Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 21 [Subtitle Eng] Presented by Zeera Plus- ARY Digital Drama 4 Jan 2020

Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 21 [Subtitle Eng] Presented by Zeera Plus- ARY Digital Drama 4 Jan 2020

papa! meet mama for once, please then, she’ll not cut her vein and I want to see my mama alive at least do the breakfast I just said it, like that don’t be angry, please No, no… I I’ve done the breakfast if you weren’t in a hurry, I would have reduced the amount by 5 to 10 lacs and if you would have been late so, I would have given 10 to 15 lacs more thank you… name plate has been placed? yes, it’s done take these, your amount thank you…
shall I open the door, madam? No… cleaning has been done? yes, it’s done… alright, you may go… we’ll get his admission done in the school he keeps on watching the cartoon, the whole day… being free bad word, papa look at him now, he speaks English as well very good, papa have a nice day, papa Hello! Mehwish
yes…. I’ve heard, that you’ve bought the flat yes and who is this Akhtar Ahmed? Danish’s father… come, let me prepare tea for you No, no… I’ve got married, I don’t live alone anymore… when I’ll come to stay here, then I’ll have tea brother Danish won’t come? how will he come? he lives in such a big house now… have you done reconciliation with him? reconciliation is done after the fight, Mr. Monty I didn’t had any fight with him, though Hello! Hi! have you ever thought, I could have a fight with you? why are you laughing? answer me…. if you’ll ask such questions, I won’t answer you where is he? he is in his room I asked him to come with me, but he has become afraid from you Oh, Wow! he even gets frightened from me? even I get scared from you, now I am afraid of your silence looks like, someday you’ll become smoke with anger, and will disappear completely shut up!
what are you saying? alright, make a promise if I’ll say something, then you’ll keep smiling the same way after listening to it I’ll keep smiling… I’ve brought Mehwish to my home, from the hostel then take care of her properly where are you going? outside… I’m being afraid, that both of you won’t start justifying the disloyalty and remember, Ayesha if we get the evidence to justify the disloyalty then, animals will also laugh on us they’ll write the word ‘love’ on the footprint of someone, and will keep it in the museum and they’ll be telling the people, who’ll be looking to it that people use to do such foolish acts in the previous times you are so disloyal… neither you miss me, nor you talk to me I do miss you, but I don’t talk to you why? just like that since you’ll get married to somebody else, then what’s the benefit of missing you? oh, wow! so, with whom will you get me married now? it couldn’t be done with papa, and earlier, I wanted it to happen but now, I want you to stay away from him I’m so mean… right? yeah! but I am getting angry on myself, for being mean don’t be angry I’ll stay away from him, now eat this, please… teacher… teacher what did he say? he said, to take care of her… and then he went away where did he go? outside the room he said, I’m afraid of both of you afraid, means? OK, you relax… he’ll be alright tell me Ayesha… why he got scared? he thought, we are justifying the disloyalty he is saying right, though neither he wants to see my face, nor he wants to meet me you know, I had thought… if I’ll cut the nerve, then after listening to it, his heart will throb for me when he came to the hospital, I believed he had become restless but when he had gone, then I got to know he came to make me restless don’t you die on this suspect I doubt, he’ll come to see you you just sit & wait my heart says, he’ll meet you one day and that day, he won’t be able to go, by leaving you if you have to talk about such matters, then keep sitting here as it is of my heart’s interest you know… I also want to fight with him, now I want to convince him I accept that infidelity is a sin, but…
repentance is also something I bought that flat today which flat? where we use to live together by Shehwaar’s money? I thought to keep it after buying if he wants, he can give the money & make it on his name didn’t you think, that why he didn’t bought that flat himself? why? he said, I don’t even go from nearby of that building if I’ll go inside the flat, I’ll die there are footprints of Shehwaar Ahmed that flat stinks with the smell of the days, spent with some disloyal person why don’t you play with me? what is this question? since you have become rich, you’ve got changed… papa leave it man… you still meet my teacher, right? don’t hide… we are friends No, friend… neither I meet her, nor there is an affair going on you know… I’m proud of you, papa you are lieing… please don’t you know, why? why? there is something going on in her heart do you remember, what’s your age? yeah… have some shame these are not the talks as per your age listen papa yes I can’t give my papa to anyone don’t worry your papa is only yours by the way, you play very well you made me lose you know, why? why? you don’t want me to lose will meet on the dinner he said…
we’ll meet on the dinner then you know what? what? he is lieing to you actually he has said to you, something is going in your heart come on, man… look… you also be simple go to Hania, and ask her…”will you marry me”? shut up! else come to my house, then just think, that she got off on any station in the train’s journey when the train has gone… then she thought, it’s not the destination she is still standing there, & waiting then forgive her mistake & come back he cut the call? yes he said.. earlier I wanted it to happen and now, I want to you to stay away from papa… mad.. he said.. I’m so mean, right? he is just a small kid, and look how he talks… then he said… stop it! Hania…
you are laughing a lot I feel, this is the new way to cry more the dinner is served, come & have by the way, one doesn’t gets hungry in this condition.. listen… if I was laughing, it doesn’t mean that I was crying but I can cry for him… and if I don’t love him, so..
this is the truth, that I don’t love him but I can fall in love with him, though I’m unable to understand this only, a person who has been in love before, with such a great intensity is second love, legal on that person? and it is is legal?
then what is left in that love to give to somebody else? come, let’s have dinner
I’m hungry what happens in divorce, mama? mama & papa’s friendship doesn’t stay? mama leaves & goes away? after that, what happens? don’t ask, Roomi… you won’t understand… I’m the only one who is able to understand… when mama leaves, everyone leaves each other don’t talk about such big matters, Roomi papa also says the same, that I’ve started discussing big matters now both of you have made me grown up so quickly mama, please…
I don’t want to grow up now… make me talk to your papa he won’t talk to you now at least ask him to ask him to talk to me, for once won’t you have dinner? I’m talking to mama listen papa mama wants to talk to you, she is requesting he saw me in anger, and went away alright, I’m going now to have dinner make a call to your mama now listen to me if you don’t get him…
then remember you’ll miss him so much and it’s bad for a girl when she gets married to somebody else, and misses somebody else you have been into him so much… Oh! no… after your involvement, I get into love mom use to say, when a girl says she doesn’t like it, to takes someone’s name again & again then actually, she started liking it and if a person like you say it, then what else is left? so, actually she wanted to know this only that something is left, for sure… you feel shy?
come.. please, come in call … to whom? to Mr. Deewan… you use to call him always, after entering in the house Mr. Deewan Mr. Deewan he didn’t come… he won’t come.. his wife is suffering from fever, he said I’ll spent the night with her but… you’ve returned so… I thought to give you, your bride back somebody comes or not you keep on calling… tell me the truth… you fall in love with me or you are being merciful? come, let me tell you come on… sit here sit please I’ve gained the trust on, that you are a man my mama use to say, God has created man & women in pairs if it gets break from one, then have to be paired up with another so, I thought if I have to associate myself with another man, after breaking up from you… then, you aren’t that bad for it.. play it… I’ve heard…
one night you played so much piano, for Mehwish also, you had been dancing with her for so long play the same tune today as well forget Mehwish… have you forgotten? I’ve forgotten lie recall her, so that you can forget her in order to forget someone, we need to recall them play the same tune to forget her, we’ll recall her together how do you feel? very nice… what? I’m dancing with you not a dance to get free from the cage of prison… to get the lost things back… shall I tell you the truth?
yes… I can’t believe even I can’t believe.. you even went to Europe with her? 2.5 months… you… you’ve been dancing in the arms of a stranger you’ve been dancing under the influence of a stranger woman after the dance, I’ll apologize to you No… not now do ask for apology after some years right now..
you are on the new probation of a new relation some day I’ll call you, while you are leaving I say to you… I’ve forgive you, Shehwaar and now again, you’ve become the chairman of the Shehwaar group of companies till the completion of probation you aren’t our chairman, anymore from tomorrow on wards, you’ll sit on the same chair of the same room where I saw you working, with full heart and I gave you my heart, after seeing you I have started to get frightened from him, Mehwish he is trying to break me after considering divorce as a fight between two people, he is saying that that why don’t you people reconcile? yes, why don’t you reconcile? why don’t you agree with him? alright then, just pretend the reconciliation give me a space in the corner of the house, to live we’ll have dinner together, just to show him
and will make each other eat and will show him, that we have not separated till then he’ll be grown up & will be understanding the meaning of divorce may be, then he’ll say himself why, both of you live together? are you listening… even if he understood, he won’t ever say that…
why are you living together? alright, even if he doesn’t say… I’ll go away you are laughing… you are talking about going away after leaving, that’s why you know, how to go after leaving I wish… you say all this again and I die, after listening this look, I’ve got tears in my eyes and I don’t like to cry for you thank you, papa thank you, for what? you came to drop me to school. after a month improve yourself boy
now, I’ll come daily then say this, you’ve improved go… bye, bye.. papa bye! close the door Hi! teacher let’s go, driver papa will come daily now and previously, he use to send me with the driver your classroom you are upset with me? of course not.. then why you left my hand? this is not my class room oh!.. I’m sorry see you… see you… *phone ringing* yes Wateera… you saw him? to whom? to brother Danish! don’t be cheap why cheap? he knows you, you know him but neither you know me, nor him by the way, I have said Hi! to him also I had waved him thanks God… thank God… what! polar bear polar bear is the most endangered animal do you know.. which is the second most endangered animal? Roomi!… are you here? No, I’m not… I’m sorry is there any problem? yes… but I’m thinking about the solution you? yeah! think after the class OK fine, teacher so, what was I saying? you were saying, polar bear is the most endangered animal correct! so.. you know… I can’t see in his eyes now… I feel as if I’m seeing my father seriously! I use to be so afraid of my father he use to get angry, on a small mistake he use to say, … right now, I’m making you understand with love after talking about serious topic, he use to say
where’s your sense of humor? so, what’s new in this? today.. I went to drop him to school, after so many months while getting off…
he said,thank you, papa so, what’s is this? this is what you don’t know… that whats in this this was the same problem of my father when he use to say thank you, it feels like he is saying me a bad word when I got off the car Hania also reached there when Hania did Hi! to me, that naughty boy was looking at her so strangely he was looking at me & then to her how?
how he was looking? understand… the way, as if father is looking at as if, I am giving a line to her leave your father, if he was looking at you people, it means he knows everything what does he know? means, he must have seen something where he must have seen? in Hania’s heart & in her talks he stays in the school for 6 hours he takes 4 classes from her he must be talking to her… he must have said to her everything, by thinking him as a kid what everything?
what’s there in between us? who is talking about both of you? the book which gets opened, that is only read and you’ve put packing on yourself he is his student he must have read her Lateef, bring a cup of tea Hi! papa, good evening good evening are you going somewhere? yeah to meet Hania… why? just like that, I thought to meet her where will you meet? at her house, where else? you didn’t ask me even Oh! my mistake alright, tell me.. shall I go? shall I come along? come on papa, if you’ll go… she’ll be in doubt to whom? what about doubt papa, it can happen to me also shall I go? will meet on dinner
bye! bye! *phone ringing* Hello! Hello! Danish speaking.. yes have you called Roomi? No I got a call from him, he said.. I’m coming
so I said, alright come didn’t you ask him, why is he coming? why? why will I ask this? you had also come did I ask you, why you came? no, it’s nothing like that I was just worried about him he is talking about new stuff..
anyways hey, listen yes what new stuff is he talking about? means exactly… I can’t tell you don’t worry I’m his teacher, not the student… I’ll take care alright… do send him sure… bye! *door bell rings* *phone ringing* Danish yes what is all happening, Salman what’s happening? that Roomi… he has gone to meet Hania, after dressing up so if he didn’t even take permission from me are you in doubt? what rubbish are you talking? he has gone on the date, simple I’m serious, Salman can I have the dinner?…means let me have the dinner, then will sit & think seriously then I’ll let you know, why he has gone go to hell you know… why is he worried? Roomi has gone to meet Hania after getting so much dressed up & didn’t even took his permission excuse me.. we decided, we are friends. right? yes, we are friends can I talk to you about anything? don’t you remember… you talk to me about everything? I was just checking your memory but what I’m about to say, that is most important, teacher very serious shall I say it? yes, go ahead can I hold your hand? yeah sure get up from the chair… will you marry my father? if you haven’t eaten the dinner, then come here straight away I’m waiting for you I haven’t eaten the dinner I had promised that I’ll eat with you good boy actually, you were not waiting for the dinner you aren’t able to eat the dinner why? because of the suspense what suspense? I went to teacher Hania you must be thinking, why has he gone there shall we have the dinner? means, no suspense? no suspense.. why you went there? I went to convince her I asked her to get married I proposed her what! you proposed her? and what did she said? have you seen your age? why are you misbehaving? hey, no papa…I’m saying just like that what I’ve done… when you’ll listen, you’ll hug me what have you done? I’ve talked to her about marriage I hold her hand and I said will you marry my father? at least have the dinner, papa why are being shy? papa you are laughing? I thought, you have become angry No,no I’m very happy I’m feeling good you are taking so much interest in my life are you joking? not at all I’m complimenting you you go & make a call to your mama and tell her, you’ve found a girl for your papa I’ll get him married for sure you’ll see… she’ll be happy she’ll kiss your face No, she won’t be happy… she’ll cry but she’ll say”very good” well done, Roomi then go & tell her…
get the blessings I’ve taken it already,,
I’ve told her I called her on the way she said go & ask your papa I’ll ask you tomorrow then, have your dinner I’m hungry you are hungry? come.. lets have dinner

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