No Smoking #11minutes : Sunny Leone, Alok Nath and Deepak Dobriyal

No Smoking #11minutes : Sunny Leone, Alok Nath and Deepak Dobriyal

So, what are you trying to say doctor? There is nothing left to say. No one ever wins the battle against time. It kills everyone. Neither medicines, nor prayers, can save him now. The light of your life could go off anytime now In my opinion, it’s about time you asked him his last wish. Take care. Tell us, Son, what’s your last wish? Deepu… Here, have your favorite Rangooni Pan. For the last time. Want to have some milk of our neighbour Chautala’s goat? Come on… Have some before you depart. How about these exotic Russian dolls that came in my dowry? Brother, your favourite, imported harmonica? Blow your last breath into it. What is it then, that you want Son? Please dad! It is his last wish. See Bunnu, you can never win against a setting sun or a dousing flame. Hmm … OK !! Oh! That’s Sunny! Hush! She’s your aunt now.

100 thoughts on “No Smoking #11minutes : Sunny Leone, Alok Nath and Deepak Dobriyal

  1. What if someone don't smoke there are still people who knowingly smoke habitually infront of somebody who don't smoke and the person becomes the victim of passive smoking or second hand smokers. So, much anger and frustration.Wish I could manage to educate those people's. Damn Smokers.

  2. যিশু খ্রিস্টের পাতিত রক্তের দ্বারা আমরা অনন্ত জীবন পায়.
    যে কেউ যিনি খ্রীষ্টের মাধ্যমে ঈশ্বরের কাছে আসে অস্বীকৃত হবে না.
    ঈশ্বর মানবতার সবকিছু দিতে মৃত থেকে যীশু গোলাপ! 🌸 🌸

  3. অনেকেই জানেন না যে, আল্লাহ তাঁর পুত্র যীশু খ্রীষ্টের 🌸 পাঠানো 🌸
    আমাদের জায়গায় মরতে.
    তারপর আল্লাহ মৃত থেকে যীশু গুল.
    আমরা সব আল্লাহর সামনে ধার্মিক হতে হবে এবং অনন্ত জীবন দান প্রাপ্ত হতে পার. তাঁকে জিজ্ঞাসা আপনার শরীর সুস্থ করার জন্য

  4. Oh ! I love this song. There is something inherent in the folk music which tells us that we are from same root.

  5. Bakwas wahiyat.. Sali randi kutiya sunny Leone sali prostitute bina kuch kre bollywood me aa gyi chudail khi ki.. No acting skills at all.. Apni film me directors isse isliye lete h kyunki ye kuch bhi kr legi pornstar jo hui.. Kutiya

  6. Sunny tum Ab to Strip hona chod do… jiska khud ka pair khadde me hain aur sikha rahi hain..khadde se bachne ka..waah se duniya waalo

  7. all this is propoaganda……. Smoking is cool…. put a igareete between guy's lip and there is no more macho image in the world…

    smoking is for real men.. the kings…. no smoking one are chutiyas… and women.. please dont smoke…

  8. As Sunny Leone said, 'Stop Smoking… It's bad for your health', Can she say 'Stop Sex……. It's bad for your cock'???? Lol 😀

  9. Kya yaar hamere mathe pe C likho Hai ke
    vo kab mare hai jub sunny ro mu dekhe Hai tab ussme cigarettes ka ke kasur hai

  10. Every cigarette you smoke takes 11 0minutes off your life.
    According to my calculations, I should have died in 1871. (uncountable)

  11. quit one smoke get sunny leone free for 11 minutes. quit 130 cigrattee take one night stand….. best offer ever..

  12. It's quite ironic for a promoter of another evil to be against smoking. She can only do things half-right I guess! It would be better if she cleansed herself of evil (p.rn, nudity, suggestive dances) and its promotion before discouraging another!

  13. The song was superb, but rest is shit. Mukesh's Ad is what is required. This will only confuse people to think they will get Sunny as wife !

  14. Last minutes of life with Sunny Leone, I don't about others this promotes me to go and smoke. At least my last seconds will be with Sunny Leone. 😂😂😂😂😂😁

  15. Jeb Khali ho toh bhi Insaan tadpe Jata Hai limit ka Paisa hona chahiye dekhna hai na Jyada na come Jennifer II dil se I love you ka Asar ok Sara Paisa kharcha nahi karegi Mujhe to Koi kharcha karne ki jarurat Nahi Mere Saath Saath Rahunga Uske Jab Wo Aayegi Aur Ko Kab Aayegi hua kya Maloom Kab Aaegi kya Deti Hai agale mahine ki Saat tarikh ko Aaoge

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