Nawazuddin Siddiqui Full Movie | 2019 hindi |  Very VIP

Nawazuddin Siddiqui Full Movie | 2019 hindi | Very VIP

Run, Mintu. Run. How did this happen, Kamal? Who did this to you? Shut your ears, woman. Better keep mum, bastard.
Or I’ll break your leg too. You’re free now. Let’s go. – Shyamu is here. Stop staring. Take your notebooks out. My dear Kamal. Who does your homework? Ma. Who feeds you? Ma. And who wipes your ass? Shaktiman, Mintu. The decision is yours. Either do his homework, or wipe his ass. Now choose. Can I have a minute? And then?
– Then.. – I just held the snake, – swung it around and threw it far away. If you are so brave,
why did you scoot the other day? I had gone to fetch your Mother. Don’t you trust me? Time-out. All right. I panicked. I thought you were dead. Fine. From now on,
you both do my homework. Yuck, I’d rather wipe your ass. Enjoy his ass! I’ll do his homework. Here, take a bite. Here. Enjoy his ass! THE WRETCHED Easy. Careful. I’ll be back for duty in the morning. Sir, it’s my birthday. Happy Birthday. Sandhya.
– Yes, sir. I’m applying for Sunita’s voter ID. I would need an NOC for that. Could you speak to your father about it? Sure, sir. Papa is home till 9:30 a.m. You can come over. What day is it today?
– Sir, Wednesday. Okay.Just looking for timing.
– Papa.Just get two.Just beats the one man.The other has to give up.Not got enough on it
to get to the boundary.Papa, I’m leaving for school. Take the jeep.It’s 31 to 1.Didn’t I tell you?
I was right about them. They must’ve been up
to some hanky-panky. No wonder they’re in the police jeep. Her father is a cop. He must have had them arrested. She’s quite something. Going around with a man twice her age. Couldn’t she find someone better than that Darky? And you can’t even wipe
your own ass, Loverboy. Can’t see her. “Fire must fear water.” What do you keep mumbling all the time? Mintu. Why are you here? We needed to speak to you. Me? Regarding what? Kamal left his book behind. Go. Take it. Go on. May I have some water? Go on. Tell her about them. I will. You worry about
the fake stories you made up. I’m not worried about anything. I’m just worried for you. Tell her if you wish.
But don’t come crying to me later. Believe in me and Sandhya will be yours. Blind fool. What are you up to? It’s all for you, silly. Here’s the plan. Help her find her shoes,
and confess your feelings. (a-b)^2 & (a+b)^2.. Solve this. Why were you here this morning,
Mintu and Kamal? To get his notebook, sir. Your arms may be broken. But your head is still intact, right? Show me your notebook. Sir, (a-b)^2 is (a^2+ b^2-2ab). Very good. (a+b)^2=a^2+ b^2+2ab. Very good, very good. – What’s this, Mr. Aryabhatta? – Shaktiman, sit back. – What is this? – No homework? – Absolutely empty? If you fail your exams this time, I will not be able to help you. It won’t be my responsibility anymore. – Solve this now. 8+ (18 / 6) – 2 equals? Get that? It’s 9. – Shaktiman, sit back. Answer, Mr. Shaktiman. 9?
– No? 9.
– Correct. – Learn from him. – He has been
in this superhero outfit forever. – It’s so filthy, it stinks. – But his mind is as fresh as a daisy. Get out and kneel down. But, sir..
– Get out. Now. Very good, Shaktiman. You said, “ground.” -Yes. Ground.
-Ground? -Reponsibility.
-Not, responsibility. Responsibility. Not, Collectorship. Poor thing. She has no idea that she is sharing the roof
with her husband’s mistress. Darky is quite the player. See how slyly he’s teasing her. Look at how he’s drooling over her. Let it be.
– Look how he’s talking to her. Just look at them once. Have you seen my shoes?
– No, but they must be here. – You both need to focus
on your studies now. Mother won’t take the exam for you.
You will. Shyam, sir, I can’t find my shoes. “O, beautiful lady,
don’t you step out in the sun, the sun will turn your fair skin dark.” Mr. Shaktiman, come here. Am I your dance teacher?
– Yes, sir. Yes, sir?
– Could you come inside now? Just help her find her shoes. What is happening out there ?
It’s so loud. – I took them off right here.
– Then they must be here. – These ones?
– No. We saw a boy run that way. Didn’t we, Kamal? This way. Here. Take them. Why?
– Wear these. What will you wear? I’ll wear Mintu’s. Keep walking. And what will Mintu wear? We must catch the thief.
– He likes walking barefoot. These are too big for me. Everyone has left. Why would anyone take them? Must be some fool
who has nothing better to do. Sandhya! Sandhya! Take these!
– Yes, sir? Did you find yours?
– No, sir. Then wear these. Come here. You stay at the police colony, right?
– Yes. How do you know? I found your shoes!
– Take these. Sir, he found them.
– Must be some cheap brand. No, sir, they’re mine.
– Okay. Shyam, sir! Thank you! Bye. Are you going somewhere?
– Yes. When will you be back? I have to attend a court hearing
in the morning. I’ll be back tomorrow night. If there’s a change in plans,
I’ll let you know. I’m going to bed. Good night.
– Good night. I will lock the door from outside.
Don’t worry. Yeah, we gonna do that. Yeah, very good idea. They liked it so much that…. Don’t come down half-dressed. Sandhya? Let me see. Give it to me. It hurts. It’ll be fine. How did this happen? I went to switch the generator on.
I tripped and fell. I was scared, all alone at home. I don’t know anybody else around.
So I came here. What if your father calls at home? He’s the one who told me to come here. He did?
– Yes. It still hurts.
– Almost done. Go to bed now. Sorry for the trouble. Not at all. There. There’s water, just in case. Are you awake? Cover yourself. Sleep comfortably. You’ll catch a cold. Take this. What if her father locked her up? He should lock up Darky instead. Why are you so warped? What if she is unwell? Think about it. If she was unwell, why didn’t Darky go to school? Did he fall ill as well? Let’s find out.
– Attack! Kamal, do you know her house? See that? How truthful are your stories. Always. I’m going to school now. I’ll see you there. It’s locked. It’s not, Mintu. Come back. Let’s go there. Let’s go. Climb on. Move your hand. What happened? Kamal, wait. Hey, where the hell are you going? Kamal, stop running. Will you please stop running? – Where are you going? Now tell me what happened. Remember, you said that.. ..when a boy and a girl see each other naked, they get married. You saw her naked already?
– Yes. Now you’re definitely getting married. In fact, she’s your wife already. Doesn’t she have to see me naked too? But she must have! Every morning! So have I. So has your mother. That’s not the same thing. Naked means totally naked. There’s only one way to make her yours. You’ll have to be naked in front of her. Then do something, Mintu. I will have to. – As Shakespeare says, – “The god of love is blind – he sees from the heart, not mind.” Shyamu will thrash you. – “You should let money run after – not you after money.” Did you rob the whole town? – Tuition fees, sir. Step aside. Bloody thieves! – Mintu, my pants are slipping off. – My pocket is full, my pants will fall off. – Let them fall off. That’s the idea. When your pants fall,
Sandhya will see it all. – Mr. Shaktiman, may I? – Now hold your ears. 2… 3… 4… What’s this nonsense?
Go make some tea. Take out your books. So, what does “Shyam” mean?
– Sandhya. – Shut up. You talk too much. Meet me alone. Solve it, solve it. We can’t let Darky ruin our plan again. Are you with me on this? Kamal? How is your husband? He’s fine. – All good? Invite me over sometime. Sure. And he won’t mind?
– Not at all. – Or you want to go out sometime? Did you have your fill? Wait. Easy. I’m getting down. Careful. Do you see his bike? Come up. Not you. You look for the bike. – That’s the one. There. Now deflate it. Be quick. Shyamu’s here! Run, Shaktiman! Meddling with my bike. It wasn’t me. It was Kamal. Liar!
– I swear, I didn’t do it. Come on. Fix it now. Then kneel down. I’ll deal with you in class. Come back! How dare you? Water?
– It’s finished. Walk faster.
– No. Let’s run. Hey? Archana? What’s wrong? You lied to me. You said you weren’t intimate
with your wife. Why are you getting into all that? You’re not mature enough. – I’d rather be immature – than be like you all. – You lie to me.
Papa doesn’t have time for me. – And Mum has left us. Adults have their reasons. But.. ..all I know is, you are adorable. She must be heartless. But I’m not your mum. So who are you? Papa? Not him either.
– Then what? Don’t like the food? No. It’s fine. How was your trip? Legal procedures are usually long.
I’ll have to go back on the 24th. What’s wrong? That’s it? I’m done. – I’ve spoken at work. – We’re moving to the city next year. – If you finish high school there,
it’ll be easier for college admissions. – She didn’t eat though. No, I have some work in the afternoon. Just a second. No. I thought I heard something. Your father’s uniform? Scary. – What if he shows up? – That’s my room. Is this how you dress at home? – Papa bought it. You’re so fair skinned. Your clothes? The scooter. Come on. Get me some water now. Give it to me. Get the whole bucket. All of it?
– Yes. It’s heavy. – What was that? There’s a firing range nearby. Okay. I didn’t know. The scooter is fine. Just needs some overhauling. Must’ve been out of use. Will it work now? Absolutely. It’s awesome. Why are you giving me the keys? – It’s yours now.
– You’ll land me in trouble. You fixed it. So it’s yours now. You know what Papa said?
– What? – He wants me to finish
high school in the city. He just wants you to have a good future. Really? Do you realize what this means?
– What? I’ll be sent away. So I’ll ride all the way for you. – It’s not funny, sir. – Why do you still call me “sir”? Should I call you Shyam
in front of your wife? Go ahead.
– Sure? No. I’m kidding. Let’s go to her right away. Let’s do it.
– No, no, no. I was just kidding. I don’t like any of your students. Especially Sandhya. You were my student too. That’s why I don’t like her. She’s an outsider. She has no friends here. Her father is hardly around.
And she has no mother. What’s my mother’s name? Her name?
– Yes. Her name is Mrs. Garhwal. Her first name? We shouldn’t call our elders
by their names. – Blackout. Just a minute. Don’t leave. Come back. Forever looking for excuses. She really likes me. She’s too smart for her age. She says I’m very handsome. I swear. Despite your dark skin? She loves that too. She said, if I had a thick mustache, she’d go crazy for me. So grow one and marry her. Spare me. I was just kidding. An empty mind is a devil’s workshop.
– Why did you hit me so hard? For doubting your husband. Don’t be naughty. There goes your bride. You should ask her to marry you. Sandhya, get up! Sandhya! Mintu, hold her.
– Sandhya! Lift her. – Get her up.
– Sandhya. Sandhya, get up. – It happened
due to menstrual bleeding. – We have put her on drips now. – We’ll get the test reports tomorrow. Are you new here? Yes, sir. – Could you please wait outside? If you don’t mind… Should I stay back? First let me tell her about us. I will speak to her father directly. About? The wedding. What wedding? Mine. With Sandhya. Seriously? Dumbass. You think Darky will let that happen? If he really loved her, he would
have visited her at the hospital. I think her father will let me marry her. – Marry who?
– Sandhya. Who else. Dream on! You’re still a kid. You don’t know anything
about “mature love.” That happens behind closed doors,
at night. What does Darky have that I don’t? You don’t have the balls. I’m sorry I couldn’t visit you
at the hospital. Your wife must be home.
How could you? True. You haven’t been able to focus
on your studies lately. So here. What is this?
– Questions for the final exams. I don’t want them. Let me in at least.
– No, sir. Papa will be back any moment. Just for a while.
– No, sir. You need to go now. No. Are you upset with me? Please leave. Easy. Let’s hope her father isn’t home. If he was, his jeep would be here. – Nobody’s home.
– I think so too. What are you both doing here? I wanted to talk to you.
– About what? I am in love with you. If you love me too, meet me at 4,
wearing that green dress. Kamal! You asked her to meet you here, right? I asked her to come at 4. She’ll be here. Wake up. – You’re useless. Where did you get
that shirt from anyway? Did you steal it? – Tell me! I’ve heard so much about you. He’s really proud of you. Neelu dropped you off last night. She left this for you. Who is she? A friend. It’s the 24th today. Don’t you have your court hearing? Neelu is a nice person.
She’ll take care of you. I wanted to tell you about her. I was waiting for the right time. We’ve been together for years. I’m going to school. I was waiting for you to be old enough. I’m taking the scooter.
– Sandhya. Sandhya. – Come here. Let’s meet after school, at the windmill. – I need his help with the homework. – In the middle of the night? – Come back in the morning. What happened to you?
– Nothing. Just.. She thinks she can show up
whenever she wants to. – What’s wrong? Sandhya came to meet you.
I sent her home. She’s really getting on my nerves now. – She’s lost her mind. You did the right thing. – Move aside now. Why are you mad at me? Not you. At her. Pass me the pillow. Take it easy. Relax. I am relaxed. Where do we meet today? Wear a perfume when you come.
Hello, Mr. Tewari. – Lunch? Please stop. You didn’t come that day. I waited for you. If you ever stop me again,
I’ll tell my father. But I forgot to tell you where to meet. Massage properly. A little harder. Come on. Papa does it better. Am I your Father? You’re not doing it properly. Am I here for this? Then what? – I should leave before your father returns.
– Wait. – Let me pull my pants up. – I’m leaving.
– He won’t come back now. One moment. Get off me. See you later. Do you like the food? I was so tired of eating out. Don’t be shy. Eat properly. No, no, no. I’m just enjoying the food. How about Sandhya? She’s been quiet all evening. Give her time. It’s your first day here. She is very sweet. That she is. Have you locked the door? Now show me what you’ve got. Get both your hands off. I said, both hands. Now lift your arm. All the way up. Perfect. Now spread your legs. That’s the widest you can go? Are you serious about Sandhya? Then arms up and legs wide! That’s my boy. Now smile. And now you’re ready. Where will you get these developed?
– In the city. Once she sees this, she’s all mine. – Will you come along? Can’t. Mother won’t allow it. Oh, darn it. You’ll get me in trouble. I need to talk to you urgently. Not now.
– Meet me at the water tank. Later.
– Now. I missed my period. What? I didn’t get it. That’s all I had to say. I’ll take you to the city to sort this. I’m not going anywhere. Come here. Yes, sir? You think you’re Angelina Jolie? Undisciplined behavior. No discipline at all. You too. Shyam, sir! Please, Shyam, sir! Get lost! Angelina Jolie! You shouldn’t have done that. This is unacceptable. If their parents find out,
I’ll be in big trouble. You’ve left me with no choice. I’ll have to suspend you. Thank you, sir. Remember to use ice. Sit here. Go there. Name? Sandhya.
– Sandhya Sharma. Age? 15..
– 15 days, 18 years. Okay. What’s the problem? The usual female problem. Didn’t get your period? – When did you last? Last month. The 18th or 20th.
– All right. Neelu, give him the form. Here. – There are two ways to detect pregnancy. Whatever suits you best. Please wait outside and fill out this form. Meanwhile I’ll run the tests. Okay. She is actually my sister-in-law. Her husband works in Delhi. So please do whatever is necessary. Fine. Please wait outside. Who is he?
– He’s my brother-in-law. Pen? – Where is your sister? – She should have come with you. – Are you being forced into this? Show me your ID. Doctor, she’s from my neighborhood. She’s been married for a year. You know her?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. All right then. Doctor. Her period’s delayed.
I don’t think that she’s pregnant. Still, wait till the report is confirmed. Thank you. We can talk about it, if you want to. All right? What will you tell Sunita?
Where were you? I’ll tell her,
I came to buy her a saree. Where’s the saree? Where’s Sunita? Sunita’s at home, but where’s the saree? What’s so funny? You were scared, weren’t you? Me? Why would I be scared? I should have been scared instead. You know who that nurse was?
– Who? Neelu. Remember I told you about Neelu? That was her. Have some. What if she tells your father? She won’t. If she was going to tell,
she would have by now. I’m getting goose bumps. And you said you weren’t scared. Just.. sometimes.. Have this. What’s wrong? She won’t tell. Aren’t you worried? “Love is not for the faint-hearted.” “Love is not for the faint-hearted.” Now eat. Can you go alone? Yes. We need to talk. Let’s end this here. I mean, let’s just stick
to a student-teacher relationship. Don’t expect anything more. The other thing is that I’m sorry. But I’m a married man. I have responsibilities. And whatever happened between us.. ..obviously you won’t tell anybody.
Neither will I. More importantly,
you should focus on your studies. Your algebra is weak. Get over me. All right. Sandhya. Let me go. Someone’s watching. See this. I’m a genius. Now don’t waste any time. Or you’ll lose her. So when is the doctor coming back? Don’t know. We had to cancel all appointments. Let’s see. What’s the problem? Greetings. This is the boy who saved Sandhya. Of course. I was there. Where’s your friend?
– At home. So who accompanied you?
– I came alone. Alone? Will you eat with us? Have something. Please join us. My transfer papers are in the process. It’ll come through in 15 days. When are your exams over? Your exams start in a month? Should be over by May, right? Eat, son. Try this. Something to drink? Like a Coke? A cold drink, please. Spoon. Tissue. There you go. I was at the water tank, drinking water. Shyam, sir, was also there. Then those girls came and started splashing water. Some water splashed him. When he tried talking to them, they ran. Then what? When they ran, they tripped and fell. And got hurt by the fall. By the time he reached them, they were already bleeding. Sir, may I leave now? Do you know what time it is? I need to speak to Shyam, sir, urgently. Come back in the morning. But, Miss Sunita–! Get up. Give me your shirt. It needs to be washed.
– Get lost. – Move your feet. – Don’t try to dominate me. Listen. I want to see a doctor. Go ahead.
– We’ve been married for a while now. People are talking about it. We should have had a child by now. I’m sure you’re fine.
I must be the problem. I don’t earn enough to support a family. Here. See? Give that back. This one’s better. This one got the highest marks in Maths. Please forgive me. That girl trapped me. I didn’t tell you because
I was scared of losing you. – You’re leaving me over a rumor? – This is why I didn’t tell you anything. He’s looking over here. This one got the highest marks in Maths. Run away! Not you.
– Get off me. Now Sunita exits.
And Sandhya enters. Just wait and see. Wait, Kamal. Why are you doing this to me? Fine. Pack as much as you want. All right? Where are you going? Why are you going? You’re leaving me?
For something so silly? I’m your rightful husband.
You can’t do this to me. Have you forgotten it all? I used to borrow money
just to take you out when I was broke. How can you just walk out on me? Fine. Leave. But I’m coming along. Wherever you go. Heaven or hell.
I’m coming with you. Just a moment.
Let me put on my pants. I have loved you so much. Have you forgotten everything? Used to feed you
by taking debts on my head. Hang on a minute. Just let me wear some pants. Do you really want to leave? Then walk over my dead body. Go now. How dare you walk out? How dare you walk out on me? People are watching us,
what will they think? I am Shyam Tekchand.
I have a reputation to keep. I’m a teacher. I come from a respectable family. Please understand. The neighbors must be listening. Have you no shame? Why are you making it a big deal? Wait, let me wear my pants. Stop. I’m serious. If you leave this time,
I won’t take you back. Why are you blowing it out of proportion? Don’t create a ruckus. Hello, how are you? Her mother’s unwell.
She’s going to visit her. Have you lost it? Why are you creating a scene? Fuck off, bitch! Move back. Is he here? Sandhya. Come out. I’m leaving for school. Hurry. Let me sit first. Now hurry. Faster Stop. Stop. Stop.
– Why? Turn around.
– But why? Just do as I say. Sit properly. Hurry up. Come on. Be careful. – Don’t waste time.
– I’m your Superman. Let’s go. Hungry?
– Yeah. No pickle?
– Let me check. Want some music? Having fun? Let’s break open the bloody lock! It’s tasty.
– Yummy. Look. My turn. This is so much fun. Do you know what you’ve done?
Do you know what you’ve done? Sunita left me. Didn’t I tell you to get over me? I asked you to stay away. Didn’t I? Who asked you to defend me
at the police station? Why couldn’t you just tell the truth? Why did you lie? I did what I thought was right.
– What was right? So you just do as you please? I am not afraid of anybody. If you’d told the truth,
I could have at least hated you. – Miss Righteousness! What are you crying for now? What are these tears for? Fine. I’m sorry. Sorry, sorry. Let’s go. Climb down. Hurry. Catch. Come quickly. Take this. Come on. Let’s go. Let’s run. Let’s run. Come on. I’m coming. You know something? Both you and your father
have terrible taste. Of course the bitch came back. It’s a bloody mess in here.
Like all this stuff comes free! What’s all this? Why don’t you just burn
the house down? What the hell do you want? And what’s this stench? Is this shit? Eat it.
– You’ve been shitting in here? Go and shit in the middle of the street.
Why don’t you? People will look up to me even more. Eat shit.
– You’re demented. You eat it. Suits you better.
– Shut up! Take your girlfriend’s photo and leave. This.. When was this taken? What happened to your face? Nothing major. She fell off the scooter. Go on. Be more careful. So the question was..
– Sir, may I come in? prove that ABCD is a parallelogram. – Where AB equals.. Why is your face bruised,
Mr. Tekchand? – Get out. I fell off my bike. – So AB=6 cm. DC=4 cm. Keep it there. Then what would ABCD be? Put it on the top shelf. A simple question. And none of them could answer it. There he was,
tapping at the little switch in his hand.. Drink this before it gets cold. So often his eyes would shut.. What is this? Get up. Get up. Anyone else? Be careful. Careful with the crockery sets. I was also abandoned by my mother
when I was just a little girl. Father was always busy with work. Growing up was a lonely struggle. Then a boy came into my life. I thought he would never leave me. That he would take care of me. No. He left me as well. After him, I sank into depression. Anti-depressants, medication.. They made me sleep all the time. When I’d wake up, I’d be hungry. Because of all that, I put on so much weight. If I’d studied hard enough, I could have been a doctor. Anyway.. That’s history. All right. You get ready now. May I hug you? Of course, dear. – I have my doubts about those two brats. – What do you think? Who do you think did it? I can’t find my slippers. And my new blue shirt is missing too. Have you seenThe Incredible Hulk?You’ve worn it properly, right?
It’s about to rain. Sandhya is leaving soon. Come on. Hurry up. One day I had gone to see Cricket. I’m telling you the truth. It’s Shyamu! Hey, Mintu!
– Kamal, run! Stop right there! I’m going to catch you! There, bastard.

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