Oti Mabuse jives into Michael’s wake up prank for a surprise dance session πŸ’ƒ – BBC

I don’t need to be quiet here
because he’s in his flat. I can be quite laissez faire. Like I live here. Of course, I don’t live here,
that’s why I can’t work the key. LAUGHTER Let’s go. CLICKS SCREAMS
Hurray! Welcome to The Midnight Game Show! Hey, Ben! Oh, no! How are you? Oh, hoo-hoo! Here’s the glasses. Hold on, we’ll wait for the glasses
a moment. This is going to be
a huge moment for Ben! Hi! Hello! Good morning. I should say,
good middle of the night. There’s a T-shirt.
Oh, Ben, what fun. I’m so sorry to give you
the fright of your life. Ben, why don’t you swap over
with the lovely Amelia? Now, this is the Midnight Game Show. I’m going to ask you a series
of questions, the bedside clock
is ticking. Why are your glasses steaming up?
It’s hot. It happens. Is it hot in here? OK. Now, you, Ben are a fan of disco? Is that right? Yeah.
He’ll need his glasses. You’re a big fan of disco,
so an easy one for you. All you need to do, take the mic,
is finish the missing lyrics. # Feel the city breakin’
and everybody’s shakin’ # And we’re staying alive,
stayin’ alive # Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive,
stayin’ alive # Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive! # Yes, we’ll give you that. Very good.
Let’s go for one more. # At first I was afraid
I was petrified # Kept thinking I could never live
without you by my side… # Wait. # But I was wrong
I knew how to move along… # No. You were wrong. Thank you very much, La Voix! Thank you, darlings.
Thank you, La Voix. There goes La Voix, very good. Now, I have been told
that you are a Chelsea fan. Is that correct? Yes. And how much of a Chelsea fan
would you say that you are? Moderate. LAUGHTER
Moderate? So who is this? Oh, God. Dennis Wise. Yes! It’s Wisey!
That was really good. He’s called himself a moderate
Chelsea fan but he does remember the legend that is Dennis Wise.
Wisey. Right. Now, here comes a goal,
we’re going to pop this at the end of your bed, Ben, like that, and all
I’m going to ask you to do is head as many balls as you can,
into the goal, let’s go. Start heading. Oh! Oh, yes. Goal. One goal. Two goals.
This is amazing, Ben,
you’re absolutely… Oh! It’s still going.
He’s scored a hat-trick. Four! He scored four,
he’s going to get them all! That’s incredible going. Well done. APPLAUSE
Thank you very much, Dennis Wise. Very exciting to have Wisey in. All without your glasses as well. OK, now. Let me ask you a question
about your televisual habits. Do you watch a bit of TV, Ben?
Yeah, I watch some TV. What would you say is your favourite
television show? Michael McIntyre.
No, no, no, you don’t need to say… If you could tell me another…
I love watching Strictly. Oh, Strictly Come Dancing. Yeah. Well, tonight, if you’d like to join
me in your living room, let’s head over to your living room, where you normally watch Strictly.
Come on, Ben. Follow him down, here he goes. Hello. Hi. A lovely moment. This, of course, is Oti Mabuse
from Strictly. I’m going to sit
here like the judges. Like Bruno Tonioli. Now, what I’m going to ask you, Ben,
in your living room, is you’re going to be led
through some dances by Oti, and all you have do
is follow her lead, and name the dance. Here’s the first dance. What’s that dance?
Oh, salsa. That is a salsa.
Keep going, keep going. Whoo! He’s sliding on the rug. Oh no, Amelia, you have to join me
on the judges’ chair, you shouldn’t be over there. Come and sit down. OK. OK. Let’s go for the second one. Follow Oti’s lead and name
the dance. Ooh, what could that be? Follow her lead. Best you can.
There we go. And what’s that dance?
A jive. Oh, keep guessing. Charleston? That’s the correct answer.
Yes! Amazing. Let’s move on to the next one, Oti.
Right. Oh, my God. What’s that? Oh… Pasodoble. Yes! Oti, I feel like we want
one more on top of this, we’re having too much fun. You’ve got to follow her, Ben.
Go on, Ben. SHE SHOUTS Oh, this is amazing. Let’s go to the judges
with their scores. Ten!
THEY CHEER OK, back to bed. Thank you very
much, Oti Mabuse. It’s Strictly in Ben’s living room. Back to bed, Ben. Come on, more
questions. OK. Oh, God, you’re
the sweetest couple. OK, if you don’t mind
I’m just going to take this off. Don’t worry, don’t panic.
Don’t panic. Don’t panic. It’s got a slept-in warmth.
Well done for cleaning the sheets. Is that not a regular thing? OK, so, so that’s now
gone temporarily. Now, what I’m going do is I’m going
to ask a domestic goddess… What she’s going to do,
she’s going to come in here, she’s going to change your duvet
cover as quickly as she can, and then you’re going
to try and beat her time. Please welcome Anthea Turner. Hello. It’s Anthea. Say hello to Ben. Hello, Ben. Hello. So here’s Anthea. Now, Anthea is a
duvet cover changing legend. So she’s going to talk
you through it, but you can use your own technique. Take it away
Anthea, and we’re timing this. Now, would you mind if I sort
of got in bed with you? I’m just going to come here.
She finds it better… I’m just going to come here, in
between the two of you. Very good. I’m going to take the corners of the
duvet. Corners of the duvet. Just watch this.
Corners of the duvet like that. Here we go… Oh, my God, it’s
like… I’m just going to… Oh! What technique. And look. APPLAUSE
There you go. Look at that. Hardly any seconds.
Absolutely amazing. Anthea Turner,
the duvet-changing legend. Anthea Turner, ladies
and gentlemen, thank you. See you. Right, now this has to come off
and you have to beat the time with your own duvet. OK. Here we go,
it’s by yourself, OK? Ready? Now, go. Has he ever changed a duvet before? This is the first time. Oh, this could be a while. What’s happening? Oh, what’s…? He seems…
He’s in, he’s under. THEY LAUGH Where are you?
Ben, where have you gone? He’s looking for the edges. I think I’m confident to say
he may have gone on slightly longer than Anthea’s time. I don’t remember Anthea being in
the… Oh, he’s trying to get it off. Oh, that’s it,
it’s actually quite good. He’s got it and the duvet is on. Thank you very much and goodnight. APPLAUSE

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