this is the living room in a 16 million
dollar penthouse apartment on the 57th floor of Madison Square Park Tower with
unquestionably the most stunning views in all of New York City my name is Erik
Conover and I’m going to take you on a tour of this one-of-a-kind luxury
apartment in New York City welcome to penthouse 57 a in Madison
Square Park Tower today I’m doing a walkthrough with Anthony barillo who’s
one of the top real estate agents in the city and it’s definitely one of the more
luxurious spots that we’ve seen in this series where I show you crazy New York
City apartments that none of us can afford the apartment is 4655 square feet
with four bedrooms four and a half bathrooms floor-to-ceiling windows with
approximate 10-foot loft ceilings asking sixteen million dollars so right off the
elevator you’ll notice that this penthouse takes up the entire 57th floor
of the building and that can only be accessed via your private elevator
keycard now walking into the apartment through the main entrance hallway you’ll
enter the first part of the great room the current staging has this corner of
the great room south as the dining area with an impressive st. James solid
Appalachian white oak table with seating for ten filling up the entire space this
just feels like luxury velvet chairs at your dining room table with that view
moving from the dining room to the kitchen a lot of people love these
kitchens that are just a little bit separate from the main living space when
you’re buying an apartment of this size more than likely those people have their
staff doing a lot of it if you’re entertaining and you’re having a fancy
dinner party and you don’t really want your guests to see all the setup all the
behind-the-scenes of the cooking the food in the kitchen that you have your
custom brass pocket door handle comes right out close this all off in an
apartment like this you need an oversized sub-zero integrated
refrigerator and freezer the kitchen it has custom-designed cabinetry polished
mercury black marble on the island a six burner meal a gas cooktop and even an
integrated wine refrigerator your wash new dishes you look out your window and
you see the World Trade Center from your kitchen not a bad view to do dishes this
is the first place we’ve seen where the kitchen is fully separate from the rest
of the apartment because like you said more than likely if you’re paying 16
million dollars you’re gonna have a staff for cooking or for cleaning
talking about cleaning actually have your laundry room right
here which is also serving as our makeshift production gear storage but
you have a full washer/dryer deep soaking sink tons of pantry cabinet
storage the works all right now on to one of the main selling points of this
apartment in the grand at living space with unquestionably the best views in
New York every single view that you can imagine in New York is visible from the
57th floor on the north facing exposure in the living room you can see the
Empire State Building Chrysler Building on the historic clock tower which was
actually once the tallest building in the world looking down over Madison
Square Park you can see all the new developments uptown on billionaires row
432 Park Avenue to the northwest you can see the Midtown area and Times Square
with the H&M Tower looking right down below us 23rd Street and if you look
closely enough you can actually see people on the observation deck of the
Empire State Building the grand the living area is 40 feet in width and you
might notice that there are no columns in the entire room it’s actually
Manhattan’s first cantilever to fluted glass sculpture engineered with
chamfered corners to maximize the views and to create column-free interiors the
mirrors definitely add a very unique feel to the living room because no
matter which way you look in here you have the best views of New York City or
right in your living room moving on next your west facing views which are
extraordinary I mean you have the Hudson River you have the best sunsets you can
ever imagine is that the Flatiron Building when I said you can see every
building in this city from this apartment I was not kidding these are
some of the largest condos in Chelsea they look like little LEGO pieces look
at Walker tower over here look at the Google building which is one of the
largest buildings in New York City does this worry look you even a while ago
what do you want to see in New York you can see anything from you I can actually
see into my apartment window from here I don’t know if you can hear that
buzzing that is the construction they’re finishing up the top floor of this
building which is the 77 million dollar triplex penthouse 77 million that is
correct comment down below more apartment tours
if you want to see a tour of a 77 million dollar apartment in this
building continuing on with that 360 theme of this apartment we’re now
heading into the first bedroom which is currently staged as the most
luxurious office in the entire city with those warm southern views I’m not sure
if you noticed this south-facing views are the most desirable views in New York
City the reason being is like I said before sunrises on the east it goes
across the south part of the only entire day in sets right there you can
literally see every single building from 22nd Street down to the financial
district even past it you can literally see the Verrazano Bridge from here now
right off your bruce wayne office is a full bathroom complete with a shower
just in case you do choose to use this room as a bedroom now we’re heading down
the hallway to the bedroom quarters of this apartment to the first bedroom
which is technically the guest bedroom the guest bedroom has a full bathroom
it’s got a very clean layout king-size bed and this cool giant hand chair
that’s been carved out of a piece of solid wood heading further down the
living quarters wing we have the third bedroom which is currently staged as the
kids room and what kid doesn’t need pristine views of the Empire State
Building from their bedroom window right across the hall from the kids room
you’ve got the parents room and the master living suite area we’re now
heading to the eastern exposures with a view of the iconic Queensborough bridge
over the East River and the developing Long Island City off in the distance I
can’t think of another bedroom in New York City where you can see a full view
of the Empire State Building out of one window walk over to the other side of
your bedroom and see a clear shot to the Atlantic Ocean not there are not many in
this city I could tell you that and finally the crown jewel of this
apartment I think this has to be the nicest soaking tub in Manhattan
this master bathroom has white marble floors throughout the entire space
the floors are radiant heated cold New York City winter mornings nears
dual porcelain sinks and of course a separate oversized shower with a perfect
view of One World Trade Center as you are scrubbing down as always if you’re
loving this series comment down below more apartment tours and make sure to
subscribe to my youtube channel if you’re new here and with that I will see
you in the next video

100 thoughts on “NYC Apartment Tour: $16 MILLION LUXURY APARTMENT

  1. I would feel very uncofortable in this appartment. It's so unbelievable that it is worth so much money. Incredible what you can do if you have the right to rise a skyscraper in such a city .

  2. I live in NYC and sadly to say one day an huge earthquake most likely hit and all this so-called luxury will crumble to the ground. Bethlehem Pennsylvania here I come and a huge home for only 175,000.00!!

  3. I'm going to be honest here…the most I'd want to stay there is 5 days max and most of that time would be spent walking around the city. It looks amazing but I really prefer having my backyard with plants and trees and animals rather than this.

    How long is the elevator ride? I just can't be fucked with any of that.

  4. I still don't understand why people find it beautiful to live in a big city… Guess because the never met the rural side of the world.

  5. I just don't understand the point of padding that much for an apartment when your adjacent to another and possibly hearing every sound your neighbor makes, you can't walk in your own front or backyard, there are all sorts of absurd restrictions, management finds every reason to fine the tenant, and not to mention, you buy land and build damn near a mansion with swimming pool and all for nowhere near that price and still have money in ur pocket.

  6. Watching this while waiting to get out of work. Ready for 8 am job tomorrow.. However i definetly have 20 k saved and would invest in mexico

  7. Now that I know about property tax:
    After paying $16 million dollars to own, you now realize that you have the privilege of:
    Renting from the government for $30,000 PER MONTH, FOREVER.
    [$16 million x 2.219% NY property tax = $355,040 per year (forever) = $30,000/mo (forever)] That's on top of your $44,000 per month mortgage over 30 years.

    That's right, your TAX (forever) is approximately the same per month as your MORTGAGE (30 years).

    For the first 30 years you will pay $74,000 per month.
    For the rest of eternity you will pay $30,000 per month to the government (nothing in return).
    If you fail even ONE PAYMENT, the government will steal your home and sell it at auction for a discount. It will then charge you the difference to pay the rest of your tax, and you will not get the proceeds from your home that you had paid for.

    After 100 years of ownership, you have now paid the government a non-refundable $36 MILLION dollars on top of the $16 million you paid for the property. Your total cost for the property after 100 years: $52 MILLION. In 100 years your neighborhood will be overrun with crime and be worthless, for a total loss. Your descendants inherit nothing but a worthless shack they cannot visit for fear of death from stray gunfire or car bombs.

    Worth it?

  8. В такой пафосной хате русских с бухлом и девахами не хватает)) It will be incredible!)

  9. How is this that expensive!!!!!???? Its an apartment building… $500,000 TOPS. If i spend that kind of money i expect a private pool hot tub tennis court outdoor kitchen and living.

  10. that building looks like an earthquake away from sending everyone to jesus….nothing beats a good ol fashioned grounded house, with 16 million i'd buy a bunch of dream houses and rent them and never have to work ever again.

  11. With 16 million you can buy an amazing house in Hollywood hills instead of that shitty apartment that you cant even make a BBQ with friends outside

  12. LOL 16 million could buy you a mansion…. Fuck New York. Also, London. Both stupidly expensive to live in, just because they are NY and London.

    I'd take a castle in Wales over this shite.

  13. so you mean $16m is the price of that whole apartment or just a rent of one room for 1 month is that price??? confused!!

  14. Typical over priced N.Y. rabbit hotch.
    People on the empire state building, can look into your bedroom.
    Only one way out. If the power goes out. You're stuck.

  15. English isn’t my first language, but isn’t penthouse mean the top floor? How this penthouse has a floor above it?? The 77 million floor is the penthouse not this!

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