Movie Night

Movie Night

Movie night take one! Our favorite room in the house is probably
the theater. Movie night is definitely a favorite. It’s something that I’ve always wanted,
you know, ever since I was a kid. We watch movies quite often. If it was up
to our nine year old, I think we would watch them every single day. All right. What do you want to watch? I really want to watch Star Wars. When it’s movie night, I get a blanket and
a pillow. And I go downstairs and get my popcorn. I like to sit in the front row. One of the things that was important to us
was to let the children have a place that they could gather and feel that was theirs. We wanted something where we would all get
together and still do things as a family. Having four kids, it’s nice to be able to
pause the movie, you know, because life happens, and things happen. And you’re home, but you
feel like you get away from home. And it’s enjoyable. One of the nice things about the movie theater
is, you know, we can have our date night. Asking our oldest daughter to babysit the
boys so that we can go watch a movie, you kind of feel like you’ve escaped. And they
feel like they’ve gotten to get away and have their kids night. The nice thing about having a movie theater is David and I have the opportunity of showing our kids some of our favorite movies on the big screen. And that’s when we realized we definitely
made the right decision. They all enjoy the space. It’s a good feeling. That’s a wrap.

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  1. Hello Toll Brothers! I know this videos pretty old now but I have a quick question. I would like to know how to get a theatre room that size. Can I get it in any build?

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