Paranormal Encounters: A Haunting in Globe

Paranormal Encounters: A Haunting in Globe

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there is something beautiful about the past and about the way it haunts us the
way we pass through moments like walking through doors
our memories are ghosts and they will always remind us of all the things we no
longer have I didn’t do it wasn’t me wouldn’t hurt them girls my name is Connor Taylor in 2012 I
captured an apparition on camera so I filmed a documentary at a hunt at school
and captured unexplainable evidence of things no longer of this world there’s
something down here now I travel with a sensitive Julie Cristina took places
where people have been experiencing the unknown aliens monsters and ghosts this
is paranormal encounters the Gila County Jail of 1910 has housed
many violent criminals and in 71 years of operation before closing its doors in
1981 tonight we’ll be investigating a century-old unsolved mystery of a man by
the name of Kingsley olds it was a prospector accused of murder his
partners daughters an assassination of Kingsley himself who was murdered in
this very cell globe Arizona was founded in 1876 as a chronic copper mining town
the town sent isolated from the rest of the Arizona within miles to the San
Carlos Apache Indians this made globe become one of the United
States longest holdout of the Wild West Frontier establishment the town’s
histories laced with many iconic murders stagecoach robberies lynchings and
Apache raids in the town itself today globe is a tourist attraction that
brings many to discover in mind what it was like in the old Wild West the globe jail was built in 1910 it was
built more like a military prison than it was just your regular old jail it
stayed in use as a jail until the mid-1980s when it was finally closed and
a new jail was built this was not a pleasant place to stay extremely cold in
the wintertime and extremely hot in the summer it was set up with a stairway
that led up to the third floor and then a catwalk across to the courthouse
without having to interface with any of the public or the possibility of escape
you have to realize that that we weren’t far removed from most of what people
remember is the Wild West there’s a tremendous amount of energy here this
jail is pretty active you hear footsteps on the stairs
you also hear windows closing upstairs and you hear doors closing it’s been a
long a long-term interest over a lot of years in late June of nineteen eleven he
was asked to go to the Salt River to Horseshoe Bend he was asked by Wesley
Goswick and Wesley’s two young girls Lulu and Myrtle had begged to go they
wanted to go swimming in the Salt River dad agreed mr. rolls put some shotgun
shells in his pocket and grabbed a Remington shotgun and set off with the
girls to the Salt River a few days later both young girls were found drowned
Kingsley olds was found sort of wandering aimlessly and at a
cabin some miles away he was extremely wounded by a shotgun
blast to the face so part of his face jaw tongue and a little bit more flesh
around around his face was basically torn away interesting story of course he
was here at the jail under the care of a nurse he talked to the nurse and he had
he had confided in her that he was seeing the girls both Myrtle and Lulu
they appeared in his self they were calling him they were beckoning him to
come and join them it wasn’t like get me out of here get me out of here if you
murder somebody and they visit your cell and you’re you’re locked in your first
response is get me out let me out of here help me help me he wasn’t
frightened and he said something to the effect of I’ll be going with them soon
or joining them soon from the things that he saw the death of the girls in
his injury so no matter how it was inflicted and how it played out he still
had to deal with this in his own head so the death of Kingsley olds he’s in his
cell is locked in for the night he’s sleep by midnight and so things are
quiet until about 4:20 in the morning and from a courthouse window on the
second floor a shot rings out one shot was fired had a downward angle
went through two sets of bars kill is immediate and since 1911 the murder has
not been solved no one’s come forward so right now we moved over to the
courthouse to see if we can’t get any activity over here and hopefully
communicate with the person that possibly murdered Kingsley in his jail
cell while he was sleeping or whatever else we can communicate with in here so
he brought it in Jason re-enactor for Kingsley olds got Justin back here hey ed Danny I
brought in Jason re-enactor for kingsy holds for over here now see if we can
give this rim pot right there to go off in this for us hello so we came here a long way we uh we just want to find out who murdered
Kingsley old is the assassin who did that in here what what’s going on to spear bucks guys
the spear box is on ya supposed to be dude the spear box has full batteries
right now I would like if I can focus the storm oh my god started doing it now
in my hand I don’t even touch any buttons okay the
rent pot is going off now we have never ever had the spear box growl on us while
using during investigations this led us to believe something was interfering
with it while setting off the rem-pod showing something had made his presence
known yes is skinning carp in here that thing all night up in this day look at
it is still scanning it has full battery and they’re just now making noise that
rem-pod went off too what was that who was that Jason Jason
don’t do this did you turn off the audio the sound to that was that you can you light that up again please step
by me please funny all night long same interfere yeah never what it is not when a
one-time viv uses okay my name is Danny been a friend of Connors for a while
here and I guess he has a go show so I just thought it was crazy at first but
here they here are they stuck me in a Cell so I’m gonna see if I can really
find anything so let’s see I have this setup here let’s take a look you know if I can catch anything in
these cells so hello is anybody here right now I’m in the ladies cell in here do you want me to leave yourself can you
light that up please okay I’m leaving I’m going to go touch the toy you’re
just touching unless you don’t want to talk then you go put that toy away okay
it could have been me don’t know not too far from it
so if that was you that just touched it before I could touch it can you light up
again okay I’m gonna grab the toy okay I won’t
touch that then I didn’t get a chance to go near it okay so you want to play just
when I was about to leave I made a comment stating so you want to play
immediately the rem-pod goes off this entire time I had asked questions
thinking it was an inmate who occupied this cell not thinking I could have been
communicating with one of the girls Myrtle or Lulu who is said have been
murdered by Kingsley olds so you want to play so you want to play can you light
that up again ask some questions to play a game did you were you in this jail cell for
murder light up the Thane one time and flash twice so I know that’s a no that
you steal anything did you hurt anybody and now you’re just been quiet yeah my
name I don’t know okay Betty see ya
is your name Betty could you please light that up please I’m going to go leave we’ll talk to
somebody else in here since you don’t want talk to me
I grab this rim pot as you can see get close to this it doesn’t light up
including the wind from a hand I literally have to be right on this
little plus sign now you have to be right there to light this up okay hands
it if anybody’s here you can come in the door is open can you turn on the machine after my experience inside the woman’s
cellblock Jason Danny Justin and I wanted to attempt to further communicate
with whatever was in this area we had success with the rem-pod and we wanted
to make sure was not given all false evidence what happens to Justin still
cannot be explained maybe we’ll get the door is open
did you uh you leave Danny in the cell by himself Danny get off the recorder
see that is not going off and you got up oh so you’re making it go off okay and
you’re standing by Danny obviously because it’s soy green so if you make
that stop board I don’t even finish my sentence can Danny sit on your bed again
please sit down Danny if you don’t want the Annie sit down please light it up sit down all right now that is definitely my
interference there you’re sitting down and went off before just like going off
now it was tonight look this thing Danny will not go off
unless your hands literally right next to it go by put your hand near it and
while to prove to you put your hand here and back off away from it way away from
now is here we go off and you’re touching dude dude it is not this this is me
going to go off it doesn’t like you cushion the better any of us such as it
yeah yes right I can’t now dude okay can you stop I’m gonna ask you one
question okay now please don’t make that light up
thank you we’ll leave you alone if if you light
that up now look you just turn on my thing what just tug on my jacket finally
something just grabbed my jacket into this I swear to God I will let the house
touch my leg dude I’m not even joking right now that was so weird dude
like I’m here seeing about sheep so you did something tugged on my jacket and
then touched my leg I would not even joking not even joking
alright so I just wanna do this right on top of it is red wise gotcha
and Wi-Fi yeah it doesn’t want you touching the bed dude it literally would
usually be creepy he got touched over here and once he said that the things
started lighting up over here you’re out of the cell alright if you want us gone
can you just stop making that light go off alright we’re gonna do experiment
we’re going to leave the REM pod right there right where my finger
with a digital voice recorder and we’re going to leave this camera running for a
while and if anything tricks walking down the stairs that’s going to light up
hopefully we can capture something on a digital voice recorder reticle right now
there’s anybody in here this cell blocks back here you women really active after
I made the comment the wound and the cell block are really active the spirit
box goes off of what we believe is sown mumbling prison slang but we were
unsuccessful at making out what exactly it says here’s the playback I just want to know whose name that is
that the seller anyone I am Telling whoa just as a spear box went off the rem-pod
on the other end of the hall lit up without us knowing until going over
evidence this is very credible because we attempted this experiment multiple
times throughout the night without success we believe it was a former male
inmate making a comment rather than answering the question as he made his
way down the staircase from the courthouse from being sentenced saying
the phrase this is bogus then go I’ll follow you walk around
beyond themselves anybody here okay here’s what’s freaking me out okay
before right I thought the vibration like I was touching this and this thing
was going on only when I touched it right now I’m
hitting and now that’s happening but I know it’s on so yeah they’re much true
yes I swear I thought it was like that this thing was sense to vibration so I’m
like okay every time I think this is going off because I was on the camera I
came up here earlier you know just to test I’ll test your equipment and I was
like I hit it and it would go off kinda like okay so with your equipment you
know every time I hit is going to go up a right now I’m hanging on this thing
and it’s not going up which both head up here is one with the roof on here that
you put in your plate so I swear I’m up that name is excessive vibration so that
I have to give you one although Danny is a non believer in the
paranormal he could not explain why the rim pod cannot be replicated from before
when touching the bed and would go off while he was discussing credibility the
rem-pod I’ve been producing he had something manifest from the spirit box
in his hand and down into the bed we cannot say for certain this is something
paranormal as it can be a bug or dust particle but this is one that caught our
attention and how it manifests it and disappeared so say that it was going up
or no reason here before forever vibration-free this it’s definitely
different so right now we haven’t got much
activity t’s able to sell so be Justin and Dani I decided to get the spear box
to run right there right there yeah
right there we also have a right there was actually murdered right
here shot down that’s a window right there it may be here is there anybody in his cell with us can you come into this room so we know
what he wants guys I think we’re anything elf is a
speaker right here because it’s having too much
interference right now with that microphone I have moved the spirit box right next
to the rim pod so we gave him one that walks in here that REM pod will go off how long that was speaker shutting off can you walk into this cell so we know
that you’re in here with us this is the first response we received
all night while in Kingsley cell we believe it sounds like a female voice
telling us to get out why would a female tell us to get out as if we were
supposed to be there can you tell us what your name is we’re looking for Kingsley holes can you walk into this room to let us
know that you’re in here and any guards go through 100 on that one I thought I
heard that too but maybe because I wanted it you yeah he’s like wonderful can make everything going on I can hazily old we are in yourself we know
you were wrongfully murdered we just want to know and tell everybody the
truth either you really didn’t murder those girls or
you’re wrongfully accused could this be the voice of Kingsley olds himself
responding to my question with what sounds like know by saying this could he
have meant he did not kill Myrtle lulu and at 4:30 in the morning when the
fatal bullet was shot he was wrongfully murdered we travel deep into the Arizona desert
to a town in search of the truth to a century-old unsolved murder we gained
more than what we had bargained for we had unexplainable events that took
her filming by surprise we came in contact with entities no longer of this
world who made their presence known we know indeed that we heard Kingsley
olds himself say he may not have killed Myrtle Lulu as the saying goes sometimes
a man’s spirit just ain’t strong enough to withstand the ghosts of his past

42 thoughts on “Paranormal Encounters: A Haunting in Globe

  1. Love this awesome and amazing show! I'm on my way to watch the other epidodes! I'm going to share it with my three daughters, they'll love it! ALL the very best to you!

  2. Have to admit that at first I thought this was going to be some silly amateur p.i. group but, nope, I actually really enjoyed this. I might actually binge on this channel this weekend lol. Great job! :))

  3. A friend of mine took a picture of a seemingly ghost like apparition, that appeared on the film in a window of a house that I have in Globe.

  4. This is also the first time i have watched it! I am looking forward to binging today..WHAT was the most disturbing or scary place you guys have investigated?

  5. Still using that old jail for a haunted house every year too. Pretty neat stuff. The court house is an art center/studio now; still open to tours and visits.

  6. I have to say I seen nor heard anything paranormal at all. You need to use a digital recorder exclusively without the spirit box going at the same time to see if you can capture any voice's.The spirit box things are to easily dismissed as radio noise.

  7. It would have been awesome if you guys could have visited the crime scene of where the girls were found then did a follow up at the jail.. I wonder if the cabin is still there where they found him!

  8. This whole area is an occult super highway. I'm in no way referring to Anton LaVey's atheistic church of satan that was founded here, nor the Freemason lodge downtown. Its a darkness over the entire area. Ghosts, & Aliens do not exist, at least in the capacity that are being suggested, my opinion only. What we are seeing are demons, and higher fallen entities. At the risk of sounding cliché. God is real, his fallen sons live amongst us. This is the time of the great deception. Great video by the way.

  9. First time I`ve seen this. I`ll say one thing. I was offered a job servicing and modifying these REM Pods last year and after I looked at the circuits I declined when I saw an old 555 timer or a ne556 timer wired in astable mode and was then disgusted at the price for such a simple circuit wired in such a way it cannot possibly do the job claimed.

  10. I live in globe. And I do know i live in a haunted house. Like scarily haunted. I do 100% plan on moving in with somebody because I couldn’t handle this on my own. Oh hell no. I’ve visited this jail so many times as a kid and I always felt it was haunted. My mom always told me it was a joke. But I really just don’t understand how I used to feel safe there, like I knew them or something. But I’ve lived here my whole life and always felt safe. It’s kinda scary to think about actually.

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