Movie Theater Signs for Beginners in American Sign Language

Movie Theater Signs for Beginners in American Sign Language

Hello! Welcome back. I’m Meredith, and here I teach ASL for beginner students. Today, we’re learning signs related to the movie theater. Are you ready? This is MOVIE MOVIE. MOVIE. MOVIE. I think about it like a screen —
right? The projector putting the movie on the screen. Kind of like that. The “5”
handshape wiggling back and forth: movie. movie. Be careful not to sign CHEESE —
where the the bottom of the palm presses on the hand, or BUSINESS with the “B”
handshape. It’s a different — “B” versus “MOVIE”. BUSY. MOVIE. CHEESE. They’re all different So again: MOVIE. Movie. MOVIE — might mean movie or also “FILM”; it could be “film”. THEATER. Theater. Theater. And that sign means many things:
it could mean theater, show, act, perform… and so on. Time. The “X” handshape on the opposite
wrist: TIME. And if you’re asking for the time– eyebrows up, that shows it’s a question: “what time?”. Again: “what time?” or “what time is it?” For example, “the movie is what time?” or
you can add the sign “STARTS” — the “1” handshape goes between the index and
middle finger. For START, it’s like a car, you’re turning the key.
It’s like that: START. START or “BEGIN”. For “END”, now we have the “B” handshapes, one
basically chops off the fingers of the other basically: “END” “END” or “ending”. And so again: START and
END. For example, “The movie starts what time?” Again: MOVIE START WHAT-TIME?. TIME. And if you want to respond, you can tell
what time. So we’ll learn numbers in a different video I have, but you basically
start that number at the wrist and move it up. For example: “one o’clock” “two o’clock” “four-thirty” “8:45” So a different video teaches numbers and
time. If you want to enter, that’s the sign ENTER. ENTER. ENTER. ENTER. So the THEATER, or the ROOM, the theater
might be big and have different ROOMS. You can sign the ROOM — ROOM. Again, with the number. For example: “ROOM 3”, “THEATER 9” Now, that theater/room, you enter, you
must have what? A ticket! So it’s like the “2” handshape is bent, and the other palm
is flat, and it moves right onto it. It’s like you’re punching a ticket. TICKET.
TICKET. TICKET. TICKET. COST. So now, it’s a normal “X” handshape grazes the opposite palm. this is the angle: COST. COST. “Ticket costs how much?”
COST, or “PRICE”. “HOW-MANY?” or “HOW-MUCH?” HOW-MUCH? So again, it’s sort of like TIME, where we
have a normal sign — “MANY” — and then we furrow the eyebrows to show it’s a
question: “how many?” For example, tickets… may be: TICKET HOW-MANY? One, two, three…
four, five, six, seven, eight, nine tickets. BUY. So “flat O” handshape on the opposite
palm, moves out like you’re giving someone money: BUY. BUY. BUY… or maybe PAY.
So now we have a “1” handshape points down at the palm, and moves out: PAY. PAY “SNACK” tends to be fingerspelled: “SNACK” SNACK. S-N-A-C-K. SNACK. and different
snacks at the movie theater might be… “POPCORN”. So start like this, and we’re
flicking the fingers in alternating movements: POPCORN. So one finger’s up and then the other:
popcorn. popcorn. POPCORN. And “with butter” — so that’s BUTTER. BUTTER. BUTTER. “POPCORN WITH BUTTER”, or maybe WITHOUT, so start like “WITH” and
then move the hands aside: WITHOUT BUTTER. CANDY: a “1” handshape here, and twisted:
WATER. so “W” handshape at the chin: WATER WATER WATER SODA: and “O” and an “open 8” — so that middle
finger goes down and into the opposite hand, and then flat. So… SODA SODA BATHROOM. So it’s a “T” handshape, you just
sort of shake it: BATHROOM. For example, “BATHROOM WHERE?” Again that’s the “T” — BATHROOM. BATHROOM. Now if a deaf person enters the theater, they may
request Closed Captions. So it’s a “C” handshape, bouncing once.
For example, the theater sometimes has glasses or a phone program or other
kinds of equipment that can display captions in front of you to show
basically what’s spoken on the screen, as well as noises. CLOSED-CAPTION. You’ll
sometimes also see it signed like this: CAPTION, or SUBTITLE. Okay, let’s review… Okay, that’s it for today! Thanks for
watching. I hope that that helped you learn a little, and if you liked this,
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