My Review on Deafinitely Theatre 4.48 Psychosis #DeafMentalHealth

My Review on Deafinitely Theatre 4.48 Psychosis #DeafMentalHealth

Hello, welcome to a new video if you’re new to this channel, I’m Jazzy the Deaf YouTuber who uses BSL (British Sign Language). Today’s video is a bit different, I’m going to do a review on 4.48 Psychosis Deafinitely Theatre’s show. What is this play about? The author is called Sarah Kane she wrote a lot of plays, she suffered with mental health issues. She wrote plays about how she felt, what it’s like having mental health issues, and her experiences with mental health. She sadly took her own life in the end. Deafinitely Theatre thought it would be a good play to feature as it related to mental health in the deaf; they thought it’d be great to open up on the issue of mental health in the deaf community. I am the new office admin for Deafinitely Theatre, so they invited me to watch their play, 4.48 Psychosis last week in London. I wanted to watch the show because I’ve heard that it’s brilliant. The actors are deaf, so I was keen to watch the show. After watching, it hit me big time, there were so many emotions at once. Their acting was absolutely brilliant. This play has four actors, two are deaf and two are hearing, there are two deaf young males in their 20s, they struggled with a mental health disease. There are two hearing female doctors, they were not deaf aware and the two deaf males felt the pressure. This play hit me because it shows that mental health is a topic that is still difficult to talk about in the deaf community, we need it to be more open in the deaf community as there are lots of deaf people that struggle with their mental health so the show was very important. From this, deaf and hearing people can understand the real meaning of mental health and that it’s such a big thing. I think this play is beautiful because there are BSL users but they also do VV (visual vernacular) which I think is beautiful. It helps us to understand what Sarah Kane has been through, and show how deaf people struggle with mental health too. Deafinitely Theatre did the same play last year (2018) ‘4.48 Psychosis’, but all the actors were male. This year is different, it’s mixed with deaf/hearing and females/males. I’ve heard that last year’s and this year’s show are both amazing, but with different actors. The play is set in a tiny box room, it’s as if they are trapped in the room and the lights constantly change to match their state of mind. There are also words coming out the wall to show which words have been in their mind. At the end of the play, my heart was broken… I can’t describe how I felt. I was shocked by how they felt in their mind, mental health is a huge thing like you never know what inside people’s head, it’s just scary. I was surprised by everything Sarah Kane went through with her mental health. I was imagining other people going through it, I realised that talk of mental health in the deaf community is still hidden. it’s time to open up to discuss mental health because it is so important to share your feelings. If you are interested in coming and watching 4.48 Psychosis, there is an event coming up in The Wales Millenium Centre, Cardiff, it’s on there. It is best to book your tickets now to get ready to watch the show. It will hit you, this show is definitely worth watching. I can’t describe how I felt, it’s better to come and find out for yourself, and to learn about mental health. How do you book tickets? I will add a link below, ”booking tickets for 4.48 Psychosis in Cardiff.” If you want to know more information about Deafinitely Theatre, you want to look at their website, work or you are interested in being a part of it, then I also will add their website link below for you. This is my review on Deafinitely Theatre 4.48 Psychosis, I really hope you enjoy hearing my review. Don’t forget to give it a thumbs up if you think the play sounds interesting. I really hope you enjoy this short video, thank you for watching byeee!

27 thoughts on “My Review on Deafinitely Theatre 4.48 Psychosis #DeafMentalHealth

  1. I love you soooooooooo much. The fact that I am deaf as well. U really inspire me. Thank you for the heart on my comment in my our last video. I really hope I can get a shout out soon. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  2. Very interesting video! It’s still hard for deaf people to express about their feelings, especially men. I suffered with depression and anxiety when I was in secondary school. I didn’t tell anyone for six months and lucky, I got the help at the end

    It doesn’t mean that these feelings go away, I still have bad days sometimes but I can cope better than I did. It is very important to share about feelings even if it’s not easy

  3. I love you so much jazzy also I am deaf hope you can reply and pin this comment
    don’t ever bully deaf people it no differerents the only difference are they lost only one sense love you jazzy xxxx plus you inspired me so much

  4. I went to watch this show on Monday this week! I thought it was brilliant. I'm hearing but learning my level 3 BSL certificate, so it was really interesting for me to watch. I work in mental health so some of the themes about them not being deaf aware were hard to watch, I'm really passionate about making sure all healthcare is accessible to deaf people but I know mental health can be particularly difficult. Look forward to seeing future shows being put on by Deafinitely Theatre!

  5. You’re amazing! I’m not deaf so I don’t know what life is like for you. But it doesn’t seem easy. You’re so brave! Thanks for being awesome as always! 😁

  6. Hi! I've been watching your channel for a while now, it really helps me to improve my BSL! I'm currently in the Deafinitely Youth Group and I really really enjoy it! Is be so excited to hear more about your experience with being the office admin!

  7. I'm doing a Level 1 BSL course at the moment, but I'm worried I won't be able to understand the play if I go? Would love to see it though.

  8. I just did my dissertation which was on the deaf and hard of hearing community and how mental health impacts them and the disadvantages that come with therapy’s, talk groups etc. Sadly, there wasn’t much research OR articles relating to mental health and deaf people which is really sad to see, I have to agree with @hellothereitsgrace with regards to having more things available for deaf individuals and mental health awareness, love your videos jazzy! 🙂

  9. This is a common problems we have in USA about deaf mental issues. Right now we are trying to overcome the issues about gaining more access with the mental illness information for all deaf in the country. We are using social media sending more videos toward to deaf audiences.

  10. I'm studying mental health nursing and working towards achieving my level 3 BSL.
    My deaf teacher inspired me to go into the mental health sector with the aim of making it more inclusive towards the deaf and hard of hearing community.
    I found this video so so interesting. Thank you!!

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