New 2018 Front Living Room SANDPIPER 379FLOK Outside Kitchen Fifth Wheel RV Camper Colorado Dealer

New 2018 Front Living Room SANDPIPER 379FLOK Outside Kitchen Fifth Wheel RV Camper Colorado Dealer

welcome to the great outdoors RV company
my name is Ryan Spect today we’re going to be taking a look at the Sandpiper 379
FLOK the Sandpiper brand has come a long way
in the last couple of years fully aluminum superstructures vacuum
bonded sidewalls a great coach for the family of Coach that’s definitely gonna
last a long time let’s go over a few of the highlighted features on the outside
of this 379 flok Sandpiper right beside me you’ve got the outdoor kitchen and
let me tell you they did it right you’ve got the outdoor microwave a couple of
storage compartments on the outside a good sized mini-fridge for an outdoor
kitchen and right below you’ve actually got a sink in some prep area with a plug
in some lights and this sink is actually piped in to your gray tank and as we
rotate more towards the back of the coach you’ve got a really nice barbecue
that swings out from the bumper where it’s stowed so you don’t have to find a
place to store it inside plenty of room to cook three four steaks lots of
burgers quick connect to your propane right below a couple of other really
nice features on this Sandpiper we do bring it in pre-wired for a backup
camera which is a great idea on a coach this size you’re just over forty one and
a half feet in total length and you notice we do have the ladder on the back
that is because it’s a full walk on roof so you can get up there check the tops
of all six slide out to make sure you don’t have any debris before you run
them in and we bring it in with a ten gallon direct spark ignition gas or
electric hot water heater one of the most important things when you’re
looking for a coach is knowing the total capacity of your tow vehicle this guy
comes in at a dry weight just under 13,000 pounds this coach has got a lot
of water capacity as well so you got 60 gallons for your fresh water 134 for
your gray in your galley tanks and you’ve also got 52 for the black another
thing I really like about sandpaper all your connections are right here in a
central location where you can lock them up and secure them antifreeze Inlet
water filtration system all your connections for fresh water city water
as well as your antifreeze in light all right here in a nice location all
together probably one of the most popular
features in the industry has been the six-point hydraulic auto leveling system
and we do bring it in on the Sandpiper with that system all your controls for
that are right here in the password storage area one of the other really
nice features on the Sandpiper is we bring it in with a painted front cap so
that doesn’t just have color infused in the plastic it’s actually automotive
paint it’s gonna hold up a lot better to the weather and the elements especially
here in Colorado being a mile high one of the newest things in the industry is
the more ride step above stairs these things are awesome they’re a lot more
solid a lot more sturdy than your traditional RV stairs and they simply
just fold right down into place adjustable landing gear on them so no
matter what kind of surface you’re on you can make sure these are nice and
sturdy follow me on inside and we’ll check out some of the really great
interior features first thing you’ll notice as you look around you have got a
really nice kitchen layout so you got opposing slides here in the kitchen
dinette on one slide all your cooktop and your refrigerator as well as the
pantry on the other side tons of prep space in up for the countertop in here
nice Island kitchen got really nice high end faucet as well continuing our look
at the kitchen here in the Sandpiper front living room one of the first
things you’ll notice when you come in your control panels right here in a
great place where you can actually look kind of close the door it’s not just on
the wall for the kids to get to and they have gone to a really nice LCD
touchscreen for all your controls really neat thing about that too is you can
actually get an app for your phone and do a lot of the control panel things to
an app on your phone lots of storage down below here pretty good deep
cabinets they’re at least eight inches or so for storage on this little area
behind me you’ve got the big residential refrigerator it’s also got an icemaker
has an inverter dedicated to it as well so it can run off the battery system and
this they’ve gone to a nice high end a little
bit more residential looking fury on cooktop you got a nice cast-iron top
here with three burners a really really elegant look on the new cooktop here in
the sandpipers and above it you get the residential microwave so this just isn’t
one of them small ones you can barely pop any popcorn in that’s a regular
residential microwave really great pantry too so you’ve got some nice
pullout storage drawers here in the pantry they’ll all have that nice soft
close touch on them storage above as well and right behind me you’ll see here
it’s not lacking in a storage in this coach tons of overhead cabinetry right
here a little bit more extra prep space I really love how they give you a plug
in here as well a great spot to put like your coffee pod or something so here on
the passenger side you’ve got your dining out on the slide-out it’s a nice
freestanding table and chairs a little bit of storage under each one of your
chairs it’s a great spot for owner’s manuals card games things like that and
they actually even go a little bit extra mile you’ve got some storage under the
table as well as a leaf so if you do have extra guests or something you’ve
got plenty of extension there on the tabletop now from the kitchen we’re
gonna head down the hallway into the bathroom which is a pretty good sized
bathroom in the Sandpiper so you’ve got the really big shower nice upgraded
faucet as well got the seat in the shower glass enclosure so you don’t have
to worry about water hitting anywhere and look at all this space you’ve got on
your countertop plenty of storage down below and another really nice thing here
on San Pfeiffer this is an actual medicine cabinet that’s not just a
mirror hanging on the wall guys and above us we’ve got
fantastic fan that thing will exhaust over 900 feet of air a minute on its
highest setting and yeah we do bring it in with the rain sensor another great
feature here in the bathroom is your washer/dryer prep so right behind me
you’ve got prep for a stackable washer and dryer right here in the bathroom so
you’re not giving up a wardrobe space in the master bedroom for that washer/dryer
let’s rotate over to the bedroom now you’ll notice your second entry door by
your outdoor kitchen comes right into the bathroom area and the bedroom which
is great so you not have to run through the whole coach to use the restroom
another room with opposing slides here in the master bedroom bring it in with
the king-size bed plenty of storage here as well so you’ve got all this for
hanging wardrobe space kind of like a his-and-her closet area here with tons
of wardrobe space nice big window behind me as well we all know nine times out of
ten your best views out the back side of the coach so that a great thing to wake
up to in the morning right across from your bed set up for a television so
you’ve got a backer in here built for a TV screen plenty of storage below and
above every well now it’s time for my favorite feature on the 379 FL okay so
the front living room look at this this is a front living room done right you
got two opposing slides you got nice theater seating these seats
they are heated they’re massaging nice cup holders here you got a table like
this for each side so you got a little bit of an area to kind of play on the
tablet and stuff right across from the entertainment center and yeah these are
recliners so both of these seats fully lay back and boy can you relax they’re
comfortable this is all Thomas Paine furniture both your couch is here on the
slide out so our beds as well when you make those both in the beds
it’s literally like one giant bed across the whole living room so I could just
see grandkid grandkid grandkid grandkid grandkids stacked up in here nice roller
shades on all the windows they do a good job you got opposing windows on each
slide out so you get that cross ventilation and look at this
entertainment center got your CD player DVD player radio nice
big TV and below that you got the electric heater fireplace rated to heat 400 square feet so that puppy will save you a ton of propane and you got a lot
of storage up here as well next to the entertainment center this is
a front living room done right oh sorry but you can see super comfortable here
in the 379FLOK by Sandpiper if you have any questions give us a call at
970.313.4337 or pop me an email at
[email protected] or stop by anytime 3511 west service road
in Evans Colorado

12 thoughts on “New 2018 Front Living Room SANDPIPER 379FLOK Outside Kitchen Fifth Wheel RV Camper Colorado Dealer

  1. Wow. I like the 6 slide floorplan. Great couples coach, with two couches that open into beds for my occasional guests. Sandpiper offers a great value in their Luxury 5th Wheel designs.

  2. Very nice! One of my favorite floor plans. Can you recline the recliners with the couches folded out? It looks like there may be enough room?

  3. What about the thickness of the walls and quality of the insulation ? What about solar ? Does it come with an invertor etc. ?

  4. Thank you for the tour. Everything was great the music was fine. I cannot please everyone on YouTube. But I want to say thank you for the tour and the time of touring this RV

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