Operation Gold Fish Theatrical Trailer || Aadi, Sasha Chettri, Nitya Naresh || Adivi Sai Kiran

You bloody Indian dogs! Run away… Nerves of our Kashmiris… …are filled with the blood
of Mujahideens and Gazis. Now it’s our resposibility to safeguard! This is an international issue, Arjun! Activate our sleeper cells
all over the country. I have 6 hours. War against what? Against who? Kashmir belongs to Pakistan. Every Indian stands strong with Kashmir. Listen to me goddammit! This is our holy war. There is something huge behind all this. An Indian will never break his promise. Hail India! Arjun! What if our ‘Hail India’
becomes our ‘Holy war’… Just imagine! OPERATION GOLD FISH

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