Overcoming Obstacles/Limitations. A Story of Pain, Failure, Tragedy to Triumph/Prosperity/Success.

Overcoming Obstacles/Limitations. A Story of Pain, Failure, Tragedy to Triumph/Prosperity/Success.

what do you want more than anything in
life what do you want more of today’s combination inspirational quotes video
in personal development training video we’ll discuss the number one key you and
I need to live our most fulfilling life of great meaning and personal success in
professional success one of my favorite inspirational quotes comes from the 14th
century frenchman michel de montaigne de Montaigne said the soul which has no
fixed purpose in life is lost to be everywhere is to be nowhere absolutely
the soul which has no fixed purpose is indeed lost the human soul your soul and
mind longs for purpose we long to grow contribute live large and to matter we
long for depth of meaning in relationships and in life and then diaz
de Montaigne said to be everywhere is to be nowhere to live our lives fully and
deeply requires us to choose a purpose yes it is a choice stick around for the
rest of this video and for the next video which will come out next week and
I’ll give you a simple exercise that you can use to find create or clarify and
energize your purpose so perhaps you are already deeply synchronized with your
purposes so awesome you’ll still benefit from these two videos so stay with me
please ok today I have a personal story I’m going to share with you to make the
point of the importance and the choice in purpose I began life having any
natural self confidence self-esteem direction or purpose I might have had
being totally crushed yet I’ve gone on to create and feel great purpose and
meaning in my life as well as considerable self-confidence and
self-esteem if I can do this anyone can and you’ll see what I mean after I tell
you my story my story begins when I was 18 remember
it was a late spring of my high school senior year but a month before
graduation maybe two months I was a terribly lost soul recovered from a drug
problem and from years of years away I should say of being recovered from a
highly dysfunctional family it had taken me five years to complete four years of
call of high school I stopped skipping school only when they threatened to
expel me and I took tests only one they was necessary to not flunk I was the
proverbial lost soul I had no direction and if it were possible had even less
self-confidence and self-esteem I’d never had any guidance or support from
my highly dysfunctional family I have an absent father who when present was
emotionally and physically abusive and violent to the extreme he was a very
successful man actually a lawyer a businessman and here you go a politician
who would have figured huh it confused and distressed me as a young boy that so
many people seem to adore this monster but of course the person I knew was not
the person that the public knew the two people bore no resemblance to each other
so anyway back to the story it was springtime at a month before high school
graduation drug eight thirty in the morning class would begin soon but for
now there were a hundred maybe more kids in small groups milling around the front
of the school socializing with each other isn’t that what teenagers do best
and most often socialize as we all chatted in our small groups some sort of
list was being passed from group to group when it made its way to my group I
asked my friend who received it what the list was and she said the class rankings
I’d had no idea the school ranked us I’d never heard that before so we think my
next thought was if you were me what would you be thinking right
I thought oh where the heck am I on this list I want to see the list that my
friends was a bad choice another four years back at age 14 I was sent away to
a drug clinic some 300 miles and two states away from my home town in
northern virginia in the DC area I spent six or more months they’re returning
home from the drug clinic I still lacked what I really needed in life which was
self-esteem self-confidence in direction a sense of personal meaning and life
purpose and I still totally lacked a single adult to act as a positive
example a mentor or any kind of support of guidance I was a life pedestrian
wandering aimless lost and profoundly confused I got through high school
without studying a single time and with doing the minimal work required to just
make DS and barely get through singularly the low point of my first 50
years probably was the story I started when I was 18 years old was a beautiful
spring morning sunny crisp cool my friend that I was talking one of my
friends I was talking to they got the class rankings handed them to me when
she was done with them I should have just handed them right back to art as I
remember it my class had 326 students a number is close if not exact I looked
over the first couple of pages and I saw the user usual suspects I I knew who
would be on those pages pretty much as i mentioned i already had no
self-confidence no self esteem 0 direction no goals are in ink at that
age so if we had 326 kids in the class or probably about eight pages in the
ranking list right so I haven’t given this much thought I was another no
illusions that would be in the first half of this rankings not that I’d even
thought about that but by the time I got to the fifth of six page and I hadn’t
seen my name it really began to sink in I hadn’t seen my name and I knew though
that wherever I am on this list if I am it’s not going to be pretty or Pleasant
suddenly I was terrified to finish the list it’s afraid of where my wood
find my name and ironically enough it’s all so scared that I might not even find
my name on the list because I was of the opinion that I was so irrelevant such a
nonentity that I thought maybe I’m not even on this list maybe I don’t even
exist / the school that would have hurt but I wouldn’t have been surprised but
now I needed to finish what I started and I wanted to see where I fit in on
this list or where I didn’t fit maybe would be more accurate so I reached a
final page and I still hadn’t seen my name my stomach tightened my breathing
became more and more shallow and rapid my heart was down around the floor
somewhere only now that it’s fully dawn upon me that even if I find my name on
this list it’s going to be painful there’s a public declaration of what I
felt inside that I was a total loser the single largest authority in our lives
was declaring to everyone that mattered to me that yes babson is a big Lou loser
and he stupid by the way what made my way down that last page my heart’s
sinking with each name that I read because each name was not mine until I
made the final name number 326 the dead last rank kid in my class the most
stupid the biggest loser Christopher Babson you remember being in high school
remember desperately how you wanted to fit in and to be cool do you remember
how frustratingly often probably you felt uncool or not as cool as you want
her to be and maybe you didn’t fit in as much as you wanted to if you’re like
most people you can relate to this and if you can’t wait to this then good for
you I applaud you that’s awesome I mean that you’re blessed and perhaps
something of a freak I think my boys are like that I think they’ve always felt
but we’ve built in so much confidence and love and support for them although
they’ve had their challenges my older one in particular anyway if that
describes you I hope you’ve used your confidence and certainty in direction
your purpose in life to continue to grow and to contribute to other people into
society so even today 40 years later almost
it’s as if if if this day this event in front of my school happen yesterday I’m
standing there staring at my name on that page a hundred or more kids around
me in small groups in my peripheral vision and I’m frozen staring at this
paper my imagination each and every other kid stop what they’re doing
they’re all staring at me laughing at me you know what I’m looking at the list
has been passed around they’re all saying them themselves Babson is such a
loser the most stupid kid in the class of course my ranking had nothing to do
with my intelligence and everything to do with my lack of self-esteem in my
direction or lack of direction at that point in my life my total lack of
recognizing any kind of purpose having any confidence but my teenage mind
couldn’t conceptualize that it wasn’t mature or experienced enough to know
that way of mine the single largest authority in my world my school had
publicly declared that I was a massive hopeless stupid loser it was devastated
humiliated like I’ve never been before or since how I escaped that moment I
don’t remember because my mind went blank I somehow got the heck out of
there I skipped school that day I skipped school the next day I don’t know
when I went back but I did go back and I did graduate a month or two later when
graduation was I graduated at last 326 you know in my 20s my early 20s I found
direction of purpose and my career as an actor but the gnawing feeling of being
stupid stayed with me I longed to be intelligent along to be educated in my
naive mind at that age i equated traditional education with intelligence
so longed to get a college degree but was terrified I knew I was too stupid to
do it with the age of 29 or 30 I scratched that itch I left acting and
went to a junior college to work towards a four-year bachelor’s degree to to get
into a four-year school with the idea of wanting to go to graduate school I
worked very hard not struggled a lot at first
but I went to two top 20 schools i got my on by be a UCLA in my MBA at Purdue
University after which i became a fortune 20 vice president end of all
things corporate finance banking and in business development now i left the
corporate world and started my first company billing management group which i
sold a few years later you know it took me 50 years to get to where I am now to
find who I was who I’ve always been meant to be but I had to go through a
lot of learning a lot of trial a lot of pain in life I know my mission of my
purpose they are to reach out to others and to help others actualize themselves
personally and professionally leading themselves and leading other people’s to
exceptional experiences behaviors and results in their lives personally and
professionally so let’s come full circle back to the beginning of the video you
remember the premise of the video is the quote soul with no fixed purpose in life
is lost to be everywhere is to be nowhere I wanted to share part of my
personal story as a testament to the pain of being completely lost with no
purpose whatsoever in no future I wanted to share personal story to act as
testimony and proof of the importance of connecting with our soul our highest
purpose a personal life mission it’s something each of our souls longs for
and needs I know personally the pain of being a lost soul with no me with no
person purpose Noble in the future I also know the acceleration of accessing
and living highest purpose meaning relevance and gifts wherever you
personally are on this continuum of personal mission purpose fulfillment and
success I encourage you to be who you were born to be don’t be afraid of it
don’t feel that it’s too early or too late that you’re too young or too too
old or too smart or not smart enough begin now I’m an extreme example i think
i’m pretty sure based on the other people I’ve met in life and if I can do
it you can do it you know that there will
be dark days days when you’re convinced you have or you will fail remember we
only fail if we fail to begin or fail to continue and once you have begun you can
only fail if you quit so getting the results you don’t want is not failure
unless you use them as an excuse to quit except that there are dark days there
are for all of us use these darknesses tools to forge the middle of your
determination and your character use them to develop your heart mind and to
stimulate the resolve in your soul it’s your life your one chance leave your
passion your purpose develop exercise and share your gifts make a difference
for yourself and others grow personally contribute each and every day grow just
a little bit each day by the way don’t expect too much from yourself each day
be a little better a little wiser a little deeper more productive and a
little more giving each day don’t expect massive change overnight but if you do
this the accumulated effect over the course of your life in over the next 10
20 50 or 100 years is going to be a brilliant life of unimaginable success
and contribution well that’s it the next video next week is going to provide
exercise that will help you either access find access and live your purpose
or your mission or greater meaning in your life or even if you are totally
connected and synchronized with yours already the exercise will still help you
to clarify get closer to it and energize it each and every day live love and
succeed with passion purpose and positive personal power my friends

5 thoughts on “Overcoming Obstacles/Limitations. A Story of Pain, Failure, Tragedy to Triumph/Prosperity/Success.

  1. Thanks for sharing your personal story. You have come a long way! The great love and care you show for your sons proves that you were able to break the pattern of abusiveness that your father showed you. It is a great testament of how we don't have to be slaves to our past, and that we can change and become more positive influences to people in our lives in the present.

  2. How many people don't want to face this kind of family problems and they suffer so much.. The spontaneity of how you talk about them means that you overcame them very good and that now makes you a better person, and I saw that in you seminar when you talked about them so the people can learn from you.. so really useful!

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