Munchkin: Felicia Day, Steve Jackson and Sandeep Parikh join Wil Wheaton on TableTop, Episode 5

Munchkin: Felicia Day, Steve Jackson and Sandeep Parikh join Wil Wheaton on TableTop, Episode 5

[MUSIC PLAYING] WIL WHEATON: When I was 10 years
old, I explored my first dungeon and I slayed
my first dragon. As the years went on, I became
a very serious role-player, looking down my sleek, elven
nose at all of those stupid min-maxers around me. But sometimes you don’t
care about someone’s rich personal backstory. You don’t care about a
character’s precious little hopes and dreams. Sometimes, you just want to
kick in the door, kill the monster, and take its treasure
without any of that pesky role-playing. Today, on TableTop, my friends,
Felicia Day, Sandeep Parikh and legendary game
designer Steve Jackson are all here so that we can kick in the
door, mutilate the bodies and backstab each other as we
fight to see which one of us is the biggest Munchkin. [MUSIC PLAYING] WIL WHEATON: Welcome to
Munchkin, a delightfully cruel parody of role-playing games. The goal is very simple. Get from Level 1 all the
way up to Level 10. To do that, we’re going to kick
in doors, bam, and fight the monsters that we
find behind them. Now, if a monster is too tough
for us, we can ask our friends for help. Maybe they’ll make
it less scary. A Level 6 Pukachu is a
lot scarier than a Level 1 Baby Pukachu. Of course, if a monster looks
like it’s getting to be too easy for us to defeat, those
same friends will turn around and make that monster harder
for us to defeat, like an intelligent Level 11 Pukachu. If we are able to defeat the
monster and don’t have to run away, we’re going to
go up a level. And we’ll get to take one
of its treasures, always something that helps us, like
a Plus 3 Bonus Chainsaw Of Bloody Dismemberment. Munchkin is a game where you
really find out who your friends are. Generally, not the people
sitting around the table with you. One of my favorite games
of all time. It is time to play Munchkin. [MUSIC PLAYING] FELICIA DAY: I’m Felicia Day. And I’m, probably, most known
for making web series or acting sometimes. Yeah, both. SANDEEP PARIKH: My name
is Sandeep Parikh. And I act in The Guild alongside
Felicia Day and the occasional Wil Wheaton. STEVE JACKSON: I’m
Steve Jackson. And I make games. And I’ve been doing it
for a long time. And I love it. WIL WHEATON: Steve,
you go first. STEVE JACKSON: And I noticed
that he started in the door. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. [LAUGHS] STEVE JACKSON: He’s already
trying to get ahead. FELICIA DAY: Come on, Sandeep. SANDEEP PARIKH: I’m
feeling good. I’m feeling good about
my chances. FELICIA DAY: Oh, get that. What the? Cheater! STEVE JACKSON: Well, I’ll start
by seeing what I drew. [MUSIC PLAYING] STEVE JACKSON: I have a Singing
& Dancing Sword. WIL WHEATON: Oh. FELICIA DAY: Oh, I always
like that one. WIL WHEATON: Good for you. STEVE JACKSON: It will fight
for me, no hands. And I can be a Hafling. WIL WHEATON: Oh,
congratulations. STEVE JACKSON: And, you know,
I am playing music to charm the monsters with a tuba. FELICIA DAY: Oh, my God. You’re so musical. WIL WHEATON: [LAUGHS] Yeah. STEVE JACKSON: Well, I know
Munchkin pretty well, because I wrote it. OK, time to open a door. [MUSIC PLAYING] STEVE JACKSON: Bam. WIL WHEATON: Oh, no. STEVE JACKSON: It’s the
Shrieking Geek. FELICIA DAY: Ooh. STEVE JACKSON: It’s Level 6. Right now, I’m a lousy Level
1, plus 2 bonus, that’s 3. [MUSIC PLAYING] STEVE JACKSON: I cannot beat
this crummy monster by myself. I need more. Who will help me, if it’s
worth two treasures? WIL WHEATON: Oh, let’s see. FELICIA DAY: I do
not help anyone. Sorry. SANDEEP PARIKH: I
can’t do squat. STEVE JACKSON: I didn’t
ask you for squat. WIL WHEATON: [LAUGHS] I don’t have anything in play
yet that I can use. STEVE JACKSON: OK. Well, I could bring myself
up to a tie. If anybody could help me with
even one point, it would be worth the first treasure. SANDEEP PARIKH: You’re at 8? WIL WHEATON: I’ll join you. STEVE JACKSON: You’ll join me? FELICIA DAY: Why are
you helping him? WIL WHEATON: I’m helping him
because I have dealt with enough shrieking geeks in my
life that I just want to see the Shrieking Geek destroyed. I’ll help you for a treasure. STEVE JACKSON: Right. WIL WHEATON: OK. First pick. STEVE JACKSON: He’s helping me
because he’s being bribed. So I throw Freezing Explosive
Potion at the Shrieking Geek, which almost does the job. And all you have to say
is, I’m helping, and step in behind me. WIL WHEATON: Oh. And using the power of help we
defeat the Shrieking Geek. STEVE JACKSON: Your level. WIL WHEATON: Oh, if only it was
that easy in real life. SANDEEP PARIKH: So you guys
have a total of how much? STEVE JACKSON: 7. WIL WHEATON: 7. SANDEEP PARIKH: Oh, no! STEVE JACKSON: 7? That’s right. FELICIA DAY: [GASPS] Oh! WIL WHEATON: Really? SANDEEP PARIKH: I don’t know. I my Shrieking Geek fans. FELICIA DAY: Wow! STEVE JACKSON: It’s an
Intelligent Shrieking Geek. SANDEEP PARIKH: And I have been
a shrieking geek, so I’m going to give some intelligence
to him. FELICIA DAY: Very high IQ. SANDEEP PARIKH: Plus
5 to my monster. STEVE JACKSON: You’re going
to see payback for that. WIL WHEATON: [LAUGHS] FELICIA DAY: Uh-oh. STEVE JACKSON: Predictably,
right at the end of your turn. SANDEEP PARIKH: Bummer. STEVE JACKSON: But for now,
we have to suck it up. WIL WHEATON: Sorry, Steve. I can’t help you. STEVE JACKSON: I can’t
do any more. FELICIA DAY: I’ve played
Munchkin about four or five times over the last
couple of years. I don’t consider myself a pro
Munchkin player, but I certainly am exposed
to the game. I’m going to be a Thief. WIL WHEATON: I’ll find
out who you are. FELICIA DAY: I’m going
to be a Thief. And that gives me the ability
to backstab other people during combat. And thank goodness. I’m an Elf. Look at that, guys. WIL WHEATON: A Thief? Isn’t that who you are
in Dragon Age? FELICIA DAY: Yeah. STEVE JACKSON: An Elf. A helpful little Elf. WIL WHEATON: It’s a little
on the nose, isn’t it? FELICIA DAY: I’m happy. My Elf card has an
elf, a blond elf with really big boobs. And I was just saying it would
be nice to be a redhead with big boobs, because I
like being an elf. That’s for sure. But blond, not so
good for this. And [INAUDIBLE]. Boom! Oh! SANDEEP PARIKH: Harpies! WIL WHEATON: Ooh, the Harpies. FELICIA DAY: And I can best
them, because I’m plus 3 and a plus 1. STEVE JACKSON: Mm-hm. FELICIA DAY: So I’m going to
assume that I beat these guys. WIL WHEATON: Yep, you do. And you get two treasures. FELICIA DAY: I get two
treasures face down. STEVE JACKSON: Face down. FELICIA DAY: And I
believe that– STEVE JACKSON: You level. FELICIA DAY: That’s the
end of my turn. Oh, yes. I do level. WIL WHEATON: You level, because
you beat the Harpies. STEVE JACKSON: OK. FELICIA DAY: Thank you. WIL WHEATON: Be proud
of being Level 2. FELICIA DAY: Yeah, I am proud. And that’s it. WIL WHEATON: All right. Wil’s turn. I played in a game with Steve at
a very small convention in Austin, Texas. And I won that game. And I got to walk around and
proclaim myself the biggest Munchkin for the rest
of the day. All right, I’m a Warrior! I am a Warrior carrying the
Shield Of Ubiquity for plus 4, because that’s awesome. I am going to kick in a door. Bam! Curse! Lose 1 small item. FELICIA DAY: Ooh. WIL WHEATON: But I don’t
have a small item. SANDEEP PARIKH: A big item. WIL WHEATON: Oh, It’s
a big item. STEVE JACKSON: It’s
a big item. That’s not small. FELICIA DAY: Whew. WIL WHEATON: Suck it, curse. All right. I’m going to go looking
for trouble. [MUSIC PLAYING] WIL WHEATON: And I am going to
fight a Level 2 Pit Bull. And now I am beating the Level
2 Pit Bull because I fight at an effective level of 5, unless
anyone wants to mess with me or it. I defeat the Pit Bull. I gain a treasure, one of my
favorite treasures ever. And I’m going to cash in a
little bit here for a level. [MUSIC PLAYING] WIL WHEATON: I have a
Pointy Hat Of Power. I also have the Pantyhose
Of Giant Strength. FELICIA DAY: Oh. STEVE JACKSON: And you’re
not putting those on? FELICIA DAY: Why would
you not wear those? WIL WHEATON: Because
I’m a Warrior. I can’t use them. FELICIA DAY: Oh. WIL WHEATON: Not usable
by a Warrior. So I’m going to cash those in. And now I’m going to take
myself to Level 3. And that will be the
end of my turn. SANDEEP PARIKH: I feel good
about my chances. It’s just a matter of pulling
the right cards. I mean, anything can
happen in Munchkin. That’s the beauty of the game. All right. WIL WHEATON: You’re
kicking the door? SANDEEP PARIKH: Yes, kicking
down the door. My short arms can’t reach. WIL WHEATON: There you go. Now you can flip it over. Bam! SANDEEP PARIKH: Great. WIL WHEATON: [LAUGHS] So now you can look
for trouble. Or if you want, you can loot
the room by drawing a face down door card. SANDEEP PARIKH: That’s
what I’m going to do. [MUSIC PLAYING] WIL WHEATON: There you go. STEVE JACKSON: You do not
have to show that to us. SANDEEP PARIKH: OK. My turn is done. [MUSIC PLAYING] FELICIA DAY: Who’s blue? SANDEEP PARIKH: Wil’s blue. FELICIA DAY: Wil’s not
Level 3 any more. He’s– WIL WHEATON: What? FELICIA DAY: Steal A Level. SANDEEP PARIKH: Ooh. WIL WHEATON: Oh! FELICIA DAY: So basically,
now I’m Level 3. WIL WHEATON: Ooh! You! FELICIA DAY: Oh, you
want to do it. Steve’s like, let me help. [LAUGHS] STEVE JACKSON: I want to do it. Yeah. WIL WHEATON: Enjoy Level 3. It was a nice place to be. FELICIA DAY: Yeah, it was. WIL WHEATON: Yeah, it felt
good to be up there. FELICIA DAY: I’m going to– I just want to clear
my hand out. STEVE JACKSON: Right. Right. Right. FELICIA DAY: So I’m
going to Curse. You lose your class, buddy. SANDEEP PARIKH: Thanks. No! Oh! Dammit! FELICIA DAY: OK. And I’m going to kick
in the door. SANDEEP PARIKH: Kick it! FELICIA DAY: Oh! Poom! STEVE JACKSON: Kick it hard. Boom! FELICIA DAY: Oh! Warrior. STEVE JACKSON: And you
can be a Warrior. FELICIA DAY: I don’t really
want to be a Warrior. I like being a Thief the best. I am a Thief. So I’m hoping, somehow, I get
to backstab someone, just because that’s my ability. And I’m going to use
it if I have it. WIL WHEATON: I am going to
take advantage of this Convenient Addition Error that
I stole from Sandeep. SANDEEP PARIKH: Oh! WIL WHEATON: To go up a level. SANDEEP PARIKH: That hurts. FELICIA DAY: That really
actually hurts. WIL WHEATON: Which is awesome. FELICIA DAY: Yeah, that’s
pretty nice. WIL WHEATON: And I’m right back
here at Level 3, where I belonged all along. FELICIA DAY: Ooh. Get out of my room. WIL WHEATON: And now I’m going
to kick in a door. Bam! SANDEEP PARIKH: Ooh. WIL WHEATON: Ooh, Illusion. FELICIA DAY: Oh, that’s
a good one. WIL WHEATON: This is a
super useful card. FELICIA DAY: The biggest threat
to me is Wil Wheaton, because I know that he plays
a lot of Munchkin. I think he’s kind of
underplaying what he has in his hand. And I think he might come out
swinging a little bit. STEVE JACKSON: Make it boom. SANDEEP PARIKH: Boom! WIL WHEATON: Level 8. STEVE JACKSON: The
Ghoulfiends. SANDEEP PARIKH: Ghoulfiends! Love it. WIL WHEATON: This says, no
items help against them. Fight with your level only. You can try to run
away for fun. But you get a plus
2 to run away. You should try to run
away, Sandeep. SANDEEP PARIKH: OK,
let’s run away. WIL WHEATON: I mean, you’re
wearing the shoes. SANDEEP PARIKH: Guys,
let’s run away. [MUSIC PLAYING] FELICIA DAY: You’re going
to– oh, not. WIL WHEATON: You’ve successfully
run away. SANDEEP PARIKH: Yes. I accomplished nothing. WIL WHEATON: And it’s like
Comic-Con 2009 all over again. FELICIA DAY: Steve is the dude
who owns the game, so he’s probably the best player. STEVE JACKSON: Door time. Boom! FELICIA DAY: Ooh. STEVE JACKSON: Be something
little and wimpy. Yes! FELICIA DAY: Why
do you always– WIL WHEATON: What is
with you with the little, wimpy monsters? FELICIA DAY: You do. It’s not fair. STEVE JACKSON: A cheap
shot is still a shot. OK, the Large Angry Chicken. FELICIA DAY: Guys, we have
to group up on him. I think he knows this
game really well. SANDEEP PARIKH: I think he
can hear you whispering. STEVE JACKSON: So if nobody’s
messing with me, I’m– WIL WHEATON: Well, actually,
as it turns out– Steve kept drawing
Level 2 monsters. So I decided, enough with
the Level 2 monsters. I must draw a line. And then I went through every
card in my hand, to make sure that that didn’t happen. Please enjoy the Wandering
Nose is a horrible one. STEVE JACKSON: Level 10, so
that’s 12 levels of stuff. WIL WHEATON: It’s 12
levels of oh, crap. FELICIA DAY: Yeah. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. SANDEEP PARIKH: That’s going
to be tough to beat. STEVE JACKSON: Well,
does anybody– including you, dammit– want to help me against
12 levels of stuff? WIL WHEATON: But see, you
fight at Level 4? STEVE JACKSON: Yeah. FELICIA DAY: I fight at 7. WIL WHEATON: You know, as it
turns out, I can actually help you defeat– STEVE JACKSON: You could
actually help. WIL WHEATON: I could help you
defeat the Floating Nose for all the treasure. STEVE JACKSON: Nonsense. I’ll give you the first
and the last. FELICIA DAY: Steve is definitely
a big bargainer. I’d never actually played
with anybody who wanted to wheel and deal. I felt like sometimes, I
was at a flea market. Yeah, I’m going to help you
out with all the treasure. STEVE JACKSON: Now, I’m not
taking that from you any more than I’m taking– WIL WHEATON: Wait. Why are you giving him the
same deal I’m giving him? FELICIA DAY: Because, now
I think about it– WIL WHEATON: Because
you’re an Elf. And you want to go up a level. FELICIA DAY: Well, I’m
thinking about it. STEVE JACKSON: You should help
me for none of the treasure, because you get a level. FELICIA DAY: No. I’m not helping you for
none of the treasure. Hello? I’ll take the first and
the last treasure. STEVE JACKSON: The first. FELICIA DAY: No. STEVE JACKSON: Fine. The first and the last. FELICIA DAY: Yes! Yes! Did you see my poker face? WIL WHEATON: What an incredible
bargain you drive. FELICIA DAY: So I could get 8. And that’s it. [MUSIC PLAYING] SANDEEP PARIKH: I could
get you over the top. FELICIA DAY: Really? SANDEEP PARIKH: Yeah. FELICIA DAY: No. We’re going to combo up
and help you out. The most fun round was when
I jumped in to help Steve. And then Sandeep jumped
in to help Steve. STEVE JACKSON: Three of
us tried to cooperate. And Wil was the odd
man out, because I didn’t take his deal. FELICIA DAY: That means
you’ll go up a level. I’ll go up a level. You get one treasure. I get one treasure. SANDEEP PARIKH: No, give me both
treasures, because you’re both getting levels. I’m not getting squat. I’m still on Level 1, sitting
here like a little dufus. [LAUGHTER] FELICIA DAY: OK. WIL WHEATON: So go ahead
and throw in. STEVE JACKSON: Here we go. Throw it. She’s helping me. SANDEEP PARIKH: I feel like
you’re going to try to– WIL WHEATON: You should
be nervous. SANDEEP PARIKH: Really? WIL WHEATON: Yeah. SANDEEP PARIKH: You’re playing
Munchkin with me. You should be nervous. SANDEEP PARIKH: Well,
come on, guy. WIL WHEATON: OK. There’s your Cotion Of
Ponfusion, which gives you guys plus 3 to your side. FELICIA DAY: Nice. WIL WHEATON: It’s a bummer. It’s such a bummer that the
Large Angry Chicken brought out his Pretty Balloons. FELICIA DAY: No! WIL WHEATON: Giving himself
an additional plus 5. FELICIA DAY: Wow! WIL WHEATON: [LAUGHS] STEVE JACKSON: Ooh! That is harsh. SANDEEP PARIKH: Yeah. Well no, he’s good. He’s a sly devil. FELICIA DAY: He’s definitely one
of those guys that loves to keep that backstab or that
one card in his back pocket to just own other people. He’s kind of like a sniper, I
would say, a sniper player. STEVE JACKSON: Then
here we go. We can’t do anything. FELICIA DAY: OK. STEVE JACKSON: We’ll let you
do the running first. FELICIA DAY: I’m going
to run first. I’ve got a plus 1 as an elf. STEVE JACKSON: From
the chicken? FELICIA DAY: Oops! Oh, gosh. STEVE JACKSON: OK. FELICIA DAY: Ooh! STEVE JACKSON: Oh! FELICIA DAY: I got a 6, a 7. STEVE JACKSON: You totally got
away from the chicken. FELICIA DAY: I got
away from the– STEVE JACKSON: Now you’ve
got to run away from the Floating Nose. FELICIA DAY: I’ve got
both of them? STEVE JACKSON: Yes. WIL WHEATON: Those
were monsters. STEVE JACKSON: They’re both
after both of us. FELICIA DAY: Do I have to run
away from the balloons? STEVE JACKSON: No. WIL WHEATON: No. FELICIA DAY: OK. STEVE JACKSON: That’s
just a helper. WIL WHEATON: They
can’t help you. FELICIA DAY: 5. STEVE JACKSON: 4? You got away from
both of them. FELICIA DAY: Is that plus? What? Plus 4. WIL WHEATON: Dammit! FELICIA DAY: Yes. STEVE JACKSON: OK. Now I’ve got to run away
from both of them. FELICIA DAY: OK. STEVE JACKSON: The tuba
gives me a plus 3. FELICIA DAY: Oh. WIL WHEATON: Does it really give
you plus 3 to run away? FELICIA DAY: That’s crazy. STEVE JACKSON: You thought
I was bluffing. You weren’t even reading
my card. WIL WHEATON: Oh, that’s great. That’s awesome. STEVE JACKSON: OK. FELICIA DAY: You are good. You are good. STEVE JACKSON: I want
to not roll a 1. FELICIA DAY: OK. WIL WHEATON: Please roll a 1. STEVE JACKSON: Got away
from the chicken. WIL WHEATON: All right. You got away from the chicken. FELICIA DAY: You’re
schizophrenic in this game. STEVE JACKSON: Same roll
to get away from the Floating Nose. WIL WHEATON: At this point– STEVE JACKSON: I got away
from the Floating Nose. SANDEEP PARIKH: Wow. FELICIA DAY: And we blew
all our great cards. And it turned out
to be a wash. And it was kind of fun,
actually, because there was a lot of coordination. And even though it was a net
zero, it was actually a really fun round. STEVE JACKSON: So you
did not hurt us. You did not hurt my friend here,
who tried to help me, though, there was a level
in it for her. FELICIA DAY: Just out of
the good of my heart. STEVE JACKSON: Done. [MUSIC PLAYING] FELICIA DAY: Because this is a
hot redhead in leather armor, I’m going to put my Slimy Armor
away and get the hot Leather Armor on. WIL WHEATON: Oh, my God. FELICIA DAY: Just for looks. WIL WHEATON: No, seriously. It’s Dragon Age all
over again. SANDEEP PARIKH: Felicia,
she uses her sex to get what she wants. She’s like, oh, oh, I’m going to
put this Leather Armor on, guys, trying to distract you to
make you visualize her in leather armor. FELICIA DAY: My rationale is
that people might not make me a target, because I’m cute. [LAUGHS] A little bit. I don’t know. SANDEEP PARIKH: I
don’t like it. FELICIA DAY: Bam! Ooh! Level 4, Snails on Speed. And since that is a Level 4 and
I’m at a Level 15, I am going to kill him,
unless somebody would like to do something. SANDEEP PARIKH: Let’s
put this poor bastard out of his misery. FELICIA DAY: [LAUGHS] WIL WHEATON: Yeah, seriously. SANDEEP PARIKH: All right. FELICIA DAY: And I
get two treasure. And I can put down an item,
which is a plus 4 bonus Cloak Of Obscurity, only usable
by thieves. But I’m a Thief. STEVE JACKSON: That’s her. OK. FELICIA DAY: I’m looking
so good. My outfit is so good
right now. SANDEEP PARIKH: Oh,
hey, I’m Felicia. Oh, I’m Felicia. Oh, I want my clothes
to be pretty. FELICIA DAY: Just for
my outfit’s sake– STEVE JACKSON: That,
guys, is a hint. FELICIA DAY: I’m going
to put my bow in my backpack, because I– WIL WHEATON: What? FELICIA DAY: I want to use a
Buckler and a Sneaky Bastard Sword, just because my
outfit’s going to look cooler that way. STEVE JACKSON: Yeah. FELICIA DAY: I had a Cloak. I had a Leather Armor on. I had an awesome dagger
and a buckler. And I was looking good. FELICIA DAY: And scene. SANDEEP PARIKH: Wow. Good scene. WIL WHEATON: Wow. That was really a good
scene for you. SANDEEP PARIKH: Good scene. WIL WHEATON: OK. FELICIA DAY: I look
so pretty now. WIL WHEATON: OK. FELICIA DAY: Hubba! WIL WHEATON: OK, I’m going
to kick in a door. Bam! It’s a Level 4 Undead Horse. FELICIA DAY: Ooh. WIL WHEATON: Now I’m going to
fight the Undead Horse. I am fighting at Level 7. The Undead Horse is Level 4,
so I’m beating it handily, unless anyone wants
to mess with me. The Undead Horse is
dead, which means that I gain a level. And I get two treasures. And I think the first thing I
have to do is immediately Boil An Anthill. FELICIA DAY: Aw. WIL WHEATON: In celebration of
defeating that guy there. And I will now go up
another level. Also, I am going to sell
my Chainsaw Of Bloody Dismemberment. STEVE JACKSON: Gee. WIL WHEATON: For double,
because I’m a Halfling. STEVE JACKSON: Yeah. WIL WHEATON: So that takes it up
to 1,200, which means that I gain another level. FELICIA DAY: OK, somebody
needs to stop. WIL WHEATON: To Level 7, OK? STEVE JACKSON: [INAUDIBLE]. WIL WHEATON: And really? You’re going to talk
about stopping? FELICIA DAY: Look. I’m ready. I’m dressed for success. [LAUGHTER] WIL WHEATON: I think Felicia
completely misses the point of Munchkin, because she cares
about how her character looks. But honestly, this is what
it’s like with her with everything in the world. SANDEEP PARIKH: This is scored
like golf right? Like the lowest? FELICIA DAY: [LAUGHS] WIL WHEATON: You know what? No. SANDEEP PARIKH: OK. Let’s kick down a door. WIL WHEATON: Here’s a card. Door coming. SANDEEP PARIKH: Bam! FELICIA DAY: Oh, no! WIL WHEATON: Oh! Lose Your Race! SANDEEP PARIKH: Awesome. WIL WHEATON: But you don’t have
a race, so who cares? SANDEEP PARIKH: Well, do I have
to lose my physical– WIL WHEATON: No. SANDEEP PARIKH: I’m
no longer Indian. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. SANDEEP PARIKH: Oh! Cursed again! [LAUGHS] It’s so fair. WIL WHEATON: But you
can loot the room. FELICIA DAY: You can loot
the room and get another door thing. SANDEEP PARIKH: I’m going
to have to do it. [MUSIC PLAYING] SANDEEP PARIKH: [SIGHS] FELICIA DAY: It’s a good card. I could tell from that face. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. Yeah. FELICIA DAY: What is that? Excellent card? WIL WHEATON: Yep. That’s his I love
this card face. SANDEEP PARIKH: All right. Let’s see. That is the end of my turn. [LAUGHS] FELICIA DAY: Oh! WIL WHEATON: Aw. So sad. STEVE JACKSON: I have nothing to
do, except kick down a door with the same old tuba. Beep! Bam! FELICIA DAY: Oh! Oh! Oh! STEVE JACKSON: Oh! Oh! A nasty one. WIL WHEATON: King Tut! STEVE JACKSON: One that
I’m going to have to ask for help on. FELICIA DAY: Oh, Tut. WIL WHEATON: King Tut, mm-hm. That guy is a dick. STEVE JACKSON: It is King Tut. SANDEEP PARIKH: I
want to help. FELICIA DAY: I will help you. STEVE JACKSON: Well, OK. We need a 16. And I think we decided I
was fighting as a 10. FELICIA DAY: Yeah. STEVE JACKSON: And so we know
you both can help me. Let’s hear your offers
to help me. I know you get a level
if you help. FELICIA DAY: i will
offer, out of the goodness of my elf heart. STEVE JACKSON: You’ll
do it for free. SANDEEP PARIKH: Oh, crap. WIL WHEATON: Your what? Your what? FELICIA DAY: Goodness
of my elf heart. WIL WHEATON: Elf fart? SANDEEP PARIKH: Oh, man. WIL WHEATON: Ha! Fart jokes, never not funny! FELICIA DAY: Oh. STEVE JACKSON: I’m accepting
her help. OK, I get two levels
for King Tut. FELICIA DAY: And I get one
level, because I’m a elf. STEVE JACKSON: You get one
level, because you are an elf with a Southern accent. FELICIA DAY: I’m an elf. STEVE JACKSON: I get them
all, but you see them. WIL WHEATON: Yuppie Water. The Eleven Foot Pole. FELICIA DAY: Oh, that was what
we were talking about. WIL WHEATON: Doppleganger! FELICIA DAY: Doppleganger! Oh, that’s nice. WIL WHEATON: Oh, and
Mithril Armor. FELICIA DAY: Oh! Whoa! STEVE JACKSON: So the question
is, can I use any of these? We’ll see. Well, the armor’s big. I’ve already got a tuba. FELICIA DAY: The tuba is a
nice item, I have to say. SANDEEP PARIKH: Mm-hm. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. So that’s a vote of confidence
for you, band geeks, straight from the mouth of Felicia Day. STEVE JACKSON: This
is a lovely card. WIL WHEATON: Feel good about
yourselves when you’re out there walking on the street in
front of the school at 6 o’clock in the morning. FELICIA DAY: I think a euphonium
is the sexiest instrument. It’s a tiny tuba. WIL WHEATON: Wow. FELICIA DAY: And it’s the
most underutilized instrument of the– STEVE JACKSON: People who even
know what a euphonium is– SANDEEP PARIKH: Why
do you know that? FELICIA DAY: It’s because
I’m a music major. There’s was a guy named
Ezra, who was the euphonium player in the– SANDEEP PARIKH: And did you
hook up with that guy? FELICIA DAY: No. SANDEEP PARIKH: Come on. FELICIA DAY: No. Definitely not. WIL WHEATON: No. You know why? Because his tuba was so tiny. FELICIA DAY: [LAUGHS] SANDEEP PARIKH: Ooh. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. STEVE JACKSON: It’s not the size
of the instrument, Will. We keep telling you. OK. WIL WHEATON: [LAUGHS] STEVE JACKSON: 1,000, selling. Leveling, please. Dumping in treasure discards. WIL WHEATON: All right! Everybody’s at level– sev– oh. STEVE JACKSON: Yeah. SANDEEP PARIKH: Wah, wah. STEVE JACKSON: Finishing. SANDEEP PARIKH: Day 47. Level 2 is starting
to eat at my soul. WIL WHEATON: Sandeep is a
good Munchkin player. He just kind of got
hosed by the deck. There just wasn’t a
lot for him to do. STEVE JACKSON: I hate it
when it happens to me. It was OK when it
happened to him. [MUSIC PLAYING] FELICIA DAY: I’m going to
kick down the door. WIL WHEATON: Bam! FELICIA DAY: Bam! Oh, it’s a Wight Brothers! [GASPS] WIL WHEATON: Ooh, it’s
a Wight Brothers. FELICIA DAY: Oh,
they are nasty. But I think I out-level them. So I am Level 7. And then I have– oh, 8 plus 14 is 22. I kill them my own self. WIL WHEATON: They are
super bad news. SANDEEP PARIKH: I know. It’s too bad they spawned. FELICIA DAY: [GASPS] WIL WHEATON: Oh no! Mate! SANDEEP PARIKH: I guess no one’s
helping me, so I’m going to just screw you over. WIL WHEATON: Oh! [LAUGHTER] FELICIA DAY: I have
a Magic Lamp. STEVE JACKSON: If you use
that, you [INAUDIBLE]. FELICIA DAY: If I use this, I
could get rid of the Mate. STEVE JACKSON: Yes. FELICIA DAY: And I could level
two levels with this and take four treasures. So I’m going to do that. STEVE JACKSON: Unless we mess
with her, she’s going to go up to Level 9. WIL WHEATON: Yep. STEVE JACKSON: And she will
get eight treasures. FELICIA DAY: OK, guys. SANDEEP PARIKH: I think– STEVE JACKSON: No [INAUDIBLE]. WIL WHEATON: Hang on. Hang on. I got this. Curse. Lose one big item. FELICIA DAY: Lose a big item? WIL WHEATON: Yeah. Lose a big item. FELICIA DAY: I could
use the Big Rock. WIL WHEATON: Use
your Big Rock. FELICIA DAY: So I have
to discard it. WIL WHEATON: OK. FELICIA DAY: But it says 7? WIL WHEATON: Now tell me
what your level is. FELICIA DAY: 7 plus 8
is 15, 16, 17, 18. WIL WHEATON: OK. The Wight Brothers
are now Level 19. FELICIA DAY: [SIGHS] You’re the worst ever. WIL WHEATON: I’m pretty sure
that, when you say worst, you mean best. FELICIA DAY: No. Absolutely not. WIL WHEATON: [LAUGHS] Are you sure? FELICIA DAY: I mean, my
English is clear. OK, what’s your deal, Steve? STEVE JACKSON: I can
give you plus 2. FELICIA DAY: Oh. STEVE JACKSON: Which
pushes you over. And I’ll do it for
the first two treasures out of your eight. FELICIA DAY: Absolutely,
Steve. I mean, that is a– WIL WHEATON: What
are you doing? SANDEEP PARIKH: Why
would you do that? Why are you giving
her the game? WIL WHEATON: Wow. STEVE JACKSON: I’m not. I’m only giving her Level 9. SANDEEP PARIKH: I will
slash your tires. WIL WHEATON: Oh! STEVE JACKSON: You will
have to come to Austin to slash my tires. SANDEEP PARIKH: Yeah. I’ll fly out there. [LAUGHTER] SANDEEP PARIKH: It’s
worth my time. FELICIA DAY: So alright. That’s a good deal. Absolutely. [INAUDIBLE]. STEVE JACKSON: I’m
helping you. FELICIA DAY: All right. STEVE JACKSON: Playing. FELICIA DAY: Whoa! OK, great. WIL WHEATON: Yuppie Water. FELICIA DAY: All right. I was 18 before. Now I’m 20. SANDEEP PARIKH: Against
his 19. FELICIA DAY: Yeah. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. No, no, no, no, 19. 19. SANDEEP PARIKH: Yeah,
that’s what I said. WIL WHEATON: You’re too young. You don’t know what
I just referenced. SANDEEP PARIKH: What’s
the reference? WIL WHEATON: I’m referencing
Paul Hardcastle’s seminal ’80s tune, “19.” SANDEEP PARIKH: Oh, God. I fell asleep while
you were talking. [LAUGHTER] FELICIA DAY: Oh, that
was a good one. You should get an extra card. You should get a treasure
for that. WIL WHEATON: Shut up! FELICIA DAY: You lose! We beat the Wight Brothers. STEVE JACKSON: I’ve
got the decider. I say you get a– Felicia is a deeply frightening
player. She is paying attention
all the time. WIL WHEATON: What is going on? FELICIA DAY: Well, that’s
our eight treasures. I go up two levels. I’m Level 9 now. Steve stays back there. But he gets two, the top two. STEVE JACKSON: I’m going
are the worst. STEVE JACKSON: You didn’t
make the noise. FELICIA DAY: You’re
not the worst. STEVE JACKSON: yeah. He’s the worst. I’m the second worst. FELICIA DAY: He’s the worst. You’re the second worst. STEVE JACKSON: I’m going
up two levels. FELICIA DAY: Oh, wow. STEVE JACKSON: When Felicia went
to Level 9, because we worked together, I got the
first two treasure cards. And I went up right
behind her. So it’s not all stabbing. You have to help people. And then you stab them. FELICIA DAY: We are
so close, guys. I can smell the gold coins. SANDEEP PARIKH: Give
me something. I’m going to kick
this door down. Bam! I got a Curse. Of course, I do. WIL WHEATON: [LAUGHS] SANDEEP PARIKH: This game would
not be complete without cursing me one more time. Oh, hey! I’m Sandeep. I’m really attractive
and normal. And oh, I pulled a curse. And then another curse
and another curse. That’s pretty much the game. So I will be fighting
with a 2. FELICIA DAY: Ooh. That’s kind of sad, dude. I helped you out. You look awesome. Look at this bandana. The dude didn’t really
get a chance. I mean, his card pulls
were so bad, I felt kind of bad for him. That’s why I gave
him a bandana. STEVE JACKSON: Here
we go again. FELICIA DAY: I gave
you a bandana. [LAUGHTER] STEVE JACKSON: Here
comes the boom. FELICIA DAY: Boom! STEVE JACKSON: A Lame Goblin. [ALL] Oh. WIL WHEATON: Balls! FELICIA DAY: Guys, we can’t
let this happen. SANDEEP PARIKH: I just picked
up a pretty good spoiler. What has he got going on? Let’s read his– FELICIA DAY: What
level are you? WIL WHEATON: If he beats the
Lame Goblin, he wins the game. STEVE JACKSON: I’m Level 9. SANDEEP PARIKH: Right. No, we have to stop
him, clearly. STEVE JACKSON: I add to it
a crummy 6, so I’m– FELICIA DAY: So you’re
at Level 15. STEVE JACKSON: What would happen
if you helped me win? FELICIA DAY: Nothing
will happen, because I would not win. STEVE JACKSON: Wrong. Wrong. WIL WHEATON: No, you’ll actually
go up a level. FELICIA DAY: So we would
win together. WIL WHEATON: And you’d
win together. You would have a
shared victory. STEVE JACKSON: We would go to
Level 10 at the same moment. FELICIA DAY: Ooh. It feels a little dirty,
but I might do it. Let’s see what you guys have. WIL WHEATON: Every nerd in the
world just backed this up and recorded, “It feels a little
dirty, but I want to see you do it.” FELICIA DAY: Yeah. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. That chip is being put
into Build-A-Bears all over the country. FELICIA DAY: Build-A-Bears? Really? WIL WHEATON: Right now. Yeah. SANDEEP PARIKH: Come
on, folks, let’s just take them down. WIL WHEATON: Yep. FELICIA DAY: It’s going to be
such a cliche if he wins. WIL WHEATON: First
of all, that Lame Goblin is an Illusion. FELICIA DAY: Wow. WIL WHEATON: It’s actually
a Level 8 Amazon. STEVE JACKSON: OK. Well– WIL WHEATON: Your
move, Sandeep. STEVE JACKSON: That made
it a little harder. WIL WHEATON: Humongous
by itself. STEVE JACKSON: [INAUDIBLE] Amazon. FELICIA DAY: Ooh. WIL WHEATON: What’s up? All right. STEVE JACKSON: Fine. I have a Doppleganger. Double my combat strength. SANDEEP PARIKH: Oh, fine. FELICIA DAY: Whoa! WIL WHEATON: Oh! STEVE JACKSON: I’m showing
30 against the 18. SANDEEP PARIKH: I’ve
got very little. FELICIA DAY: Put it in there. It might make the difference. WIL WHEATON: You should
do everything. STEVE JACKSON: Don’t
hold anything back. So now I’m a level 26, because
I just got potions. FELICIA DAY: So I can backstab
for 2, correct? WIL WHEATON: Yes. STEVE JACKSON: Which would
get it down to 6. FELICIA DAY: And then I have
a plus 5 to either side. STEVE JACKSON: Which would
get it down to 1. SANDEEP PARIKH: Come on! FELICIA DAY: [LAUGHS] So now– STEVE JACKSON: I’m 1 up. WIL WHEATON: He’s still beating
it by one point. I think we’ve done everything
we can do. STEVE JACKSON: You’re tapped. You’re tapped. You’re tapped. FELICIA DAY: I’m tapped out. All I have is a Rat
On A Stick. So that’s not doing anything. STEVE JACKSON: Move me. WIL WHEATON: Steve Jackson? STEVE JACKSON: Move
me, henchman. SANDEEP PARIKH: Oh! FELICIA DAY: Steve
just pwned us. STEVE JACKSON: The worst that
could have happened would have been sharing victory
with Felicia. WIL WHEATON: Steve Jackson is
the winner of Munchkin. Sandeep and Felicia, I will
join you on the couch of defeat in just a moment. STEVE JACKSON: And it
was one level away from a shared victory. If she had popped up
one more level– FELICIA DAY: [LAUGHS] Bam! STEVE JACKSON: I would have
had to let her again. WIL WHEATON: Steve? I will see you downstairs in
front of the Wall of Victory. STEVE JACKSON: The
Wall of Victory! [MUSIC PLAYING] SANDEEP PARIKH: Steve? Well, clearly, he has to create
games to win them, OK? That’s all I’m going to say. [MUSIC PLAYING] WIL WHEATON: Well, the important
thing is we try. FELICIA DAY: Yes. WIL WHEATON: The good thing
about losing on TableTop is that, while the winner just gets
a trophy, the losers get a glass full of bourbon. But the bad news about losing
on TableTop is that it’s not actually bourbon. It’s carbonated iced tea. FELICIA DAY: Well,
it’s a web show. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. So we should– SANDEEP PARIKH: Mm,
it tastes poisony. FELICIA DAY: Mm-hm. WIL WHEATON: Oh, God. That’s what losing
tastes like. FELICIA DAY: It does
not taste good. WIL WHEATON: This is what
losing tastes like. FELICIA DAY: I think
I am sated. WIL WHEATON: OK. I’m going to go downstairs and
talk to Steve and find out what winning tastes like. I’m fairly confident it
doesn’t taste like carbonated ice tea. SANDEEP PARIKH: Do I have to
keep sitting on the floor? WIL WHEATON: Yes. FELICIA DAY: [SIGHS] [WHISPERS] It’s OK. SANDEEP PARIKH: He’s
the worst. FELICIA DAY: You
can have mine. Ooh, don’t. Ooh. SANDEEP PARIKH: [BELCH] WIL WHEATON: We are standing
here in front of the Wall of Victory. Steve Jackson, who, of course,
went to Level 10, is here as the main resident of the Hall of
Victory today on TableTop. Steve, congratulations. By winning the game, you get the
official TableTop Trophy of Awesome. As you can tell, we spared
no expense on the trophy. STEVE JACKSON: Can I touch it? WIL WHEATON: Of course,
you can touch it. As a matter of fact, I’m going
to put your name on it right now, so that everyone
knows it’s yours. There. Go ahead and hold
that trophy up. Now, if you’d like to tell the
folks at home anything, if you have any thank-yous, or if you’d
like to threaten your enemies, now is the
time to do it. STEVE JACKSON: I have
no enemies left. WIL WHEATON: [LAUGHS] They’ve already been
vanquished? STEVE JACKSON: Thank you,
for a great game. WIL WHEATON: Well, thank
you, for a great game. STEVE JACKSON: It was so
much fun to be here. And it was so much fun
to tromp you all. WIL WHEATON: Oh. That’s fantastic. Now I need the trophy
back, because it’s a very low-budget show. We can’t afford trophies
for everyone. STEVE JACKSON: Got it. Got it. WIL WHEATON: But here is the
tape with your name on it, so that, for the rest of the day,
you and everyone you meet will know that your name is Steve. STEVE JACKSON: I’m speechless. WIL WHEATON: As you should be. Thanks for watching. See you next time on TableTop. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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    It seems nobody put any of the items they drew into use.
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    Isn't this wrong?
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    So that would be when you draw them in the beginning before the first player take their turn, everyone would be able to place any items/classes/races they want to be using, no?

  2. Steve Jackson, coool!!! Big fan from Brasil. I loved reading the RPG books when I was a teenager back in the early 90’s. It was awesome. Thank you for everything.

    Edit: Funny thing I made a research and I got you mistaken with the British Steve Jackson that had the gamebooks haha.
    It doesn’t matter because i had GURPS too and It was a fancy edition I also loved playing. Turns out I always thought Steve Jackson was one person. Thanks both then.

  3. I got this game at a white elephant gift a year or so back and watching this video FINALLY TAUGHT ME HOW THE GAME WORKS.

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  5. Side note, Felicia could have discarded one card in the final battle to attempt to steal one small item from Steve, specifically his singing and dancing sword, which i believe is a +2 bonus and would have swung the battle back in the monster's favor.

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  11. One interesting thing tho is that Steve the maker of the game forgot to get his treasure with the tuba of charm which if you successfully fun away let's you snag one treasure from the monster

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