Mohabbat Na Kariyo – Episode 06 || English Subtitles || 15th Nov 2019 – HAR PAL GEO

Mohabbat Na Kariyo – Episode 06 || English Subtitles || 15th Nov 2019 – HAR PAL GEO

I told you, I won’t let this girl live in this house. How nice is Zara madam, but these both mother and daughter played a game with her, what should I do? How should I help her. What was my daughter’s fault? What are the reason
she is punished for? Why are you crying? I will talk to Asad Asad’s heart is also turn bad, wasn’t Zara told how Asad ask her
to leave from the house. Listen Mussarat, he is not here, he will believe whatever his
mother tells him. And wife? She has no value? She has her value, but this is natural. Just think if you speak to Zara she will take
your word as truth. This relationship of mother is like this Its okay then, you call now and talk to Asad. Its night time there, he must be resting, I will call him
in evening and speak in detail, he is very intelligent boy, he will listen and understand. And men talk in a different way, go and take care of girls and clam
down in front of them. And yes, don’t forget Afsheen’s medicine
in your own problem. God, you given us daughters,
give them good fate as well Amen. Go and give girls some food
and have some yourself. Shameem, Shameem. Yes madam. Leave everything, go to brothers room and pack all Zara’s stuff in bag and
put the bag in store room and clean his room. So Zara madam is not coming back ever? You are waiting for her quite desperately, I don’t want to listen her
name in this house again. Understand. Just do what I said. You must take care of yourself, for me and for yourself, understand. Sister, you are looking
very pretty today. No matter how pretty I look,
couldn’t be prettier than my sister. I am telling truth sister,
you are looking very pretty today. Just be happy like this always
and don’t cry, my heart aches Okay I will not cry and will be happy like this okay. Where are mother and father? Mother is in kitchen making
tea and Shami Kebab, and father is waiting for tea. How bad it is, mother is working
alone in kitchen. What I do, I’ll go to kitchen help mother and you go and have chat with father. Mother, let me help you to cook. Why did you come,
should’ve taken some rest. Resting for quite a while now,
let me cook. Leave it daughter, I’ll cook. Okay, mother Asad called. What, Asad called you?
You talk to him? Yes, he called me. He was telling that he will call to father
and talk to you as well. Whatever misunderstandings are created,
he will try resolve. God thank you. What happen mother?
Why are you crying? This is good news,
you should be happy about this. Not necessary that
tears fall only in sadness, sometime they also drop in happiness. These are tears of happiness. Don’t worry mother, God will help us
and everything will be fine. Hello. Hello Son, this is Jamal speaking. Yes, Yes Uncle greetings. Greetings, Sorry uncle,
I was about to call you. No problem son, I called. Uncle whatever happened
I am really sorry for that. No son don’t worry about that, and don’t worry about Zara
we are taking care of her. Son, husband wife relationship is bonding, if one gets upset then
other resolve the issue, if heart is clean then
misunderstandings solves Yes uncle. Talk to your aunty. Hello Greetings aunty. Greetings son. What are you doing? Aunty. Son, non is our fault, there must be some misunderstanding. Yes auntie you are right, you just don’t worry, I am coming then
everything will be fine. And please aunty you
take care of yourself, my Zara is also with you, you have to take care of her as well. You don’t have to worry about her
son and be happy. Okay aunty, take care, good bye. Good bye. I was very afraid, thank God, Asad don’t have any misunderstanding
about Zara. Musarrat, God is Almighty, he knows what’s in our hearts. No doubt, thank God. I asked you something, you didn’t replied. Already told you many times,
want to listen one more time then listen. I never thought about marrying you, neither can think. We are friends, best friends. Well ok done. It means neither you
will get married nor me. Why will I not get married? Because nobody can come between us. If anyone comes we will be separated, we need to fulfill
this friendship whole life. In friendship,
there are no pressures. You live your life, I live mine. if only you promise, you will never leave me. Please don’t irritate me with
this boring conversation, okay its late now, will meet tomorrow. Okay. Good night. Good night. No, please come in I won’t take too long, just wanted to tell you that I prepared the
presentation for meeting with delegation from Dubai. I sent you on email
so you can take a look. Okay Yes its right there. Yes Mr. Shaikh, thank you, no don’t book return flight keep it open. I don’t know when I am traveling back, okay thank you. You going somewhere? Pakistan So sudden, is everything okay? Zara missing me, and I am missing Zara. Sweet, okay I want to talk about this,
there are few points which I mentioned, so take a look at it. Nothing is finalized
yet waiting for your approval. Presentation looks prepared. Yes Rabia, is everything okay? Not for you may be. What do you mean? Mam I spoke to Asad, he is flying to come to Pakistan, he already booked the ticket and
I don’t think he will listen to anyone. No, no don’t worry Did you know about this? I spoke to him, he will not come without my permission. Well, my job was to inform you what I did, now you take care of the rest. I want him to stay there, but thank you for informing me. No its okay, please don’t
thank me its all good. Are you okay, hope you don’t have any problem there. Yes, everything is perfectly fine, will let you know if I need anything. Okay, anyway Rabia thank you once again for calling, you take care of yourself. Bye Bye. Asad, I won’t let you come back like this. Daughter, I talked to Asad, he is very normal and don’t have any bad
feelings in his heart. Yes father. He said when he comes back, he will clear all misunderstandings
from his mother’s heart. Everything will be okay like before. But things don’t end here, whatever misunderstandings
they have regarding you, you have to clear it all by yourself. Father, but how would I do that? Daughter, by giving them respect more then ever, you have to win their hearts back. Can you do it? Will try my best Very good, live long. I will try my level best to clear all
misunderstandings from Mama’s heart, but Asad I need you for this. Nida, Nida daughter Nida wakeup, don’t you have to go to university? Mother want to sleep bit more. Get up wash your face,
will have breakfast together. I have to go office as well so I
wait for you, lets wake up. Okay you go,
I will get fresh and come. Shoes, be careful, what happen? You look like the other day. No nothing happens. No you are not alright,
you are not going university tonight. What I will do staying at home? Its very important for me to go university,
I am perfectly alright. No you are not alright,
don’t be disobedient, I’ll take doctors appointment. I don’t want to go to doctor,
I am alright. Don’t argue, just look at your face,
its not as brightens as before. Let me get fresh,
I will look fine in just 2 minutes. No you will not get fresh,
you will put on makeup to hide it. Nothing will happen,
you just go to the table I am coming, 5 minutes. I am calling the doctor. Asad, Asad how are you? when are you coming? Just next week, I confirmed the flight. Next week? Why not this week? Why are you not coming tomorrow? Zara please try to understand, there is so much work which
I have to look after. Need to take care of some new projects, hired some new staff
whom I have to train, will take some time. What should I do Asad,
my heart is afraid. You are busy in your work there, but I don’t have anything
except your memories. That’s why I am coming to you,
what you think I don’t miss you? I don’t know,
but I cannot live without you. Don’t say like this Zara, I am coming to you
then we will talk plenty. Okay tell me did you talk to mother. No, She just not threw me out of the
house probably heart as well. If she threw you out of her heart so what, in my heart its just only you. I don’t want to live in your heart Asad, I want to live with you. Okay, take care of yourself now, if you cry like this
I won’t be able to work here. I am coming, okay tell me what should
I get for you from here? I don’t anything, you just come back. I am coming, okay how is Afsheen? Afsheen is okay. Okay I have a meeting now,
will call you at night. Bye. I would recommend
if you can delay your return then delay it, complete all work
then come back for once. Work will never end, I already made up my mind
and confirmed my seat as well. What happen mother? Why are you unhappy with me? Let me come this time, next time will stay longer. Your choice son. Don’t say like this mother, I have managed everything here
and I am only coming for 4 or 5 days. Not unhappy with you,
I want to see you as well. Okay travel safe. Thank you mother, I love you. I love you too. Bye. Bye. Please. This is a small present
for your wife from me. Sweet of you. Sweet must be your wife
and quite much though. How do you guess this? If someone is so nice,
then the other person will love then so much. I saw your feelings. You are right, she is nice. Yes, you hardly find compatible
couples nowadays. I mean you are far away but
still you think of each other all the time. That’s actually quiet impressive. Thank you. By the way I was about to call you, good you came. This client… Shamim, clean my room. Hey, where are you going? Mama, I forgot to tell you, my friends have organized a GT,
so I am going there. No, you cannot go anywhere,
we have to go to the doctor at 8 pm. Mama, why do you want me
to go to the doctor, I am perfectly fine. Why are you so stubborn? Don’t ruin my mood. Yes Kashif, yes, I am ready, you come over. I will see you in the evening. Bye. What will happen, God knows? Will Asad be able to convince
his mother or not? Will the misunderstanding be clear or not? How can mama think this,
I will kill my own child? How? How can I think that? When I didn’t take any such medication, I will talk to Asad, I will go to that doctor again. Yes, that will be fine. Yes, I will have to go. Mama, I cannot tell you
how much I missed it all. This environment, this home,
I missed you the most. Okay, its good you are home. Coming for 4-5 days is nothing. Child, you are the man of this house,
stop acting like a little girl, grow up. Yes mama, ok tell me, how is Nida? She is fine, sleeping,
you can meet her when she wakes. How is the office? I am exhausted, I am tired. That is why you are here, I have booked a place in Hunza
now that you are here, we will go there and relax. No mama, I cannot go anywhere right now. We will spend good time here, right? We will talk about this later,
get fresh, I will fix dinner. No mama, I… I have to go meet Zara. Sure, go meet her, but remember one thing, there is no place for her
in this home or in my heart, don’t bring her back in
this home by mistake even. You understand me, right? I hope its loud and clear. Mama, brother didn’t meet me
and went to meet Zara and you didn’t even
stop her from going. Now you will see,
he will bring her along. Not at all. I have clearly told him that,
that girl cannot come back to this home. Hello mama. Hello mama. Nida, how are you? I am fine! Mama, leave your anger, end this. Please. You don’t worry. I have told you, I will handle it all. You have to be strong. Come on. You understand me, child? Yes papa, but sister should have
met me before leaving. Child, she is not far, she is in this city,
when she comes you can meet her. I stayed with sister for so many days, it was so much fun, I didn’t even know how time flew. I don’t know when she will come next. Afsheen, child don’t say that, say good things, pray she gets set there, that is her home. Yes child, when children come home happy, the parents get relaxed. I don’t know
what will be going on there. Pray to God for the best, Asad is there and
we are praying for her too. I have sent her there with prayers. What happened child? Have food. You got this girl home,
when I told you not to. Mama, but, where else would I have taken her? This is her home. There is no place for a woman
who killed her own child in this home. No mama, she didn’t do anything like that, she doesn’t even know
what happened to her. Okay, so I am lying, the report is lying. Mama, look, why would Zara do this?
Try and understand. Death and life is in God’s hand. The life that was not
supposed to come on earth, how could we save it. But, my wish of grandchildren… Yes, but life has not ended, they can come back, have faith. You don’t worry, you understand? You have to take care of yourself, Zara will also take care of you. She is a good girl,
you misunderstand her, I am happy with her, if she makes a mistake,
forgive her. I will tell her to care for you, she will. I told you, you don’t need to worry,
it will all be fine. Mama will agree. Asad is right, he trusts you, he believes that
you cannot do all this. If my son trusts you
so I trust you too. Thank you mama. Forget everything
that happened till now. Come to me. You finally had to listen to
brother and accept Zara. What could I do? I had to listen to him. This will become a routine, brother will blackmail you on everything, we will have no position in
this home and she will rule. That will never happen, I will never let this happen. I promise you this. With you these 4 days
passed like 4 moments, I didn’t even know. Thank God what I came for got done. You know mama, convincing her could
have taken 4 years. Now you live here peacefully, happily. I cannot live without you Asad, I will miss you all the time. I know but don’t worry, but the first thing I will do
when I get there is to try to get you there. Really? Be quick. Yes. Keep it here Shamim. Papa, should I give you something? No child, thank you. Hello. Hello, sit. Actually I called you talk
about something important. Yes, go ahead. Actually I don’t change
my mind once I make it. My son insisted so I decided
to keep Zara in this home. But after today, she will not come to meet you, nor will you try to contact her. This is something Asad
shouldn’t find out, or else you know the result. Also, you people don’t even try to
get in touch on the phone either. Have something, I will send tea. Hello. Hello. You people are back, you know I made food triffle today, sister really likes it. Wow, our child does great work. Where is sister?
Why didn’t you bring her along? Child, your sister had some work
so she didn’t come. This means my hard
work went to waste. Why? I will eat, your mother will eat,
you will eat. Fine, then I will call sister
and ask her when she will come, then I will make it again. Yes, you can call her,
but not now. You get the fruit triffle, I want to see
how well you have made it. Yes papa, I will bring it. That’s it. Stop Mussarat, don’t cry in front of the child, she shouldn’t find out, she is unwell anyway. If she take affect, she might get unwell. God knows there is this one sadness for one daughter
and another for the other. How will we be able to tolerate it? Stop Mussarat, be strong.

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