Oh ! What a slap ! What the fuck is going on ?! Stay here, fucker ! Get away from my TV ! Get the fuck out of here ! We belong here ! Get your ass back in ! It’s our home asshole ! Take that ! Ho ! What are you doing ! Did you get lost ? OK, I repeat the address for you : 3 Virgin street. You’re 10 minutes late, move your ass ! Hey ! Get your stuff here ! They can’t play anymore ! Quick quick ! Faster ! Hum, good afternoon Sir… I’m calling you because we’re still waiting for our beer pallet delivery… We are doing good, aren’t we ? We are fine. Actually we are at 26 average, with a peak at 39. Well, that means, basically, we are at 41 240 connections For 22 988 single… From who ? …User. 6 of you… 9 of you… And 13 of the boss ! Also, if we look at the details, it’s not bad. We have a connection time average superior than 75 minutes And that’s rather rare ! The zapping rate is 24% and it falls down to 11 for Nadine. Loyality, you see ?! Fuck you… Well, seriously we’ll have to find new boys ’cause one of them died again and I begin to really need people ! Kidnapping operation ? Calm down with that ! They look like garbage… You’re annoying with your esthetics Oh come on, you pleb ! Shut up. You’re so awkward ! Yes, but your subtile way… …doesn’t work. Proved. That’s it ? Nobody wants to add something… ? Hi ! Get out of here. Why ? Bro, I’m watching these bitches, I was getting horny ! Ah, nice… Yeah, like your mom Hold on ! Move your ass ! The mister has… strange preferences Piss off motherfucker ! Having fun, hm ? Fucking bastard ! Come on, go away ! Hey ! What are you doing ! Have a nice evening ! I am going to slap your ass ! Come in fast ! I’m out of munition ! I need bullets for my rifle man ! Is that for you ? This one is unique, you cannot find it usually. You got very lucky. Hey, can you bring us stuff to make our party ? Bring me… like… A dead animal… Man, I need to fuck ! Catch me someone ! Is it the techno guy ? Yup ! Cool ! Coffee ? No, I’m busy… Sure ? Yeah, really… Christoph Colomb’s coffee… I have a delivery. See you man ! You have to look at what we have for you… You’ll see, it’s awesome ! Zap, that’s bullshit ! Oh ! The deliverer ! Hey ! That’s the deliverer from TV ! Nice man, we got a line! It’s so fucked ! we can’t get out of these holes… You can get out. If you want to, up to you. You don’t have to ask ! Delivery ! Nice, more books ! More books ! What !? It seems like someone is hacking our audience. Ah ! As if we had a competitor ! We’re treating our audience like retards… Look at my saloon, statistics didn’t drop that much ! She’s right, I hate when she’s right… So what ?! We make pyjama parties ? That’s dumb ! It has always worked like this before, I don’t see why we should change now ! OK, listen. There is a guy from the street… Which is partying at people’s. He brings them rare stuff and tells them stories from outside. And people follow him ? What for ? He’s on the streets You can call him then he comes He put’s ambiance and people follow. Not complicated. Not stupid… Well, on the other hand He’s talking about us outside. It sucks ! We have to kill him ! Exactly ! It’s better to act… discretely. We’ll act like adults, and well-thought-out. We bring him here. He has big potential… Perfect, great idea to invite the popular phenomenon ! We don’t fucking make charity, do we ?! Free access That’s what you wanted ? Adventure ! Do you believe in TV ? Come with us, join us… Come on, we’re waiting for you… Welcome in MULTIPLEX ! Anarchist utopia calms oppressed slaves But freedom can’t be deserved. You have to buy it ! The system we’re living in is just a logical consequence of the past. Social selection works automatically. If you’re here right now, it’s because it’s your destiny. You worked hard to become famous… But now, you’ll never need to justify yourself again! Join us, and you’ll have the privilege of self-realisation ! And now ?

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  1. Heu…ouais…alors les mecs…comment vous dire…c'est excellent. Réalisation racée, direction artistique absolument magnifique. Du bonheur visuel. Un fond presque expérimental…du bonheur! Certainement le meilleur film made in IECA que j'ai pu voir. MERCI PUTAIN!

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