National Theatre of the Deaf as featured on Crossroads Magazine

National Theatre of the Deaf as featured on Crossroads Magazine

over thirty four million Americans have significant hearing loss and almost six million of them are profoundly deaf and that means they can’t enjoy many of the
things the way the rest of us do like, the theater but crossroads reporter Kim Sanders introduces
us to one theater that’s putting a show on that everyone can enjoy. they’re a unique group four actors two hearing and two deaf and they form part of the National Theatre of the Deaf we are the newest art form since the 20th century there’s no other theatre like it I think that it’s worthwhile own it has a language a spirit um, an energy that is not in any other kind of
of theater company. The NTD is the nation’s longest existing touring company touring since nineteen sixty seven each performance uses both the spoken word
and sign language to tell a story Jari Majewski he has been signing since she
was thirteen she says the company gives her a chance to combine two of her passions theater
and sign language. Which we really get to create images with their hands and bodies um signs and words in all of it gets put together
and I and I think it’s just a beautiful piece right now she and three other actors are performing
as the Little Theater of the Deaf, the children’s swing of the company their current show is Stories In My Pocket
which features several classic stories and fables This show I want to say I love I like that the folk tales there’s lots of
action. Ian has spent a total of five and a half years with the theater for him theatre is a way to express himself in a
way he wasn’t able to you as a child I remember when I was little I always
wanted to communicate with people while I couldn’t because I came from a hearing family
and not everybody knew sign language I went into a deaf school I learned signing I picked up more communication skills and I got so involved and excited about theater was more expressive. It’s that ability
to express themselves in a variety of ways that has brought these actors to the NTD. I like it all because we can take a bare stage and boxes and just create
so many different situations, different characters different hats, different props, different costumes. It’s fun, it’s cute. The audience will like it I think I like performing for the kids uh and they’re happy and they’re laughing I feel really happy to it really lifts us up when we see that they’re enjoying the show but the theatre does more than entertain it also makes the audience the part of the
show by teaching them some basic sign language and the theatre isn’t just teaching sign language the actors are also showing others the possibilities
that exist for the deaf it shows everyone that deaf and hearing people can also be in theater uh if you have like hearing parents a deaf child sometimes they are so worried they don’t know what they’re deaf child can do they see that wow, it gives them hope it
gives them an education to see that they can do anything anybody else to do and they give so much so much for deaf children to look up to
see these really inspiring and, enthusiastic and successful deaf adults succeeding in
their lives and they’re given so much opportunity and it’s wonderful that people can get to see how they can be so successful and enjoy what they do and get to express themselves in every way. and that is the ultimate goal of the national theater
of the deaf deaf children aren’t sometimes given the opportunity
to join hearing theatre and hearing people aren’t really involved in deaf theatre and so this combined the two and lets you create
together and lets people know that it’s not a hearing world and it’s not a deaf world
it’s the same world a world of color and movement in west hartford i’m Kim Sanders reporting
for Crossroads magazine the theater is just beginning its spring tour
and will be performing for schools and other groups all across the country in fact the national theatre of the deaf has performed
all over the world from appearances on sesame street to touring
last year in Taiwan it’s the world’s first theater company to
appear on all seven continents even antarctica

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