National Theatre Live: Present Laughter | Trailer

National Theatre Live: Present Laughter | Trailer

(LIVELY PERCUSSIVE MUSIC) This, to date, is the most
irritating morning of my life. (LAUGHTER) I think he’s even more charming
off the stage than on, don’t you? I’d no idea you were like this.
You’re wonderful. (LAUGHTER) Everybody worships me. It’s nauseating. It would be nice to know what you
were really like, under all the trappings. Just a lost boy. You’re going to be 42 next birthday. 41. What are you making
such a fuss about, Garry? You are an eminent man, advancing, with every sign of reluctance,
into middle age. Everybody’s against me! It doesn’t matter about me!
Oh, no, I’m only the breadwinner. It doesn’t matter how much
I’m wounded and insulted! (LAUGHTER) Absolutely marvellous. (LAUGHTER)

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  1. I was lucky enough to see this production at the Old Vic on the final night and I can’t recommend it enough. If you have the chance go and see this!

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