(No Copyright) Epic Cinematic Dramatic Adventure Trailer

(No Copyright) Epic Cinematic Dramatic Adventure Trailer

Epic music for trailer video with brass, drums and orchestra. Powerful heroic soundtrack for your media project. This motivational cinematic theme will work as perfect background for beautiful epic moments, landscapes, nature, drone video, motivational products and achievements. Also this soundtrack will fit for action, adventure videos or movies, extreme and tensieve scene or sport video.

100 thoughts on “(No Copyright) Epic Cinematic Dramatic Adventure Trailer

  1. ► Download this music track HERE: http://bit.ly/2CIflzg
    ► LICENSE: http://bit.ly/2N9p2MX

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  2. This music is so awesome, thank you for sharing this with us I am Myriam an female youtuber from the Netherlands and hope you come visiting my channel and hope you will enter the fantastic friendgroup we are.

  3. Nice work man, this kind of gave me nostalgia because it sounds just like the old yogscast outro but without the guitar riffs lol

  4. Hey.. grt music.. iam making a video to motivate people to help needy and poor people.. so can i use this track without Getting any copyright strike.. pls let me knw.. i wud b very thnk ful to you sir.

  5. Love it i subscribed your channel .But can i use your channel music (all your music that you uploaded)with out getting copy right claim or strike ?

  6. There's a YouTube channel in spanish about mysterious and ancient megalithic constructions where they uses this kind of music to add epicness.

  7. love this track! can I use this music for an advert I'm making? do I have to become a patreon to download it? of course I will credit you etc. 🙂

  8. how do I go about using this? do I have to sign up to pay monthly? I only want this track so is there a way to buy usage rights just for this one?

  9. i am a little bit confused xD,you are saying i can download it for free but when i am trying to download it from your patreon i have to pay?

  10. I used this at two of my first videos at my channel (and credited you because you deserve it!!!), thank you for this awesome music!!!

  11. Hi there! I'm a bit confused about that license thing. I'd like to use your music on some amateur drone footage and post it on YouTube. I'd of course credit you. Is that okay or do I need to purchase anything?

  12. So if I use ur music…. I should just hive u the music credit nothing else…. Plz reply.. Ur content is awesome

  13. Finally i find a good music for my video. I looking for a music like this a mounth ago. I mean no copyright music…
    I makeing an after movie abaout the offroad trip in mountains.
    Tomorow i start to edit my video.
    Also….liked and subscribe done.
    Thx for no copyright music.

    Sorry for my english. :))

  14. Am I allowed to use this in a trailer I’m working on I’ll credit you in the description and comments and in the video?

  15. Hello, If I buy the license, can I use the song to make video advertisements for selling products on facebook, Instagram and youtube?

  16. Fantastic music bro, I luv it. Thank you for no copyright. I shall provide your link in description if I use this as a background.

  17. क्या मैं आपके सॉन्ग अपनी वीडियो में यूज कर सकता हूं कॉपीराइट क्लेम तो नहीं आएगा

  18. Is this track free to use or do we have to purchase the licence to use first? Because you provide both texts… Am I allowed to just download this track and use it in my youtube video without paying anything but still monetize?

  19. wait so i can use this in my video for free? i just have to credit you right? just making sure cause i got 2 copyrights strike (1 in days) yeah! just asking

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