Paris – Moulin Rouge show and dinner

Paris – Moulin Rouge show and dinner

(upbeat music) – I’m standing in front of one of the most recognizable
landmarks in all of Paris, the Moulin Rouge. And tonight I’m gonna check out one of the most popular
cabarets in all of France. (upbeat music) This is absolutely stunning. The Moulin Rouge was founded in 1889 and was the essence of Bohemian Paris where artists came to watch and produce colorful performances. Bonsoir, I have my glass of champagne, I just ordered my dinner and the music has already started. It’s gonna be a fun night. Ah look at that, whew I’m really excited to dig into this main dish. Enjoy some more music and pretty soon I think the dancing girls are coming out. (fast upbeat music) (singing in foreign language) I don’t think I’ve ever seen
this many beautiful women all in one room dancing. The skills they have are mind blowing. Wow. (singing in foreign language) (audience applauding) Wow that was so fun, the dinner, the music, the costumes, the dancing, everything. This is something I will never forget. (fast upbeat music)

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  3. FYI the website is a little misleading, but my french isn't very good so maybe it was just lost in my translation BUT…
    the website makes it look like there are three shows:
    a 7:00pm "Dinner + Show"
    a 9:00pm "Show"
    and a 11:00pm "Show"
    the 7pm dinner and the 9pm show are the same show, the dinner just seats you two hours early during which live music is playing. i showed up early and eat kinda quickly so i ended up waiting over an hour for the show to actually start

  4. Wouldn't walk across the street to watch it. Millennials and Generation X-ers don't know their ass from a hole in the ground about running a Cabaret Show.

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