Michael C. Hall ‘Oct 7th, take to the streets… Rebel for Life!’ | Extinction Rebellion

Michael C. Hall ‘Oct 7th, take to the streets… Rebel for Life!’ | Extinction Rebellion

personally I don’t want to leave this planet knowing that I did nothing to address the undeniable climate emergency and ecological crisis that engulfs us all or threatens to we can all be rebels October 7th marks the beginning of the global rebellion take to the streets your body is a powerful thing rebelled for life

17 thoughts on “Michael C. Hall ‘Oct 7th, take to the streets… Rebel for Life!’ | Extinction Rebellion

  1. Any celebrity not speaking out and using their often undeserved status in our society should be ashamed of themselves. Kudos to Michael! Wish he could just "Dexter" the sociopaths that are destroying this world!

  2. Normal 🥩🐕🥩🐬🥓🐖

    We can eat plants instead yet we are brutally murdering innocent loving beings and their offspring against their will by eating them 🐄🥩🐈🥩🐑🥩🦍🥩🐟🥩🐬🥩🐕🥩🐖🥓🐎🥩🦃🥩🐋🥩🐓🥩🦜🥩


  3. XR needs to hire some scientists to get the facts about the causes of climate extreme. Yes, too much CO2 and Methane are trapping heat but scientusts like Dr. Walter Jehne are showing us that poor land management, soil degredation, deforestation, over grazing, cultivation are the root of the climate problem, in fact 80 to 90 percent of the problem. We have to work with land managers, farmers ranchers, NOT politicians. Watch lectures by Dr. Walter Jehne on carbon sponge and how we can reverse global warming.

  4. Dexter, you do not know what you are talking about. As for Extinction Rebellion, these are eco terrorists and should be treated as such.

  5. I can’t support an organisation like XR they are going to cause millions £ in damage, irreversible damage to the environment, cost millions of people their jobs homes and livelihoods, if they really were for the environment they’d stop buying products from countries that have bad environmental policies, they’d also reduce their use of materials like viscous.

    They’d also do their research, once you have more than 2 people in a car it is more environmentally friendly than almost every other form of transport per passenger mile.

    You’d also read about where you’d food comes from rather than attacking normal people’s lives and livelihoods.

  6. "We have all been Deceieved. The Vatican Loyolan WOLFs……any means to justify the end. Their control for $ to hide their corrupted Pedocracy…..will KILL us all. Ep$tein silenced, Cardinal PELL the evidence. These CASTRATO Monsters….are protecting Vested Interest$….Rot$children Companys. To keep control, these fossil fools …..will NOT CONVERT to Renewables. IHS, Society of iesus….must DO what is Right!." (-_-)

    Rupert FOX Murdoch = Papal propagandi Knight of St Gregory…..a CIA Operation Mockingbird "Superior".

    THIS IS FOR THE CHILDRENS FUTURE !!….Men who rape children….do not care at all, and must face Justice, hiding behind a 'good name' facade…..Je$u$ to PREY…….now the Earth itself…..sacrificed. Our home.

    Got ya back clan member!…….The "Dean" of the "HALL " of records……its time to PROTEST. (-_-)

    @PENAL LAWS…[email protected] ACTS…@1829 CATHOLIC EMANCIPATION ACT…….
    there is a reason Popery was made Illegal……"witch hunts" is one of em. (victims mothers)
    Jesuit John Carroll, is USAs "Freedom of Religion, Founding Father"…..Lord Baltimore in Virgin Mary land.
    Revolutionary WAR period = EXPELL & SUPPRESSION of the Society of Jesus….the IHS.
    They infiltraited the Brit East India Co. "Mercantile Fleet"( to false flag Royal Navy).."Boston Tea Party"(-_-).
    USA Flag = BEIC Flag, St George (GENOA ensign) in 'jack', changed to colony stars……good luck.
    …….Elihu Yale, skimming the BEIC English $……to fund the "Revolution" & French Navy/ Jesuit appeals.

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