Nanak Shah Fakir | Official Trailer

Nanak Shah Fakir | Official Trailer

BEEP There is one God. There’s only one Creator. All the creations are His own. Therefore,
to divide them is against His wish. Kalu ji, while preparing daughter
Nanki’s horoscope, I had predicted the
arrival of a Godly soul in your home. I have answers to children’s questions. But Nanak’s queries are deep,
insightful. How’s work? Measures extra portions to all. You have given me 3 portions extra. All yours, all yours. Listen sir,
Nanak has not done anything unlawful. Get out of my way or
you shall also be arrested. Nanak ji has come
here to meet his family. Convey to Moolchand ji’s family, Guru Nanak ji has arrived. How have you been? Time has gone by. Whether a Hindu or a Muslim, in the eyes of The Almighty,
all are equal. Nanak ji, watch out! Where is Nanak? He had gone for a dip
into the river in the morning, but hasn’t returned yet. BEEP

100 thoughts on “Nanak Shah Fakir | Official Trailer

  1. And what does Islam teach? That only Islam is the way and that everyone else is a kaffir and must be converted. See the difference between Hindustani (Eastern) religions and Abrahamic (Western).

  2. ALLAH aik hai… Sub ko paida krne wala. Nanak ko bhi. Aur us k mannay walon ko bhi. Har cheez ko ALLAH ne bnaaya hai

  3. I have downloaded the movie..
    Anybody can help me that where can I get english subtitles of this movie..
    I will be thankful to you..
    Please share with me link..

  4. Nanak Chand Rajput Mainpuri Jila Sultanganj Sultana first Ram Ram share comment Jarur kare
    😂 ❤ ❤ ❤ 💕 💗 ❤ 💞💓 💕 💋

  5. Baba sahab was saint man and he was muslim pothi sahab is also Quran and Quranic verses are written on chola baba nanak sahab

  6. This movie should be oscar winning. Got goosebumbs while watching this movie.Dislike karne wale Congress wale honge

  7. Shahab Ahmed every religion say God is one like Muslim think its Allah and me as a Sikh believe that Waheguru is a god ❤️ but some people are not willing to accept others views on their own religion or anyone else believes I just want to say that complete your journey and prayer the way you like and it doesn't matter who are you prayer too God is one but has many ways to praise

  8. Jai SaiRam Jai GuruDev

    Wahe GURU ji ka Khalsa
    Wahe GURU ji ka Fathey

    Madhava Mahadeva
    HarHar Mahadev

  9. to be honest yar mery khyal nal baba guru nanak sab dy uty j film bna e ditti a ty vych onna di awaz nu shamil karn di lor nai c ty na e white clr kyo k a hastian paak hundian ny ty sanu am lokan nu a zaib nai dynda k aho g koi artifical shaey shamal kriay aindy nal ohna di byadbi hon da khtra hunda a.hinduan da ta mynu pta a k o dramy ty filma v bnaundy ny apny gods ty jidy ch sar e am vikhaya janda a pr sikho tusi ty hyk rab nu mandy j keri lor c aeyo g film di.afsos a yar

  10. I wonder if anyone of our Prophets, Gurus, Teachers be happy with our present-state-of-mind? The core essence of humanity at it’s brink (qayamat approaching). We want to see tamasha (drama, excitement) at the cost of others suffering. This never ending drama of life where we fail and keep on failing. You and I both, we both fail to impress ourselves. We cheat and deceive this world by our actions, “hey I gave so much into charity; I gave so much of my time by volunteering now let me post a picture on Facebook). We don’t feel fulfilled in the end. And we fail yet again. By merely doing such acts, and lacking compassion and empathy…what good are these acts then? We wear white clothes without any stains, yet only we and He knows how many stains we have marked on our souls. Please don’t stop doing good deeds. Try to do them without this purpose of “impressing” folks around you. ☮️

  11. that picture with man with hands in the air is fake ,that’s not nanak
    neither did he say god makes a wish
    neither did he sleep on bed of nails
    another not very true story.

  12. Thank u so much for making this movie . I cannot appreciate it enough . It is a gift to future generations so they can learn about true teachings of nanak ji.
    The music is magical .
    Thank u for making this movie .

  13. For babumann:Baba ji tere Kiva ho ga tanu kina ka ta oo srf tere oo ta herrr Insaan da guru aa ju oona nu mnda, tere boycott krn nal ki ho ju tu aap ta nshadi aa, film vk ta kuch aakl la, nai lni ta fltu na bol, kda oona diya gala sunya , oona na kya si aada karma kro ta bki god ta cdd do, tu aava leader bn rha , ka aaji gla to PSAA (rs) kmana, kyoki hu tere kolo songs ta bnda aava time pass krda, want to say lot of things but aanu kda pta lgna .

  14. Vir asi video dislike kete na ke guru Nanak Dev g nu
    Video iss karke dislike kite
    Keoke koi ve guru Nanak Dev ji de place nahi la sakda

  15. I watched this movie very very nice i suggest everyone watch… Guru nanakji gives no.of msg to us how live our Life..

  16. Movie ki Shuraat hi guru nanak ki ji ke sidhanto ke virudh hui.. "Janam patri" our beloved guru nanak don't believe in it…

  17. Sikho kyu dislike kr rhe ho ..please I respect guru nanak ..aap logo ko lagta hai ki wo actor guru k jagah nahi le skta isliyea aap log video dislike kr rhe hai but aap samje ki vo bs acting kr rha hai guru ki jagah nahi le rha .,hm sb samajhdar hai hm samajte hai ki asli aur nakli mai kya farak hai

  18. Jaise chaar sahibzade film me guru gobind ji ko kisi ki bi awaj ni di gyi hai bas om Puri ji ye bolre thai ki is jaga guru gobind ji ne yr kaha

  19. Very true a creator who created whole cosmos with many types of creature cannot see any difference in HIS creation. It is mean humans s mind that created all differences. I love PK movie if anyone try to understand meaning of message

  20. Sikh Guru were marvelous supreme being Guru's. I love all movies belong to Satgurus but the photos spiritual glow producers are depicting is unfair. Lower human mind cannot comprehend the supreme mind. Animators cannot imagine walk and talk of supreme energy True Gurus because highest power way of doing are beyond imagination of lowers. Sikh Gurus never fought for Sharing but for freedom of lifestyle free from violence. Many false dialogues in this movie.

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