“My Life Is Wonderful”: $1M Sugar Baby Lounges In Luxury

“My Life Is Wonderful”: $1M Sugar Baby Lounges In Luxury

NINA PETERSON: A sugar daddy is willing and financially endowed to spoil his woman and
he’s just older than an average boyfriend. COMM: 37-year-old Nina Peterson is one of the world’s most successful sugar babies. NINA PETERSON: The best part about being a sugar baby is the lifestyle. Vacations every
month, not having to worry about paying your bills. Thinking back on this lifestyle I am
certain that it has provided me well over a million dollars. I’ve had my nose done
three times; I’ve had my boobs done four times, I have had extensions in my hair that
were thousands of dollars. I have paid close to $100,000 worth of surgeries. Well, I didn’t
pay but… COMM: Her most extreme surgery came earlier this year when she tripled her 34D breasts
to an incredible 34H. NINA PETERSON: I think they’re like 8lbs. I’m addicted to shopping for my new boobs,
you know, like just buying a whole bunch of cutsie-tootsie stuff from my daddy, ‘cause
he loves it when I dress up. He calls me his little Barbie doll. I love to push those girls
up in the air, to salute my daddy! But, you know, he’s worth it and he rewards me so
well so I can’t complain. Nina: Pick out a colour.
Juliana: All right. Nina: How about those two colours? So you
can put this as a base and then put that as a topcoat. JULIANA PETERSON: I would want a man that pays for everything, because, well ‘cause
then I don’t gotta worry and it’s a gentlemen thing to do. COMM: Nina’s very open about the sexual side of ‘sugaring’. NINA PETERSON: A sugar daddy invests in a woman that he feels has the potential to be
an asset in his life. A prostitute is not an asset. With being a sugar daddy and a sugar
baby, you don’t necessarily have to have sex. I mean, with me and my sugar daddy, he
had already invested about $30,000 in me before we even had sex. COMM: Nina insists that her role actually helps her to keep up with her traditional
family values. NINA PETERSON: I think there’re a lot of broken families nowadays that could benefit
from a mom being available to raise up their children. I’m all for women having equal
rights, but that’s not what I was born to be. If back in time, if I had the opportunity
to vote for women’s rights, I’m sorry, I know I’m gonna get bashed for this, but
I would’ve rather stay at home. I would’ve rather stay at home! Once I built a trusting
relationship with my sugar daddy, then I introduced him to the kids. JULIANA PETERSON: Any time she get’s money, she like either takes us on vacation, buys
cute dresses, spoils us. NINA PETESON: Their college is already paid for, they can choose wherever they want to
go. My life is wonderful. I’m blessed. I’m too blessed to be stressed over haters. COMM: A young Juliana who’s nicknamed Nina’s sugar daddy ‘Santa’ has a good idea of
what she’d like to see in her future. JULIANA PETERSON: I know we live in a big beautiful home but what I’m wishing is that
we live in a big beautiful home, mom’s a top sugar baby and that she gets married to
“Santa!” COMM: Nina’s camera-shy sugar daddy is treating her so well that the 37-year-old plans to
move on to a new venture. NINA PETERSON: He’s basically retired me from ‘sugaring’. He spoils me, anything
I want I get. If my children came to me and decided that they wanted to be a sugar baby
or pursue that lifestyle, than I would support their decision. I would have a sugar baby
academy with younger sugar babies to groom young ladies. I don’t see any shame in being
considered a bimbo. I think a bimbo is a free, enthusiastic, scintillating, beautiful, happy,
boisterous young woman. I don’t wanna be normal, I don’t wanna be basic, I don’t
even think I’m human! I believe that I’m part alien and I believe that I came to this
earth to do incredible things. I just couldn’t live a basic lifestyle!

100 thoughts on ““My Life Is Wonderful”: $1M Sugar Baby Lounges In Luxury

  1. That you don't feel the need of women rights doesn't mean almost all the other women don't desperately NEED womens right to survive

  2. Some people are hating on her but I would like to have a life like this. Not worrying about money, being happy with your choices and travelling around the world. She's literally living her best life.

  3. You are still selling sex at some point .But escorts are at least honest about the exchange .lol Introduction to her kids really.Burst those tits and lips and bubble world then see how she gets by .

  4. this woman needs to be a proper mother and teach her daughter about being independent because when she grows up she will be superficial and entitled just like her… if she gets taught how to be a successful and sophisticated woman she'll have the will and drive to get what she wants on her own merits and dime which is a awesome thing to be and NOT expect everything to be bought for her or handed to her on a silver platter

  5. A very pretty girl! Let's get back to her, and girls like her, in another ten or fifteen years, and see how it all worked out. I don't think that there are any pension or retirement plans for aged out "sugar-babies". Where will they be when younger, prettier sugar-babies inevitably replace them?
    "Men age like wine, women age like milk"!

  6. I would have rather stayed at home…. Is she alright..? I can't even begin to believe someone could say something that stupid…

  7. We can judge insult her but I am jealous of her lifestyle I am tired of being poor I want to be a sugar baby 🤣😭😭😭

  8. The second her child said “I want a man to pay for everything” is when I lost it. You know what, it doesn’t matter that this mum wants to be a sugar baby, that’s her choice. But the fact that her daughter is not even 10 and doesn’t have her own life ambitions outside of depending on someone else for an income is sad. This is how young girls girls get low self esteem. This is why so many people have issues with their body.

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