Movie Scenes Actors Refused To Film

Movie Scenes Actors Refused To Film

Red carpets, private jets, exotic locations
— the life of an actor may seem pretty plush. But don’t forget that being an actor requires
work, and it often means running into some pretty uncomfortable situations. When things go too far and a star declines
to do a scene, fans can’t help but speculate as to what kind of drama went down on set. Here’s a look at some movie scenes that actors
refused to film. Body double Isla Fisher’s breakthrough role as “stage-5
clinger” Gloria Cleary in 2005’s Wedding Crashers catapulted her to fame — and earned her
a reputation as a comedic force. The film was a huge hit at the box office,
thanks in part to raunchy R-rated gags. But as far as Fisher was concerned, unclothed
scenes were an absolute dealbreaker. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly,
she elaborated on just how many scenes she skipped…and how many stand-ins her shooting
contract stipulated. She said: “I had a hand double for the under-the-table
scene. I had a breast double for the boob-in-the-face
and I had a butt double. My argument was, if you see a character’s
breast, she’s no longer funny. I lost that argument with the producers.” Too Furious The Fast and the Furious franchise is a juggernaut,
but production on the eighth installment, The Fate of The Furious, was less than full-speed
ahead thanks to the competing egos of two of the franchise’s biggest stars — Dwayne
Johnson and Vin Diesel. In fact, it was ultimately revealed that the
beef was so bad, the two totally refused to film together. It all started in 2016, when Johnson went
on a social media rant during filming. In a since deleted Instagram post, he wrote
in part: “Some [men] conduct themselves as stand up
men and true professionals, while others don’t. The ones that don’t are too chicken s— to
do anything about it anyway.” TMZ reported that the day after, Johnson and
Diesel had a hush-hush meeting — which pretty much confirmed that Diesel was the subject
of Johnson’s social media vent session. Sources reported that things were so uncomfortable
on set that it was “impossible to shoot scenes.” In a 2018 interview with Rolling Stone, Johnson
himself confirmed that they didn’t film any scenes together, and his scenes with Diesel
in The Fate of The Furious were the product of clever post-production work “It ain’t too late to stop this.” The end for Emma Emma Watson has demonstrated serious range
in a variety of roles since breaking through as a child actor in Harry Potter… but none
of it prepared her for her uncomfortable cameo in This Is the End. The dark comedy was pretty much exactly what
you’d expect from Seth Rogen and his writing partner Evan Goldberg, whose over-the-top
sensibilities were established with Superbad. “Here let me see it.” “It’s real, it’s heavy.” “Ahhh! Come on, guys!” “Bang bang!” Like the rest of the all-star cast, Watson
played an exaggerated version of herself — but she didn’t exactly feel welcome in the boys’
club atmosphere during filming. According to an extra, Watson walked off the
set over a scene featuring Channing Tatum in a surprise cameo, doing the full-on Magic
Mike. “Channing introduce yourself.” “What’s up, guys. You cool?” “It’s Channing Tatum!” “It’s Channing Tatum!” “What the f—!” PopFocal picked up the since-deleted blog
post, which alleged, “Channing decided to do some of his breakdancing
in front of her but alas he was in nothing but a thong… Emma storms off set… So we wrapped the night 5 minutes later.” James Franco seemed to confirm the story in
conversation with Interview magazine. He explained: “So a funny thing happened on this movie I’m
doing. The movie is a comedy, but it’s kind of an
outrageous one, and this actress — I won’t say who, but she had a smaller role in the
film — walked off the movie in the middle of a scene.” Watson has never commented on her alleged
exit, although she later indicated that she enjoyed her time on the film. “How could I miss out on the chance to work
with some of the best, the most impressive lineup of the best comedians in the world
right now.” Absentee Blade The Blade trilogy was Marvel’s first three-quel,
but the final installment, Blade: Trinity, didn’t exactly wow audiences when it premiered
in 2004. Panned by critics as being shallow and scattered,
it left fans disappointed — especially after Snipes filed a lawsuit against the production
company after the film’s release. Eight years after the film came out, cast
member Patton Oswalt shed some light on what went down — namely that Snipes allegedly
refused to film most of his scenes. Oswalt told the A.V. Club, “He wouldn’t come out of his trailer […] he
only [came to the set] for close-ups. Everything else was done by his stand-in. I only did one scene with him.” Oswalt also revealed that Snipes had big beef
with writer-director David Goyer, stemming from an argument during a night out in Vancouver
while filming. As the feud continued, things only got more
ridiculous. “After a while he resorted to giving people,
communicating with post-its. He would give one to the director, each one
he would sign ‘Blade.'” Off Pitch Anna Kendrick found international superstardom
in Pitch Perfect as Beca, The Bellas’ rebellious soprano — and it sounds like her real-life
personality isn’t far from the tough-talking undergrad she played on the big screen. Kendrick spoke out about putting her foot
down on a potential storyline that had Beca getting romantically involved with a record
executive who was trying to get the Bellas’ master of the mash-up to sign with his label. She told Harper’s Bazaar UK: “Originally the music executive was supposed
to be my romantic interest but I said no to that, because I thought that would be kind
of f—ing problematic.” In the same interview, Kendrick revealed that
she pushed back on producers who asked the Bellas to step into more revealing wardrobes,
saying: “It’s funny. Whenever we do the wardrobe fittings I feel
like we get notes from the top saying they should be tighter […] and show more skin. And I’m like, that’s not why people are coming
to see the movie.” Kissing pains Kirk Cameron’s strict Christian faith means
that he considers even the smallest onscreen romantic gesture to be risqué — which is
why he told producers of the 2008 faith-based family drama Fireproof that he wouldn’t be
kissing his co-star. As Cameron claimed during an appearance on
the Today Show, it wasn’t just the kiss — he clashed with producers over several storylines
he felt were immoral, mainly that his firefighter character spends much of the film contemplating
divorce. That commitment to marriage meant that Cameron
refused to film the big kiss scene the way it was written. So the film crew changed up the scene, utilizing
low lighting and tight angles to put Cameron’s own wife in the shot, dressed up in the female
lead’s costume. Awww. And they say romance is dead.

99 thoughts on “Movie Scenes Actors Refused To Film

  1. All for people having their own beliefs and sticking to them! for having such strict ' morals' must make it very difficult as and actor surely and it seems rather strange that would agree to a film with that plot did they not give the so playing the main character The Script or at least a plot outline at any point?

  2. 1. Kristen Stewart refusing a scene where she has to show emotion.
    2. Adam Sandler refusing to do a scene that is actually funny.

  3. That last guy should be blackballed. An actor plays characters other than themselves. If he can't differentiate he isn't much of an actor.

  4. Screw Emma Wattson. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 and 2 she got the producers to pay her double the original amount by childishly threatening to leave if they didn't. Then she used the popularity she got from starring in the Potter franchise and drew attention to herself. And now she's a man hating feminazi.

  5. That doesn't sound like emma refused to shoot a scene in this is the end? It sounds like she walked off set because she was uncomfortable in around the scene being shot, and the way channing tatum was acting between takes around her. To my knowledge Emma was never written to be in the movie past her exit from the house, which takes place long before that scene with tatum.

  6. Johnson and Dieasel may have worked it out now. If not they need to get over themselves. Fisher went full drama queen in her movie at the first. Same for Watson.. it's just a freaking movie CLEARLY EVERYONE doing EXAGERATED versions of themselves.. say in what she said there in that clip cuz she over reacted and realized it. Heard with Snipes he was allegedly a real ass before his near career ending legal trouble he's finally out of. Kendrick seems like she's almost EXACTLY like most of her movie and show characters. BUT hinted she's more then up for crazier things if she thought she'd get away with it.

  7. Sounds like Anna Kendrick is a pain in the ass to work with. Easy fix, hire someone else. Hard to believe people of faith are so weak in faith they can't handle a little kiss when it's in front of a crew of people and has no emotional meaning. What twats.

  8. If more people would take such a stand the world would be a much different place. The problem is, I suspect, not in taking a stand but rather not wanting to be limited to whatever opportunities may present themselves to people. Taking a strong stand on marriage would prohibit that and that's just not something most people want to contemplate. We're in a downward spiral. In this day and age the SELF is the preeminent concern and all other considerations are secondary. Ironically self interest is ultimately self destructive and causes a great seal of collateral damage at the same time.

  9. Have to give kudos for morals actually coming back in films. Cameron is kind of a doofus but that was a real stand-up move.

  10. Pornography is also acting. Doesn't mean you're not having sex. Part of the reason Hollywood is so increidibly immoral on screen and off is because actors do sexualized things with multiple other actors they just meet (many of who are married) and have this ridiculous concept that if it's done in character and in front of a camera, then it doesn't count. Penelope Cruz and Maria Schneider (Last Tango in Paris) have horror stories of being borderline raped in some of their scenes. Kirk Cameron had ABSOLUTELY the right idea. More people like him would mean less people like Harvey Weinstein.

  11. i'd have just hired someone else to play isla fishers part since this film apparently got her into the spotlight..she wasnt that well known and could easily have been replaced..having to hire multiple body doubles to soothe her ego is a waste of money..oh and there are more than a few who thinks she's not that funny…i mean 3 doubles…3?..i'd have told her to walk..and she's wrong..someone CAN be seen topless or naked and still be considered funny..IF you're funny to begin with

  12. 4:00 that scene always bothered me. No way in hell he survived the beatings he takes in the end of the movie, and that horrible head hit he takes on that steel piece. But he takes it and keeps on fighting along, no powers.

  13. Anna Kendrick-"having her flame be in a position of power would be problematic"…. Dates a guy in a position of power irl. That's why feminists are dogshit

  14. Blade was okay, but anyone that stuck up that they can't be a professional is someone that can go down on the list of people to call. That's the reality of it. Overall, Emma Watson seemed to have the best demeanor about the whole thing. I would walk off if things got that ridiculous, too, but I'd also (as she did) get over it and do the best job I can while trying to have a good time with it.

    I agree with some people that Kirk Cameron may be a decent actor, but if he can't adapt to anything that isn't strictly Christian, you should not be calling him for anything that isn't.

    That car racing franchise just went too far, anyway. The first few movies were fine, but it's overkill and got boring REAL fast. Anyone getting stuck up about a franchise that's only at that point trying desperately to hang on has got to learn some humility.

  15. That's.. Weird.. Why would Cameron take the role for Fireproof then? I've seen It, the whole damn movie is about him, his issues with pornography and how he and his wife reconcile. I get not wanting to kiss another woman, but like… That movie was very Christian… Odd.

  16. Kirk Cameron is such a tool. It's one thing to be strictly religious, it's another to be a douchebag about it, and Cameron has always been a Grade-A douchebag about it. I can even understand doing a religious movie that you want made, even if it's terrible, condescending, and a blight on the film industry. But no kissing or even doing storylines involving divorce? Find a new career. Acting clearly is not your thing.

  17. Recall Kirk also made things a nightmare for filming of episodes on Growing Pains when he became Christian, including getting a supporting star fired from the series due to her past as a Playboy model getting revealed.

  18. Emma Watson. who does that little Snowflake think she is ? She's got ZERO real life experience and she's a major VIRTUE SIGNALER , I can't stand her attitude towards the little people. I mean how old is she ? and how much money does she have ?,she's got no problems ..

  19. Start firing this ego monsters and see if they get in line. They and sports stars should work together to produce something positive or get dumped like most of us would.

  20. Based on what you said, you got it wrong on Kirk Cameron. It's not that "he considers even the smallest on-screen romantic gesture to be risque." If that were the case, he would object to kissing his own wife on-screen as well. Obviously he was OK with that.

    No, the problem is that he doesn't really understand the meaning of the word "acting." Actors whose characters rob a bank, rape a person, perjure themselves, brutally beat someone up, etc. are not being immoral. Their CHARACTERS are being immoral. (That's why they call it "acting"!) And what the actor is doing isn't committing an immoral act. They are–yes, there's that word again–acting.

    The fact that Cameron doesn't get that fits perfectly with his general inability to distinguish fantasy and imagination from reality.
    And can a person actually be a real actor without understanding the very essence of what acting is?

  21. I heard that about Cameron, that’s his commitment to his marriage. The scene worked, good for him.
    And Anna K, I’m SO glad she pushed back re: costumes. She’s right, that’s not why we watch!

  22. That must be so horrible
    Lucky me I can work dealing with 40+teenagers and trying to teach them something for less than a tenth of the pay

  23. So Emma Watson got frustrated and walked off set because there were no other women around??
    Her feminist life is making me dislike her more by the day.

  24. Actors who refused to film scenes that are in a script they've agreed to film shoul be sacked. Most nude scenes are not needed but if you sign to do it, you should do it.

  25. If you are such a strikt Christian that you can not part pretense and reality, perhaps you should not become an actor … Isn't acting considered to be immoral in strikt Christian ways?

  26. My friend is family with Rupert Grint. Rupert told us that he and Harry Potter would always talk shit about how difficult Watson was.

  27. everyone talking shit about emma watson when she wasn’t even notified that there was going to be a strip scene (it obviously wasn’t in the script). there were men who literally sent POST IT NOTES to each other instead of just being professional and being in the same room together for a few scenes, but here we are using this video as an excuse to comment on how a terrible actress emma watson is. wow.

  28. So Isla signs up for a raunchy R-rated comedy with a character who has a lot of raunchy scenes and then request doubles for half the scenes?! Then don't do the movie, she got a full pay check for only doing some of her characters scenes. Moronic. She shouldn't of been hired in the first place then if she was so uncomfortable.

  29. Emma: "How could I miss out the chance to work with some of the best … blah blah blah ", because you are a dumb feminist snowflake Emma, that's how you miss your opportunities

  30. Kendricks is kind of a nun in the first place. she even has a beach scene where she is the only one relatively fully clothed. btw, yes, part of being an actress or actor is being attractive, specially when the role she is in is an entertainer.

  31. Trust me Anna the only reason that I agreed to see pitch perfect in the movies was because of you 😅

  32. No wonder Tavarish is spending thousands on that crappy Lambo, they must have absolutely thrashed it in that ice chasescene.

  33. Did you know that Mark Hamill astral projected himself onto the set of Star Wars: The Last Jedi for the entirety of the shoot?

  34. The Kirk Cameroon one is so stupid. Why become an actor at all? Divorce and kissing is the bread and butter of most romance and drama movies and tv shows.

  35. Camron is highly religious and everyone in Hollyweird knows this, so why would you hire him for a roll that would violate his morals?

  36. Ok i find Emma Watson too annoying. But you can't blame her in this situation, I mean a person suddenly and unexpectedly dances in front of her wearing nothing but a thong must have been extremely uncomfortable for her

  37. Do not… and I repeat, do not give Kurt Cameron shit about being faithful to his wife…
    They're other respectable actors out there that feel the same way. It's called respect…. bitches

  38. Some of these are just pathetic these people need to grow up , can only imagine how theyd handle real 9-5 jobs .

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