with him, you were so ashamed, but ?I forgot that but now I want to forget the bad memory , remember we did love each other we spent a beautiful life together never thought that our salary is less and dreams are big whenever I saw that people have cars, business and big houses then I used to say it proudly that ” I have you ” and if I have you then I don’t need anything life is beyond me and you, I hope you will understand Roomi is beside us Mehwish give a look to him, kids sleep with a hope that their parents may not leave them now come on good morning Mr MAteen good morning asalam alekum , good morning how are you Mr Dansih ? fine hello sir hello tea or coffee? coffee
tea or coffee? coffee okay how is Roomi ? fine yes? Mr Matee , Danish speaking no do not look at me, I have a problem, if you will see me . I can’t say its too much, tell me I want 80000 as credit urgently , I will return in three months sure meet me at canteen , I will give you the cheque thank you very much no thanks and sorry in friendship I am not understanding anything , when I remain with you , I do not like to go home and when I am at home I feel my hopes loosing he will not allow me to go office then? then what you have to decide now which decision ? with whom you will live, with me or with him? say , or I cut the phone , you may think no don’t cut the phone tell me, how much trust do you have on me? now you do not have to do such questions then why do you feel your hopes loosing ? this bend of your marriage which you have in your neck, put out and throw it on his face what do you mean? ask for divorce divorce ? any problem? he will not divorce me Shehwar leave this on me what about Roomi? what happened? a kid wants only the things which he likes, then he will get everything of his choice and till when he will grown up, he may understand the meaning of divorce time has changed now , kids are more concern about that what they are getting from parents, not with the bounding of parents he is coming to return you the amount of 5 lacs hmm he may do some misbehave let him come, if he will do misbehave with me, then the security will throw him out of the office listen yes may I talk with him? what you will talk ? I will say him that make a deal with me, take money and leave you money for what? you won’t understand money can vanish the sorrows he must has the sorrow of leaving you, then we will buy that fight will start Shehwar, the he will not think that your security guards will throw him out of the office you only tell me that if he will ask you that ” do you want divorce ?” .then you have to say” yes , I want divorce “. I said this yesterday night , but he did not agree, he tried to convince me like kids then cut the phone and let him come to me, lets check his worth ,

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  2. جو تھوری سی رزق پر راضي هو جاتا هے تو وه أس كيلے کا فی ہو جاتا ہے الله پاک ہماری رزق مہ برکت عطا فرمائين امين

  3. Wsay is drama me orton k liye to sabaq h mgr ek nuqsan ye b h ab shyad bohat say shohar apni b.v ko shak ki nazar say dekhnay lg jayn jo job krti hn…

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  6. Common dialogs in every episode…..khubsurat ot..mamoli saarkari mulazim…chye lyyn gy ya coffee..aaaandaaa ommlit or frry….sigrt nai peeni..

  7. Common dialogs in every episode…..khubsurat ot..mamoli saarkari mulazim…chye lyyn gy ya coffee..aaaandaaa ommlit or frry….sigrt nai peeni..

  8. Dear viewers if you are watching this notice carefully that Mr. Shehwar is a sycho case. This cases are rarely happened in loneliness (tanhai). Mr. SHEHWAR has a wife but he has no peace of mind. Thats why he trying to snatch others peace.

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  18. @14:38 Pagal aurat. "Husan" wohi anmol hota hai jo chaar dewari mein ho. Chowk pe le ja k tu uski qeemat lagti hai aur har aik apni auqaat k mutabiq khareednay ki koshish karta hai 😒
    2 takkey ka flat usey anmol bana raha hai aur Shehwar uski qeemat laga raha hai 😔

  19. No one noticed the flat looked really bad from outside (humayun smoking scene) but so cozy and comfortable, even elegant from the inside.

  20. I haven't wept this much….weeping buckets, inconsolably….kisi aur ko bhi rona aaya ye sab dekh kar? & am an independent,strong, empowered woman btw

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  22. The only thing a person asks for, which he doesnt have in his life, everyone is in search of the missing thing and when they see it coming they grab it irrespective of anything. Whether it be money or love.

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