“Never Happens” Video Tells True Stories of Water Tragedies – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

“Never Happens” Video Tells True Stories of Water Tragedies – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

[Man] Cameras. And Sound rolling? Yep. ((clap)) [Zack Parker]
Their jet ski crushed my knee into eight pieces. Lacerated my spleen, liver and pancreas. My
aorta had like torn. [Katy Copeland]
They tell you what they did, how hard they tried, and that, she just wouldn’t, she just
wouldn’t come back. And that’s what happened. ((tears)) [Narration]
These teenagers are telling their tragic stories so that others don’t share their experience. [John Hernandez]
Me, Bobby and Cedric, we’re saying that we’ll go for a little swim a little farther out. [Narration]
The video can be seen online now, but soon will be included for the first time, in Driver’s
Education classes across Texas. [Tim Spice — Boater Education Manager, Texas
parks and Wildlife Department] The Never Happens video is a water safety
video that we’ve partnered with TEA and Driver’s Ed, a great opportunity! I can’t reach those
number of teenagers that we are going to reach with driver’s ed. That’s 225,000 15 and 16
year olds. [Justin]
I see the look in eyes sometimes when I’m sleeping. ((tears)) [Narration]
The agency hopes the video inspires teens to take the course. [Tim Spice]
We found that stories of teenagers to teenagers was going to be a lot more successful in trying
to get the message across and change that behavior. [Narration]
Behavior such as attaching a kill switch that turns off the boat motor. That may have saved
Brandon’s life when their boat hit an obstruction in the water and he and his friends flew from
the boat while it sped out of sight. [Justin Crawford]
Please, for you and your family’s sake, use a kill switch. [Narration]
Or learning how to operate a jet ski. That may have prevented multiple surgeries for
Zack who fortunately survived his accident because he was wearing a life jacket. [Tim Spice]
The Coast Guard says that 90 percent of the people who drowned in a boating related accident
would be alive if they had a life jacket on. That’s significant. [Zack Parker]
I’m alive because I was wearing a life jacket. [Narration]
Taking precautions and obeying the rules, will help water lovers have a fun and safe
summer. [Tim Spice]
Boating is a very safe activity. We want people to have fun and be safe on the water. [Game Warden]
How ya’ll doing today? Good. [Tim Spice]
You may see one of our game wardens stop by and do a safety check…see if you’ve got
all required equipment like a fire extinguisher, all the lifejackets are correct and properly
fitting. You have a sound producing device. ((honk, honk))
[Tim Spice] If you can do one thing on the water with
you and your family, wear a life jacket. It can save your life. [Narration]
And help honor the teens who have a message to tell. [Zack]
Never go beyond your limits because you’re on the water. [Gabby Garza]
Wear a life jacket. [Katy Copeland]
Know what to do in an emergency. [Jessica Montez]
Cause you never think it’s going to happen to you or anybody you care for. [Narration]
For Texas Parks and Wildlife, this is Karen Loke.

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  1. Survivors of tragic boating accidents share their stories in a new video that will be shown in driver education classes. Since May 9, at least 24 people have lost their lives on Texas waters in boating or swimming accidents. 

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