period drama costume designers these days

period drama costume designers these days

Okay, so we have a period drama that is set in the 18th century and uh… we’re gonna need to design some nice costumes for our actresses. So, any ideas? Which part of the century? Why does that matter? Because it’s a century. You wouldn’t say 1950s and 1990s are the same, would you? Yeah, no. No one would notice. Yeah, it kind of ruins the whole creativity aspect of it. Like I wanted the costumes to be this really like, creative space. We don’t want the costumes to be like copies of historical garments because it’s cinema, you know? I want to give them- to serve like a really modern twist. Yeah, but in order for that to work, you need to know what you’re twisting first. I’m sorry, are you trying to sabotage this production? Anyway, moving on. I’d like to make a list of stuff that we need. So, if you come up with anything, let me know. Historical undergarments to achieve the right silhouette- Booooobs! Yes, our all-time priority. I’m gonna have to add flowing luscious hair. Sorry, as in loose hair? Is that a problem? It was kind of like a really big no-no at the time and if you didn’t put your hair up you would have them hidden underneath a cap and… Ewww! *Retching* Eww, ew, ew. *Retching* Oh my God! No! God! I’m gonna throw up. No, disgusting! I’m gonna write that down, no caps. Moving on. Back lacing. Yeah, about that. Dresses were usually closed in the front. Oooff. Back lacing was used in court gowns and our movie’s set in a Yorkshire village. Yeah, but dresses don’t close in front. Anyway, undergarments. So obviously we have drawers. Drawers didn’t even exist back then. It was not until the 1820s when they became popular. Are you implying that they wore nothing underneath? They had to wear something. So, frilled drawers it is. Now, because we do care for historical accuracy, the actresses are going to wear stays. Which is also going to help with the boob situation, but the modern twist is they’re going to wear it on a naked body, so when they take the stays off, there’s going to be lacing marks on their bodies. Which is going to show how cruel and evil corsets were. Why would anyone in their right minds do it? Like logically. *Gasp* We don’t want realness, we want magic. How about what was considered a norm at the time? Like a shift? *Exasperated Scoff* A pair of stays? Stockings, garters? Bum roll, petticoat? How much time do you think we have? We’re going to spend like a couple of months attaching machine sewn embroidery details on the ball gowns. Ugh. No, we’re ditching the petticoats, we’re ditching the bum roll, ditching the shifts, we’re keeping the stockings because they’re sexy and will work in bed scenes nicely. Now- Do we really need to make things sexy? *Scoff* Does the Mars bar really need two layers? No, but that’s what sells. I honestly think people are okay with historical accuracy and, and characters looking historical. I think they can handle this pretty well. *Laughing* Oh, wow! Oh my gosh! *Laughing* Oh, my God! *Laughing* *Heavy Breathing* Wow! Okay, you’re fired. Now, we’re gonna have to figure out how to make them wear tight leather pants at some point.

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  1. Technical anachronisms are my pet hate. On that comes to mind was a BBC detective series set in the early 60s which was launched with lot of press about how they'd gone all out for historical accuracy, down to having a period correct lighter in the lead character's pocket even though it was never used. Then in external shots they had modern TV aerials.

  2. Hey Karolina, was hoping for advice on creating a partially historically accurate costume for cosplay purposes. Its hard to identify the proper male clothing during the Victorian and edwardian era with out getting utterly confused.

  3. i see this trend in all creative profesions. They trade risk (new ideas) for safety (just do what works). Also just look around and ask your self if you see things desing by artist or a marketing department.

  4. I’m wanting to go into costume design and am hoping to have a historical emphasis… this video pretty much sums up every fear I have regarding that 😂

  5. Ok this is my third comment in 5 minutes but whoever thinks bumrolls aren’t sexy wasn’t in my groupchat two nights ago when I posted pics wearing mine
    My friends were OBSESSED 😂

  6. Great! But it's missing something…
    I want a "Men are going to wear motorcycle leather stuff no matter when the movie is set" video XD

  7. Ditto your concerns, when it comes to anything medieval, whether it’s castles, armor, ordinary clothing, you name it. The recent movie featuring Chris Pine as King Robert the Bruce was the first recent film I’ve seen with much attention to some of these details. Too bad we have no idea how people lived, dressed, fought, ate, before current year.

  8. While I fully agree with the sentiments here, I must say that what I find even more infuriating is when filmmakers fail to understand the behavior, mores, and manners of speech of the eras or locales they are trying to represent.

  9. It's not only the showbiz. The problem we all have today (and you can see it well) – the people empowered making the big decisions are full of s**t.

  10. Loose hair on adult women and obvious make-up (beyond stage, like full on lipstick, mascara and blush in the 19th century) are my personal shit-test. Like I know the actresses want to look pretty but it ruins the entire aesthetic of the era. And for that matter, even in centuries where heavy makeup was acceptable it would not register to us as conventionally attractive. Best break out that lead ceruse.

  11. "Because it's cinema" 🤣🤣🤣 so true. It's cinema.
    I love this. It's too real.
    "We don't want realness, we want magic." 😒

  12. So…all you need to know about historically accurate costume design is…..
    …wait for it……
    P.S. Don't tell me. Let me guess. These costume designers work for Disney.
    It wouldn't surprise me one little bit. 😀

  13. Mars bars and historical accuracy, I see no contradiction in terms here! Humans do love their preconceived ideas as much as their stereotypes.

  14. This video made my day! Hilarious xD You're the best. I always enjoy your roleplaying and humor. (And I always learn something new to add to my own vintage style)

  15. Movie:
    Woman- “it’s so hot too bad society says I can’t wear less clothes than this”
    Woman- “wow this cotton and linen really keeps me cool, I feel bad for men who have to wear thicker clothes and can’t get away without having pants on”

  16. I have wondered why in so many (especially British and American) films that are clearly trying to depict some historical period, the clothes always look the same: so much BOOB, tight corset, something going on with the hair. Nothing like the paintings I have seen from the era. It seems like a dress with a corset and long skirt is enough to be historical? Even if the styles weren't as nice looking as I imagine they were, it would still be so interesting and absolutely more realistic. Would love films like documentaries with historically accurate clothing😎

  17. I kinda feel like these are more likely to come from straight male producers/costume designers to fulfill their fantasies lmao

  18. so apparently its a thing to ignore the studied expert artist in every field that involves one, i mean why are you hiring professionals if your single goal is to argue with them and negate every single idea they give?

  19. I really wish everything wasn't so overly sexualized above everything else, as if sex is the key value to represent all of modernity, especially for women.

  20. I'm actually in the process of writing a novel that takes place in the Victorian era, and I am making DANG sure that I'm accurate with my clothing descriptions. The Victorian era is my favorite historical time period, and I want to do it justice.

  21. I would honestly love a good show that set in medieval times and has historically accurate clothes. The fashion was so interesting and from paintings I've seen I can't help but fantasize about getting to wear one for a little while. Though all the layers intimidate me a little. Lol.

    But it would be fun and cool to see accurate fashion.

  22. Leather pants officially killed me. Although from what I've seen, they are used mostly in shows set during the renessaince (Tudor and Elizabethan period of English history).

  23. If the period drama was set in 18th-century Vietnam, I'm sure the costume designers could indulge in the ladies having long, loose hair. At least it would be historically accurate. 😏

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